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When it comes to essential oils, heat and sunlight can affect both quality and quantity. Not only can these factors physically change the composition of oils, but they may also cause evaporation. For this reason, VINEVIDA prefers to package with amber glass bottles. Due to the potency of essential and absolute oils, it is important to store them in glass rather than a weaker material, such as plastic.

All of our bottles come with leakproof caps, both to avoid spillage and to prevent oxidation from occurring. At VINEVIDA we pride ourselves on offering high-quality packaging materials to ensure your oils are stored and shipped both safely and efficiently. Our aim is to provide durable, premium packing at competitive rates, for both individual and wholesale consumers. 

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Wholesale Amber Glass Bottles for Essential Oils

At VINEVIDA we believe in going beyond simply a sale. We believe in educating our consumers to use essential oils in the most sustainable way possible. To maintain the quality of your essential oils and make them last, premium packaging is important. Our wholesale amber glass bottles help prevent oxidation and evaporation, ensuring your product retains its integrity. Contact us today to find which packaging option suits your needs best.

Wholesale Amber Glass Bottles for Essential Oils

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