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Dwarf Pine Essential Oil: Uses, Benefits, and Blends

Scientific Name: Pinus Mugo Turra

Origin: Austria

Plant Part: Needles

Scent: Refreshing, bright, and uplifting…smells of pine!

Color: Clear to pale green

Consistency: Thin

Perfumery Note: Middle to top

Initial Aroma Strength: 

Extraction Method: Moderate to strong

Suitable Blending Oils: Herbs, woods, resins and spices

Breaking Down the Dwarf Pine  Essential Oil’s Chemical Components

A thorough breakdown of the constituents of a typical sample of the essential oil extracted from  Pinus Mugo Turra in 2013. Around 109 compounds were detected, and 101 of those were identified. The predominant ones in the Vinevida Dwarf Pine essential oil are:

    1. Alpha Pinene (30.41%): A lovely refreshing scent, alpha-pinene has powerful antimicrobial effects as well as being well-researched for its possibilities for helping people with osteoarthritis.
    2. Limonene (22.27%): A powerful antimicrobial, limonene is also uplifting and invigorating.
    3. Delta-3-Carene (14.14%): A natural phytocide (kills pathogens) Delta-3-Carene is also very clever at helping you to sleep. Its hypnotic qualities are described later in the article. 
    4. Beta Pinene (9.64%): Similar to alpha-pinene. 

About the Dwarf Pine Tree

The Dwarf pine is native to the Carpathian Mountains, well adapted to harsh conditions, and happy to live in poor soils, it thrives on sand dunes and mountains alike. Its main habitat is to establish itself in fissured rock. 

Most often the shrub grows up to 5m. It has an extensive root system that snakes between loose soil. Its dwarf stem also means its branches lie close to the ground. Therefore, it protects the ecology of the mountain, slowing torrents of water rushing down and preventing avalanche erosions. 

The needles are bursting with vitamin C and carotene. Locally, these are used to make tea to fortify the immune system against coughs and colds, and to cure scurvy. However, vitamins and carotene do not pass through distillation into the essential oil. 

Main Actions of the Essential Oil 

    1. Expectorant 
    2. As inhalation for respiratory support (Pieroni, 2014)
    3. Aches and Pains, especially for osteoarthritis 
    4. Invigorating and stimulating 
    5. Pine is also a classic smell of “clean” 

One of the most important skills of dwarf pine essential oil is on its actions on pain. This is because pinene constituents are proven to change pain signaling. 

Pinene displays weak anti-nociceptive skills, meaning it can turn the volume down on pain. This is executed through the mu-opioid receptor. 

This was appraised in a rodent tail flick test. In these tests, the wee beasty is held still while its tail is put against a heat source.  The time it takes before it tries to move its tail from the heat is then recorded. (Otto, 2011)

Alpha pinene was shown to significantly increase how long the creature stayed still before the pain got through. 

Studies reveal that the analgesic effects of alpha-pinene are not as strong as those of morphine, but the analgesia did last much longer.

The rats who’d been treated with morphine demonstrated a pain threshold of 30 minutes, but alpha-pinene was still providing analgesic support as long as 150 minutes after it had been applied. (Him, 2008)

Perhaps more importantly, morphine impairs motor coordination so driving and operating heavy machinery can be very dangerous.  Alpha pinene does not affect motor coordination. (Him, 2008)

Dwarf Pine Essential Oil for Aches and Pains

Alpha pinene is being explored as a possible therapeutic for osteoarthritis, because of its restorative effects on the cartilage that exists between joints. 

Cartilage is composed of cells known as chondrocytes. 

These are found inside vertebra discs and anywhere where the joints are cushioned by cartilage, which is a live tissue that supports the joints as they move. 

The homeostasis of the cartilage is maintained by chondrocytes as they repair damage to injured tissues. Surrounded by fibers of collagen, they release substances to strengthen the cartilage and make it more pliable.

So, chondrocytes are pretty cool things.

Their capacity to restore means chondrocytes could be an encouraging possibility as a future therapeutic for arthritis. Just imagine how useful they would be if they could be used to support a hip replacement, for example. 

Influencing chondrocytes would be a possible game-changer in the fight against osteoarthritis. 

In 2014, pinene was identified as a leading challenger to arthritis because of its anti-inflammatory action upon chondrocytes. (Rufino, 2014)

Alpha pinene also has skills against neuropathic pain like sciatica and in particular migraine. Pinene has anti-inflammatory properties and may be a further aid because of its ability to modulate vasodilators. (Sun, 2017)

Studies of sciatica models show that the effects of pinene were as strong as the pain medications the doctor might prescribe for you. (Quintão, 2010)

Studies also suggest the neuropathic effects are sent from the spinal cord to the brain which may mean the best way to use Dwarf Pine essential oil for pain would be to use it for back massage.  

Dwarf Pine Essential Oil Blends: DIY Recipes

Precautions for Using Dwarf Pine Essential Oil

Tisserand and Young 2013, speak about the possibility of skin sensitization from Dwarf Pine essential oil. A study done in 1976 showed that dwarf pine essential oil irritated three out of twenty-two volunteers in the trial, however, it did not cause skin sensitization. Dwarf pine essential oil does have a reputation for causing contact dermatitis though. He accounts for this with the suggestion that this is most likely due to people having used oxidized oils. 

We agree, that the high percentage of monoterpenes in Dwarf Pine essential oil means that it would be best to replace it every twelve months or so. Monoterpenes deteriorate very quickly and then cause skin sensitization. 

Likewise, the International Fragrance Regulation Association (IFRA) suggests adding an antioxidant preservative if using essential oils that are high in limonene, if you do not intend to use them immediately.


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Pine (Dwarf Siberian) Essential Oil Pine (Dwarf Siberian) Essential Oil Pine (Dwarf Siberian) Essential Oil Pine (Dwarf Siberian) Essential Oil Pine (Dwarf Siberian) Essential Oil Pine (Dwarf Siberian) Essential Oil Pine (Dwarf Siberian) Essential Oil

Pine (Dwarf Siberian) Essential Oil




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