Rose Geranium Essential Oil

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Volume: 10 mL

Rose Geranium Essential Oil: Uses, Benefits, and Blends

Just like lying in a bed of roses, VINEVIDA’s rose geranium essential oil will surround you with its sweet, floral, aroma. Coming from a species of geranium cultivated in South Africa for their prize-winning fragrance, this oil is a favorite of perfumeries. The number of antioxidants it contains means the added benefit of younger, smoother-looking skin, while geranium oil’s other properties help induce rest and relaxation. Try it out, and receive a money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied!

Rose Geranium Essential Oil Product Details

Pelargonium roseum is a species of geranium native to South Africa. It is particularly prevalent in the region of Cape Town, and gets its name from its strong, rose-like scent. Due to the Pelargonium roseum’s particularly fragrant scent, this cultivar is prized within the perfume industry and often used for both aromatherapy and massage therapy. Further research also indicates rose geranium oil to be a very effective anti-inflammatory, meaning additional study is necessary to see what medical benefits it may offer. 

Rose Geranium Essential Oil Benefits: Component Breakdown

  • Citronellol: Citronellol is a monoterpene and can either occur as a (-) or a (+)-isomer. The (+) is most often found in lemongrasses, such as citronella, while the (-) is more common to roses and geraniums. It is a common additive to fragrances and perfumes to achieve a rose-reminiscent aroma. 
  • Geraniol: As the name indicates, geraniol is one of the main components of rose geranium oil. It contributes a lot to the geranium essential oil benefits. It is also produced by honey bees! The bees produce geraniol and use it to both mark flowers as well as mark their hives so that forager bees can find their way home. Furthermore, studies indicate that geraniol also has anti-cancer properties
  • Linalool: Another prominent component in rose geranium oil, studies show linalool to be capable of lowering blood pressure and heart rate. This fragrant, floral component is often found in perfumes and is a common addition to lotions and creams due to its pleasing aroma. Most geranium essential oil benefits are dependent on Linalool.
  • Citronellyl formate: Citronellyl formate is a clear-liquid ester, with a strong floral, fruity odor. It is a common flavoring agent and food additive.
  • Isomenthone: A naturally occurring iso-menthone, which smells mildly of peppermint.
  • 10-epi-Gamma-Eudesmol: A sesquiterpenoid.
  • Geranyl Formate: Geranyl formate is the formate ester of the component geraniol. It is a plant metabolite, and also works as an alarm pheromone. It has a fresh, rose-blossom-like fragrance.

Rose Geranium Essential Oil Uses: For Wholesale Purposes


When it comes to rose geranium essential oil uses, perfumery comes first to mind. The scent of rose geranium and the traditional rose are similar, with subtle differences. Both have the strong, sweet, floral aroma we all know and love, but the rose geranium has hints of green and citrus, meaning it can also be used in more masculine fragrances. When it comes to perfume terms, rose geranium falls under the classification of a middle note, meaning it can help balance the top and base notes and create longer-lasting aromas. 


Aromatherapy is widely used as a complementary therapy to help reduce levels of stress and anxiety. It is another significant one from the list of geranium essential oil uses. Certain essentials oils can induce certain reactions in the body. Some increase energy and alertness, and others calm and soothe.

Studies show that women who underwent rose geranium aromatherapy during labor had significantly lower levels of anxiety. Though more research is necessary on the use of essential oils during childbirth it is a popular area of study, as inhalation is a very non-invasive method of treatment. 

Massage Oils

Now that you know the research behind why rose geranium is good for both mood and skin, you can likely see what it is a great option to add to massage oils. Add a few drops to a carrier oil, such as jojoba or fractured coconut, and massage into the skin. Let the floral fragrance help calm and soothe you while all those antioxidants absorb into your skin, giving you a youthful glow. 

Soap Making

Rose Geranium Essential Oil Soapmaking

Geranium oil is high in antioxidants, which is one of the many reasons why it is found in so many cosmetic and beauty products. Antioxidants help to reduce the effects of pollution, sun damage, and other external factors that add years to the skin. Additionally, rose geranium oil acts as an anti-inflammatory which means it may help prevent acne, psoriasis, and other inflammatory skin conditions. Try topping your soap with dried flowers for a bit of added flair.

What Blends Well with Rose Geranium Essential Oil?

For bright summery fragrances, geranium oil blends well with citrus scents such as sweet orange, grapefruit, and lemongrass. For a more exotic blend, with a little hint of warmth, try cinnamon bark, bergamot, or cedarwood oils. 

DIY Project: Rose Spray

The sweet, floral aroma of this body spray is perfect for a refreshing mist while out in the sun, or even to use as a mild fragrance. 

What you will need:

  • Large Dark, Glass Spray Bottle (Plastic can break down due to the potency of the oils, and heat and light can cause evaporation or oxidation.)
  • Distilled or Filtered Water
  • Rose Water
  • Witch Hazel
  • Rose Geranium Essential Oil 


  • Fill the bottle ⅓ with distilled water
  • Add 4 tbsp each of witch hazel and rose water
  • Add 2 tbsp of coconut water
  • Add 3 drops of rose geranium oil

Shake, and mist as preferred. Store in a cool, dark place to help prolong use. 


Though there are many oral supplements that claim to contain rose geranium, you should never ingest the essence form of this oil. Essential oils are very potent, and many can even be toxic. Stick to using rose geranium oil topically, in a diffuser, or via another method of aromatherapy. 

Is Rose Geranium Essential Oil Safe for Dogs?

Online you can find many DIY recipes for tick repellents for dogs. Many of these recipes include rose geranium oil, due to its component linalool. Linalool is a natural insecticide, repelling fleas and ticks.

At first glance, this sounds like a great alternative to other potentially harmful repellents. However, it is important to remember how concentrated essentials are. You should never let your dog ingest oils, and this includes putting them anywhere your pet could manage to lick at them. Additionally, the scent of essential oils is very potent, even for us. The smell may be uncomfortable for your pet. If you are going to use essential oils on or around your animal it is important to consult with a vet first, to ensure the method and oil you wish to use won’t cause your dog harm. If you aren’t sure, it’s best to avoid it. Additionally, if diffusing oils in the house, always make sure your dog has an open door to leave the room if he or she becomes uncomfortable, and keep notice for any signs of odd behavior. 


Rose geranium is a favorite of many for its sweet, floral, fragrance. Most common in perfumes or as an additive in cosmetics, rose geranium oil is the perfect way to balance out your fragrance and make it last longer. Additionally, its antioxidant properties make it a great option to add to skin care products in an effort to reduce early signs of aging and smooth out skin tone. VINEVIDA offers bulk rose geranium essential oil for all our artisan perfumers out there, along with a money-back guarantee. 

Rose Geranium Essential Oil Packing Sizes


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Julie D.
United States United States

Excellent scent extremely surprising

I was quite surprised by the scent of the rose geranium it was absolutely wonderful I can't wait to start mixing it with different things and using it can make my magic I love your product I will still keep purchasing even though the pricing is going up extremely high

Zelma A.
United States United States


I first purchased 2 10mL of the rose oil...only to return and purchase the bigger bottle. It smells SOOOoooo GOOD! I am happy to be home during these winter cold days. I feel so contented, pleased, & happy, to use my 5 diffusers everyday! It was by accident that I found this company & a blessing for me to take a chance on them. You are in the right place if you are getting your oils here! I am truly loving my everyday experiences in using VineVida essential oils.

United States United States

Love its red color and strong scent

I love its red color and strong scent. It's suitable for my cp soap. I ordered a second bottle, but this time the color of the oil is not red. I am a little bit disappointed.

United States United States

Great Quality

Excellent blend of rose and geranium. Floral but not too perfumey. Great price also!


Strong scent - happy with purchase

This rose geranium essential oil has a strong scent and has a red colour to it. happy with my purchase!

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