Fragrance Oil Of The Week: NO. 43 - Honeysuckle & Jasmine Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil

NO. 43 Honeysuckle & Jasmine Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil Showcase

NO. 43 is evocative of a romantic wedding bouquet full of heart-achingly glorious flowers and aromas. The gentle, delicate notes of Iris weave through the sweetness of Orange and tumble down into the purity of Lilies. 

The heart notes literally burst with heady white florals. Roses entwine with Honeysuckle to dance with Jasmine and Neroli. Rich, warm Cassia and precious Sandalwood lure you into their sublime depths.

We never fail to be romanced by the unashamedly floral notes of No. 43 at VINEVIDA. We hope you love it just as much as we do.

Fragrance Notes

    • Top Notes: Iris, Lily, Orange
    • Middle Notes: Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Neroli, Rose
    • Bottom Notes: Cassia, Sandalwood

Ways To Use NO. 43 Honeysuckle & Jasmine Fragrance Oil

We take your skincare just as seriously as you do here at VINEVIDA. Therefore, none of our fragrance oils contain SLES, SLS, Phthalates, or Parabens.  We never test our fragrance oils on animals either, because we also care about them. 

We stock two different versions NO. 43 Honeysuckle & Jasmine VINEVIDA fragrance oils.

Our Diffuser Fragrance Oils are designed specifically for Nebulizing and Cold Air Diffusers and should only be used for this purpose. We recommend that you purchase NO. 43- For Cold Air Diffusers instead.

VINEVIDA Soaps and Candles Fragrance Oil are professionally formulated to withstand the rigorous processes and intense heat of making soaps and candles. The Soaps and Candles fragrance oils range is designed to have resilient and persistent aromas, making them ideal for making skincare, toiletries, and perfume.

We will explore using VINEVIDA fragrance oils in these three distinct categories: 

    • Topical Products
    • Scenting The Home
    • Diffusers and Candle Burners

Topical Products

Topical Products

VINEVIDA Soaps and Candles Fragrance Oils are designed to also be used for making products that will be applied topically. They excel in making skin care as the integrity and intensity of the fragrance are retained throughout the production process. 

They can withstand heat and rigorous production processes so they are ideal for recipes where base ingredients need to be heated or melted and combine readily with natural ingredients. They blend easily into a wide variety of cosmetic bases. 

Apart from soaps and candles, use this variant for Body Butters, Beauty Balms, and Skin Salves.


We have designed and specifically formulated VINEVIDA soaps and candles fragrance oils to be able to withstand the rigorous soap-making process and the high heat it can entail. Our fragrance oils give you results that you can rely on and depend upon for both the Melt and Pour Soap and Cold Process Soap processes.

NO. 43 - Honeysuckle and Jasmine create a heart-achingly romantic and floral soap, perfect for any time of the day and anywhere in the home, but particularly suited to ladies' and guest bathrooms. 

Taming The Feminine Side

It’s a very romantic and feminine fragrance oil, so how do you tame it and balance it a little without flipping it too much? There is plenty of room in the top notes to add in some stronger citrus notes like Yuzu and Lime. 

The heart notes can take some spice, but keep them warm and on the lighter side with Ginger and the orange notes of Cardamom. Try a sweet, warm spice with just a dash of NO. 65 - Pumpkin Spice for something a little different, but still very feminine. 

Ram It Off The Cliff To The Masculine Side

Many men’s fragrances are usually quite floral in the heart space, you just don’t realize it because they are so well-balanced with other aromas.  

So.. how do you take something that is so overtly feminine and make it masculine? With care!

You could go a couple of ways. Add in plenty of refreshing green notes to underpin and complement the florals. Or go for the heady spices like Clove and cinnamon and even add in a little wood smoke of NO. 1203 -Inspired By: Feu De Bois By Diptyque

Recipes For Other Kinds Of Soap

Have a go at our super easy Liquid Soap and Glycerine Soap recipes. You could make them in an hour or so.


With such a romantic floral aroma you will want it to linger on your skin for as long as possible. Blend NO. 43 into products with a high oil content, the oil helps the aroma last longer on the skin. 

Oil Rich Recipes

Take a look at these oil-rich recipes for long-lasting scents, in the following articles:


NO. 43’s romantic flora and slightly spicy aroma are perfect for creating luxurious skincare gift sets.  We like it in our daily skin care products like Tinted Moisturizers, Face Serums, and Night Creams.  Its versatility means it can be used day or night, a true 24/7 scent! 

Face Serum Recipes

NO. 43’s romantic aroma is ideal for creating luxurious and nourishing Face Serums. Take a look at our Face Serum recipe with fragrance oils and our How To Make Face Serum With Essential Oils article. You can simply swap the essential oils out for NO.43 - Honeysuckle and Jasmine. 

Just For Men

We know that you men take your skincare seriously too, so we have some fantastic recipes to suit you too!

Beard Oil

Scent your beard for those romantic occasions with NO. 43 or blend it with some strong spices for an irresistible daily Beard Oil


Have you used VINEVIDA fragrance oils in your makeup preparations yet?

If not, why not? We know that the cosmetics world likes to maintain the idea that the whole industry is shrouded in some form of chemical secrecy and sorcery. But I promise you, it’s not that difficult to design and create your own luxury cosmetics at home.

Recipe For Bright and Colorful Eyeshadow

If you want to know how to go about making your own colorful eyeshadow, read Essential Beauty: Crafting Homemade Makeup With Oils. VINEVIDA fragrance oils can be used in Eye Shadows, Blush Tints, Mineral Foundations, and many more.

Not For Lips

We don’t recommend using VINEVIDA Fragrance oils for making lip products. This is where essential oils provide you with a better alternative. Find lip-plumping perfection in Plump Up And Pout With Essential Oils For Lips.

Layering Perfume

Learn all about how to use perfume layering techniques in Layering Perfumes With Essential Oils - The Body Edition. You can use just the same principles for layering perfume with fragrance oils too. I show you how to define and blend the fragrances of your face and body products to create a harmonious accord and aroma.

You can easily use No. 43 to create your own truly unique and original blends. Think about creating your very own Signature Scent with our fragrance oils and essential oils. You can use this Signature Scent and layer it across all of your bespoke skincare and toiletries.

Eau De Cologne Masterclass

All good things come to those who wait and this is no exception, you need a little patience for this to mature. Give it some forward planning! Have fun creating your own easy Eau De Cologne in Craft Your Scent: Cologne With Essential Oils And Fragrance Oil

Scenting The Home

Scenting The Home

VINEVIDA fragrance oils are super versatile when it comes to scenting your home. You can quite literally use them in hundreds of different ways to beautifully, and effectively, scent your home.

Have You Got A Signature Home Scent Yet?

Create your own Signature Home Scent and design matching scented products for your home. 

Streamline and layer your Signature Home Scent by using harmonizing Reed Diffusers, Room Sprays, Candles, and Wax Melts to unify the fragrance of your home.

NO. 43  is suitable for use all around the home but we particularly like it in sitting rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms, and for creating a romantic atmosphere or for special occasions.  

Create A Signature Home Scent By Adding Your Own Twist To NO. 43

You can take the romantic and floral gloriousness of No. 43 and add your own unique twist to it. There’s lots of room in the scent profile to make it your own. I’d plump for more citrus in the top notes, fruity spices like Pink Pepper in the heart notes and I’d add in some musky base notes. 

If you fancy a go, have a look at our Blending Recommendations below.

Layering Harmonious Scents

Learn how to layer scent throughout the home with our article Layering Perfumes In The Home. It also gives you a starting point to create your own Signature Home Scent. 

Blending NO. 43 with other essential oils and fragrance oils to create your own bespoke blends will build your blending confidence and develop your skills. Soon you will be able to ditch those expensive designer brands and make your own luxurious blends.

Candles and Wax Products For The Home

NO. 43  appeals to customers looking for something romantic, blowsy, and unmistakably floral. 

Use it to create intense floral Candles, Wax Melts, and Wax Sachets. Create matching Reed Diffusers with that glorious romantic theme.

Wax Lyrical With Our Recipes

Try out a range of easy recipes, you can even make these with a little wax left over from candle making, making them more sustainable. Never waste your leftover wax! 

Try NO. 43’s romantic scent in Wax Melts and Wax Sachets for filling your home, drawers, and closet with its sublime aroma. There’s a full tutorial below to make your own wedding favors. 

Genderbend NO. 43

NO. 43 is so overtly feminine anyway, it can be hard to think how to make it more so! Light and freshen it with citrus notes and add lighter florals into the top notes, like Lavender and NO.33 Fresh Cut Roses.

To create a masculine product, add spice in the top and middle notes like Cardamom and Pink Pepper. Then plump for rich woods like Cedarwood and Amyris. 

Scented Products For The Home

When you create your Signature Home Scent with NO. 43, put it work right across the home. Harness its floral and romantic notes to scent your rooms, and add to the effect by creating your own bespoke sprays.

Try making your own Room Spray, Linen & Soft Furnishing, and Iron Sprays. Double up and layer it with matching Reed Diffusers, Scented Candles, Wax Melts, and of course, use it in your room diffusers.

Try NO. 43 alongside VINEVIDA odor-eliminating fragrance oils to get rid of those nasty whiffs around the home. Choose from delicious Citrus or Vanilla scents and capitalize on their deodorizing capability. 

Recipes For Sprays

Make one of our rather lovely Room Sprays in Crafting The Perfect Scent: Your Guide To Room Spray With Fragrance Oils. If a combined Room and Linen Spray recipe is more your thing, pop here instead. 

Does Your Car Smell Like Home?

Bring the scent of home and the comfort it brings into your car and extend your Signature Scent with an air freshener. We show you how easy it is in How To Make Car Air Freshener With Essential And Fragrance Oils

Cleaning Products for The Home

NO. 43 has an uber-romantic and unmistakably floral fragrance making it the perfect choice for laundry care products with a whisper of luxury, elegance, and romance. 

Create your own Laundry Softeners, Laundry Detergents and Cleansers, and Tumble Dryer Sheets. It’s such a romantic choice for your household linen, especially on those special nights!

Complete Laundry Care In One Place

Find our recipes for Laundry Detergent, Tumble dryer sheets, and scent solutions for using Wool Dryer Balls in one place. Use NO. 43 to create a blowsy and romantic ambiance for your linens.

Diffusers and Candle Burners

Diffusers and Candle Burners

Aromatherapy Candle Burners

You will be glad to know that you can use VINEVIDA  NO. 43 Soaps and Candles fragrance oil in all types of aromatherapy candle burners. 


If you have a Nebulizing or Cold Air Diffuser, VINEVIDA has created NO. 43 DIFFUSER Fragrance Oil for you.

Cold Air or Nebulizing Diffusers should NEVER use VINEVIDA Soaps and Candles Fragrance Oil as the fluid is too thick and viscous for these types of diffusers and it can block the delicate nozzles.

It will always be our first recommendation to seek specific guidance on your machine by consulting the manufacturer's instructions for your diffuser.

Still Not Sure?

If you need extra guidance about our fragrance oils and applications that we recommend, pop over to How To Use VINEVIDA Oils. It can be really useful when you are trying to work out which variation to use in your diffusers.

Blending Recommendations

NO. 43 is such a blowsy and romantic fragrance oil, with a fresh citrus greeting, heady floral heart, and just a touch of warming spice and wood.

Have a go at making it your own and personalizing it by experimenting with VINEVIDA essential oils and fragrance oils and trying new blends. They certainly make amazing blending companions. 

Honeysuckle and Jasmine Fragrance Companions

I like to ramp up the sweet citrus notes with NO. 57 - Orange Sherbet and load the top notes with fresh florals like NO. 33 - Fresh Cut Roses

Deepen it down with smooth, rich base notes of NO. 21 - Cedarwood & Amber and NO. 50 - Mahogany Teakwood.

Absolutely Essential

NO. 43 blends superbly with essential oils. There’s space in the top notes for either fresh, zesty citrus notes, like White Grapefruit, or refreshing green notes like Sweet Basil or Thyme.

Add depth with the rich wood notes of Cedarwood and go super smooth and suave with Amyris Balsam.

Creative Ways To Use And Blend NO. 43 Honeysuckle & Jasmine 

Creative Ways To Use And Blend NO. 43 Honeysuckle & Jasmine

First, we are going to create a selection of unashamedly romantic diffuser blends, just in time for wedding season. Do you need a Signature Wedding Scent? NO. 43 would be absolutely perfect. 

How to Make Diffuser Blends With NO. 43 Honeysuckle & Jasmine

Experimenting and making your own romantic-themed diffuser blends for your home is a brilliant place to begin blending fragrance oils and build your skills and confidence. 

NO. 43 is an unashamedly floral and romantic fragrance oil all on its own. The scent profile has left some space to add your own unique touch. Or why not tip the gender balance of the fragrance to suit your needs? 

First, we need to refresh our minds on the fragrance notes, then I'll show you how to create harmonious accords with the recommended scent companions.

Try them all and build your confidence and blending skills just by having fun with gorgeous fragrances!

Original Scent Profile Ideal Companions
Top Ocean, Orange, Melon Tangerine, Mandarin, Sweet Orange,
Apricot, Nectarine, Peach, Papaya, Lychee
Ozone, Seaweed
Lavender, Chamomile
Heart Orange blossom-(Neroli), Jasmine, Cardamom, Ginger, Nutmeg
Neroli, Honeysuckle, Helichrysum, Rose, Palmarosa
Dwarf Pine, Frankincense
Base Cedarwood, Vanilla, Musk Amyris, Balsam Copaiba, Balsam Peru, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Vanilla

Follow This Framework

    1. Balance the top notes with lightly floral notes, light citrus, or fruity aromas, or add in a new element of green notes.
    2. In the heart space add in spices, resins, and different floral notes, especially those with rosy aromas.  
    3. For masculine heart notes add fruity spices like Pink Pepper and Cardamom which complement the citrus/fruity notes.
    4. Add complex scents to deepen down the base notes like Oakmoss and Labdanum.
    5. Try balancing in rich, smooth woods with velvety Amyris with its sandalwood-like notes and Cedarwood.
    6. Including a dash of Vanilla Oleoresin or fragrance can help family members, or yourself, if you are going through a time where you want/need to feel safer in your home and personal space. The aroma of Vanilla directly affects the limbic system in the brain and helps us to foster feelings of safety, security, and comfort. Use it as an invaluable tool to create a safe space for your family, friends, and guests. 
    7. Try to work just one drop at a time. If you stop, mix, and then test, it’s hard to go wrong working in this fashion. 

Maintaining the balance of the overall scent is key, and it improves your chances of success. Using this framework helps you maintain this delicate balance of the original scent profile. Sticking to the framework helps to get amazing outcomes! 

IFRA and Working Safely

Diffuser Blends fall under IFRA Category 12.  NO. 43 fragrance oil has no safety restrictions in this particular category. 

That means, that within reason, you may use as much as you want. However, you do still need to find that happy balance alongside the original scent profile. So, be sensible, more does not necessarily mean better. 

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Those of you with Cold Air Diffusers, use the DIFFUSER Fragrance Oil variation, please. NEVER use Soaps & Candles, as it is too thick.


    1. Diffuser Blends are a great starting point because they are so easy to do at home.
    2. Measure out the essential oils and fragrance oils stated in the recipe, into a small measuring jug.
    3. Combine the oil with a glass stirrer or a stainless steel spoon and mix them all together.
    4. Using a funnel for ease and cleanliness, decant the oil blend into a 10ml dropper bottle. 
    5. If you keep your bottle clean and oil-free, your label will adhere so much better. 
    6. Scrape out every last drop of oil from the jug and funnel, using a soft silicone spatula to get every last precious morsel. Care for the planet and your pocket by minimizing waste and working more sustainably.  
    7. Use a water and oil-proof label to list all of the ingredients clearly. Also, for obvious safety reasons, you MUST label your bottle as ‘UNDILUTED’ please.   

How To Use Our Diffuser Blends

    1. For specific guidance on your individual diffusers please consult your manufacturer's instructions. 
    2. If you are instructed to do so, dilute your blend. It will depend on your individual diffuser.

Diffuser Blends With NO.43 Honeysuckle & Jasmine

Wedding Bells

Wedding Bells

If you need a Signature Wedding Scent, then this is for you. Blowsy, romantic, and heartachingly glorious, it just bursts with the flowers associated with love, sensuality, and aphrodisia. 

I’ve given it a slight tweak here and there, to add some lightness to the top notes and deepen down that base a little to anchor those heady florals. I think it makes it more suitable for all-day use if you do want it as your Signature Scent or for your wedding day celebrations.



    • Not designed for use on the skin.

A Cinderella Fairytale

A Cinderella Fairytale

We all love a fairytale right? Well, create your own fragrant fairytale with this NO. 43 Honeysuckle and Jasmine diffuser blend. It’s girly, downright perky and all it needs is a sprinkling of glitter…oh, and maybe a unicorn! 



      • Not designed for use on the skin.

    Floral Fantastica 

    Floral Fantastica

    This is just a celebration of flowers, but all good bouquets have some foliage for interest. I have added green notes with complementary airy and fresh aromas to give the illusion of being in a wild rainforest festooned with dew-dropped wildflowers. 

    It is airy and watery in the top notes but becomes more complex as the scent unfolds and changes over time. Like a walk through the forest, the scents change and evolve along the path. 



      • Not designed or formulated for topical use on the skin.

    DIY Recipes Using NO. 43 - Honeysuckle & Jasmine Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil

    We will always jump up and down about the possibilities of VINEVIDA’s Soaps and Candles fragrance oils. We get so excited about their versatility and we want you to be excited too! 

    Get Inspired!

    It can be hard to get inspired sometimes but we’ve made it easier than ever by compiling an article with a huge list of links to our professional recipes and tutorials. Fire up your imagination and scroll through Unlock The Power Of Aromatherapy: 100 Ways To Use Essential Oils (& Fragrance Oils). You’re sure to find something that will inspire you to have a go!

    Literally, there are hundreds of exciting ways you can use fragrance oils. You can either use them on their own or maybe combine them with essential oils and get the best of both worlds. 

    This week, we are working with the wildly romantic floral notes of NO. 43. With delicate top notes that plunge you down into the heady heart of glorious florals, before lying you on a warm bed of spice and wood. 

    Our first recipe this week taps into romanticism and encourages some self-love and care. Romance yourself with this Body Butter and nourish your skin as well as your spirit. Show yourself some love.

    The second recipe is some totally darling Wax Melts and Sachets. They make perfect-sized scented wedding favors and can be done in your Signature Wedding Scent.

    Body Butter

    Body Butter

    This romantic Body Butter recipe is packed with gorgeous natural ingredients to feed, nourish, and smooth your skin.  

    Romance yourself a little, have a wonderful warm bath, and languish a while. Then take your time and work this gorgeous cream into your damp skin to lock moisture and hydration in.

    The beautifully romantic fragrance should be long-lasting on your skin, making it perfect for date nights and special occasions. It’s perfect for layering with other skincare products and your Signature Scent.

    NO. 43 in IFRA Category 5A has maximum safety restrictions of 16.56%. This means in 100ml of Body Butter you can use up to 16ml of NO. 43 Soaps and Candles fragrance oil. Which is a LOT you don’t need anywhere near this much fragrance oil for this recipe. We are using 4% instead. 

    There is no option on the VINEVIDA calculator for Body Butter so use the ‘Body Cream’ option, it will work out the correct safety data in the right category for you with those settings. 

    You Will Need: 

      1. Kitchen scales
      2. Double boiler
      3. Handheld food mixer or whisk.
      4. Mixing bowl or measuring jug
      5. Stainless steel spoon
      6. 8oz / 250ml jar and lid
      7. Oil and waterproof label


    Optional - 1% preservative of choice - following manufacturers' guidelines.


      • Use appropriate heatproof gloves when working with molten butter.


    If you are using a preservative, consult the manufacturer's guidelines on specific instructions, as they can vary. 

    Heating The Mix
      1. Make sure your carrier oils are at room temperature for this project, please. If you store them in the fridge, allow them to come up to temperature first, please. 
      2. You want to heat your butter and oils as little as humanly possible, so set your double boiler over low to medium heat to pre-warm for a few minutes. Make sure the bottom pan is not touching the water in the pan below. 
      3. Using the scales, weigh the butter and place it into the double boiler to melt, you can help it along with a stir.
    Cooling The Mix
      1. Once melted, remove from the heat, separate the top pan away from the hot water, and set aside to cool for a moment.
      2. While the butter is cooling, measure the carrier oil add it to the molten butter, and stir well. 
      3. Pour this mixture into a bowl or measuring jug and then allow it to cool slightly. You don’t want to put it in the fridge while it is still steaming hot! 
      4. Once the mix has cooled somewhat, put it in the refrigerator. Keep an eye on it, you want it to turn opaque, but not be solid, it could take anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes.
      5. The sweet spot you are looking for here is for the butter and oil mixture to be halfway to solid, but not so solid that you cannot whisk or mix it. 
    Whipping The Butter
      1. Using your handheld mixer, beat the mixture for at least a couple of minutes.
      2. After a couple of minutes, add your NO. 43 - Honeysuckle & Jasmine Soaps & Candles fragrance oil and continue mixing.
      3. You want to whip your Body Butter to an enticing fluffy texture. You are trying to aerate it and make it lighter. 
      4. If the mix still seems a bit stiff, try adding a heaped tsp of Jojoba carrier oil and see if that helps, you can always add a little more but work in small increments. Note that as the mixture settles, it will continue to thicken a bit, so bear that in mind.
    Jarring Up Correctly
      1. Now you want to decant every last glorious morsel into the jar, a good quality silicone spatula is invaluable, as is a jar funnel for cleaning the jar.
      2. To discourage any formation of mold, take a paper tissue with some white vinegar and wipe the rim of your jar meticulously. 
      3. Now hear me here… cover the Body Butter with a clean cloth and allow it to cool fully BEFORE adding the lid. 
      4. Do not add the lid when it is still warm as any wet, warm moisture could encourage mold growth. 
      5. When the Body Butter is fully cooled, secure the lid firmly.
    Visual Check 
      1. It pays to do a quick visual check after 24 hours. You need to ensure the Body Butter has not sunk back too much, this can happen if too much air has been introduced and the air escapes as the cream cools and settles.
      2. Sometimes this air escape can affect the texture, so just check the texture has remained the same. You can always re-whip it, or add a little more cosmetic butter to stiffen the mix.
      3. Label your Body Butter clearly, listing all of the ingredients for safety. 

    How to Use:

      1. Do a 24- 48 hour patch test before using on the skin for the first time.
      2. Romance yourself and massage the Body Butter liberally into your clean skin. Your skin can be damp or dry. Just pay yourself some love and attention and do this with ‘love and intention’. 
      3. It can be used daily, but only used on your face a couple of times a week, as it is so rich. 
      4. Avoid any intimate areas and the eyes.

    If you want to try making Body Butter with essential oils check out How To Make Body Butter With Essential Oils.

    If you want a few more ideas on how to romance yourself pop on over to How To Romance Yourself With Essential Oils (and fragrance oils of course)!

    Wax Melt and Wax Sachets Wedding Favors

    Wax Melt and Wax Sachets Wedding Favors

    NO. 43 is such a heartachingly romantic fragrance oil, bursting with the flowers of love and seduction, it’s perfect for your wedding day celebrations.

    Wax Melts and Sachets make a very cost-effective wedding favor and can help you rein that budget in a little. They are quick to make and I’m sure you’ll find a range of suitable molds, but heart shapes are ideal.  You can easily present them in elegantly labeled organza or cellophane bags.

    IFRA Safety and Guidelines

    In  IFRA Category 12  -  NO. 43 Soaps and Candles fragrance oil has no maximum safety dilution recommendation, which means you can use as much as you like. We recommend 1- 2 0z to 1lb of wax is more than enough. 

    You Will Need:

      • Double boiler (alternatively, use a scrupulously clean tin can placed in a saucepan of water).
      • Stainless steel spoon.
      • Wax melt molds in a shape of your choice, hearts, doves, bells, and flowers are ideal. 
      • Organza or cellophane bags.
      • Labels.


      Optional Ingredients:
        • Wax-based colorants of your choice - please follow the individual manufacturers for precise instructions and amounts to add
        • Extra decorations like dried flowers & leaves and/or small crystal nuggets
        • Glitter in colors of your choice. 


        • Use protective gloves when working with hot wax.
        • Never leave burning wax melts unattended.
        • Always make sure they are placed evenly on a fireproof candle plate. 


      Melting Vessels
        1. Please do not use a double boiler that you use for foodstuffs. It needs to be a dedicated boiler for candles.  
        2. This is why many people start with using an old tin can. If you are going to do this make sure that it is scrupulously clean, please. You don’t want bits of baked beans in your wax melts! 
        3. You’re going to set your tin can in a saucepan of water, so you want to set it at a lower heat. This is because your can is in direct contact with the hot water. This means that the wax will get hotter, quicker, and you don’t want it too hot
        4. If you are using a double boiler, check the top pan is not touching the water in the pan below.
        5. Then set it over low to medium heat to pre-warm.
      Adding Colorant
        1. If you wish to add colorant, use one specifically formulated for waxes and follow your manufacturer's guidelines, you may need to add it at this stage.
      Heating The Wax
        1. After a few minutes, add the wax of your choice, you can stir it to help it melt more readily.
        2. As soon as the wax is molten, take it off the heat, and separate the tin/pan from the hot water, allowing it to cool for a couple of minutes.
        3. Add your NO. 43 Honeysuckle and Jasmine Soaps and Candles fragrance oil and stir into the molten wax, until it is thoroughly combined. 
      Molding The Wax
        1. Depending on what design you have chosen, you may need to add a sprinkle of glitter to your mold before pouring in the wax, or you can add it after demolding. 
        2. If you are making decorative Wax Sachets, you may want to add some decoration before the wax fully sets, especially dried flowers and crystal nuggets. Have the decorative elements ready to hand so you can work quickly and efficiently. Don’t try and do a 100 at a time. Work in batches of 10-20.
        3. Pour the molten, fragranced, and colored wax into your chosen molds, add any decoration you need now, and allow them to set. 
        4. Once fully set, demold and set out on a tray to cure for 24-48 hours. This helps the fragrance deepen and develop too. 
      Labeling The Wax Melts and Sachets Safely
        1. As you intend to give these away, they are leaving your control, therefore labeling is more important than ever. Label them clearly, listing all ingredients for safety reasons. 
        2. You have to account for potential allergens, so if you used dried materials, list those too.  For instance, if you use Rose and Marigold petals, add those to the ingredients list. If it is in it… put it on the label to be on the safe side. 
        3. It may sound daft to say add instructions. Great Aunt Tilly might not have the first idea about what a Wax Melt is and may need a little help in knowing just what to do with it.
        4. Be wary of making them look like chocolates, cakes, or candy, small kids (and those who forgot their glasses) might mistake them as edible and eat them unwittingly. Clear labeling is useful in the emergency room to show the medical staff what was consumed.
        5. Hence the a need for clear, concise, and legible labeling on every beautifully presented and elegant little favor packet.

      How To Use:

        1. Store the packets of wax melts or sachets in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. It also helps to preserve the scent a little longer. 
        2. Remember, the wax will be melting and turning into a fluid, consider if it will overflow your chosen burner. 
        3. I would advise using a dedicated wax melt burner, alternatively, you need an aromatherapy candle burner with a large enough dish, or well. 
        4. Wax melts can be reused several times, it is hard to say how many because it depends on the quality of the wax and the fragrance, and how they have been stored.
        5. Wax Sachets can be replaced once all the fragrance has been exhausted, sometimes rubbing with a cloth can liven up the wax and help it emit a little more fragrance. 

      Waxing Lyrical About Sustainability:

      There are so many ways that you can get the best out of your wax and re-use it. 

        1. I gather up all my old wax melts and use the old molten wax. I tip it into a jar or a mold with a wick already fixed into the bottom. Over time, it fills up and I get an extra candle for my trouble. 
        2. If you totally love this fragrance and it’s your Signature Home Scent, re-melt all the wax and add the SAME fragrance oil. This will refresh it beautifully. However, please be aware that you can only do this a few times, the wax and the fragrance will degrade over time and use and also due to the heat process it is subjected to. But you can still get a good few out of them. 
        3. Ones that are a bit past their best I have turned into Wax Sachets. I simply refresh the fragrance oil and remold them, they last a bit longer and my socks smell fab! 
        4. If you have spare wax from this project, please don’t chuck the wax, it's a waste you can avoid. Re-use it! I use small bits of wax to condition my sewing thread, keep my curtains running smoothing on the track, and help my zippers stay free and easy. 
        5. Working sustainably helps you save money, but you are also using less natural resources which is good for your pocket, your soul, and the planet! 

      Using VINEVIDA Fragrance Oils For The First Time?

      Using VINEVIDA Fragrance Oils For The First Time?

      If it’s your first time using VINEVIDA fragrance oils, we can guide you through the process, there is no need to worry. We’ve got you.  Let us help you build knowledge and functional skills with a series of helpful articles about our versatile fragrance oils.

      How To Use VINEVIDA Oils is jam-packed with all you need to know. Discover and explore the basic uses of VINEVIDA fragrance oils and learn how to apply them in this easy-to-follow article.

      Social media always throws up the most asked question, ‘How to use fragrance oils in my diffusers’, this article will show you.

      Not Sure What IFRA is?

      Please don’t panic when you see us talk about IFRA standards and maximum safety dilutions. How To Find Safety Information On The VINEVIDA Website shows you how to source the information you need in a simple step-by-step guide. 

      Still a bit confused? The comprehensive pictorial tutorial with large, easy-to-follow visuals in How To Use VINEVIDA Oils should have you on the right path in no time. 

      Use The Calculator

      The VINEVIDA calculator is a tool I use all the time and so can you. I use it to work out all the IFRA safety dilution rates for my recipes. Make your life easier and use the tools we give you. 

      Learning With VINEVIDA Made Easy

      If you want handy tips, brand-new recipes, and professional tutorials that you can trust, use the VINEVIDA blog. It houses all the past Fragrance Oil Of The Week and Oil Of The Month articles.

      Simply search Fragrance Oil Of The Week on our website. You then scroll down, past all the products and there you will see a list of some of our FOTW articles.

      Recipes You Can Trust

      I’m constantly updating my skills and knowledge by researching what is new out there and looking at what others are creating and producing. Often, my face looks like the ‘horror emoji’ when I come across some recipes from the ‘inexperienced’, that have given no thought at all to skin safety.

      You can be confident when you choose VINEVIDA recipes! Rest assured that we have worked out all the safety aspects, so you don’t have to. You can rely on our years of professional knowledge and expertise to guide you. 

      Space to Grow

      It is our aim to furnish you with the knowledge and skills to be able to make your versions at home. As professional educators, we understand the importance of giving you space to learn. Look out for the pointers where recipes can be adapted or altered. This helps and empowers you to be able to design your creations. 

      It's never been easier, or safer, to make your projects at home with our tried, tested, and trusted recipes. Start your exciting fragrant journey with VINEVIDA today! 

      Facebook Group

      Show us the amazing creations that you have made with VINEVIDA products, shine your light on your talents, and share your magic in the VINEVIDA Facebook Group. Share your hints, tips, and experiences and connect with other like-minded customers

      The Final Word

      The Final Word

      It has been a wildly romantic week working with the floral gorgeousness of NO. 43 fragrance oil. 

      I have loved the vision of a romantic wedding bouquet cascading with heart-achingly glorious flowers and aromas. It’s like a fairytale wedding. 

      Greeted by the gentle and delicate notes of Iris melding into the fresh sweetness of Orange. From thereon in you simply tumble down into a heady floral fantasy. First, you are embraced by the virginal purity of Lilies, then gentile Honeysuckle introduces you to the seductions of Rose. Exotic Jasmine and intoxicating Neroli seduce you into the inescapable heart of the scent. It’s a place you simply want to stay.

      It is the warm spice of Cassia that catches your hand and offers you the richness of precious Sandalwood, it’s too late, they have lured you into their sublime depths and the seduction is complete. 

      Let yourself be romanced and ultimately seduced by the unashamedly floral notes of No. 43. We think it is glorious here at VINEVIDA and we want you to love it just as much. 

      Blending Recap With NO. 43 Fragrance Oil

      Make Your Own Blends and Save $$$

      Kick the expensive brands into touch, make your own, and save a fistful of dollars! It’s so easy, why wouldn’t you?

      Use The Framework

      Use the foolproof method of sticking within the given blending framework. It will give you amazing results every single time. With a little experience and practice you can soon define these frameworks yourself.

      Signature Home Scent Streamlining

      Get that Signature Home Scent working hard for you and use it to its best effect by streamlining it across your home. Create matching Scented Candles, Reed Diffusers, and Wax Melts.  Build on layering the scent across your home by using harmonizing Laundry Detergents, Tumble Dryer sheets, and Linen Sprays.

      Thank You For Joining Us For Fragrance Oil Of The Week

      It has been a gloriously romantic experience formulating these recipes this month. It brought back wonderful memories of my own wedding and reminded me how important fragrance was to our day. One whiff and it takes us both right back to joyful memories. 

      I am sure that you will love bringing this romantic floral fragrance into your home and to your skincare products.

      It is perfect for creating a romantic floral ambiance. We think it is especially suited for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, christenings and weddings.

      We are sure that you will enjoy introducing its heady floral bouquet into your home. NO. 43 is a heartachingly romantic aroma filled with joy, it encourages you to think of happy times, reflect on moments of love and romance in your life, and connect with inner joy. It’s one we absolutely adore here at VINEVIDA, because It speaks of love, love for ourselves, and love for others. Use it to share joy and love in your home.

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