Absolute Oils

Absolute oils are similar to essential oils in that they are both extracted from plants. The difference between them lies in the method of production. Absolute oils are either too minimal or too delicate to be obtained through the usual methods of pressing or steam-distillation, so they must be extracted in a complicated multi-step process beginning with the use of a solvent. This means the resulting oil is extremely concentrated in terms of color, fragrance, and the original constituents of the plant. For example, VINEVIDA’s Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute Oil requires approximately 8000 jasmine flowers to obtain 1g of oil.
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Absolute Oils at Wholesale Prices

Absolute oils are extremely popular with perfumeries, due to their highly-concentrated aromas. Market forecasts for natural perfumes are strong, evidence of the increasing demand for clean, non-toxic products. At VINEVIDA we not only offer premium quality absolute oils for all your fragrance needs, but we also do it at a competitive rate.

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