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Sweet Basil Essential Oil: Uses, Benefits, and Blends

Scientific Name: Ocimum Basilicum

Origin: Vietnam

Plant Part: Leaves and Stalks

Scent: Bright green, fresh, herbaceous, slightly peppery

Color: Clear to pale green

Consistency: Thin

Perfumery Note: Middle to top

Initial Aroma Strength: Pungent

Extraction Method: Steam distillation

What Does Sweet Basil Essential Oil Blend Well With?

Herbs like coriander, oregano, marjoram dill, and hyssop, flowers like lavender, chamomile, geranium, and rose, spices like black pepper and clove, and all the woods and resins.

What’s The Difference Between Basil And Sweet Basil Essential Oil

There are about ten different Essential Oils extracted from basil oils. 

The main ones, apart from Sweet Basil are:

  • Holy Basil (Ocimum Sanctum).
  • Hoary / Hairy Basil (Ocimum Amercanum). 
  • Thai Basil (Ocimum Basilicumvar Thyrsiflora). 

Usually, when people talk about basil oil, they are talking about Sweet Basil oil. 

The best guide is to look at the Latin name. Sweet Basil is Ocimum Basilicum. 

There are also a variety of chemotypes of Sweet Basil oil. For example: Ocimum Basilicum ct linalool means Sweet Basil that has grown in a way that has pushed its levels of the chemical constituent linalool up. This can be especially useful if you want to leverage the benefits of linalool for its analgesic or antidepressant properties.

According to Battaglia,  five main types of basil oil have been identified, These are: 

  • Linalool
  • Methyl chavicol
  • Methyl eugenol
  • (E)-methyl cinnamate
  • Eugenol

In all cases, these would still be classed as Sweet Basil Essential Oils.

Be aware though, that the chemistry of Holy Basil is extremely different from Sweet Basil, and as such so are its properties and safety. The two oils are not interchangeable. 

For ease, the name basil may sometimes substitute for Sweet Basil in this article.

Breaking Down Vinevida Sweet Basil Essential Oil’s Chemical Components

Estragole (Aka Methyl chavicol): 83.45%

Has anti-inflammatory and local anesthetic properties as well as being antimicrobial. (Silva-Alves, 2013).

Limonene: 3.87%

Antimicrobial and extremely uplifting. Limonene has been demonstrated to have antioxidant, antidiabetic, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, cardioprotective, gastroprotective, hepatoprotective, and immune-modulatory properties amongst others. (Anandakumar,2021).

Alpha- Bergamotene: 2.77%

Created by the plant to attract predators of herbivores that may be partial to basil leaves. Also created by the tobacco plant to lure hawk moths so seems to have some kind of seductive nature. (Kessler, 2001).

Trans-beta ocimene: 1.46%

This is potentially the molecule that gives basil its lovely green woody fragrance. (Foodb, 2020).

Linalool: 0.88%

Well researched for its anti-inflammatory, antistress, and antidepressant abilities. It is protective of the lungs and kidneys and is antimicrobial (An, 2021).

Methyl Eugenol: 0.43%

Used in food additives for its sweet herbaceous flavor, but also has anesthetic and digestive properties. (NCBI, 2013)

Camphor: 0.37%

Analgesic, rubefacient and antimicrobial. (Chen, 2013)

This chemotype of Sweet Basil Essential Oil is extremely strong.

As such, Do not use in dilutions of more than 0.1%.

Sweet Basil Essential Oil Benefits

Motivating, uplifting, and energizing, Sweet Basil Essential Oil instills courage and daring. 

Anti-depressant, antiseptic,  antispasmodic,  carminative,  cephalic, (clears the brain,)  diuretic, emmenagogue, (stimulates blood flow to the pelvis – often to stimulates menstruation,)  expectorant, (gets rid of phlegm,)  febrifugal, (reduces fever,)    protective to the kidneys,  intestinal, antiseptic,  nervine, (for the nerves!)  prophylactic, (preventing disease,)  restorative stimulant of the adrenal cortex,  stomachic, tonic. (Ashley, 2017)

Understanding Sweet Basil Essential Oil Uses For Pain

Sweet Basil Essential Oil has excellent pain relieving abilities, mainly due to its high levels of linalool. (Kashiwadani, 2021). In particular, this can be extremely potent when inhaled. (Kashiwadani, 2021)

Note that Vinevida Sweet Basil Essential Oil has very high levels of methyl chavicol, which is also known as Estragole. Estragole is proven to contract skeletal muscles and exert a local anesthetic effect, as well as being anti-inflammatory. (Silva-Ares, 2013). Estragole achieves this by controlling the sodium ion channels, (Silva-Ares, 2013) so cells cannot transmit pain signals as well.

Linalool also has a strong anti-inflammatory prowess. So far, this has mainly only been elucidated through rodent trials, but recent studies suggest that painkilling might also be executed by the delta and mu-opioid receptors. (Bae, 2020) In the most overly simplistic explanation, these are the receptors that tell the brain whether we are in pain or not. Morphine uses the Mu receptors to block pain. 

Sweet Basil Essential Oil Uses for Pain

Aromatherapists mostly use it for muscular or nerve pain. It has antispasmodic abilities so is lovely for cramps and spasms. It makes a wonderful addition to massage oils for rheumatism and arthritis, but also sciatica, neuralgia, and in particular trigeminal neuralgia. 

For rheumatism, perhaps blend Sweet Basil Essential Oil with lavender to help ease the pain even more and add some juniper to detoxify the joints. Basil oil has a warming temperament so is lovely on cold creaky evenings after days working outside. In this case, combining it with ginger Essential Oil can be lovely. We adore the blend of fresh ginger Essential Oil however the Essential Oil distilled from dried ginger root also works beautifully with Sweet Basil. Any of these might also be interesting to try for gout too. 

In the case of sciatica, massage would be contraindicated, as it can aggravate the nerve further. So, in this case, simply blend the Sweet Basil oil in a massage oil and smooth it in. Since nerve pain can be very sharp, Roman chamomile and a little yarrow Essential Oil could be nice options here too.

Menstrual Pain

In addition to its analgesic properties, the basil herb is emmenagoguic. This means it encourages bleeding to start if it is late. Traditional usage was to stoop over a chamber pot with basil and hot water, then to allow the steam up into the vagina. 

You could emulate this by placing a bowl of water and basil into the basin of the toilet, and then wrapping towels around your waist to trap the steam. This will work perfectly well with the herb, if it is in season and available, or use just one drop of Sweet Basil Essential Oil otherwise. 

Take care to keep the bowl far enough away to prevent scalding the delicate tissues of the vulva. 

You could also use Sweet Basil Essential Oil in a massage oil (perhaps blend with clary sage and rose) to apply to the abdomen, pelvis, and lower back. 

Research indicates that the pain in menstrual cycles tends to be partially improved in the first cycle and significantly so in the second and subsequent cycles. 

Sweet Basil Essential Oil For Stress

Probably the most important thing about basil oils (and by that, I mean all basil oils in the genus) is that they are adaptogens to some greater or lesser degree. (Girme, 2021) That is they kind of switch the factory reset button after periods of stress, returning blood sugar and blood pressure to what they would normally be. (To be clear, this does not necessarily mean using Sweet Basil Essential Oil for blood pressure issues. Clary sage and ylang-ylang would be better options then). 

Holy Basil has much stronger effects in this area than Sweet Basil. However, Sweet Basil Essential Oil is so good at saying “Right, what’s next?”. 

Stress can be extremely debilitating and can knock the stuffing out of you, but Sweet Basil is like a breath of fresh air, renewing you, invigorating you, and fortifying the spirit for the next chapter. 

It’s astonishing for mental tiredness. The vapors make you feel alert, focused, and determined. Sweet Basil feels courageous, daring, and way more confident. 

Sniff Sweet Basil Essential Oil before you speak in public, ask someone out on a date, or ask for a pay rise. A word from a Sweet Basil Essential Oil pro-user, don’t choose it if you want to raise a complaint with someone…you might end up telling them exactly what you think of them by the end of it and that’s not always the vie you want (Scotch pine would be a better choice for that.) Sweet Basil gives you the courage to speak your mind. 

Sweet Basil for Coughs and Colds 

Sweet Basil Essential Oil does have slight antibiotic properties, but there are better oils to use for immunity. However, the molecules are so pungent (think about how strong the smell is when you have a basil plant in the car, that they can cut through anything. So, if you have a blocked nose, a tight splutter, or a hacking cough, this is a nice oil to use. It is expectorant, so it will help you cough that gunk up faster. 

Remember that linalool has pulmonary protective properties and both it and Estragole are powerfully anti-inflammatory. (Bae, 2020) (Silva-Ares, 2013)

Much more of its magic is about how it makes you feel though. It will clear your head. It's very good for helping you focus and is the choice of most aromatherapists for headaches and migraines. 

Energetically, there is no time for people to feel sorry for themselves. Sweet Basil essential is all about “Just get on with it” so that can be helpful if you feel a bit rubbish but you still have to go to work or school. 

Plus, I do think if Sweet Basil were to get on the school bus, she’d be the one in the shortest dress, sitting upstairs at the back, smoking and chewing gum. You always feel a  bit daring and like you are on the edge of giggling about something naughty with this oil. It is tremendous fun, so that could make a crappy day at work go faster too. 

Digestive Nature of Sweet Basil Essential Oil

It’s probably no surprise that it's good for the gut. Most herbs are. In particular Sweet Basil Essential Oil is carminative, easing heartburn and indigestion. 

Sweet Basil Essential Oil for Skin

Slightly astringent and cleansing. Good for skin that is prone to acne or greasiness.

Sweet Basil Essential Oil for Hair

Brings a lonely glossiness to dark hair. 

Is Sweet Basil Essential Oil Safe To Use?

Yes, like all Essential Oils avoid using it in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy. 

Beware of confusion with Holy basil Essential Oil which is much more difficult to use. 

Sweet Basil Essential Oil Uses: For Wholesale Purposes


Feel brighter, sharper, and on it. Gorgeous. 


Good strong oil with a strong scent and natural antimicrobial abilities.

Natural Perfumery

Lovely green, sharp, pervasive and vibrant. 

Sweet Basil Essential Oil Blends: DIY Recipes

Sweet Basil Essential Oil Blend for Sciatica

Method of Use: Stroke down the lower back, buttocks, and down the back of the leg, 5 times a day. Can be used for long periods if needed.

Safety: Not suitable for use during the first 16 weeks of pregnancy. Omit Rosemary if you have high blood pressure, epilepsy, or any symptoms of psychosis. 

Sweet Basil Essential Oil Blend for Painful Sinus Congestion  

Method of Use: Apply over the cheekbones and forehead as often as required.

Safety: Not suitable for use during pregnancy (Myrrh).

Sweet Basil Essential Oil Blend for Scanty Periods

Method of use: Apply three times a day to the lower abdomen and lower back for one whole cycle. 

Safety: Probably a moot point, but this would not be suitable for use during pregnancy. 

Sweet Basil Essential Oil Blend For Confidence To Speak Up 

Method of use: Add a drop of each to an aroma pendant, but before you do, consider your pendant’s design. If the oil is going to come into contact with your skin (if it has lava beads for example) dilute this into a teaspoon of carrier. Both citrus oils have the potential to be phototoxic and to cause skin sensitization).

How to Use Sweet Basil Essential Oil

Tisserand and Young suggest a maximum dilution of 0.1% for this chemotype of Sweet Basil Essential Oil.



Not suitable for use in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy. 

Blood Disorders

May inhibit blood clotting. Avoid use if on anticoagulant medications or have a platelet disorder. Likewise, discontinue use 48 hours before planned surgery which includes dental procedures. 


Methyl chavicol (aka Estragole) belongs to a chemical group called phenolic esters. Phenols can be problematic to cats as they do not possess a specific enzyme in their livers to help them metabolize them.

Therefore exercise caution diffusing this specific Essential Oil around cats since the molecules remain whole when they are dispersed into the air and land on their coats. If there does seem to be an accident,(they foam at the mouth usually)  give plenty of water and take your bottle of Sweet Basil Essential Oil with you if you need to seek veterinary assistance. 

Dogs do not have the same issue, however, always leave the door open in rooms where you are diffusing so animals can leave when they have had enough.

Possible carcinogen

Estragole and methyl eugenol may be carcinogenic, so ensure you remain below the recommended guidelines for dilution. 


At VINEVIDA, we love botanicals and the planet they come from. We believe in stocking the best at affordable prices and supplying to the discerning, which is why we are also members of both the Alliance of International Aromatherapists and the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy. In recognition of our excellent standard of product, we are proud to hold a 2021 Certificate of Registration as a Cosmetic Products Establishment with the U.S. Drugs and Food Administration.

Our joy at seeing people make beautiful things means we stock from the smallest amounts to the largest. Our bulk Essential Oils’ prices begin with our smallest Essential Oil of 10ml to our largest of 396lb, meaning any manufacturing company can afford to stock as many or as few oils as their business can accommodate without running the risk of spoilage of some of nature’s most precious commodities. So why not see if you can save money by buying your Sweet Basil Essential Oil in bulk? Remember how stable it is proven to be, so as long as you store it carefully, it should last and last.

Don’t forget too; we like to look after our customers with reasonable prices and excellent customer service and reward the loyal ones with money-off discounts over the year. 


So, why not check out if you qualify for our loyalty scheme and start saving today with an environmentally friendly choice of oil for skin, hair, massage oils, and soap making? Add VINEVIDA Sweet Basil Essential Oil to your cart today.

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Basil (Sweet) Essential Oil Basil (Sweet) Essential Oil Basil (Sweet) Essential Oil Basil (Sweet) Essential Oil Basil (Sweet) Essential Oil Basil (Sweet) Essential Oil Basil (Sweet) Essential Oil

Basil (Sweet) Essential Oil




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