Oil Of The Month: NO. 61 - Pina Colada Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil

NO. 61 - Pina Colada Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil Showcase

Evoking one of the most popular cocktails in the world, NO. 61 Pina Colada fragrance oil will utterly delight you! Fresh, fruity Pineapple and rich heady notes of Banana meld into the smooth creaminess of Coconut Milk before sinking into the comforting deliciousness of Vanilla. All you need is a fancy glass with a sugared rim! It’s a holiday vibe in a bottle. Sunglasses and bikinis and sunglasses are optional but a party vibe is guaranteed.

We adore the tropical beach aroma of NO. 61 at VINEVIDA, we know that you will delight in this too!

Fragrance Notes

    • Top Notes:  Pineapple
    • Middle Notes: Banana, Coconut Milk
    • Bottom Notes: Vanilla

Blending Recommendations

Blending Recommendations

NO. 61 is a tropical holiday sensation that bursts into notes of tropical beaches, sandy shores, and delicious laidback cocktails. Grab that holiday vibe in a bottle, where bikinis and sunglasses are optional and blissful holiday memories live on.

The sweet fruity notes of Pineapple dance with luscious Banana before sinking into the rich creamy sensation of Coconut Milk and mouthwatering Vanilla. 

While NO. 61 is essentially the scent of summer, it can be used all year round to evoke holiday memories and add lighthearted joy to parties and gatherings. 

It’s quite easy to make NO. 61 your own with a little twist here and there. Try personalizing it and blending it with other VINEVIDA essential and fragrance oils. Certainly have fun experimenting as these oils are brilliant to blend with, and you can achieve amazing results.

How Would I Blend It?

I often get asked, “Well, how would you blend this”? It’s always a great question because when you first begin, it can be challenging to see ‘gaps’ in the fragrance notes where you can add in another harmonizing oil. Now, this harmonizing oil could be either a fragrance oil or an essential oil, or even a combination of both. 

As soon as you start blending yourself and practicing it, it all becomes a lot easier. You will be able to define these Blending Frameworks for yourself. 

If we look at the overall profile of NO. 61, there is room in all the top, heart, and base notes to build upon and we can take this essentially tropical beach cocktail fragrance and change it radically if we want to. Or we can add little tweaks here and there to keep the original essence of the fragrance. 

Top Notes

In the top notes, I could stay with the fruity theme and build in tart red fruits like Strawberry, Raspberry, and even Dark Cherry. Try to keep the fruit notes sharp and tart, otherwise it will just get too sweet and cloying. Citrus notes are perfect for this, Grapefruit and Lime are my choices here. 

You could introduce green notes like Bamboo and Aloe. Lemongrass would be my top choice being both citrus and green, as would Lemon Verbena.

Pineapple and Mint make a lovely combination and the Mint goes nicely with the creamy notes, you could even pair it later with Dark Chocolate notes for something truly mouthwatering. 

Fragrance Oils Recommendations

To lighten and freshen things up, I like to ramp up the green Citrus zing of NO. 48 - Lemon Verbena and add in Raspberry notes with NO. 63 - Pink Sugar also offers aromas of Strawberry, Orange, Bergamot, and Caramel.

Essential Oil Recommendations

Choose fresh, green citrus notes, like Lemongrass, Grapefruit, Lime and Litsea Cubeba

Heart Notes

The heart notes are filled with the deliciously creamy notes of Banana and Coconut Milk. So there’s a balance of sweetness and smooth creamy notes and this is where we have to exercise the most caution in terms of blending.

You have the option to do three things:

    1. Add in heady exotic florals like Jasmine, Neroli, and Gardenia that can compete with the sweet cream and not get lost. 
    2. Go for spices and plump for ones that will compliment the Vanilla like Cardamom, Nutmeg, and Ginger.
    3. Lastly, you can do a combination of both, but go easy in this direction. My recommendations would be Jasmine and Ginger, or Neroli and Cardamom which have complimentary orange aromas anyway. 

Avoid florals like Rose, Lavender, and Chamomile which will just get lost under all that cream! Also shy away from stronger spices like Star Anise, Clove, and Cinnamon that could overly dominate the heartspace notes. 

Fragrance Oils Recommendations

Boost the heart notes with some heady florals to compete with the sweet creaminess aspects. 

NO. 44 - Jasmine and NO. 38 - Gardenia are both perfect. 

For a fragrance oil that has complimentary notes in all the right places go for NO. 1012 - Inspired By: Cabana & Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Essential Oil Recommendations

Spice things up in the heart notes with Cardamom and Ginger.

Base Notes

We have a lot of room to play with here and it affords us space to make the most difference to NO. 61 and it’s the overall scent profile and balance. Therefore, exercise a little caution around how excited you get here and rein yourself in a little. (Boring, I know! But you will thank me in the end). 

We can take all that tropical fruity creaminess and turn it into something much richer, darker, and more sensuous with a deft touch.  You can add fresh notes of Mint but pair it with Dark Chocolate and introduce Oud and Amber to make it super smooth and rich. Add Dark Cherry and oh my! 

Alternatively, if you went fresh, citrus, and green, consider balancing that with lighter woods like White Cedarwood and Amyris. 

If you went for the heady floral and spice combo, don’t be afraid to introduce rich wood notes like Sandalwood and Oud. 

Fragrance Oils Recommendations

To add richness and depth choose NO. 1205 -  Inspired By: Oud Paris By Diptyque, to add smooth, sophisticated notes choose the creaminess of NO. 1200 - Inspired By: Ambre By Diptyque.

Essential Oil Recommendations

Round out those gorgeous base notes with smooth Amyris and Patchouli.

I hope this has offered you a range of ideas to ‘construct’ your blends. It should give you a much better chance of success.

An Interesting Way To Use Vanilla

An Interesting Way To Use Vanilla

Are you aware that the aroma of Vanilla can have a powerful effect on us? It impacts our limbic system in the brain and can have profound effects on us. Vanilla can evoke memories of home and childhood and therefore foster feelings of comfort. It is when we feel most comfortable, that feelings of security and safety often follow.  

Use Vanilla as an invaluable tool to create a safe space in your home. Use it for yourself or the kids or even when a friend or neighbor is having a hard time, and they pop in for a chat. 

It’s one tip that can help anyone feel safer (and more comfortable) in your home. You can also use it effectively in the workspace.

Creative Ways To Use And Blend NO. 61

Let’s create a wonderful selection of diffuser blends with NO. 61. I will also show you how you can make one of them quite diverse with thoughtful balancing and a delicate touch. 

Two Different Variations of NO. 61 - Get The Right One

We stock two distinct versions of VINEVIDA NO. 61 - Pina Colada fragrance oils.

    1. Diffuser Fragrance Oil 
    2. Soaps and Candles Fragrance Oil

You should use NO. 61 - Diffuser Fragrance Oil if you have a Nebulizing or Cold Air Diffuser, as it is professionally formulated for this specific purpose and for this purpose only. 

VINEVIDA Soaps and Candles Fragrance Oil are specifically formulated for both professional and home applications. They are designed to withstand the intense heat and rigorous processes of making soaps and candles. This variation will give you both resilient and persistent aromas when producing soaps and candles. 

This variation has been professionally designed for formulating your toiletries, skincare, and perfume too. You get amazing versatility from this incredible product. 

How to Make Diffuser Blends With NO. 61

    1. 61 is a delightful fragrance oil that transports you to a tropical beach holiday. While it’s truly gorgeous all on its own, there’s plenty of room in the scent profile that we can play with.  We can add a truly unique feminine touch and ramp up the tropical flowers and or go as spicy as you like. 
    2. 61 could easily be defined as a feminine fragrance oil with all that sweet fruit and cream but with a considered blending we can change the whole gender balance of the fragrance. We can make it more neutral or blast out the base notes and make it unmistakably masculine. 

If you need a place to start exploring fragrance oils, this is a great place to start and one that you can have a LOT of fun with. By designing and creating your diffuser blends you will build both your confidence and your blending skills.

Create this exciting range, so that you can see with subtle and careful twists in the right place we can create a diverse range of blends with NO. 61 at the heart of all of them. 

We have already looked at some ideas about creating harmonious accords.  Now, let’s look at some more exciting suggestions and discover more recommended scent companions to create your blends with. 

Original Scent Profile Ideal Companions
Top Dew, Green, Blackcurrant Leaf Lemon, Lime, Kaffir Lime, Pink Grapefruit,
Black Cherry, Lychee, Purple Plum, Raspberry,
Lavender, Thyme, Rosemary,
Ozone, Water notes
Heart Blackcurrant Fruit, Rose Cinnamon, Ginger, Nutmeg,
Gardenia, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Palmarosa, Rose Geranium, Violet
Base Vanilla Amber, Amyris, Cedarwood, Clove, Oakmoss, Oud, Tuberose, Vanilla


Follow This Framework

    1. Add in an element or a combination of green and citrus notes into the top notes. Lemongrass and Litsea Cubeba are ideal as they combine both, as does Petitgrain. 
    2. In the heart space add either, heady floral notes or spice, or a combination of them both. Doing this gives a more sensual edge to the fragrance and you can choose here to ramp up the femininity or masculinity in the heartspace if you so desire. 
    3. Choose spices that blend well and won’t be overly dominant like Cardamom, Ginger, Nutmeg, and Black Pepper or the more fruity Pink Pepper. 
    4. The base notes are where you can completely flip the profile entirely. Play it safe with the smooth notes of Amber, and Oud or toy with big bold notes of Sandalwood, Leather, or Tobacco. 
    5. NO. 61 already has those deep and comforting Vanilla notes but you can also squeeze in a little more to make it richer. Try Vanilla Oleoresin or Vanilla-based fragrance oils. 
    6. For extra odor-busting qualities try NO. 70 - Vanilla Odor Eliminator, it’s more subtle and compliments NO. 61 rather nicely. 
    7. Work slowly and be patient. It pays to blend and experiment with just one drop at a time. Add a drop, stop, mix, and test!  When you are judging the scent, do it out of the bowl or bottle by using a scent strip, it gives you a better idea of how things are melding and progressing. If you work in this way, you are unlikely to go wrong as it is a pretty foolproof method.
    8. Always consider the original balance of the scent and endeavor to maintain it, it is key to the process. That said, the last blend I created this month, really unbalances the profile, albeit rather beautifully. 

However, generally speaking, following this blending framework helps you maintain the balance of the original scent profile and enables you to achieve successful outcomes. How exciting!  

IFRA and How To Work Safely

Diffuser Blends fall under IFRA Category 12 where NO. 61 fragrance oil has no safety restrictions in category 12.  

That means within reason, you can use as much as you would like. However, let's get real here! Using more does not mean it will smell any better. It is still really important to maintain a sensible balance.

Use The Right Variation! 

Remember that those of you with Cold Air Diffusers should be using the DIFFUSER Fragrance Oil variation. 

DO NOT use the Soaps & Candles variation in your CAD because this oil is too thick and viscous for your machines. (More information on this a little later). 


    1. Start by reading the recipe through and making sure you understand your instructions and have the ingredients to hand.
    2. Measure out your fragrance oils and essential oils carefully in readiness.
    3. Using a small measuring jug, combine all the oils, stirring thoroughly. Use a steel or glass stirrer, please don’t use plastic or wood because they will absorb the fragrance. 
    4. Once you have combined your oil blend, grab a funnel as you want to keep your bottle as oil-free as possible. It makes a massive difference to how your label will adhere later. 
    5. Using the funnel, decant the diffuser blend into a 10ml dropper bottle. 
    6. This is the point where a good quality silicone spatula is invaluable. It enables you to scrape every last drop of oil from the jug and funnel and get it into the bottle. This means that you waste far less and get much better value for money! This is especially important when you are using expensive and precious oils. 
    7. Using a water and oil-proof label, list all of the ingredients used clearly. 
    8. If you have an oil-free bottle, your label will stick much better. If you have some oil on your bottle after all, simply soak a small piece of paper tissue in white vinegar and clean it off, allowing it to fully dry before adhering to the label. 
    9. Safety reasons dictate that you MUST label your bottle as ‘UNDILUTED’.

How To Use Our Diffuser Blends:

    1. It will always be our first advice for you to please consult your manufacturer's instructions. You all have a minefield of different diffusers, so seek their specific guidance on your own individual diffusers, please. 
    2. It will depend on what type of diffuser you have, but there may be a need to dilute your blend. This will be stated clearly in your manufacturer’s guidance.

Oil Of The Month - NO. 61 - Pina Colada Diffuser Blends 

Tropical Beach Heaven

Tropical Beach Heaven

This evokes lounging on the beach, blue sands, turquoise seas, and white sands. In your hand is a fragrant Pina Colada baiting your senses and making your mouth water. 

Don’t let that feeling fade when you return home, keep living the dream with this blend with NO. 61 at its heart. 

This is perfect for any room in the house, but we really like the joyful nature in places where the family and your friends congregate and relax. Try it on the patio for your next BBQ and watch the party come to life! 

I’ve paired NO. 61, with NO. 1012, it has many complimentary notes and helps to fill those spaces for a more rounded aspect for both of these delicious oils. I also added some green citrus to the top notes to elevate and lift the profile. It’s fresher, more airy, and dare I say, a little more sophisticated. 



    • Not designed for use on the skin.
    • Do not diffuse where cats are present. (Lemongrass)

Citrus Spice Twist

Citrus Spice Twist

We are going all in with citrus and spice notes, but it's a wonderfully light and joyful fragrance, I find it quite uplifting! 

It’s perfect for parties, and when you just need a little lift or to make yourself smile. 

Perfect anywhere in the home, but ideally suited to sitting rooms and places where people sit to chat about their day. I like its freshness in bathrooms as it is quite sophisticated in the spicing, so it makes it quite grown up! 



    • Not designed or formulated for topical use on the skin.

The Flip

The Flip

So… how do you flip an aroma on its head and turn something fresh and fruity into something rich, dark, and luscious? 

We need to look for both cues and space in the profile. We have fruit, cream, and Vanilla notes essentially, all of which are fairly robust and will hold their own even if we go to the deep, dark side. We won’t be disguising them, we will simply be creating a new harmonious accord with them instead.

Let me explain what I am doing with this blend.

    1. I want to add a sharp green note to elongate the profile in that area, to lift it and make it higher, but I also want something that will balance it, soften it, and not make it stick out like a sore thumb. So I went for the Mint in NO. 15 - Butter Mint Candy because it has Butter and Vanilla notes to soften it out. 
    2. I want to add resounding, but not overpowering, spices in the heart and base notes to add to the masculinity. 
    3. Then I want to add smooth, rich woods to the base notes to wrap everything up beautifully and anchor that masculinity once and for all. 

It is ideal for use in more intimate spaces, we love it in the bedroom and we think it is sublime in the dining room for an elegant meal. 



      • Not designed for use on the skin.

    Recipes Using NO. 61 - Pina Colada Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil

    We just cannot help jumping up and down in excitement about VINEVIDA’s fragrance oils. We are delighted and inspired by the sheer versatility of Soaps and Candles fragrance oils. We want you to be just as excited and inspired as we are! 

    Now, you can use our Soaps and Candles fragrance oils on their own or combine them with other Soaps and Candles fragrance oils. Why not capitalize on all the wonderful actions and properties of essential oils and try combining them to get the best of both worlds?

    There are hundreds of ways to use our soap and candle fragrance oils. We are really excited for you to discover them all for yourself! 

    Packed With Inspiration

    The 100th issue of our newsletter featured an article called Unlock The Power Of Aromatherapy: 100 Ways To Use Essential Oils (& Fragrance Oils). It’s packed with links to our professional tutorials and recipes and is a treasure trove of inspiration making it a great place to start! 

    This Month’s Recipes

    This month, we are working with the joyful fruity, and creamy Vanilla notes of NO. 61. 

    It has those fruity Pineapple notes that meld into Banana and Coconut Milk in the heart before mouthwatering Vanilla wraps it all up beautifully. 

      1. 61 is perfectly suited for holiday-themed skincare and that's where we are going today!  First, we have a gorgeous hot oil treatment for your hair, create a gorgeous shiny halo and stand out from the crowd.

    We also combine it with essential oils to make a soothing After Sun for when we have overdone it a little, or to nourish and hydrate the skin, even if we haven’t! 

    Holiday Halo Hot Hair Oil 

    Holiday Halo Hot Hair Oil

    Give your hair a healthy shine and glow with this luscious hot oil treatment. Your hair will look so shiny and healthy that you’ll have to forgive people for thinking you have a halo! 

    You can use this hair oil cold too, to tame flyaways and hydrate the ends of your hair. 

    IFRA Safety

    NO. 61 in IFRA Category 9 has maximum safety restrictions of 22.1%. This means in 100 ml of product, you can use up to 22 ml of NO. 61 - Pina Colada Soaps and Candles fragrance oil. 

    22% is rather a lot, you don’t need this much, so we recommend no more than about 5%.  

    Use the ‘Hair Mask’ option on the VINEVIDA Calculator to work out the correct safety data for your recipes.

    This recipe makes 100 ml of Holiday Halo Hot Hair Oil. 

    You Will Need: 

      1. Measuring jug 
      2. Stainless steel spoon 
      3. Funnel
      4. 100 ml bottle and lid
      5. Oil and waterproof label


    Optional: Preservative of your choice - follow the manufacturer's individual guidance. 


      • Avoid getting in the eyes. If the product does get in your eyes, rinse with clean tepid water. If irritation persists, seek medical attention taking the clearly labeled container with you.


    Using a preservative? Please consult the manufacturer's instructions, as they can vary from product to product.

      1. Measure out all of the carrier oils and NO. 61 Pina Colada Soaps and Candles fragrance oil.
      2. Combine together and mix thoroughly.
      3. Decant into a 100ml bottle. Use a funnel to make life easier and keep your bottle clean and oil-free.  
      4. Using an oil and waterproof label, list all ingredients for safety.

    How to Use:

      1. Always do a 24- 48 hour patch test before first use.
      2. Depending on the length and condition of your hair, warm 1 tsp - 2 tbsp of Holiday Halo Hot Hair Oil in a small bowl placed over a bowl of warm water. Wait for a few minutes for the warmth to infuse through the oil.
      3. Section your hair and work the oil into the sections, working from the tip of your hair right up to the root. 
      4. You can even give your scalp a good massage. I have just discovered this delightful, knowledgeable lady who shares her wisdom so freely, let her show you how to give your hair a great treatment using this hot oil recipe. Easy Head Massage with Dr. Hansaji.
      5. Wrap in a hot towel and leave to soak in for 30-60 minutes and then rinse with a mild shampoo to remove the excess oil. 
      6. Wrap your wet hair in a clean, hot towel and leave for 10-20 minutes, and dry as normal. 
      7. Use within 3-6 months.

    If you love this hot oil treatment try these recipes too! 

    Holiday Happy After Sun Lotion

    Holiday Happy After Sun Lotion

    It’s so easy to get carried away in the sunshine and overdo it! It happens to me all the time. I’m very fair-skinned, with freckles…. Yes! Freckles!!! Despite regular applications of Factor 50, the sun will still catch me if I am exposed for too long. That is where After Sun is my salvation and I reach for it to both soothe and hydrate my skin. 

    You can also use this for an intense hit of hydration at any time. 

    IFRA Safety

    NO. 61 in IFRA Category 5A has maximum safety restrictions of 2.9%. This means in 100ml of product, you can use up to 2.9 ml of NO. 61 - Pina Colada Soaps and Candles fragrance oil.  

    Use the ‘Body Cream’ option on the VINEVIDA Calculator to work out the correct safety data for your recipes.

    This recipe makes 100 ml of Holiday Happy After Sun Lotion. 

    You Will Need:

      1. Mixing bowl
      2. Measuring jug
      3. Stainless steel stirrer or spoon
      4. Funnel
      5. 200 ml/3.38 fl oz bottle
      6. Oil and waterproof label


    Optional - Suitable preservative - please follow your individual manufacturer's guidelines and usage instructions


      • Do not use it in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy.
      • Not for Children under 6. 
      • Helichrysum thins the blood, so this would not be suitable if you have a platelet disorder or are already taking blood-thinning medication. 
      • If your skin is sunburnt to the point that it is swelling up, it could indicate a more severe sunburn. Professional medical advice should be sought immediately - do not delay seeking medical attention. 


      1. Measure out your carrier oils and add in your fragrance oil and the essential oils and mix well.
      2. Combine all of the base ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix well.
      3. Add your oils and combine until everything is well incorporated.
      4. Use a funnel for ease and decant your After Sun Lotion into a 200ml bottle and cap tightly.
      5. Using an oil and waterproof label, list all ingredients for safety reasons. Don’t forget to date it too. 

    How To Use:

      1. This is where you need to be sensible and carry out 24-48 hour patch tests on all the family. Be sure to mark on the label if anyone in the family cannot use it. It is important to do this, so if you need to use it in a hurry, you have already prepared for any potential future emergency, where there may not be time to do this. 
      2. If you are sunburnt, use tepid water, not cold water, dampen a cloth or towel, and then place this tepid damp cloth over your burnt skin for a few minutes. It helps your skin to pull in some hydration before applying your After Sun.
      3. Gently apply your After Sun lotion. If you are very burnt or sore, don't rub it in thoroughly, let it sit on the skin, and it will sink in all by itself.
      4. Wait  30 minutes and then apply another thin layer. 
      5. Then use it every hour, to gain relief, for up to eight applications in any 24 hours.

    Find More After Sun Recipes Here: 

    Need More Ways To Use NO. 61 - Pina Colada Fragrance Oil?

    Pop over to one of our most recent Fragrance Oil Of The Week articles to discover and explore using VINEVIDA fragrance oils with us. Find topics on:

      • Topical products like Soaps, Skincare, Toiletries, and Cosmetics.
      • Scenting the home with Reed Diffusers, Candles, and Wax Melts.
      • Using diffusers and candle burners to fill your home with fragrance.
      • Where to find professionally written ideas, recipes, and tutorials.
      • How to find and use the right safety information.
      • Connect with like-minded people in our Facebook Group. 

    Here’s the latest edition - FOTW: NO. 1201 - Inspired By: Baies By Diptyque.

    The Final Word

    The Final Word

    It has been tropical this month working with the creamy fruity notes of NO. 61 - Pina Colada fragrance oil. 

    I have loved the idea of kicking back on a white sandy beach, sinking my toes into the sand as I sip on a Pina Colada looking out to sea. Dive headfirst into holiday mode with the vibrant fruity notes of NO.61. Use it to party all night long too and keep you going from dusk until dawn.

    Here at VINEVIDA, we love its fruity vibrance and creamy finish that makes our mouth water. 

    Have fun experimenting with NO. 61, try all those lovely diffuser blends and have fun learning how to flip a fragrance to something else entirely but still have those notes singing through the heart of it. Experiment with making it more feminine or masculine and even try the tougher challenge of making it gender-neutral.

    VINEVIDA fragrance oils do not contain SLES, SLS Phthalates, and Parabens, because we take your skincare just as seriously as you do and we are committed to delivering the best potential for making your skincare products.

    Our fragrance oils are never tested on animals and are always cruelty-free. 

    We love the sheer versatility of NO. 61, here at VINEVIDA. With plenty of space to play with in the scent profile, just the smallest twist will make it your own! 

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