Car air freshner mounted on ventilation panel

Many of you ask us how to make car air freshener with essential and fragrance oils, let us show you how! We offer lots of tips to make Car Freshies, gelatin air fresheners, cardboard shapes, and even wooden pegs. We show you how to make the small refillable glass bottle car air fresheners and guide you through using fragrance oils and essential oils to get the best results. It’s a Man’s World creates a more masculine scent. Cool, Calm, and Collected uses essential oils to soothe nerves and anxieties.

Coming Up Roses uses essential oil and fragrance oil to create a feminine ambiance. Boost mornings and long journeys with Wake Me Up Sunshine and let energy flood in.  Are nasty niffs a problem from sporty kids, wet dogs, or musty gym bags? Say Goodbye to the Honkey Donkey with our specialist Odor Eliminators to neutralize niffs in a jiffy!

Types of Car Air Fresheners With Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils

When you first set out to make car air freshener with essential and fragrance oils you will realize there are so many different kinds. As many as face back at you from the shelves in the store can be made at home. Most of them are relatively quick and easy to make and they are certainly much cheaper. 

Let’s just have a quick look at some of the different types of homemade car air fresheners.

Car Freshies

Car Freshies
Image source: Pinterest UK

Car freshies are made with a product called aroma beads. You soak them in fragranced oil and then heat them to make them all melt together and create a hard, solid, fragrant shape. They are gaining popularity, especially in the US. 

I have a tutorial to make Car Freshies with fragrance oils, pop on over and give it a look.

Small Bottles Filled With Fragrance Oil

Bottle Filled With Fragrance Oil

Certain sites are promoting these tiny little bottles that you can fill with fragrance oil and then hang from a knob in your car. Needless to say, they are being sold in their millions for their ease of use. 

It is these that we will be concentrating our recipes on today to keep things quick, simple, and very cost-effective. 

Gelatin Air Fresheners

Gelatin Based Air Fresheners

Image Source: Pinterest UK

The gelatin-based DIY car air freshener is also a popular choice. Often, they are made in small tins that fit into a cup holder. They can be long-lasting and highly effective. 

I have a tutorial here to make a gelatin-based Car And Truck Air Freshener With Kentucky Bourbon Fragrance Oil.

Card Shapes Impregnated With Fragrance

Card Shapes Impregnated With Fragrance

Billions of tree-shaped hanging air fresheners are sold worldwide but have you ever considered making your own? 

All you need is a blank drink coaster.  Cut it to your desired shape (or pass it through a craft die-cutting machine). Then add a small hole for a hanging string. We do it at this point because we want to handle it as little as possible once it is soaked in oil. 

Pop it into a small, lidded tub, then simply pour over a small amount of fragrance oil. You want the card to absorb all the oil so don’t use too much. You don’t want it to be wet or to leave oily marks everywhere. 

Pop the lid back on and allow it to absorb for 24 hours. Wear protective gloves to add your string to hang it in the car and viola..easy as that! 

I have a similar tutorial, designed for lighter cards and papers, which you can easily adapt - How To Make Scented Paper With Essential Oils And Fragrance Oils.

Wooden Pegs

Wooden Pegs

This is what I use. Take a clean wooden peg. Drop one or two drops of essential oil or fragrance oil onto it, then peg it onto the car air vent.

If I want a new fragrance I just take a new peg. 

I write the name of the oil onto the pegs to keep track of which is which. If I fancy a change, I simply swap it out, and then store it in an airtight box until I am ready to use it again. 

Litsea Cubeba is my ‘go-to’ driving essential oil with its bright sunny disposition. 

Baking Soda and Essential Oil

Baking Soda and Essential Oil

Making car air fresheners with Baking Soda and essential oils or fragrance oils is also very simple and effective. This is an ideal method if your car tends to have wet dogs, muddy soccer kids, or last night's curry! 

Baking Soda steals atoms from the molecular structure of offensive pongs, chemically modifying them, to neutralize their stink.  

Make A Choice That Suits You

Everyone uses their motor vehicle differently. Some of us seldom use our cars, but other people might practically (or actually) live in them. I always think of those amazing truckers who move goods around the world for us! Truckers we salute you and thank you heartily! We’d be lost without you. 

There are plenty of choices to explore for your best essential oil car air freshener. See what works best for you.

Why Make Car Air Fresheners With Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils

So, ‘why make car air freshener with essential and fragrance oils for yourself’? 

It never ceases to amaze me the dizzying list of chemical ingredients in air fresheners of any kind. The more I read the more I think I don’t want that anywhere near me, let alone my kids or pets! Your car is a very confined space to be inhaling those dubious substances. 

Make car air freshener with essential and fragrance oils to cut down on those needless chemicals and toxins and reduce your exposure to them. Moreover, control what your kids and pets are exposed to. However, please remember that animals cannot escape if they find your scents irritating. It is important to provide adequate ventilation for your dog when you have air fresheners in your car. 

Using more natural products like essential oil and our Parabens, Phthalates, SLS, and SLES-free fragrance oils, is a more considered choice that gives you ultimate control over your environment. (None of our products are tested on animals either because we love them too)!

Each of us has different priorities, needs, and budgets. Making your own means you can control over every aspect of the process and can tailor it to suit your requirements and budget.

Cutting Down On Waste

Most car air fresheners contain plastic of some kind and they are often designed to be good for one use and then disposed of. Make your own to reuse and cut plastic landfills and prevent waste from ending up in the watercourse as microplastics. 

If you make a car air freshener with essential and fragrance oils, it means you can utilize reusable containers and components that can be used time and again. My wooden pegs are a great example of this. When I have finished using them as car air fresheners, I can still use them for my washing for a couple of years, then compost the wood and recycle the metal spring!

Save Money

Let’s be honest, air fresheners are stupendously expensive for what they are. Don’t even get me started on the more designer-led brands!  When all is said and done they are only impregnated cards, infused in plastic or plastic containers of fluid, they can’t cost that much to make, can they? 

Let me just give you a very quick working example using one of our fragrance oils.

I went onto Amazon and selected a random, mid-range car air freshener.

It was 50 ml and priced at $12.44. It says it lasts 6 weeks, which means you would need at least 8.6 a year @ $12.44 a pop = $107 a year.

One 120ml bottle of VINEVIDA Soaps and Candles fragrance oil priced at $11.99, diluted 30% in a mixture of DPG and Perfumer's Alcohol, would last for 8 refills = making fragrance oil refills $1.49 a time.

One bottle is going to last you pretty much a whole YEAR!

You could dilute it further if you wanted to get even more from it. 

Just for your information:

    • Dipropylene glycol is about $15 a liter.
    • Perfumer's alcohol is about $12.50 a liter.

However you look at it, it’s cheaper! You have a much better choice in terms of fragrances to choose from and even design your own signature scent!  

When you make car air fresheners that you can refill and reuse, you not only cut waste, but you also save money.  I promise you can make car air freshener with essential and fragrance oils from VINEVIDA products that are comparable to anything you buy commercially, if not better and it will cost you less.

Harness The Active Benefits of Essential Oils

You can use essential oils to utilize their medicinal properties too, of course. 

We all drive for different reasons and at varying times of the day, so it stands to reason we all might want different types of air fresheners. This is the beauty of being able to make a car air freshener with essential and fragrance oils to suit your needs.

Morning Boost

If you drive in the early morning you might want something to wake you up on the commute to work and start your day off in the best way possible. Citrus essential oils are perfect for this as are cool green herbs like Spearmint and Peppermint. 

A Calmer End to The Day

You might want to design something to wind you down as you leave work. Essential oils help you to relax and enjoy that short window of peace and relaxation driving home after a long, hard day. Arrive home more chilled than when you got into the car. 

TOP TIP: Lavender, Vetiver and Roman Chamomile are probably too calming for air fresheners. You don’t want to fall asleep at the wheel after a long day!  Essential oils like Patchouli, Mandarin, and Frankincense are better choices to calm down without making you drowsy.

Harmonious Days Out

Kids on long journeys can just be… well…. a nightmare, frankly! I don’t miss it at all!

You need a car air freshener loaded with calming essential oils, but one that’s not so calming that you will be dropping off.

Use essential oils that encourage positivity like Sweet Orange and Mandarin.  Mandarin has a mildly sedative effect too, so helps with fractious nerves. A small amount of Ylang Ylang also calms nerves and creates a more harmonious mood. Don’t go too heavy handed though, or it will give you a headache. One drop is sufficient, honest! 

Frankincense, Amyris, and Patchouli are great choices to prevent backseat spats and squabbles. 

This is a tremendously effective weapon for your parenting arsenal and they will never see it coming…. :)

Confident Chores

If you have kids who can be unsettled by changes to their routine or get anxious going to places like the doctor or the dentist, you can use your car air fresheners to help them feel a little confident and happier Try essential oils like Bergamot, Sweet Orange, Mandarin, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense and Patchouli.

Want to know more? How To Make A Calm Kit With Essential Oils For Your Autistic Child (Or any other child)!

Best Ingredients To Make Car Air Fresheners With Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils

scented beads

The best ingredient to make a car air freshener with essential and fragrance oils really does depend on what type of air freshener you want to make. 

I’ll do a bit of a whistle-stop tour on this section and concentrate more on the ingredients to make the small bottle-type car air fresheners. Simply because that is what people are requesting most often. Please let us know if you want other tutorials and recipes for other types of car air fresheners. 

Car Freshies

To make car freshies with essential and fragrance oils you will need a product called Aroma beads, colorants, glitter, and essential oil or fragrance oil of your choice. Fragrance oil will stand up to the heat process better than essential oils will for this project.

For more information, you can read this tutorial on Car Freshies with fragrance oils.

Gelatin Air Fresheners

When you make car air freshener with essential and fragrance oils you’d be forgiven for thinking you need weird and wonderful ingredients. You don’t!

Gelatin-based air fresheners are used with gelatin, of course, water, salt to stop any mold formation, colorant if desired, and essential oils or fragrance oils.

Essential oils can be added when the hot water has had a chance to cool down, which is perfect. It can be as easy as that!

Also Read: Car And Truck Air Freshener With Fragrance Oil

Card Shapes Impregnated With Fragrance 

This is a super simple way to make a car air freshener with essential oils or fragrance oils. I use those beer mat-like drinks coasters that are blank. I simply put any design I want on the front or back, then run it through my craft die cutter to get an interesting shape. You can even do trees if you really want!

I simply soak it in fragrance oil or essential oil.  I prefer it diluted in DPG (Dipropylene Glycol) and Perfumer's alcohol. It’s a more bearable level of scent strength in the car. The alcohol helps it to disperse for longer and they last pretty well.

I have soaked them time and again to re-use them, you will see when you need to replace them.

I can buy about 100 for around $12, so they are extremely cheap to make. Maybe, make some for friends and family in their favorite scents and convert them too!

How To Make Scented Paper With Essential Oils And Fragrance Oils will give you a starting point, but you can soak these coasters too.

Wooden Pegs

This is just about the simplest way to make a car air freshener with essential and fragrance oils. You need a wooden peg and some oil. Simply drip a drop or two of oil onto the peg, allow it to sink into the wood, and then peg it to an open-air vent on the car. 

Refresh as needed. I refresh mine with 2 drops of Litsea Cubeba about once every 10-14 days. When I feel I need a super boost, I use 4 drops. Daring right?! A girl has to live a little somehow! 

When you feel like a change, grab an airtight box, a marker, and another wooden peg. Write the scent on the old peg and chuck it in the box and close the lid. Apply oil to a brand-new wooden peg and pop it on the vent. That way you can re-use pegs for the same scent, time and time again. 

Note from experience: If you are storing bottles of essential oil or fragrance oil in the car, keep them upright to reduce the chances of very fragrant leakage. That said the best away from the fluctuating temperatures of the car, is in the house. 

Small Bottles Filled With Fragrance Oil

This is how I am going to show you how to make a car air freshener with essential and fragrance oils today.

It is one of the most requested tutorials and we are here to please you.

Now, you CAN use neat fragrance or essential oil in those small bottle car air fresheners. However…. Yes, here comes the but! They can be WAY too strong and simply end up giving you a headache and can even make your eyes water. Fragrance oils are designed to be diluted… and you should ALWAYS dilute essential oils anyway! 

I recommend diluting them with either carrier oil or a mix of DPG and Perfumers Alcohol. I recommend this because both the DPG and the alcohol help to disperse the fragrance more readily into the air. As they are both solvents they help to break down the oil molecules and absorb them, which is why you get a better dispersion rate with them.

Diluting oils makes them less strong on the nose, which is what you want in such a confined space like your car. Also if you use them at full strength you will simply go nose blind to them exceptionally quickly and your brain will simply stop processing the smell. It does not stop smelling, your brain stops processing it!

Using small bottles to make car air freshener with essential and fragrance oils, I recommend the following ingredients and ratios. 

    • 30% Essential oil or fragrance oil
    • 60% dipropylene glycol 
    • 10% Perfumers alcohol


In the USA, when you search for ‘dipropylene glycol’ (DPG) you may be pushed by search engines toward a product called propylene glycol (PG). They are different things with differing chemical structures, so please make sure you get ‘dipropylene glycol’ (DPG) for this purpose. 

Best Essential Oils To Make Car Air Fresheners

Vinevida essential oils

You do need to be considered in your choices when you make car air fresheners with essential and fragrance oils. You have to remember that you are in a small and confined space. Essential oils are going to affect you physically as well as emotionally due to their active benefits. These can work in our favor! 

We looked at some examples above, shall we have a look at a few more?

Alert and Attentive

Those cool green herbs and plants like Spearmint, Peppermint, Clary Sage, Eucalyptus, and Ravensara are all wonderful for keeping you refreshed, alert, and attentive. 

These are great to pull out on long journeys when you are flagging and need a boost. 

Lift The Energy and Mood

Citrus oils like Sweet Orange, Grapefruit, Mandarin, and Bergamot will all put that wonderful zingy pep in your step and brighten your demeanor at the same time. 

Calm The Nerves

If you are nervous driving it would be obvious to turn to the most widely used soothing essential oils like Lavender, and Roman Chamomile. However, if you are on a longer journey you don’t want them to soothe you too much. Plump for Patchouli, Frankincense, and the beautifully smooth Amyris.

Soothe Fears

If you feel unsafe and scared use a tiny dash of Vanilla in your blends. It works on your limbic system and fosters feelings of safety and security. It can bring you comfort when you need it most, it speaks to the deepest parts of us because it is so readily associated with our childhood memories. 

Refreshing and Bright

Again, Citrus oils like Lemon, Lime, and Grapefruit are great here. As are those green/citrus blends like Lemon Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, and Litsea Cubeba. They are all perfect for long or short journeys to keep the energy up and the outlook bright. 

Use these on long journeys when your energy is flagging and you need a boost. 

Ones to Avoid

Just remember that you are in that small confined space so avoid using essential oils like Ylang Ylang over longer journeys. It will simply give you a headache after about an hour. Avoid those really heady essential oils that can almost have narcotic-like effects, Jasmin is a good example of this. We want you to be nice and awake, please! 

Again, avoid anything too calming, like Lavender, Roman Chamomile, and Vetiver we don’t want to be drifting off to sleep due to their sedative effects!!

Remember, if you are going on long journeys, give yourself a boost of freshness and energy and swap the oils out for something else. It will boost your limbic system and your mood and potentially, your energy. 

However you make car air freshener with essential and fragrance oils, ask yourself, what do I want my essential oils to actually DO?

Best Fragrance Oils To Make Car Air Fresheners

Vinevida Fragrance Oils

You can pretty much use any of the VINEVIDA Soaps and candle fragrance oils to make your DIY car air freshener. You need to be just as considerate when you make car air freshener with fragrance oils, as you do with essential oils, as many are made from natural substances and essential oils. Again, you want to avoid fragrance oils that are too heady or cloying, because they will simply give you a headache over longer journeys. 

Choose beautifully rounded fragrance oils. If they are too top-heavy in the top notes they will disappear too quickly, but you can anchor them by adding in extra base notes. Study the structure of your fragrance notes carefully and choose something well-rounded and balanced. 

Here are some of the most popular VINEVIDA customers' choices to make car air freshener with essential and fragrance oils:

    • Men seem to prefer the deep and lusciously smooth Amber tones of NO. 1200. 
    • Women are seduced by the brightness of NO. 1601. It must be Victoria’s best-kept secret.
    • A more unisex choice would be the refreshing burst of Spearmint and Eucalyptus, try NO. 1112. 
    • Remember that calming aspect of warming and sweet Vanilla? Use NO. 1120.
    • If you want something uplifting try NO. 56 - Ocean Rain
    • If your car is always full of stinky kids, pets or gym stuff use one of our odor eliminators. NO. 24 - Citrus Odor Eliminator & NO. 70 - Vanilla Odor Eliminator. You can always combine them with your favorite fragrance oil too. 

Five Recipes to Make Car Air Fresheners with Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils

Small apple shaped car freshener

I think I have already given you some good pointers and links to a variety of other tutorials to be able to make a car air freshener with essential and fragrance oils.

Let’s focus on making some recipe blends to go into those increasingly popular small refillable hanging bottles. They are what we get asked about the most over social media. It is one of the most requested tutorials that we get asked for and we aim to please. 

A Quick Recap

Let’s quickly re-cap on what we’ve already covered:

    1. Don’t use DIFFUSER fragrance oils, use the Soaps and Candles version, please.
    2. You can use neat fragrance oils but they will be way too strong, we don’t advise it. We always advise diluting Soaps and candle fragrance oils for your projects
    3. DiPropylene glycol (DPG) and Perfumer's Alcohol would be my first recommendation but you can use carrier oils to dilute your fragrance oil. 
    4. Get Dipropylene glycol’ (DPG) NOT propylene glycol (PG). However, if that is all you can get, it will still work. Just not as effective. 

The Fragrance Base

The ingredients and the method are the same for making these small-bottle car air fresheners. All that changes is your choices of essential oil and fragrance oil. (Your ‘Fragrance Blend’).

I am going to show you how to make 100ml of ‘Air Fresheners Fragrance Base’, which you can use to refill your car’s bottle. 

IFRA Guidance and Safety 

Air Freshening Refill Liquid falls into IFRA Category 12. Soaps and Candles fragrance oils have no safety restrictions in this category. However, we still always recommend that you dilute your Soaps and Candles fragrance oils.

You Will Need:

    1. A measuring jug 
    2. Stainless steel spoon
    3. Small refillable car air freshener bottle
    4. Tiny funnel (worth buying one to keep with your bottle)
    5. 100ml bottle and lid
    6. Oil and waterproof Label


    • 30 ml Essential oils or fragrance oils of your choice (Fragrant Blend recipes below)
    • 60 ml  Dipropylene glycol 
    • 10 ml  Perfumers Alcohol


    • Dipropylene glycol and Perfumers Alcohol are both solvents and flammable. Do not use them near naked flames or open heat sources. 


    1. The method is very simple, combine all of your ingredients together until well mixed.
    2. Decant into a 100ml bottle, using a funnel for ease.
    3. Label, listing all ingredients for safety reasons. Annotate as potentially flammable on the label.

How To Use:

    1. Do not smoke or have open heat sources or naked flames, like candles,  near you when you refill your car air freshener bottle.
    2. Use a tiny funnel or a pipette to help you, taking care not to overfill your bottle.
    3. Once the bottle is full, put the cap on firmly. 
    4. Hang somewhere where it can release its fragrance or pin to an air vent. (Don’t hang it from your rearview mirror where it can be a distraction and obstruct your view).
    5. Yes, it is as simple as that! No mystery here!

The Blends

Now, I was really keen here to have something for everyone and cover as many bases as possible for you. I wanted scents that appeal to men because I see very often on our social media that their truck scents are a thing of great importance! And rightly so. We have something a little more feminine and scents that will appeal to the masses irrespective of gender.

I wanted to give you a range of possibilities, using only essential oils where we need all the active benefits to calm or uplift us. Fragrance oils for the love of the scent, and a combination of the two for the best of both worlds.  I also wanted to show you how to use one of our Odor Eliminator fragrance oils too. 

Shall we get into the good stuff?

It’s a Man’s World

Handsome young man standing beside his car

This is in honor of one of our trucker customers who felt the pang of the loss of a fragrance oil previously called Black Lace. It was his ‘dearheart’ of the fragrance world. I remembered it well because I had done a Fragrance Oil Of The Week article on it. I trawled our fragrance oils and found that NO. 10, was the perfect match, so we changed the article to match! He was so happy to find it and discover a new fragrance too in NO. 31 Flannel in the meantime. This one's for you!

Blend Ingredients

To make the 30ml of It’s a Man’s World Fragrance Blend you will need: 

    • Do not use it topically on the skin
    • Wash any splashes off immediately in clean, soapy water.

Cool, Calm, and Collected

Calm happy successful man sitting on his car

This is where we want to use all of those wonderful active benefits and properties of essential oils. We want to choose essential oils to suit the mood.

Here, I have chosen essential oils like Mandarin and Bergamot that are widely used for calming anxiety. I have added in Patchouli to instill some inner calm but without those soporific or sedative effects. 

It’s perfect if you are slightly nervous, worried, or anxious about where you need to get to. Try it at rush hour if your frustration levels tend to go through the roof! 

You’ll soon be feeling cool, calm, and collected with this one to hand. 

Blend Ingredients:

To make the 30ml of Cool, Calm, and Collected Fragrance Blend you will need:

    • Do not use it topically on the skin
    • Wash any splashes off immediately in clean, soapy water. 

Coming Up Roses

Beautiful roses petals on pink background

This is where you can get the best of both worlds and combine the beauty of essential oils with the affordability and intense scent of fragrance oils. 

Rose essential oil is prohibitively expensive for most people. Rose fragrance oil, combined with Rose Geranium essential oil can offer you similar active benefits and properties for a fraction of the cost.

Everything really will be coming up roses with this blend. 

Blend Ingredients

To make the 30ml of Coming Up Roses Fragrance Blend you will need:

    • Do not use it topically on the skin
    • Wash any splashes off immediately in clean, soapy water.

Say Goodbye to the Honkey Donkey

Little girl wearing casual

If you making maliferous odors in our house you’re either a Stinky Minkey or a Honkey Donkey. Less than pleasurable odors are a fact of life and we simply have to find ways of living with them as best as we can.  The VINEVIDA Odor Eliminators are a wonderful weapon in your arsenal against nasty whiffs and pongs.

They are different from normal fragrance oils because they contain an odor neutralizer and deodorizer. This substance will change the chemical composition of your odor and alter it to something more bearable!

They are intended to work differently, so they ARE different in comparison to the standard Soaps and Candles fragrance oils. You can of course mix them with Soaps and Candles fragrance oils to get the intensity of scent you want.

Say goodbye to those nasty niffs and pernicious pongs from your Honkey Donkey’s or Stinky Minkies and bring back fragrant bliss in your vehicle.

Blend Ingredients:

To make the 30ml of Say Goodbye to the Honkey Donkey Fragrance Blend you will need:

    • Do not use it topically on the skin
    • Wash any splashes off immediately in clean, soapy water.

Wake Me Up Sunshine

Female car driver beside her car raising arms

Use this one first thing in the morning to wake you up and give you clarity and focus. It’s such a bright sunshiny way to greet the day.

It’s equally good when a long journey is becoming tiresome. Simply take a break, grab a coffee and a bite to eat, and have a quick nap. Then pop this into your car air freshener and place it by an air vent. You’ll be refreshed, uplifted, and ready for the next stage of the journey.

Never drive overtired. Please don’t just rely on this blend, you also need at least a 45-minute break in between every 4.5 hours of driving to be safe. 

Blend Ingredients:

To make the 30 ml of Wake Me Up Sunshine Fragrance Blend you will need:

    • Do not use it topically on the skin
    • Wash any splashes off immediately in clean, soapy water.

How To Use Car Air Fresheners with Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils

When you make car air fresheners with essential and fragrance oils, you want to know how to use them to get the best effects.

Use small refillable containers. Generally, they are open and exposed to the air in some way to disperse the fragrance into the air. This means that air can get in and your oils can start to oxidize and degrade over a while. The smaller the bottle, the less chance that has of happening before you need to refill it. Small is best here.

You Can Buy:

    • Small bottles that hang from a lever or a knob. 
    • Ones that clip onto your air vents. 
    • You can even buy tiny variations that work like reed diffusers with cute little wooden sticks or reeds.

How To Use:

    1. Choose the type that appeals to you the most and fill it up with your finished mix. (Fragrance blend, DPG, and Perfumer’s Alcohol). 
    2. Using a tiny funnel helps you to keep things clean and neat and stops you from getting it over your hands!
    3. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for your personal glass bottle and position it in an appropriate place where it will not obstruct your vision or movement. 
    4. Simply refill as necessary.
    5. Don’t keep your bottle of refilling mix in the car. Cars go through all sorts of temperature fluctuations and this too can affect the quality of your product over time. Store it at home in a cool, dark spot.

The Final Word

Two small perfume bottles on table

Look how easy it is to make car air freshener with essential and fragrance oils! Isn’t it a doddle?

You can fill your car or truck with your favorite Signature Scents and get all of the positive attributes and benefits of essential oils too.  Use them to wake yourself up, and relieve anxiety and stress. Why not calm your tired, bored, and fractious kids with a sneaky essential oil blend, they will never see it coming, Mama! 

Have a go at a range of different blends for your DIY car air fresheners. Try fragrance oils, just essential oils, or combine them both for the best of both worlds. 

Try It’s a Man’s World for your truck and miles of fragrant bliss. Ladies don’t we all just love Coming Up Roses? Get the best of fragrances and essential oils to make your car journeys rosy and luscious. 

Maybe, you need the calming vibes of Cool, Calm, and Collected for those less than pleasurable journeys and being stuck in traffic. Wake Me Up Sunshine is the perfect thing to get you going in the morning and uplift your mood and energy. 

We all have stinkers in our lives, be it sporty kids, wet dogs, or musty gym bags. Whip up some Say Goodbye to the Honkey Donkey, and nasty niffs will soon be a thing of the past. 

So when you are hovering your mouse over the three-pack or the ten-pack of tiny bottles, get the ten-pack! You’ll be able to swap out your homemade car air fresheners, to suit the moment. Just remember to store them carefully in an airtight box until you are ready for it again! Complete versatility and control are at your fingertips. What other air fresheners give you that?

However you choose to make car air freshener with essential and fragrance oils, have fun with them and enjoy the simplicity of this project.

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