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Helichrysum Essential Oil: Uses, Benefits, and Blends

Sore muscles and joints? Helichrysum essential oil is reputed to be one of the best essential oils for relieving pain. To help get relief, dilute the helichrysum with a lotion or carrier oil and massage into the affected area. It is also a great addition to diffuser blends, adding a fresh and floral flair. Its fragrant aroma is also a great addition to soaps, candles, and other DIY products, for those who are feeling particularly crafty!

Helichrysum Essential Oil Product Details

The word helichrysum is originally Greek, coming from a combination of the words for “sun” and “gold”. In the Helichrysum genus, there are over 500 different species of flowering plants that belong to the sunflower family. To this day, the taxonomy of the Helichrysum is still up for some debate, which is why it is easier to classify it by the genus rather than breaking it down. Helichrysum essential oil benefits include its potential ability to reduce symptoms of allergies, fight cough and colds, and treat skin inflammation. You can also find it diluted into creams and ointments that are intended for topical use to help reduce muscle and joint pain. In this article, we will look a little closer at these health benefits of helichrysum essential oil, as well as what it looks like broken down. 

Helichrysum Essential Oil Benefits: Component Breakdown

  • beta-Pinene: An isomer of pinene, beta-pinene is a plant metabolite. It boasts the characteristic resinous pine aroma and taste and is in the monoterpene class. 
  • beta-Phellandrene: Phellandrenes are also monoterpenes, and you will often find them in fragrances due to their pleasing aromas. Beta-phellandrene’s odor is similar to a mixture of citrus and peppermint. This component shares a lot to helichrysum essential oil benefits. 
  • 1,8-Cineole: This constituent is much more commonly known as eucalyptol. It is one of the main components in eucalyptus and is responsible for its trademark aroma. It is in many other essential oils, including rosemary, and research indicates it may have a positive effect on cognitive function.

Helichrysum Essential Oil Uses: For Wholesale Purposes

Massage Therapy 

Due to research indicating that helichrysum is effective at reducing muscle and joint inflammation, it is particularly good for massage therapy. Dilute 5-6 drops of helichrysum essential oil for every ounce of carrier oil and massage into the afflicted area. There are also commercial creams on the market that are specifically diluted to 2-5% intended for pain relief purposes. Without a doubt, massage therapy is a really famous one from the helichrysum essential oil uses list.

Soap Making 

Helichrysum Essential Oil Soap Making

Soap making is one of the most popular helichrysum essential oil uses. Helichrysum’s fresh, floral and earthy aroma makes it a great choice for essential oil soaps. It is a medium note in perfume terms, meaning it is one of the longer-lasting aromas in a fragrance. It is reputed to be great for skin inflammation and soothing allergies, making it the perfect addition to shower soaps. 

Helichrysum Essential Oil Recipes

Spring Showers:

Calming Influence:

Brighter Days:


Generally speaking, helichrysum essential oil is considered to be relatively safe. However, like other essential oils, there are a few standard safety precautions to follow. Essential oils are not meant to be ingested or put directly on the skin. While helichrysum essential oil benefits include its potential ability to ease muscle and joint pain, it requires dilution before you can apply it topically. If you are prone to sensitive skin, try doing a patch test first. Apply a small amount of diluted oil to a little area of skin like the wrist, then wait for 24-hours. 


The minty floral scent of helichrysum is one of the more overlooked essential oils, but that makes it no less beautiful. Helichrysum essential oil uses include its presence in perfume, hand-made soaps, candles, and more. Additionally, recent research is considering the health benefits of helichrysum essential oil, particularly in pain relief. Anecdotal evidence includes its ability to help treat insomnia, and liver disease, though there is no scientific evidence to back these uses up.

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United States

It is different and mild

I like this scent. It is different and mild.

Laura S.
United States

I love the way it makes my skin feel and helps with the wrinkles

A little expensive for me but I love the way it makes my skin feel and helps with the wrinkles.

Jean W.
United States United States

Excellent product

The aroma is quite potent. I blend three drops with one tablespoon of coconut oil, and it works incredibly great for pain relief. Excellent packaging. I will order it again.

United States

Good products

Good products

Irene T.
United States United States

It's relaxing and healthy

Helichrysum essential oil is quite beneficial for my skin. I had to use this to remove a terrible sunspot on my face. This oil is the purest one and I'm glad I found oil from Vinevida at a reasonable price. I love the scent and It's relaxing and healthy.

Helichrysum Essential Oil Helichrysum Essential Oil Helichrysum Essential Oil Helichrysum Essential Oil Helichrysum Essential Oil

Helichrysum Essential Oil




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