Pink Sugar

Pink Sugar Fragrance Oil Showcase

VINEVIDA’s Pink Sugar fragrance oil makes you think of being ensconced on a rainy summer's day, preserving soft fruits in your kitchen.

The soft, luscious scent of the soft fruits like strawberry and raspberry are brightened with the citrus notes from Bergamot and Orange.

Swirled with the caramel notes of brown sugar, a dash of vanilla and a teaspoon of ginger stirred into the pot of gently steaming jelly.

Yet, there is a deeper edge, enticing you down into the depth of the woody notes and deeper still into the tempting darkness of the liquorice.

Pink Sugar fragrance oil is all about summery soft fruit and citrus notes. It has that bright and delicious fresh berry start, mingled with the citrus zing of Bergamot. The heart of the fragrance is the delightfully comforting swirl of caramel, vanilla and sugar. It deepens down with an extra twist of unexpected Liquorice and Woody notes.  The ending is much more grown up and mature than the fun sensation that the beginning belies.

This fragrance oil is one that suggests simple, light hearted fun, but you get so much more heart and depth to the experience, than you first expect. It’s like that first kiss that starts as an innocent peck, which deepens in strength and passion and takes you by surprise.

Fragrance Notes

Pink Sugar has that mouthwatering elegant, sweet freshness of Raspberry, Strawberry and Bergamot. Vanilla simmers gently with Caramel and spicy Ginger notes. Deeper woody notes entangle with the delicious Liquorice notes for a mature finish than you might expect. It’s one that we absolutely love here at VINEVIDA.

    • Top: Raspberry, Strawberry, Orange, Bergamot
    • Mid:  Sugary, Vanilla
    • Bottom: Caramel, Licorice, Musk, Woods

VINEVIDA’S Favorite Ways To Use Pink Sugar Fragrance Oil

As such a versatile fragrance oil its uses are endless. The only limit here is your imagination.

With its fresh, fruity and sweetly comforting scent, it is perfect for cold process soaps, for toiletries and beauty products.

Fruit scents evoke feelings of freshness and images of childhood, transporting us back to simpler times where things seemed less complicated. Pink Sugar Fragrance oil is great for making products that are designed to persuade us to let go, to allow ourselves to be pampered and relaxed.

It is a popular choice for scenting the home and makes a good starting point for creating a Signature Home Scent. You can read more about what a Signature Home Scent is and  Layering Perfumes In The Home in our article. There is also a plethora of ideas and recipes to get the creative juices flowing too.

Pink Sugar fragrance oil lends itself beautifully to making scented candles and reed diffusers and can be blended easily with other fragrance oils for a scent sensation. Its intense fruity and  woody fragrance makes it perfect for dining rooms, kitchens and sitting rooms. Not to mention areas of the house where you might welcome people into your home, such as porches and entrance halls.

Personally, I like to mix Pink Sugar Fragrance Oil with other fruity ones like Orange Sherbet and Passionfruit Papaya but it also blends wonderfully with essential oils like Bergamot, Grapefruit and Lemon.

We have a version of Pink Sugar fragrance oil developed especially for your cold air diffusers too. Find it here.

Creative Ways to Use and Blend Pink Sugar Fragrance Oil

Let’s step out of the box and look beyond using the fragrance oil in a diffuser. Let’s look at some creative ways that you can use Pink Sugar fragrance oil to set you apart from the crowd and put you ahead of the curve.

Beauty Ideas With Pink Sugar Fragrance Oil 

Make Your Own Blush Tint

Pink Sugar Fragrance Oil makes the perfect candidate for a totally luscious Blush Tint. With that fresh, fruity scent that deepens into something comfortable, but expands down into something more ‘adult’ and sensuous. It really is a great choice.

It is much easier than you think to make your own Blush Tint and you can use things you have at home like cocoa powder and beetroot to tint your Blush. Although there are some great natural and organic cosmetic colors on the market now. You can also add in mica powders for that extra tempting dimensional shimmer.

They also make really wonderful gifts when you make the effort to package them beautifully. Homemade, natural Blush Tint is not something you see very often.

Simply take 6g of beeswax and 4 ml of Jojoba carrier oil, melt them together, add your fragrance oil and your chosen powdered tint and mix well. Pour into a suitable container and allow to set.

To use, simply apply to your cheeks with your fingers. Blend in your tint across your skin under natural light, for a truly gorgeous finish. 

Ideas For Around The Home

There are so many ways that you can use Pink Sugar fragrance oil around the home that I am having to rein myself in. Get your imagination fired up!

Car Air Freshener

This is ridiculously simple, and it’s almost too embarrassing to use it here. Yet, it is something many of us forget that we can do.

Simply take a clean wooden clothes peg and soak it well in Pink Sugar fragrance oil. I tend to pop mine in a tiny plastic container that holds about three clothes pegs at a time. Let it soak in for at least 24 hours and then turn the peg in the oil and leave for another 24 hours. Top up the fragrance oil if needed.


You can store your spare pegs in this container and just re-use it to refresh your pegs when needed.

Wearing a silicone glove to protect your hands. Remove the peg from the container and attach it to the air vent of your car. Every time you have air flow through the vents it will fill your car with that luscious, fresh, fruity, citrus scent that matures into that very grown up fragrance.

Find more ideas on How To Use Aromatherapy Around The Home. It is also packed with lots of other wonderful suggestions and ideas on how to use fragrance oils and essential oils around the home.  

Our Favorite Recipe With Pink Sugar Fragrance Oil

This is where I will share one of my favorite recipes with Pink Sugar fragrance oil with you. It is super easy and even kids can make this under adult supervision.  

Pink Sugar Glycerine Soap

This is a brand new recipe just for you all today. I wanted to give you something that is easy to achieve for yourself at home, but feels really special and luxurious to use.

Glycerine soap is so easy to make, as it comes as a solid block of soap, that you simply melt in your microwave. You can then add your extra ingredients, essential oils and fragrance oils and pour into lovely molds. Let them set and you can end up with very professional looking soap.

You must remember that glycerine is humectant - which means it will draw moisture from the air and this can make your soap appear glossy, like it has been used and that means it is absorbing water from the air. Eventually, this can make your soaps soggy and a bit mushy. Therefore, always wrap your glycerine based soap in saran wrap or vacuum seal it, so it is totally airtight.

Don’t think putting it into an air tight box solves the issue either, it doesn’t. You DO need to take the time to wrap the soaps up individually.


    1. The IFRA maximum safety dilution rate for Pink Sugar fragrance oil in category 9 is that there are no restrictions. Use as much as you like, within reason! 
    2. We recommend for a strongly scented product, that you only need to use approximately 3% of the total volume.

You will need:

    • Pyrex measuring jug (needs to be microwave safe).
    • Stainless steel stirrer
    • Molds 5 x 50g
    • Labels
    • Saran Wrap or a Vacuum Sealer and bags


    • 250g of Melt and Pour Glycerine Based Soap
    • 7.5ml of Pink Sugar Fragrance Oil (3% safety dilution)
    • Isopropyl alcohol or high proof vodka in a small spray bottle
    • Color is optional - I recommend Powdered Beetroot.


    1. Chop your 250g of M&P Glycerine Soap into small and even chunks and place in a microwave proof measuring jug
    2. Place in the microwave, cover with a microwavable plastic cover and work in one minute power bursts for the first 3 mins then reduce down to 30 second power bursts. It can burn quite easily which is why you work in these short bursts to avoid that happening. If it burns the soap is unusable, so take your time. 
    3. Stir in between power bursts
    4. Depending on your brand it can take anywhere from 2-5 minutes to melt all of your soap evenly.
    5. When your soap is totally liquid, remove from the microwave and add your Pink Sugar fragrance oil and mix well.
    6. Add your color if using. If using powder color, mix absolutely thoroughly so you have no lumps. Use a whisk if necessary, but ideally you don’t want to add air or bubbles into the mix if you can help it. Bang the jug holding the soap firmly (but carefully) on the counter a few times, to knock out as much air as you can before molding.
    7. Pour your mixture into the molds.
    8. Working quickly, spray the back of the soap with isopropyl alcohol or high proof vodka to burst any surface bubbles and leave a clear, glossy surface to the back of the soap
    9. Let the soap fully set before de-molding.
    10. Wrap the soaps individually in Saran Wrap or vacuum seal individual bars.
    11. Label clearly with all ingredients for safety reasons
    12. Perform a 24- 48 hour patch test before using.

How to use:

    1. Do a 24- 48 hour patch test before using.
    2. Work into a lather in your hands or with a bath pouf and use it to cleanse the skin. 
    3. Rinse off thoroughly.


    1. Take care getting in and out of a shower or bath where you have used this product. Use safety rails and non slip bath mats where available. 

Safety Using Pink Sugar Fragrance Oil

You must remember that you need to follow the IFRA safety dilutions recommendations when making products for yourself and any that you intend to give away, gift or sell.

You can find all the information that you need on the individual fragrance oil page under DOCUMENTS and then IFRA STATEMENT.

You can also use our handy calculator tool to help you work out just the right amount of fragrance oil for your preparation.

The Final Word

I hope this showcase on Pink Sugar fragrance oil has whet your appetite and given you plenty of new and creative ideas on how to use this luscious fragrance oil. It is such a versatile fragrance with that intensely fresh and fruity introduction of Strawberry and Raspberry, followed by those delicious sweet notes of sugar, caramel and vanilla and then deepening into sensuous musk, woods and ending with that deep dark twist of liquorice.

Have fun with it and have a go at creating your own beauty formulations and preparations and find new and exciting ways to use it around your home. However you decide to use it, I am sure it will be an absolute scent sensation.

Don’t forget that you can blend Pink Sugar fragrance oil with both other fragrance oils and essential oils. Just make sure you are mindful of your safety dilutions and you will be good to go.

We hope that you enjoy the fresh, fruity, sensuous depth of Pink Sugar fragrance oil as much as we do here at VINEVIDA.