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VINEVIDA is proud to introduce our new line of Perfume Safe Fragrance Oils! Our new line of professional-grade fragrance oils can be used to customize any product or experience. From perfumes and colognes to candles, soaps and cosmetics, our oil formulations are designed to be gentle on your skin while still delivering superior aroma quality.
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Wondering Why Invest in Perfume Oils?

Depending on what scents you have chosen from your perfume, and what strength it is going to be, using essential oils may be prohibitively expensive. Additionally, not all plants have essential oils, since only the oily components of a plant’s chemistry pass through distillation. This can also mean that the essential oil does not really smell that close to the actual plants. 

Fragrance oils are designed to last longer and smell stronger. 

The different types of perfume are decided by the volume of fragrant oils it contains. Ead de Cologne only contains 2-5% perfume oils, but Parfum contains a massive 20-40%. Using oils such as rose or jasmine absolutes set the product apart for the most luxury market. Using fragrance oils for perfume making means more flexibility in both profit margins and design. 

Vinevida fragrance oils are created from essential oils with fixatives added to them. This means combining pure essential oils with fragrance oils for perfume recipes works beautifully. 

How to Use Them to Create Your Own Perfumes

Consider the balance of notes in your recipe. Top notes evaporate quickest and so you will need top, middle and base notes in roughly a 3:2:1 ratio, respectively. Then decide how much of each scent you need and whether that will be pure essential oils or perfume fragrance oils.

  • Parfum is the strongest and most exclusive blend you can make. Containing between 20-40% fragrant oils, this will require the most ingredients and as such can command the biggest price tag.Parfum has  the longest and will usually last on the skin for six to eight hours. To achieve this, a couple of fragrance oils in the perfume blend will hlp increase the depth of the scent.
  • Eau de Parfum won’t last quite as long - probably about 4-5 hours with the concentration of perfume fragrance oils oils normally  being around 15 -20%. Now, more alcohol is added to replace the oils to give a heady fragrance that is suited to seductive evenings out.
  • Eau de Toilette suits daytime wear and will last about three hours on the skin. Just 5-15% fragrance oils and again, and increase in alcohol. This is the most popular strength of fragrance
  • Eau de Cologne drops again to between  2 – 5%, and then finally Eau de Fraiche which is just 1-3% but rather than having high levels of alcohol, this blend is mainly water. 

Shop VINEVIDA Fragrance Oils for Perfumes

Bring your perfumery recipes to life with VINEVIDA fragrance oils. To support you getting your fragrances to market, VINEVIDA  are proud to offer IFRA Standards Certificate Of Conformity upon request. 

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Quality Control

VINEVIDA partners with a third party laboratory that provides gas chromatography (GC/MS) testing to confirm the purity of our oils. In addition, we provide both a CoA and MSDS to ensure the safe use of our products.

Global Sourcing

We are proud to sustainably source our essential oils from over 40 different countries. We focus on long-term relationships with our suppliers to ensure we can provide premium oils at competitive rates.

Competitive Rates

VINEVIDA's aim is to provide any and all customers with competitive, affordable wholesale pricing. We do this by offering the most cost-effective rates possible, for both bulk and retail orders.

Top Service

At VINEVIDA, customer satisfaction has always been our number one priority. Our expert team is always on-hand to offer both their knowledge and support. Whatever your needs, we are here for you.