Room Spray with Fragrance Oils

Have you previously been unsuccessful in making Room Spray with fragrance oils? Perhaps they were lovely for a couple of weeks then gone off, or turned green inside a week. There are some trade secrets and knacks you need to follow, so this post is intended to simplify and demystify the process. It clarifies which ingredients are mandatory, which are not, and those that are, why you need them.

This post shows you how to make a professionally formulated base and then includes four recipes to show you how to make that into an odor eliminator, a gloriously decadent blend, a romantic floral fragrance, or a lovely uplifting citrus scent.

Follow my best Room Spray with fragrance oils recipe or just come along for the ride and work out how you can make your own unique diy Room Spray with fragrance oils for yourself. 

What is Room Spray With Fragrance Oils?

A Room Spray with fragrance oils is designed to be sprayed in a light mist around your home, to leave a subtle scent in its wake. 

They are designed to refresh and enliven the atmosphere rather than to mask any dubious whiffs. However, I have included an odor-eliminator recipe that will help cover iffy emergencies.

Create your own professional room spray with fragrance oils with me.

How To Make Room Spray With Fragrance Oils To Sell?

We are often asked how to make Room Spray with fragrance oils to sell. 

What often happens when people try to make homemade room sprays with fragrance oils is they don’t have the depth of knowledge needed to complete the project successfully so they miss out on key ingredients and processes.  However, if you follow the formulation given in this article's recipes, you will be well on your way to making a professional Room Spray with fragrance oils fit for any small business.

Why Make Room Spray With Fragrance Oils

My argument is that it is so easy to make Room Spray with fragrance oils, why wouldn’t you?  Yet, there are a whole host of other great reasons to have a go at making your own scented Room Spray.

Making your own Room Spray with fragrance oils is SO easy. If you have the right things to hand it can be done in less than five minutes. It is the perfect project for those of you with busy lives. 

A Room Spray with fragrance oils offers tremendous versatility and scope to create. You could even create your own Signature Scents by blending fragrance oil with some essential oils to create your own unique aroma.

How many of us just buy a fragrance oil that we like and simply use it as it is?

Loads of us, right? And that’s great if there’s a certain scent that you love, but it is also worth considering that you are missing a trick since you could also blend it with other fragrance oils and essential oils to make unique Signature Scents. Perhaps, your favorite scent could be improved by some spice or even a dash of something floral? This could be the perfect opportunity to tailor your personal preference to create something utterly glorious. 

Control Ingredients and Toxins

As you might guess I began making my own Room Spray with fragrance oils to control ingredients and avoid unnecessary chemicals and toxins.

Despite Scientific Research demonstrating how many harmful chemicals and toxins are contained in commercially produced room sprays, stores continue to put them on sale...

You might want to think twice before using these commercial offerings if you or any family members live with respiratory conditions. Many of us still feel under the weather after the pandemic, lurching from one virus after another.

Creating natural chemicals can help safeguard the family and pets from unnecessary exposure to harmful chemicals. For the best results try to source the purest ingredients you can afford.

Not all fragrance oils are equal. Many contain harmful phthalates, Parabens, SLS, and SLES.

VINEVIDA Fragrance Oils are free of phthalates, Parabens, SLS, and SLES and are not tested on animals. 

Suit Your Budget

When people first start making Homemade Room Spray with fragrance oils it is often because they cannot afford to (or just won’t)  pay the big bucks that designer brands charge.

Some of the prices are extortionate and they are not using any magical ingredients you couldn’t use at home.  You can make a Room Spray with fragrance oils for a fraction of the price of popular brands, even if you are not making them in bulk.

Best Fragrance Oils For Room Spray

The beginning of the journey to create your own Room Spray with fragrance oils is to understand your ingredients. So what are the best fragrance oils for Room Spray?

VineVida stocks two ranges of fragrance oil and you can use any VINEVIDA fragrance oil to make room spray as long as you use the Soaps and Candles variation. Do NOT purchase the Diffuser variation of VINEVIDA fragrance oils for this project which is only intended to be used in Cold Air Diffusers. 

We have two Odor Eliminators in our range.  have the extra element of being able to get rid of nasty niffs in your home. These are formulated a little differently from the other fragrance oils we stock because they are designed to get rid of foul odors, rather than just enliven the atmosphere. However, formulating with them is the same as with other oils... 

How To Choose A Great Fragrance Oil For Room Spray

Consider how a fragrance blend is made up.

    • Top Notes are the most ethereal. They will dissipate first 
    • Heart Notes make up the body of the scent profile
    • Deep Base Notes anchor the fragrance.

Look for a scent profile that has a good range of scent notes within each category.

Here are some fragrance oils that fit the bill. They also happen to be the ones that we absolutely love here at VINEVIDA. 

    1. NO. 3300 - Inspired By: Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani
    2. NO. 33 - Fresh Cut Roses
    3. NO. 1201- Inspired By: Baies By Diptyque
    4. NO. 20 - Cashmere
    5. NO. 56 - Ocean Rain

We even give you a hint on market research. If you want to know which scents appeal most to people. Simply use the ‘Bestsellers’ option in the ‘Sort By’ section of the search function, on our website. It will reveal all in an instant. 

How To Make Room Spray With Fragrance Oils

Now the most difficult part of making your own Room Spray with fragrance oils is how to incorporate fragrance oils into water bases SAFELY. 

The biggest mistakes that people make when making homemade Room sprays are as follows:

    1. Not Using A Dispersant
    2. Not Using A Preservative
    3. Using Too Much Fragrance Oil 

We’ll look at each issue in turn.

Room Spray Base Ingredients

Distilled Water

Water makes up the biggest part of your room spray with fragrance oils. Tap and Spring water can be full of things you don’t really want. Generally, aim to use purified or distilled water for your.  It will give your Room Spray with fragrance oils a pure base to start from. 


Water is susceptible to microbe formation. Bacteria and algae growth are the most common issues.  These biological hazards make your room spray smell funny and even turn green. 

If you don’t preserve your room spray you will spray pathogens all around your home, which is not the best idea!

To create a safe product, you MUST add a preservative. 

There are plenty of commercial preservatives available. You can find both natural and organic.

I like Otiphen II PF but you will want to use a gentle hand. It is a bit tricky to use because it is thick, and you don’t want to use too much because it can be a little pricey. However, it does a safe and reliable job. 


Recipes for Room Spray with fragrance oils with alcohol I use alcohol as the preservative. But the two main mistakes people make here are either not using enough alcohol, or not using a strong enough one. 

You need to use more alcohol than your water/fragrance oil combined and it must be at least 70% proof. 

Another potential misconception is that alcohol will also act as a dispersant. It will, but only if there is enough of it, and often, there is not!  

If you have a liter of high-strength Vodka sitting, gathering dust, by all means, knock yourself out!  But if you intend to sell or gift them, it will be much more cost-effective to buy a dispersant and a preservative for your Room Spray with fragrance oils, than to use over 50% volume of alcohol. 


You need to add a dispersant to bind the oils to the water. This stops the oils from floating to the top. It also prevents globs of oil from coming up through the spray which is important because if they land on soft furnishings, it will stain them.

Polysorbate 20

This is one of the best commercial options and can be used in a variety of different products. 

It helps by acting as a solubilizer, meaning it allows fragrance and essential oils to meld and bind with water. Some brands of Polysorbate even claim to enhance fragrances. Because it binds the oils into the water, it can make the mixture look a little milky. This is normal and to be expected. If you use a dark amber glass bottle you won’t even notice it anyway! 

I should say that this product is hard to pour precisely because it is so viscous. It can help to pour down something like a chopstick or skewer into your vessel when measuring. Alternatively, a plastic pipette helps for more precise measurements. These methods will also keep your bottle cleaner. 

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is sometimes included in a Room Spray with fragrance oils because it does have some ability to disperse oils. However, its abilities to do so are limited. 

It can cope with a few drops of essential oils or fragrance oil here and there. If you are making a small 20ml version to take on holiday, then try adding Witch Hazel at 25-50% of your overall volume.  But witch hazel is inadequate for larger amounts of Room Spray with fragrance oils.

Castile Soap

Sometimes, if I’m only making a small amount of Room Spray with fragrance oils and I don’t have any commercial dispersant to hand, I will use equal amounts of Castile Soap to essential oil and fragrance oil. But,  that is only a gauge. Check there are no oils floating on the top. If there are, simply add more Castile Soap.

You can also use a combination of Witch Hazel and Castile Soap, but you must check that the oils are totally bound within the water. Also, always make sure you shake it before use. 

A Note on Glycerin

I see Glycerin in recipes for Room Spray with fragrance oils all the time. I’m always perplexed as to why. It serves no purpose. 

(It does however make sense in a Body Spray, so perhaps the posters are cheekily copying that to make it into a Room Spray. Yet more evidence that there is no substitute for practical experience) There is NO place for Glycerin in Room Spray with fragrance oils. 

Choosing Your Fragrance Oils

You should not need to use any more than 5% fragrance oil. 

Plonking in a whole heap of fragrance oil into your mix thinking it will make it smell stronger is a mistake. Actually, it is double the mistake. First, the more fragrance oil you use, the more dispersant you'll need.

Next, you overpower the balance of the preparation. 

The only exception to this would be if you have a fragrance oil that is pretty much all ethereal top notes that disappear quickly. Even still, I would rather blend in complimentary heart and base notes to anchor the scent profile before starting to add more fragrance oil to the preparation. It’s generally a more successful way to a happy outcome.  

Equipment Needed

You’ll likely have most of the equipment you need to make Room Spray with fragrance oils at home already.

You Will Need:

    1. A digital scale if you intend to weigh your ingredients (most professional producers work in this way as it is more accurate when creating multiple products in bulk). 
    2. A large measuring jug will cover most of your needs
    3. A pipette with measurements or a small syringe can be invaluable for measuring tiny amounts. You might have one from your child's or pet's medicine lying in the back of the junk drawer.
    4. A stainless steel spoon or stirrer makes for an easy clear-up.
    5. A decent funnel makes your life sooo much easier, trust me. Use one! It helps keep your bottles clean, dry, and oil-free, which is imperative when you come to label your bottles. Trust me on this one! 
    6. You will need a 4oz or 120ml spray bottle. Dark Amber glass is always best if you have one. I do NOT recommend that you repurpose household cleaning spray bottles, as they may leave behind toxic chemicals. 
    7. An oil-proof and waterproof label. List all of your ingredients, instructions, and a safety warning to not spray near the face and eyes. 

And that’s it! Simple enough huh?

How To Make For Room Spray Base For Fragrance Oils

I have kept this simple by showing you how to make just one base. But, as you progress and build confidence, feel free to experiment with some of the ingredients mentioned above to make your own bases.

You can also buy a selection of pre-made Room Spray Bases, they are available to buy commercially. You would just simply add your chosen Fragrance Oil. Just remember when you buy a ready base, it means that you lose control over your ingredients. So weigh your options, because it really IS simple to make your own base for your Room Spray with fragrance oils.

Just A Reminder: The biggest mistakes people make when making their own DIY Room sprays are:

    1. Not using a dispersant to distribute the oils through the water base.
    2. Not using a preservative, to stop it from going ‘off’ or stop algae growth.
    3. Using too much fragrance oil, thinking it will smell stronger. 

Keep these in mind when you are formulating your own room spray bases.

Room Spray Base

This Room Spray Base Recipe is based on you using a 4oz / 120ml spray bottle. For safety, this Room Spray with fragrance oils recipe contains both a dispersant and a preservative.

If you are using different fragrance oils other than those stated in the given recipes, you MUST also follow the IFRA maximum dilution safety rates in Category 10B as they may state to use less than the 1-5% Fragrance Oil guideline. 

Bit stuck? Read How To Find Safety Information On The VINEVIDA Website.

Room Spray Base Recipe Ready Reckoner
Based on: 4oz / 120ml
Distilled Water Polysorbate 20 Fragrance Oil* Preservative
Percentage of the overall formula 92% 2% 1-5% 1%
Measuring in milliliters 110.4 ml 2.4 ml 1.2-6 ml 1.2 ml
Measuring by weight 417.2g 9.2g 4.56 - 22.8g 4.4g
*Always follow the IFRA maximum dilution safety rates for your chosen fragrance oil
How To Find Safety Information On The VINEVIDA Website.


Ok, so there are no surprises here either. 

    1. Measure out your Distilled Water.
    2. Add the small amounts of Dispersant and Preservative.
    3. Add fragrance and/or essential oils at 2%
    4. Mix thoroughly until combined.
    5. Check the fragrance level. (TOP TIP: Don’t smell the bottle, spray it and test that).
    6. Add more fragrance if needed, I suggest 3% is more than enough.
    7. For those ethereal top note-heavy scent profiles, go up to 5% (but don’t forget my blending advice above first)! Using a large amount of fragrance oil is simply not conducive to a successful outcome
    8. Check the oils have fully dispersed, if not, mix a little more.
    9. If oils still remain floating on top, add a bit more dispersant. 
    10. Add the spray nozzle and cap tightly.
    11. Clean the bottle well to help the label stick properly.
    12. Add your oil and waterproof label, listing all of the ingredients.
    13. Add instructions to shake well and not spray near the face and eyes. 

Safety For All Blends:

    • This is not designed for topical use on the skin.
    • Shake well before use.
    • Ensure the nozzle is facing away from you when you spray
    • Do not spray at the face or near the eyes. If some get in your eyes, rinse with clean, tepid water. If irritation persists, seek medical attention immediately, taking the clearly labeled container with you. 
    • Do not spray towards pets or animals and do not spray areas where they rest or sleep. 

Aromatic Blends To Add to Your Room Spray Base

Welcome to my favorite bit! I always love formulating new Room Spray with fragrance oils

recipes for you and I had fun making these. I hope that you have fun with them too. 

Rapid Refresh

Rapid Refresh is super fresh, lively, vibrant and welcoming. I think it is perfect for when you see that unexpected guest arriving and you have that moment of panic. Keep this one on hand to freshen everything up. It is perfect for every occasion. 

If you want a Room Spray with fragrance oils to be light, bright, and airy, plump for this one!


Odor Eliminator

This is the Room Spray with fragrance oils that you want if you need to cover some nasty niffs and whiffs. Odor Eliminators are formulated a little differently from fragrance oils. So expect them to work in a slightly different way than your usual fragrance oils. They simply have a different role and work a little differently, which is what makes them so super effective at their job! 

This is the one exception where I would use as much as 5% fragrance oil.


Bedroom Blooms

Use this Room Spray with fragrance oils to fragrance your bedroom with a burst of beautiful blooms. Fill the air with cascades of fragrant petals and blossoms. Unashamedly feminine and uber lush.

If you want to use it at night to encourage blissful dreaming and deep sleep add in some Lavender essential oil too. I’ve included it in the recipe, but simply remove it if you don’t want to include it. 


Lavender Specific Safety: Do not use this in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy.:

Citrus Uplift

Grab this vibrant, zingy Room Spray with fragrance oils to create an uplifting atmosphere. Fresh, clean, and full of life, it’s simply glorious. 


Divine Decadence

Melt into this Divine Decadence Room Spray with fragrance oils and surrender to its hypnotic beauty. Deep, complex, and full of intoxicating notes, it will have you in rapture from the very first whiff.

It’s perfect for creating an intimate, sultry, and seductive space in the home. Ooolala! 


How to Use Room Spray With Fragrance Oils

Room Spray with fragrance oils is NOT designed for topical use on the skin. If you want to make a Body Spritz instead, please follow the tutorial in NO. 49 - Lilac Blossom Fragrance Oil Of The Week.

Always shake your bottle well before using it, to make sure everything stays evenly dispersed and well mixed. 

Never spray your Room Spray with fragrance oils towards the face, so always check before you spray, which way the nozzle is facing.

Be sensible and forward-thinking. Before you use it in your home, test your Room Spray with fragrance oils in an inconspicuous spot on soft furnishings. This is why the oils need to be fully dispersed or you could end up with drops of oils on your precious soft furnishing fabrics.

While we are on the subject of talking about drops of oils… some caution is needed when using Room Spray with fragrance oils around animals. Do not spray it towards pets or animals and do not spray the areas where they rest or sleep. This is especially important for cats as they don’t have the proper liver enzymes to metabolize essential oils. Some fragrance oils are formulated with essential oils, so it is still relevant to these Room Sprays. Liz’s recent article will provide you with more in-depth information - Are Essential Oils Safe For Pets?

Final Words

I’ve had a ball working with Room Spray with fragrance oils this week and I really hope that you will too! They get a little addictive and before you know it you have one in every room of the house... and the car, and the garage, and the shed... and why not? 

Don’t fall into the trap of many internet recipes and think you can just mix water and fragrance oils and that’s it! It’s not. Use a dispersant and use a preservative to create a SAFE product to use around your home. 

Why not have a go at creating your own Signature Scents? It is so easy to have a go and experiment with blending fragrance oils. Don’t forget essential oils are wonderful for adding singular scent notes too.

Try our Room Spray with fragrance oils recipes and make our light and airy Rapid Refresh or get rid of nasty niffs with our Odor Eliminator. Fill your home with a burst of flowers with Bedroom Blooms and spread zingy joy through your rooms with Citrus Uplift. Get a little bit sexy and a lot naughty and create some intimate space with our hypnotic Divine Decadence.

However, if you choose to make Room Spray with fragrance oils, follow the important points in regard to dispersants, preservatives, and percentages. Other than that, go wild and have fun with it!