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Palmarosa Essential Oil: Uses, Benefits, and Blends

Though both the scent and name of palmarosa essential oil are almost enough to make one believe it's a member of the rose family, this sweet-smelling impostor is actually part of the lemongrass clan. Don’t let palmarosa’s citrusy cousins fool you though—the bright, floral fragrance of VINEVIDA’s palmarosa oil will delight your senses by bringing a spicy sweetness to any perfume or product it goes into.

Palmarosa Essential Oil Product Details

Also known by its botanical name “Cymbopogon martini”, palmarosa is a species of grass that originates from the India and Indochina region. Similar to its cousin lemongrass, palmarosa gets its name from its rose-reminiscent aroma. You may also hear people refer to it as “Indian geranium” or “rosha grass”. Palmarosa oil is very common in perfumes and cosmetics, owing to its uplifting floral scent. 

Component Breakdown of Palmarosa Essential Oil

  • Geraniol: Geraniol is prevalent in both rose and citronella oils, and is often used in natural insect repellents. Interestingly enough, this component is actually the product of honey bees. Produced by their scent-glands, it is used to mark flowers that bear nectar. Geraniol may be able to help topical applications penetrate the skin barrier, in addition to showing anti-cancer properties.
  • Geranyl Acetate: Geranyl acetate is a naturally occurring monoterpenoid. It is classified as an acetate ester of geraniol and has a role working as a metabolite for the plants that contain it. Geranyl acetate’s smell is similar to that of lavender, and as such is often in creams and lotions. 
  • (E,Z)-Farnesol: Farnesol is colorless. It is a liquid component with a floral aroma. Research suggests it is also an antimicrobial agent.
  • Linalool: Linalool is a terpene that you can find in all sorts of different products. It is a key ingredient in many commercial pest controls and you will find it on the US EPA website. In addition to its use as a natural pesticide, linalool is thought to have a sedative effect. This means it has the potential to work as a calming agent.
  • (E)-B-Ocimene: Plant metabolite.
  • B-Caryophyllene: Caryophyllene is a terpene with a spicy aroma, similar to that of black pepper. It is also different from all other terpenes because it is a cannabinoid (though a nonpsychoactive one). It also offers antioxidant properties and studies suggest it may be able to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  • Geranial: This component is better known as citral, and has a lemony aroma. It is high in antioxidants and is common in the manufacturing of fragrances for perfumes, and beauty products.

Palmarosa Essential Oil for Wholesale Use


Palmarosa essential oil aromatherapy is a favorite of many, due to this oil’s delightful smelling fragrance. Research looking at the inhalation of palmarosa oil indicates this oil to have a powerful antioxidant effect. This is great news, as aromatherapy through inhalation can be achieved in a variety of different ways. Some of the most common aromatherapy methods are:

  • Diffusion (active and passive)
  • Jewelry
  • Massage Therapy
  • Topical Application
  • Direct Inhalation 


Of the many uses of palmarosa oil, perfume is likely the most prevalent. Though as you now know it doesn’t actually come from the rose family, its rose-like scent is still prized in the fragrance world. Palmarosa is a middle note—or heart note—in perfume terms, which means it makes up the main body of a scent. This is an important role, as the heart note will initially mask the base note of the fragrance blend until its power diminishes slightly and it becomes more appealing. 

Palmarosa is also common in the makeup of items such as cosmetics (lipsticks, powders, etc), deodorants, and other beauty products.

Insect Repellent

Studies indicate palmarosa oil may be effective at repelling mosquitoes for up to twelve hours, which is even longer than other essential oils, including its cousin lemongrass!

How to Use Palmarosa Essential Oil as a Repellent:

To use palmarosa oil for repelling mosquitoes start with a carrier oil, such as one of these. You may also use either alcohol or witch hazel as a base, particularly if your preference is to use it as a spray. Using a 10-1 ratio, add palmarosa (or even a blend of palmarosa oil, citronella oil, and lemongrass oil), and shake the bottle to mix. Then either mist or apply topically to help repel mosquitoes and other insects. 

Soap Making

Palmarosa Essential Oil Soapmaking

Palmarosa oil is a top note, and is great for soap making as it blends well with many other oils. When using palmarosa oil in soap, you will need approximately 3 teaspoons for every one pound batch, assuming you aren’t blending other oils in. 

What Blends Well with Palmarosa Essential Oil:

When coming up with custom soap creations, try combining palmarosa oil with ylang ylang, geranium, rose, lavender, and lime, for a fresh, floral scent.


Do not ever apply palmarosa oil directly onto the skin, and do not ingest it. If you are creating a repellent or wishing to add it to products it's important to properly dilute and to shake every time before use. This will ensure there is no separation. 

Keep essential oils away from children and pets, and ensure if you are mixing with carrier oils that you are using proper sun protection when outdoors. If you have any questions or concerns relating to the use of oils, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at VINEVIDA. Customer satisfaction is our goal, and we take our role as consumer educators very seriously. 


Sweet-smelling palmarosa oil will make a great addition to your essential oil collection. Use it around the house, in beauty products, or even outdoors to repel mosquitoes. VINEVIDA also offers consumers the option to purchase wholesale palmarosa essential oil, which we strive to provide at the lowest rates possible. Call us today to find out how we can help you get what you need for your business, at the most competitive rate available.

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