VINEVIDA is one of the leading essential oils distributors and fragrance oils manufacturers in the United States. Established in 2017, to supply essential oils, our product range has now expanded to offer absolutes, carrier oils, and bases, as well as fragrance oils for the soap, candle-making, and perfumery industries. Additionally, we supply a range of bottles and glassware as well as a selection of cold air diffusers.

Vinevida operates from a Miami facility that, we acknowledge, sits in the traditional territory of the Tequesta, Miccosukee, and Simonole nations. The name of our wonderful city is derived from the Calusa word, mayaimi, which means “big water.” This has always informed how we think of our products - as life-sustaining, precious fluids. We endeavor to source these sustainably and to keep them as pure as possible. We strive to protect their flow in the hope that they will always be available for people in the future.

Our Vision

VINEVIDA is both a direct-to-supplier and direct-to-consumer company. This means we have never—and will never—utilize multi-level marketing methods when it comes to selling our products. This commitment is part of our core vision to become one of the leading essential oil companies in the world. We believe our products stand on their own when it comes to both quality and competitive pricing, which means we are here to offer you the customer loyalty and service you deserve.

Our Mission is Simple….

To be the first preference in the supply of cosmetic manufacturing ingredients and diffuser products across the USA.

We believe in selling superlative quality products at affordable prices with exceptional customer service and aftersales.

Excellent Quality Oils Need Not Cost the Earth

VineVida was founded on the belief that every business should have access to premium oils at affordable prices. Today Vinevida offers some of the most competitively priced oils on the market, without compromising the integrity of our supply chain. All products are sustainably sourced with consideration to plant husbandry, fair working practices, and of course, essential oil quality.

We like to source from the best suppliers available, but “best” can mean different things. 

Our superb shea butter comes from Ghana and is traditionally harvested and produced by local women. It is a wonderful quality product, but we also love that our business empowers the female community to learn, work, and become resourceful together. 

We can trace the supply chain of our Indian lemongrass essential oil directly back to its growing fields. It is distilled close to the farm and then comes directly to us. The carbon footprint of this stellar oil is incredibly low and the farmer gets a better sum of money for his work than if we had employed a middleman. 

Ylang Ylang is distilled by fractional distillation, which means the distilling process is stopped, and started, with some of the oil being taken off at each point. The timing affects the chemistry, which in turn affects its properties and scent. Which is “better” might be different from one customer’s nose to another…thus, we offer a choice of distillations.

Our Product & Service Ranges Include

Pure Essential Oils

Plants make essential oils as stress responses.  These might be too much sun, not enough rain, or even pesky caterpillars nibbling their leaves. Additionally, flowers manufacture exquisite fragrances to seduce butterflies and bees…

We know all this, but strangely, no number of microscopes or centrifuges ever really explains how, or why, essential oils also work so well for humans! 

All we know is these are magical potions, captured in tiny bottles. 

Vinevida sources essential oils with great care, always seeking purity while also weighing sustainability issues before we buy. The quality of the distillation process is assessed as well as the integrity of the end-product. Our essential oils are pure and unadulterated, and we supply GC/MS reports for each one. Since 2022, our essential oil quality has been subject to rigorous auditing through continual in-house monitoring done by our in-house laboratory team.

We believe safe practice empowers therapists, so offer IFRA certificates for our oils. These are required for EU transactions but are not mandatory in the US. Nevertheless, we offer them as we feel they offer customers a more valuable user experience. Again, purely as a value-added service, we generate Safety Synopses for each oil detailing their possible associated contraindications and therapeutic hazards, as well as guidance on how to use each. Hazardous product information for transport and storage is also available.


Not every plant surrenders its essence easily through distillation. We carry a small number of absolutes that have been solvent-extracted to preserve the beauty and spirit of the plant.

Vegetable Oils

An often-ignored ingredient, these have vital uses as carrier oils in aromatherapy. These fixed oils, (usually pressed from seeds) not only dilute essential oils but add a glorious aspect to the product. We stock several carrier oils, each with its own properties, many oozing essential fatty acids, so helpful for healing the skin.

Fragrance Oils

Fragrance oils have become the most innovative part of VINEVIDA’s business.  Fragrance oils have stronger scents than essential oils and are a cost-effective way to make fragranced products. They have a greater throw and last longer  If the end game is scent over therapeutic value, then fragrance oils are the solution. Fragrance oils are perfect for creating handmade perfumes, candles, soaps, potpourri, and scented papers. Our customer base for these has grown quickly for, and now supply many household cosmetic manufacturers with fragrance solutions for their brands. 

Diffuser Oils

The perfect way to scent your space. Essential oils have been blended with a fixative to help them linger in the space longer. Relaxing, invigorating, seductive…the choice is yours. Hand blended for balance and harmony, however, that might look for you. Our diffuser oils are specifically designed with Cold Air Diffusers in mind. They are slightly thinner than other diffuser oils and are kinder to the delicate internal mechanisms.

Ready Blended & Sets

Perfect for retail and gifting. All the magic of fragrance at your fingertips with the sticky work done.

Private Label Service

Vinevida sells directly to the consumer as well as offers a wholesale pricing structure depending on the volume of the order. We also offer private labeling service which offers excellent opportunities for spas and businesses looking to expand their profit margins. 

If you need convincing about the size of the marketplace of people wanting to buy oils, here are some interesting statistics for you.

Global Market Insights reported that the value of the essential oils market crossed $10.5 billion in 2022. It is anticipated to exhibit a 9% CAGR between 2023 and 2032 due to the growing prevalence of skin conditions such as eczema. (Mar 2023)

This means the predicted value of the US essential oils market will be  worth a colossal $29 billion by 2032

The value of the global Plant-Based Fragrance Oil Market was estimated to be worth $3.16 billion in 2023.  That figure is estimated to increase at a CAGR of 5.2%, reaching a US market value of $4.52 billion by 2029. (Maximize Market Research, 2023)  

Mordor Intelligence valued the US electronic diffuser industry at $672.95m in 2023. Their prediction  of a  5.28% CAGR means an estimated value of $870.39m by 2032 (Mordor Intelligence, 2023) 

Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

But the pathway of gold is fraught with difficulties for anyone who does not know the industry well. 

Essential oil quality varies greatly from year to year, as do prices. FDA restrictions around medicinal claims on labels can be suffocating, confusing, and fraught with risk. Supply chains are complex, coming from many countries across the world, each confused by their own language barriers. Required documentation is a nightmare. 

And that’s before you’ve even touched any oil. Then blending fragrances takes skill, experience, and talent.  It’s both a science and an art.

In short…it’s a lot! 

For many companies, VineVida private labeling provides an excellent solution. 

We can supply essential oils and absolutes, carrier oils and bases, fragrance oils and diffuser blends all labeled with your company name.

Perhaps you want something original that no one else has? Ask us about our bespoke fragrance design service. Simply tell us how you want your product line to look and feel, then leave tedious sourcing, quality control, and documentation to us. Save yourself time and money, then enjoy excellent products and peace of mind, time and time again. 

Fragrance Duplication Service

Using our in-house technology, we are also able to analyze the ingredients of any fragrance to duplicate it for you.  While there is no charge for this service, we do require a minimum order of 25lb of the new fragrance created.

The VineVida Values

At the forefront of our vision are the essences of beautiful botanicals sourced from across the world. 

For many people, these could be the only medicines used in their household, or they may use their oils as ceremonial offerings to the divine. For these reasons, only pure extracts will suffice. 

But to us, it’s more than that. 

Both ritual and health are sacred. So, we aim to surround the whole process, from procurement through to bottling and despatch, with integrity and respect. 

We seek to source sustainably, endeavoring to step lightly on the land. 

Aromatherapy is one of the very few predominantly female industries that exist today. Recognizing that globally, women are statistically more likely to be impoverished or able to pursue education, we are proud to be producing lines that are ideal for the “Mompreneur”. 

Essential oils are powerful things, but they have limitations when it comes to home fragrancing. Fragrance oils not only mean the house smells wonderful for longer, but they are also flexible commodities that can be used to make a variety of new and exciting products for a fraction of the price that essential oils would cost…and what’s more, the results are better too. 

Integrating fragrance oils into our inventory gives this section of the market the ability to work from home making candles, diffuser blends and soaps with fragrance oils at a fraction of the cost. They save money on expensive ingredients, no longer have concerns regarding the contraindications essential oils can carry, and can create products faster too. 

We see home fragrancing as the single biggest growth aspect of our business to date and we feel incredibly proud that we can play a part in the women’s revolution.

In fact, women make up over 50% of the VineVida workforce, occupying positions at all levels in the company. Since the beauty market is largely aimed at women, who statistically spend more money on well-being than men, our social media content and communications via content are developed by our qualified aromatherapists. Carrying over 50 years of clinical experience between them, these two women seek to empower and educate in the diverse ways to use oils to save time and money, to enhance health, happiness, and well-being. 

We observe inclusivity and diversity, employing people of all religions and nations, as well as several people with both visible and invisible disabilities. In return for their hard work, VineVida employees enjoy higher than industry salaries,  bonuses, and a happy place to work. 

Our staff cannot wait to serve you, to provide you with beautiful oils at a competitive rate with excellent customer service.