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Neroli Essential Oil: Uses, Benefits and Blends

Scientific Name: Citrus Aurantium

Origin: Morocco

Plant Part: Flowers

Scent: Sweet, Soft, Romantic, Flowery

Color: Clear

Consistency: Thin

Perfumery Note: Middle to Top

Initial Aroma Strength: Soft

Extraction Method: Steam Distillation

Suitable Blending Oils: Blend with a gentle hand. This is a quiet ephemeral note. Nothing too heavy, so some suggestions are Rose, Geranium, Nutmeg, Lavender, Chamomile, Ginger, Orange, Petitgrain, Vetiver, Myrrh and Galbanum.

Neroli Essential Oil is becoming one of the most important tools in Aromatherapy because of its strong Anxiolytic potential and its wonderful outcomes for Reducing symptoms of Menopause. 

Breaking Down the Neroli Essential Oil’s Chemical Components

Linalool 42%

Linalool is a naturally occurring Terpene Alcohol, notable for its pleasant floral aroma. Found in many Essential Oils, it possesses Calming and Sedative properties, making it a popular ingredient in Aromatherapy. Linalool also demonstrates potential Anti-inflammatory and Analgesic effects, contributing to its diverse applications in Cosmetics, Perfumes and Medicinal formulations.

β-Pinene 12.2%

Beta-pinene is a Bicyclic Terpene found in various plants. With a fresh, pine-like aroma, it's used in Aromatherapy and Perfumery. This compound is also recognized for its potential Anti-inflammatory and Bronchodilatory effects, suggesting applications in respiratory health. Its natural occurrence in Essential Oils makes it valuable in both Therapeutic and Fragrant contexts.

Limonene 12.2%

Limonene, a Cyclic Terpene, boasts a zesty Citrus scent and is prevalent in Citrus fruit peels and numerous Essential Oils. Apart from its aromatic role, Limonene exhibits potential Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant properties. Its versatile nature finds use in Cleaning Products, Cosmetics and even as a Flavoring Agent highlighting its broad appeal.

(E)-β-Ocimene 6.4%

(E)-β-Ocimene, a natural Terpene, emits a sweet and herbal fragrance. It is found in various plants and flowers, contributing to their aromatic profiles. Known for its potential Antifungal and Insecticidal properties, (E)-β-Ocimene has drawn interest in Pest Control and Plant Protection strategies. Its Therapeutic and Olfactory attributes make it multifaceted.

(E)-Nerolidol 3.55%

(E)-Nerolidol, a Sesquiterpene Alcohol, is recognized for its subtle floral and woody aroma. Found in many Essential Oils, it exhibits Antimicrobial properties and is being studied for its potential in drug delivery due to its ability to enhance Skin Permeability. Its Therapeutic versatility and Pleasant Scent make it intriguing for various applications.

Linalyl Acetate 3.15% 

Linalyl Acetate and Linalool have been found to have Sedative effects, which can help alleviate Anxiety and promote Relaxation when inhaled or applied topically. Their joint presence in Essential Oils often results in Synergistic effects,  enhancing the overall Relaxation and Stress-relief properties of the Essential Oil. Linalyl Acetate contributes to the potential Antispasmodic properties of the Essential Oils.

α-Terpineol 3.04% 

α-Terpineol, a Monoterpene Alcohol, exhibits notable Medicinal attributes. Its aromatic profile, reminiscent of lilacs, makes it appealing in Aromatherapy for Relaxation and Stress relief. Furthermore, it demonstrates potential Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory properties, showcasing its promise in Skincare and overall well-being. Further research is exploring its broader Therapeutic potential.

Geranyl Acetate 2.65%

Geranyl Acetate, an Ester compound, offers intriguing Medicinal potential. With a fruity and floral aroma, it contributes to Aromatherapy's calming effects. Its Anti-inflammatory properties make it promising for Skin health, while its Analgesic qualities suggest broader applications. Research reveals its strong Antimicrobial action.

Geraniol 2.18%

Geraniol, a Monoterpenoid Alcohol, presents diverse Medicinal qualities. Its pleasant Rose-like fragrance makes it valuable in Aromatherapy for Relaxation and Anxiety reduction. Notably, Geraniol showcases Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory properties, enhancing Skin health. Its Antimicrobial potential and role in Cancer research contribute to its expanding Therapeutic significance.

Neryl Acetate 1.42%

Neryl Acetate is a wonderful Skin-healing ingredient.

Historical Uses of Neroli Essential Oil

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Blood Pressure 
  • Gynecological Symptoms 
  • Skin Care

Neroli Essential Oil is Soothing and Relaxing. It steadies Mood, balances Hormones and makes life generally feel a Happier place. 

Steam distilled from the blossoms of the Orange tree, captures all the beautiful skills Oranges have as Laxatives agents of Happiness and for Cleaning.

But Orange blossoms have been used for centuries to invite Romance, Dreaminess and Love. Traditionally, they form part of Wedding bouquets and Bridal headdresses, and the Petals are strewn over Bridal beds. 

Right through time and across the world, people have associated Orange blossom flowers with Purity, Innocence, Chastity and Fertility.

What is it then, about this Exquisite (and I do mean exquisite) and Precious Oil that makes us feel so different about Life? 

Let’s look at some of the things we now know about how Neroli Essential affects our Bodies and Minds. 

The Effects of Neroli Essential Oil on Seizures

Seizures may seem like a strange place to start but this first trial reveals huge amounts of how Neroli Essential Oil Affects our Nervous System. 

So, Orange blossoms have been used as Anti-seizure and Anticonvulsant agents in traditional Middle Eastern Medicine for centuries. 

This Anticonvulsant activity of Neroli was assessed in a mice trial published in the journal Natural Product Communications in 2014.

It is quite upsetting, so you should skip this next line.

Seizures were induced in two ways: using electric shocks and a drug called Flumazenil. Flumazenil is otherwise used to counter overdoses of Benzodiazepines and switch off Benzodiazepine anesthetics.

The actions are well-known and understood. It acts upon the GABA A receptor.

Now, the reason for including this as the first trial is to tell you that Neroli Essential Oil reduced the number of seizures the mice had, extended the time between seizures and reduced how many died.

The trial was also able to demonstrate that Flumazenil switched the actions off, so proved that Neroli Essential Oil was using the same chemical pathways that it did. Thus proving that Neroli uses one of the most important receptors in the nervous system: GABA A.

GABA A receptors control most of how the central nervous system Calms itself.

Spread right across the nervous system, they play a role in virtually all brain functions. However, GABA A receptors are also found in Immune cells, the Liver, Bone growth plates, Leydig cells (which secrete hormones in the testes) and several other endocrine tissues including the Placenta.

Ligands that activate the GABA A receptor typically have Anticonvulsant properties as well as Anxiolytic, Amnesic, Sedative, Hypnotic, Euphoric and muscle Relaxant abilities. These echo the effects that traditional Medicines have always said they see with Neroli Essential Oil.

Being Specific About This Neroli Essential Oil Data

The problem we have with the trial we just used, from our point of view, it is not proof that Aromatherapy will do the same thing in humans.

The first thing to consider here is that the experiment was done on mice.

Next, the Neroli Essential Oil was injected into the rodent's bellies. 

So, the amounts used and how they were applied will be very different from those used on humans.

However, scientific trials of this nature are not done to try and decide if Neroli Essential Oil will be successful for Epilepsy. Traditional Medicine has long shown that it is.

These tests are to identify which active constituents are responsible for the success, but also to give us clues as to more things it may be useful for, through that GABA A receptor. (Azanchi, 2014)

The GABA A Receptor Is Calming and Supports Healthy Sleep

What does the GABA A receptor do? The short answer to that is going to be anything to do with making you feel Calmer and getting to Sleep since many Pharmaceuticals for Insomnia utilize this same receptor. These medications have a hypnotic quality. The first and second generation of hypnotics (Barbiturates and Benzodiazepines respectively) decrease how many times you wake up through the night and increase slow-wave sleep. (Gottesmann, 2002)

Sedative and Soothing Neroli Essential Oil

So, we have established how lovely Neroli Essential Oil is for Anxiety. Aromatherapists would use it for long-term Anxiety or short-term Stress. They would apply it through Massage, Creams and Lotions, in the Bath, the Diffuser or for Inhalation.

Getting someone relaxed in the hospital is very important because a calmer patient before they go into surgery is proven to have better outcomes. Fewer surgical complications, such as Blood Pressure spikes, less Nausea when coming around from Anesthesia and faster wound healing times have all been reported. 

In 2011, the Anesthesia department of Shahrekord University ran a trial where 30 people who were going to have operations were given Neroli Hydrolat (the water that is made when Essential Oils are distilled) to drink and another 30 people were given a Placebo saline solution to drink (I know what I’d have preferred!) two hours before their Anesthetic.

Their Anxiety scores were taken before their drinks and then before their Anesthesia. The group that had drunk the Neroli Hydrolat was recorded as having significantly lower levels of Anxiety, whereas there were no differences recorded in those who had drunk the Placebo. (Akhlaghi, 2011)

The Effects of Neroli Essential Oil Tested for Worry

Neroli Essential Oil was tested on mice using a light and dark box test. The question this test poses is do they have enough courage to venture out into the light. It also tests trust. Can the mice become more confident about doing it over time? Is used to test the Anxiolytic potential of Benzodiazepines and other drugs.

They also used Neroli Essential Oil with a marble burying test. Mice love to bury but they tend to do it more if they are Stressed. Hide our food. Look for safety. Where can I hide my Babies?

This measures Repetitive and Anxiety-related behavior and to a lesser amount, Antidepressant behavior.

So, 30 marbles are placed on their bedding and then a simple check on how many have been buried after 30 minutes.

Both tests showed that the mice were less Stressed, more Confident and at Ease after they had been exposed to the Neroli Essential Oil. The most striking difference was the reduction in the number of marbles buried. (de Moraes Pultrini, 2006)

The reason why this is interesting is that these tests are also used as a means of understanding possible therapies for OCD or Autism, where repetitive behavior can be an issue. Repetition is a clear symptom for people with OCD. In Autism, repetitive behaviors such as stimming can be soothing but things like repeatedly banging heads can be dangerous. We can see how Neroli Essential Oil could have extremely strong real-world benefits.

Interestingly in 2013, this trial was picked up and built upon because Benzodiazepine drugs have so many side effects, including loss of Motor coordination and Drowsiness. Similarly, certain Antidepressant drugs tend to work for roughly only half the people they are prescribed for. 

Could Neroli Essential Oil Do More? 

Mice who had been given the Essential Oil orally were tested in that same light-dark box test again.

This time Neroli Essential Oil was assessed for actions on the 5HTa receptor - Mood Modulation.

This time the trial suggested that Neroli Essential Oil was not only Anti-anxiety but also Antidepressant. 

Neroli Essential Oil for Matters of The Heart

Neroli Essential Oil is well documented as a Cardioprotective agent. As we go through, we’ll see demonstrations of how it makes you feel Calmer, reduces Blood Pressure and Pulse and in 2016 was demonstrated to Relax the smooth muscle and tissues of the Heart. (Kang, 2016)

The Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory Aspects of Neroli Essential Oil 

A 2015 trial tested the effects of Neroli Essential Oil on poor old rats that were having their feet placed onto hot plates.

The rats, that had been (orally) pretreated with Neroli Essential Oil, writhed less.  Presumably, they writhed less because they experienced less Pain but it was also demonstrated that they exhibited less Inflammation for the injury too.

It was seen to have similar Anti-inflammatory and Analgesic effects to the standard prescribed Medication for Inflammation Diclofenac. (Khodabakhsh, 2015)

The study concludes:

The results suggest that Neroli possesses biologically active constituent(s) that have significant activity against Acute and especially chronic Inflammation and have central and peripheral Antinociceptive effects that support the ethnomedicinal claims of the use of the plant in the management of Pain and Inflammation. (Khodabakhsh, 2015)

Neroli Essential Oil investigated for Premenstrual Syndrome

A study done in 2017, in Iran tested the effects of Neroli Essential Oil for Premenstrual syndrome. 

We should clarify the difference here between PMT and PMS. The Premenstrual syndrome includes Tension, Pain, Mood Swings, Bloating, Digestive changes…the whole nine yards.

A cohort of 62 students were given Almond Oil to inhale during the Luteal phase of their Cycle ( time from ovulation to menstruation). Half of the students had Neroli Essential Oil added to their Almond Oil at a dilution of 0.5%. They were asked to inhale the Oil for 5 minutes, over 5 consecutive days for two months.

The effects are astonishing.

The p-value in an experiment shows how probable it is to obtain results as extreme as the ones observed in a statistical hypothesis test.

The smaller the p-value is, the stronger the evidence in favor of the hypothesis. This is where this idea of increases or reductions being “significant” comes from.

Normally P=0.05 is the cut-off point.

Anything bigger than 0.05 is not considered significant. Thus 0.06 is not significant because it’s bigger than 0.05 but 0.04 is, because it’s smaller and 0.004 is.

Overall symptoms of PMS between the Neroli Essential Oil group and the control groups In the first month, the difference was seen as being (p < 0.003), and second month (p < 0.001).

So markedly better.

However the majority of the effects were on the Psychological aspects of the PMS. The Neroli Essential Oil did not have such powerful effects on the actual pain. Blend with Clary Sage to remedy that. (Heydari, 2018)

Neroli Essential Oil For Menopause

Inhaling Neroli has been shown to reduce many symptoms of Menopause. (Lee, 2021)

It’s not unusual for many women to live a third of their lives post-menopause. So it is impossible to overstress the importance of finding ways to live in the landscape of the changing body. As a medical discipline, it has historically been overlooked. Thankfully, this seems to be changing. One of the key areas being explored is Aromatherapy and more specifically Neroli Essential Oil.

Sixty-three healthy Postmenopausal women were divided into three groups to inhale 0.1% or 0.5% Neroli Oil or Almond Oil (the placebo control) for 5 minutes, twice a day for 5 days.

A recognized Menopause-specific questionnaire was used to assess symptoms and sexual desire was gauged using the Visual Analog Scale (VAS).

Tests were taken to assess concentrations of Cortisol and Estrogen in blood serum.  Blood pressure and pulse readings were taken and notes about their perceived stress levels. These were taken before and after they had inhaled the Neroli Essential Oil.

The two groups inhaling the Neroli Essential Oil groups showed significantly better questionnaire score improvements and sexual desire scores when compared to those who had simply used Almond Oil.

Again, compared with the Placebo group, the two Neroli Essential groups had better blood pressure readings, improved pulse rates, higher estrogen levels, and lower cortisol.

What’s most interesting is improvements were even seen at concentrations of 0.1%, but 0.5% was better. (Choi, 2014)

A 2018 trial also independently showed that inhaling Neroli post menopause usually can improve sexual desire. (Khadivzadeh, 2018)

Neroli Essential Oil Improves Levels of Oxytocin 

Oxytocin is known as the Love molecule. It has many functions, being involved in Stress-related weight gain and Bone density, to name a couple but it is also very valuable to our Love and Sex lives. It is key to the success of a woman’s Labor.

Oxytocin is often given to women whose labors are not progressing fast enough. The Oxytocin triggers and speeds contractions. Then, it helps to bring in the Mother’s Milk and to expel the Placenta. Oxytocin is important in how a mother Bonds with her newborn Child.

It is involved in both Sexual desire and Orgasm and can even be Triggered by holding hands and hugging.

Inhaling Neroli Essential Oil can increase levels of Serum Oxytocin. (Tarumi, 2020)

Further, inhaling Neroli was also demonstrated to reduce Anxiety and Perceived Pain during Childbirth. (Scandurra, 2022)

Incidentally, the Hydrolat is incredibly Cooling and Refreshing during both the Rigors of labor and Hot Flashes. 

Neroli Essential Oil for Memory

Another key problem for women going through Menopause is often brain Fog and poor Memory.

The effects of Neroli Essential Oil on Memory have been investigated as a means to help people suffering from Alzheimer's disease and Dementia.

Rats had Memory loss induced (by Scopolamine) but Neroli Essential Oil was able to reverse the effects of both their Memory loss and learning Impairments.

Further, the Neroli Essential Oil also improved Escape Latency, which is how long it takes the rat to decide to Try and Escape the Maze it is exploring. Again, this may also have profound Ramifications for patients with Dementia who can also have the Propensity to do the same. 

Neroli Essential Oil for Skin

Neroli is beautiful for Skin Care. It is mildly astringent but not too drying. It makes a gorgeous skin care treatment for more Mature Skin and Obvious reasons for women in their fifties. (Just look at all the other benefits the Neroli Essential Oil is going to have when you are putting it onto your skin daily).

Orange flower water (the Hydrolat) makes a fabulous toner.

Neroli Essential Oil is also very good for Smoker's Skins, especially when combined with Carrot Seed Essential Oil. They seem to be able to get right down to the Grime and Soften the Skin more than any Other Essential Oils can.

Neroli Essential Oil Uses: For Wholesale Purposes


Soothing, Relaxing, Calming, blissfully Happy.


It's a bit too expensive for the amount you would need to get a good scent.

Natural Perfumery 

Gorgeous for Romantic florals and Oriental chypres blends. 

Neroli Essential Oil Blends: DIY Recipes

Neroli Essential Oil Blend for Reducing Anxiety and Stress

Method of Preparation: Add the Essential Oils to the Grapeseed Carrier Oil and combine well. 

Method of Use: To be used at Pulse points at the Wrist and inner Elbows. Use up to 8 times a day.

Safety: Not suitable for use during the first 16 weeks of pregnancy.

Neroli Essential Oil Blend for Reducing Blood Pressure

Method of Preparation: Add the Essential Oils to the Grapeseed Carrier Oil and combine well. 

Method of Use: To be used at Pulse Points at the Wrist and inner Elbows. Use up to 8 times a day.

Safety: Not suitable for use during the first 37 weeks of pregnancy.

Neroli Essential Oil Blend for Menopausal Skin

Method of Preparation: Add the Essential Oils to the Aqueous Cream and combine well. 

Method of Use: Decant into a jar and massage gently into the Skin of the Face, Neck and Decolletage. Use small upward, circular motions. Massaging the Skin well promotes Blood flow, Improves circulation and Encourages cell renewal. Use twice daily.


  • Not suitable for use during the first 37 weeks of pregnancy. 
  • Helichrysum Specific -Blood thinning - Not suitable for use for people who have Platelet Disorders or are on blood thinning Medication. It is suggested you cease the use of Helichrysum Essential Oil 48 hours before any planned Surgery.

Is Neroli Essential Oil Safe To Use? 

It is. For most people, it is very gentle on the Skin. However, a report done in a factory that made perfumes showed that Neroli can have quite a high incidence of allergies. So, it is worth doing a skin test.

Not suitable for use in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy. 


There can be some confusion around Synephrine an Alkaloid well utilized in the weight loss and sports industry because it increases Metabolism and Stamina. Synephrine is extracted from the rind of the bitter Orange but Neroli Essential Oil is distilled from the Flowers before the fruit has formed.

This, despite having the same Latin name Citrus Aurantium, Synephrine is not found in Neroli Essential Oil.

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Neroli Essential Oil Neroli Essential Oil Neroli Essential Oil Neroli Essential Oil

Neroli Essential Oil




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