Fragrance Oil Of The Week: NO. 33 - Fresh Cut Roses Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil

NO. 33- Fresh Cut Roses Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil Showcase

NO. 33  is evocative of wandering through a Rose garden at the height of June.  The sun is high, and in the warm still air, the scent of Roses lingers. Snipping a few blowsy blooms to bring beauty and fragrance into the house is simply irresistible.

Refreshing green notes bring the scent of the snipped stems to this elegant fragrance oil. These meld with the delicious aroma of Roses before mellowing into rich woods and a delicate whisper of Musk. 

We adore the rosy notes of No. 33 at VINEVIDA and we hope you’ll love it too! 

Fragrance Notes

    • Top Notes: Floral, Green Notes
    • Middle Notes: Rose
    • Bottom Notes: Woods, Musk 

Ways To Use NO. 33 - Fresh Cut Roses Fragrance Oil

VINEVIDA is committed to your skincare, and we take it just as seriously as you do. For this reason, our fragrance oils do not contain Phthalates, Parabens SLES and SLS.  We also never test our fragrance oils on animals and are cruelty-free. 

VINEVIDA carries two versions of NO. 33 - Fresh Cut Roses fragrance oils.

Diffuser Fragrance Oil and Soaps and Candles Fragrance Oil

Those of you with Nebulizing and Cold Air Diffusers should use NO. 33 - Diffuser Fragrance Oil as it is specifically formulated for this purpose and this purpose only

The Soaps and Candles Fragrance Oil are specifically formulated for professional and home applications. They are designed to withstand the intense heat and rigorous processes of making soaps and candles. You’ll find them to have resilient and persistent aromas and are ideal for formulating toiletries, skincare, and perfume.

We use three distinct categories to explore using VINEVIDA fragrance oils: 

    • Topical Products
    • Scenting The Home
    • Diffusers and Candle Burners

Topical Products

Topical Products

VINEVIDA Soaps and Candles fragrance oil excels when it comes to formulating skin care.

    • Professionally formulated for the production of topical products. 
    • Retain their integrity and intensity of fragrance through the production process. 
    • Withstands heat and rigorous production processes.
    • Ideal when base ingredients have to be melted, or heated.
    • Creates quality and luxurious skincare products.
    • Easily blended into a variety of cosmetic bases.
    • Combine readily with natural ingredients.
    • Versatile, with hundreds of different uses. 

We have had amazing results time and again, as we have put them through their paces with ready-made bases, cosmetic butter, carrier oils, and candle waxes. You can achieve these amazing results too!


VINEVIDA Soaps and Candles fragrance oils are masterfully designed and specifically formulated to withstand rigorous soap-making processes and cope with the high heat it can entail. For results that you can rely on and depend upon for both the Melt and Pour Soap and Cold Process Soap processes choose VINEVIDA Soaps and Candles fragrance oils.

NO. 33  -  Fresh Cut Roses creates a classically elegant and versatile floral soap that is always a popular choice at handmade and Artisan markets. 

Turn It Into a Floral Sensation

NO. 33 is a fresh, green, and floral scent. Deepen it into a floral sensation by plumping for heady flowers like Jasmine, Neroli, and Honeysuckle. Take it up that little notch even more with Gardenia or Tuberose. 

On The Masculine Side

Men's fragrances often have a floral heart to them, but because they are balanced with other aromas, that can be hard to discern.

You could make No.33 Fresh Cut Roses even greener to make it more masculine. Or how about adding watery, oceanic notes with NO. 56 - Ocean Rain. Another interesting dimension is to draw out the orangey notes, by adding Sweet Orange Essential Oil for a sublime combination.   

Alternatively, spice works wonders with Rose, keep to lighter, fruity ones like Pink Pepper and Black Pepper, Cardamom, and Ginger


I don’t know about you, but I adore rose-scented products and I love those singular flower notes. NO.33 works wonderfully in lotions and creams for a light, refreshing finish. Try it too in rich recipes for Hand Cream. 

See our brand new recipe using NO. 33 - Fresh Cut Roses a little later in the post. 

Lotions Recipes

Just swap out or combine with essential oils in the following articles:

Soap Recipes

Want a new project? Make Liquid Soap and Glycerine Soap recipes with us, they are so easy and quick to make. 


NO. 33 ’s classic fresh green and floral aroma is an inspired choice for creating elegant skincare gift sets.  It’s perfect for your daily skincare products like Cleansers, Toners, and Moisturizers. Combine it with Rose essential oil to cut costs in The Ultimate Guide To Rose Essential Oil - A Beauty Box In A Flower.

Moisturizer Recipes

NO. 33 ’s classically floral aroma is ideal for creating light and luscious daywear moisturizers. Try our Moisturizer recipe with fragrance oils and our How To Make Face Moisturizer With Essential Oils article. You can simply swap the essential oils out for NO.33  -  Fresh Cut Roses.



Have you created your own luxury cosmetics at home yet? Why ever not?

Recipe For A Skin Primer

Read Essential Beauty: Crafting Homemade Makeup With Oils for our brilliant Skin Primer recipes and find out how VINEVIDA fragrance oils can be used in Mineral Foundations, Eye Shadows, Blush Tints, and many more.

Not For Lips

VINEVIDA Fragrance oils are not suitable for making lip products. Explore essential oils instead. 

Perfume Layering

Let me show you how to use perfume layering techniques to define and blend the fragrances of your face and body products to create a harmonious accord and aroma. The same principles apply to layering perfume with fragrance oils too. Learn how to in Layering Perfumes With Essential Oils - The Body Edition.

Signature Scent 

Create your very own Signature Scent with our fragrance oils and essential oils to create truly unique and original blends, with NO.33 at the heart of the blend. You can then layer your Signature Scent through your bespoke skincare and toiletries.

Perfume Masterclass

Have fun creating Eau De Cologne in Craft Your Scent: Cologne With Essential Oils And Fragrance Oil and why not try How To Make Perfume With Essential Oils, it works for fragrance oils too! 

Scenting The Home

Scenting The Home

VINEVIDA fragrance oils are super versatile when it comes to scenting your home. 

    • Hundreds of ways to effectively scent your home.
    • Create a Signature Home Scent, layer, and streamline it across your home.
    • Make harmonizing scented products like Reed Diffusers, Room Sprays, Candles, and Wax Melts to unify the fragrance of your home.
    • Use NO.33 in household cleaning and laundry care products.

Create A Signature Home Scent By Adding Your Own Twist To NO. 33 

You can take the elegant and classic floral tones of No. 33  and add a little twist to it. The scent profile has more than enough room to make it your own. 

I’d plump for more green in the top notes preferably with some water, marine, or oceanic notes to give it that fresh air feeling. I’d fill the heart space with fruity spices like Pink Pepper and I’d add some resinous and woody base notes. 

Our Blending Recommendations below will give you even more ideas and you can ditch expensive designer brands and make your own luxurious blends yourself! 

Layering Harmonious Scents

Layering Perfumes In The Home teaches you how to layer scent throughout the home and gives you a starting point to create your own Signature Home Scent. Combine that with the Blending Framework and you can't go wrong!  

Candles and Wax Products For The Home

NO. 33 appeals to customers looking for a classic and elegant floral scent. For those of you with candle businesses, it’s likely to be one of your best sellers. 

Use it to create a range of appealing Candles, Wax Sachets, and Melts and while you are there knock out some matching Reed Diffusers, with that glorious floral theme.

Recipes To Wax Lyrical About

We love sustainability here and are all about using up any leftover wax, don’t waste it! Make Wax Melts and Wax Sachets with the rosy lusciousness of NO.33. Fill your home,

closet and drawers with a burst of rosy blooms.

Scented Products For The Home

With NO. 33 at the core of your Signature Home Scent, harness its classically floral notes to scent your rooms.

Use NO. 33 in:

    • Room and Reed Diffusers
    • Scented Candles, Wax Melts and Sachets 
    • Room & Soft Furnishing Spray
    • Linen & Iron Sprays 
    • Home Cleaning Products
    • Laundry Care

Use NO. 33 in combination with VINEVIDA odor-eliminating fragrance oils and capitalize on their deodorizing capability to get rid of less-than-favorable aromas around the home. Choose from refreshing Citrus or smooth Vanilla scents. I prefer the Vanilla with NO. 33, but use the Citrus for a burst of clean energy. 

Refreshing Room Sprays

Room Sprays offer you that spot refreshment and can be used for a quick burst of appealing fragrance just before your unexpected guests step through the door! Crafting The Perfect Scent: Your Guide To Room Spray With Fragrance Oils shows you all you need to know.

Is Your Car Coming Up Roses Too?

Fill your car with this glorious burst of rosy blooms and fresh green notes! We show you How To Make Car Air Freshener With Essential And Fragrance Oils

Cleaning Products for The Home

NO. 33 is the perfect choice for laundry care products with a whisper of classic elegance and blowsy, floral romance. 

Scent your homemade Laundry Detergents and Cleansers, Laundry Softeners, and Tumble Dryer Sheets. It’s a classic choice for your household linen, that is never out of fashion or out of place. 

Easy Laundry Care Recipes

Use NO. 33 to scent your linens with gorgeous fresh green and elegant rose notes. Try out these easy recipes and make your own Laundry Detergent, Tumble dryer sheets, and Scented Solution for using Wool Dryer Balls, it’s easier than you think! 

Diffusers and Candle Burners

Diffusers and Candle Burners

Aromatherapy Candle Burners

NO. 33  Soaps and Candles fragrance oil can be used in all types of aromatherapy candle burners and must be diluted with water. 


For Nebulizing or Cold Air Diffusers, VINEVIDA has created NO. 33  DIFFUSER Fragrance Oil for you.

NEVER use VINEVIDA Soaps and candle fragrance oil in Cold Air or Nebulizing Diffusers. The fluid is too thick and viscous for these delicate diffusers and it can block the fine nozzles.

When asked how to use our diffuser oil in your diffuser, it is always our first recommendation to consult the manufacturer's instructions for specific guidance on your own diffuser.

Still Confused?

There is a raft of extra guidance about our fragrance oils and their applications in How To Use VINEVIDA Oils. It’s really useful to work out which variation you need for your diffuser.

Blending Recommendations

NO. 33 is a glorious, classic, and elegant fragrance oil, widely appealing and loved the world over. It has those fresh green notes of the freshly snipped stems, busts of rose notes, and then that dry down into woods and a hint of musk. Just blissful. 

Make it your own and personalize it with other VINEVIDA essential oils and fragrance oils. Try out new blends as they are amazing to blend with.

Fresh Cut Roses Fragrance Companions

I like to ramp up the marine and oceanic notes with NO. 56 - Ocean Rain and add some Citrus freshness with NO. 48 - Lemon Verbena. You can even up the floral fantasy with NO. 38 - Gardenia.

Deepen the whole profile with smooth, rich base notes, try NO. 21 - Cedarwood & Amber and NO. 1200 - Inspired By: Ambre By Diptyque.

Essential Choices

NO. 33  blends wonderfully with essential oils. Choose fresh, zesty citrus notes, like Lime or refreshing green, almost medicinal, notes like Eucalyptus, Thyme, and a touch of floral with Lavender.

Creative Ways To Use And Blend NO. 33 - Fresh Cut Roses

Creative Ways To Use And Blend NO. 33 - Fresh Cut Roses

First, we are going to create a selection of diverse diffuser blends to show you just how versatile NO. 33 can be. Turn a simple Rose fragrance into an absolute sensation in celebration of Rose Awareness Week.

How to Make Diffuser Blends With NO. 33 - Fresh Cut Roses

NO. 33 is a classically elegant, and ultimately versatile, fragrance oil all on its own. However, there’s plenty of room in the scent profile to add a unique touch or tip the gender balance of the fragrance. 

Creating your diffuser blends is an exciting place to begin blending fragrance and essential oils. Why not try them all? Build your confidence and blending skills, all by having fun with amazing fragrances!

Let me show you how to create harmonious accords, using the recommended scent companions. Let’s just refresh our minds on the fragrance notes first. 

Original Scent Profile Ideal Companions
Top Iris, Lily, Orange Sweet Orange, Pink or White Grapefruit, Yuzu
Lychee, Raspberry, Dark Cherry
Sweet Basil, Thyme, Eucalyptus, Galbanum
Heart Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Neroli, Rose Cardamom, Ginger, Pink Pepper
Helichrysum, Rose, Palmarosa
Frankincense, Myrrh
Base Cassia, Sandalwood Amyris, Balsam Copaiba, Balsam Peru, Cedarwood, Labdanum, Oakmoss, Patchouli, Vanilla

Follow This Framework

    1. Add in an element of medicinal green notes to the top notes. 
    2. Balance the top notes with medicinal floral notes like Lavender or light citrus and fruity aromas.
    3. In the heart space add heady, intoxicating floral notes to deepen the femininity. 
    4. To create more masculine heart notes, choose fruity spices like Cardamom and Pink Pepper and pair them with a deeper base note. 
    5. Add smooth and rounded scents to deepen down the base notes like Amber, Patchouli and Vetiver.
    6. A touch of deep rich woods with the sandalwood-like notes of Amyris and Cedarwood.
    7. NO. 33 will take a good splosh of smooth and comforting Vanilla Oleoresin or fragrance.  The scent of Vanilla has a direct impact on the limbic system in the brain, fostering feelings of comfort, safety, and security. It can be an invaluable tool to create a safe space if you want/need to feel safer in your home and personal space. Use this little trick to help yourself, family, friends, and guests feel safe in your space. 
    8. Always experiment with one drop at a time. Then stop, mix, and test. It’s pretty foolproof and hard to go wrong working in this way.

Always try to maintain the balance of the overall scent. It’s key and improves your chances of success. That said, please realize that I am pushing the boundaries and the balance of NO.33 this week to show you its sheer versatility and just how much space there is in the scent profile to play with. 

Generally working, following this framework will help you maintain this overall balance of the scent profile and give you amazing outcomes! 

Working Safely With IFRA

NO. 33  fragrance oil Diffuser Blends falls under IFRA Category 12 where there are no safety restrictions in this particular category. 

Within reason, you may use as much as you like, but you still need to maintain the balance of the original scent profile. More does not always mean better. 

REMINDER: If you have a Cold Air Diffuser, always use DIFFUSER Fragrance Oil variation. DO NOT use Soaps & Candles, as they are too thick.


    1. Diffuser Blends make an easy introduction to using fragrance oils.
    2. Read the recipe through, and measure out your fragrance oils and essential oils as stated in the recipe.
    3. Combine the oils in a small measuring jug and stir with a stainless steel spoon or a glass stirrer.
    4. To keep your bottle as clean as possible, use a funnel and decant the diffuser blend into a 10ml dropper bottle. 
    5. Using a quality silicone spatula, scrape every last morsel of oil from the jug and funnel into the bottle. 
    6. Keeping your bottle clean and oil-free helps the label adhere better. 
    7. List all of the ingredients clearly on a water and oil-proof label.
    8. You MUST label your bottle as ‘UNDILUTED’, for obvious safety reasons, please.

Using These Diffuser Blends:

    1. Please consult your manufacturer's instructions, for their specific guidance on your individual diffusers. 
    2. Depending on your individual diffuser, you may need to dilute your blend, Consult your manufacturer’s guidance. 

Diffuser Blends With NO.33 - Fresh Cut Roses

Wholly Rosy

Wholly Rosy

Classically elegant and full of blowsy rosy notes, it just bursts with the love and sensuality of Rose. This is perfect for any room in the house, at any time of day. Wonderfully and beautifully versatile, it’s sure to become a favorite. 

I’ve added some green to the top notes and filled the heart with Rose notes. I also deepened the base a little, to anchor the scent.



    • Not designed for use on the skin.

A Man’s Rose

A Man’s Rose

Well, this is Rose, but not as you know it, it’s deep, evocative, and downright seductive. Lavished with spice, woods, and a little je nais sais quoi! 

This is pretty heady, so use it in short bursts. It is ideal for intimate dining and nights in. 



    • Not designed for use on the skin.

The Ocean Rose

The Ocean Rose

Where the ocean rises up to meet the Rose bushes of England's South Coast. Breathtakingly fresh, marine notes tumble with Rose petals and fruity spices to create this unique blend.  

It is oceanic and airy in the top notes, and floral, fruity, and spicy in the heart notes. Its complexity dances, changes, and becomes quite enigmatic. It’s truly unique and one to treasure. 

Perfect for anywhere in the home and particularly good for outdoor parties, gatherings, and celebrations.  



    • Not designed or formulated for topical use on the skin.
    • Do not diffuse where cats are present. 

DIY Recipes Using NO. 33 - Fresh Cut Roses Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil

We get so excited about the sheer versatility of VINEVIDA’s Soaps and Candles fragrance oils and we want you to get inspired and excited too!  We know there are hundreds of exciting ways you can use fragrance oils and we want you to discover them too! Try using them on their own or combine them with essential oils to get the best of both worlds.

Find Inspiration

Find a trove of inspiration in Unlock The Power Of Aromatherapy: 100 Ways To Use Essential Oils (& Fragrance Oils). It has an enormous list of links to our professional tutorials and recipes. 

This Week’s Recipes

This week, we are blessed with the refreshing green and floral notes of NO. 33. It has those deliciously bright green top notes that move you gently into the heart of glorious Rose and finally, a touch of smooth woods and a dash of alluring Musk. 

I’m an avid gardener, and so are my friends, and we all adore a good rose-scented Hand Cream. We know it is an appreciated, and useful gift, come birthdays and Christmas. So it’s our first recipe this week.

I only have to plunge my hand into the first bag of compost or the garden soil of the year and I get hangnails and peelers! But I soon learned how to avoid it using this super duper Cuticle Oil (and gardening gloves). This is so versatile that you can use it as a Face Serum and to take flyaway hair!

Rosy Gardeners Hand Cream 

Rosy Gardeners Hand Cream

Now, this is not just for gardeners, it is suitable for everyone. I’ve plumped for a heavy barrier-style cream that will protect and nourish your precious hands. If you prefer, I have a lighter base recipe in How To Make Hand Cream With Essential Oils.

This protective Hand Cream is bursting with nourishing natural ingredients to feed and smooth your skin. We think it is perfect for layering with other skincare products. It’s up to you if you add the essential oils or not, with their skin healing and soothing chemical constituents and properties, why wouldn’t you?

NO. 33 in IFRA Category 5C has maximum safety restrictions of 16.31%. This means in 100ml of Hand Cream, you can use up to 16ml of NO. 33 - Fresh Cut Roses Soaps and Candles fragrance oil. 16% is a LOT. You don’t need this much fragrance oil for this recipe, so use 4% instead.  

Use the ‘Hand Cream’ option on the VINEVIDA Calculator to work out the correct safety data for your own recipes.

This recipe creates 250ml /8oz of Hand Cream, so you could split it down into smaller jars should you prefer. They make great gifts. 

You Will Need: 

    1. Double Boiler
    2. Hand mixer/whisk/food processor or stand mixer
    3. Stainless steel spoon 
    4. Large measuring jug or a large mixing bowl
    5. Measuring spoons
    6. 8oz / 250ml jar and lid
    7. Oil and waterproof label


Optional Essential Oil Blend


    • Use appropriate heat-proof gloves when working with molten wax, oils, and butter.
    • If including the essential oil blend - do not use it in the first 37 weeks of pregnancy.


If you choose to use a preservative, please consult the manufacturer's instructions, as they can vary from product to product.

Melting The Base Ingredients
    1. Don't get these oils and butter too hot, use a low to medium heat to preserve their integrity.
    2. Place your Beeswax into the double boiler and place over low heat, stir to help it along a little. 
    3. Once the Beeswax is half melted add in the Shea Butter.
    4. When the Shea Butter is half melted, add in the EV Coconut Oil.
    5. Once fully melted, remove fully from the heat, separating the pan from the hot water underneath. 
    6. Set aside and let cool slightly, then add your carrier oils and again let them cool slightly, but they must still be fluid for the next step. 
While Things Cool 
    1. While you're waiting, measure out the rest of your ingredients so that you can work quickly.
    2. Place your Aqueous Cream and Glycerine into a large mixing bowl or measuring jug and stir well to combine.
The Tricky Bit
    1. Now there are a couple of things to get right here, if you only have a handheld mixer it could be useful to employ a little help for the extra hands! Failing that, set your bowl/jug on a folded towel to stop it sliding about and negating the need to hold it!
    2. Whip the Aqueous Cream and Glycerine with your handheld mixer/ food processor/stand mixer on its fastest setting.
    3. Take the cooling wax, butter, and oils and pour them VERY slowly in a thin steady stream into the cream base. Take your time here and be patient because if you add it too fast, it cools too quickly. When this happens your hand cream feels 'bitty' with small lumps of oil/butter that form and don’t get mixed fully into the cream base. So go sloooooooooooow! 
    4. The bits do not detract from the Hand Cream; it is still perfectly usable. I’ve been impatient and had it happen to me, I just sold it as Hand Cream 'with nourishing butter pearls’, and it flew out!
    5. Once everything has fully combined, set it aside to cool a little.
Adding Scent and Removing Air
    1. Add your NO.33 - Fresh Cut Roses fragrance oil and your essential blend, if you choose to use it, and mix it in for a good couple of minutes to ensure it is evenly distributed through the cream.
    2. The mixing process introduces air into your cream, now this should be thick enough to contain it, but if it isn’t it can sink back in your jars over time. So give the bowl a good few knocks on the table to help expel some of the air. 
Getting It In The Jars
    1. Decant the mixture into your jars, use a jar funnel to help.
    2. Clean the rims of any spillages meticulously to discourage the formation of mold.
    3. Cover with a clean soft cloth and leave to cool completely. If you add the lids to warm moist jars the chances are they will just go moldy. 
    4. Label clearly, listing all ingredients for safety.

How to Use:

    1. Be sure to carry out a 24- 48 hour patch test before first use.
    2. Work it liberally into your hands, and pay attention to dry spots and cuticles. 
    3. It can be used daily even though it is rich. It makes a great barrier cream and the high wax content will repel water. 

If you want to try making Hand Cream With Essential Oils check this out, you can always add fragrance oils if you prefer.  

Rosy Posy Cuticle Oil

Rosy Posy Cuticle Oil

NO. 33 is such a gloriously floral fragrance oil, it pays to combine it with other flower scents to create something truly lovely. This Rosy Posy Cuticle Oil is simply bursting with a cascade of fragrant flowers in a base of skin-nourishing oils to smooth, soften, and hydrate the skin. They make wonderful gifts.  

IFRA Safety and Guidelines

In  IFRA Category 5C -  NO. 33 Fresh Cut Roses Soaps and Candles fragrance oil has a maximum safety restriction of 16.31%. 

This means that in 100ml of Cuticle Oil, you can use up to 16ml of NO. 33 - Fresh Cut Roses Soaps and Candles fragrance oil. You don’t need anywhere near that much, use 4%. 

Now, I have used the same IFRA guidance for face products, so I’ve chosen face-friendly carrier oils so you can double it us as a Face Serum. Two products in one! Actually three, you can use it to tame flyaway hair too! 

You Will Need:

    1. Small measuring jug
    2. Stainless steel spoon
    3. Funnel
    4. 50 ml rubber-topped dropper bottle.
    5. Oil and waterproof label



Avoid getting in the eyes. If the product does get in your eyes, rinse with clean tepid water. If irritation persists, seek medical attention taking the clearly labeled container with you.


    1. Simply combine all of the ingredients in a measuring jug.
    2. Decant, using a funnel into a 50ml rubber-topped dropper bottle.
    3. Label, clearly listing all ingredients for safety.
    4. Yes, it’s THAT simple! 

How To Use:

    1. Please do a 24-48 hour patch test before first use.
    2. Dispense one drop onto your cuticle and work in a massaging well to distribute the oil around the cuticle.
    3. Work systematically from one cuticle to another.
    4. Gardeners, if you get hard or dry skin under your nails, work it under there too! 
    5. To use a Face Serum, dispense a couple of drops into your hands and work it gently around your face in upward, circular motions. Take care around areas of delicate like, like the eyes. 
    6. Use one or two drops to tame flyaways by just smoothing it along your hair VERY sparingly. 

New to VINEVIDA Fragrance Oils?

New to VINEVIDA Fragrance Oils?

Join the exciting journey of using VINEVIDA fragrance oils and let us:

Learning With VINEVIDA Made Easy

Find out the best tips, brand-new recipes, and professional tutorials on the VINEVIDA blog. Go to the website and search Fragrance Oil Of The Week, simply scroll down, past all the products, and there you will see a list of a few of our FOTW articles. 

Search your favorite fragrance oil to see if we have done an article yet, you can always request one. 

Why Use VINEVIDA Recipes:

    • Written by professionally trained educators and aromatherapists
    • Recipes are written by experienced professionals, not hobby moms
    • Tried and tested skin-safe recipes you can trust
    • The skin safety has all been worked out for you
    • Rely on our years of professional knowledge and expertise to guide you 
    • Offering you space to learn, showing you where recipes can be adapted or altered 
    • We empower you to design, create, and produce your own formulations and products 

It's never been easier, or safer, to make your projects at home with our tried, tested, and trusted recipes. Start your exciting fragrant journey with VINEVIDA today! 

Facebook Group

Shine your light on your talents, share your favorite hints, best tips, and experiences, and connect with other like-minded customers in our VINEVIDA Facebook Group. We love seeing all your incredible creations made with VINEVIDA products.  Share your magic, don’t be shy!

The Final Word

The Final Word

It has been classically elegant and gloriously rosy this week working with NO. 33 - Fresh Cut Roses fragrance oil. 

I have loved the fresh green aromas that are reminiscent of freshly snipped rose blooms heading for the crystal vase. I have loved the way the rose blooms through the fragrance and dries down into smooth wood and that alluring note of Musk. 

It’s a true classic, elegant, timeless, and historic, you could be anywhere in time, holding a freshly cut rose to your nose and the effect would be the same. Let yourself be transported and refreshed by the green and floral notes of No. 33 . We love its classic elegance here at VINEVIDA.

Blending Recap With NO. 33  Fragrance Oil

Make Your Own Blends and Save $$$

  • Make your own diffuser blends and dump those expensive brands
  • Save a LOT of money!

Use The Framework

  • A foolproof method when you stick within the blending framework 
  • Amazing results every single time 
  • Define frameworks for yourself with experience and practice

Signature Home Scent Streamlining

  • Streamline your Signature Home Scent across your home. 
  • Create matching Reed Diffusers, Room Sprays, Scented Candles, and Wax Melts.  
  • Layer harmonizing scents across your home with home cleaning products
  • Scent Laundry Detergents, Tumble Dryer sheets, and Linen Sprays to layer even more.

Thank You For Joining Us For Fragrance Oil Of The Week

I’ve had such fun formulating these deliciously rosy recipes this month with NO.33 - Fresh Cut Roses fragrance oil. I love all things rosy, from the tumbling petals and blowsy blooms in the garden to the rather unctuous Hand Cream I just made.

The scent of Roses always makes me smile and I’m sure it does you too. So… STOP and smell the Roses and have a little me time with NO.33.

I am hopeful that you will love bringing this elegant and classic rose fragrance into your home and to your skincare products. 

It is perfect for creating an unambiguous ambiance, sounds boring, but it is the exact opposite! There's a lot to be said for a scent that is so classic, refined and elegant that you can use it anywhere, at any time. It makes it one of the most versatile fragrance oils on the market for this reason. It is universally loved and sought out. 

Have fun playing with the fresh elements and try adding those oceanic and marine notes to NO. 33. It will bring the outside in and be like a breath of fresh air. Pile on the heady flowers for another exciting twist, there are just so many ideas!

We love its elegant versatility here at VINEVIDA and we hope everything will be coming up Roses in your home soon too! .

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