Fragrance Oil Of The Week: NO. 1102 - Inspired By: Bali Mango By Bath & Body Works Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil

NO. 1102 - Inspired By: Bali Mango By Bath & Body Works Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil Showcase

NO. 1102 Fragrance Oil evokes the alluring fragrance of paradise at noon. The heat of the day intensifies the delicious aromas of fruit, flowers, and rich wood. 

The top of the blend bursts with mouth-watering fruit. Apples sparkle with Tangerines, then tart Raspberry and Nectarine notes sink into the rosy tones of Lychee.

Flowers bloom in the heart space, all blowsy and velvety with petals. Soft Peonies tumble into Passionflower and the unmistakable glory of pink Roses. They nestle romantically underneath that vibrant layer of fruit.

Then finally Musk and precious Sandalwood wrap everything up in their warming, sensuous embrace. 

Fragrance Notes

    • Top Notes: Apple, Peony, Raspberry, Tangerine
    • Middle Notes: Lychee, Nectarine, Passionflower, Rose
    • Bottom Notes: Musk, Sandalwood

A New Look

Did you notice yet, that we’ve had a little jiggle around? Keeps you on your toes right?  

We get into the good stuff right away with the Blending Recommendations, Diffuser Blends, and professional recipes up first. 

Regular readers will notice a new section called ‘How Would I Blend It’? This is where I will show you how to create your own Blending Frameworks. 

For those of you who are complete beginners or somewhat new to fragrance oils, you will find a whole wealth of links to helpful information further into the post. We take educating you seriously and so we show you how to use VINEVIDA fragrance and essential oils to their best effects and safely!

We always support you with professionally written tutorials and tried and tested recipes that you can trust. Our articles are always packed with useful information to help you progress through your fragrant journey. 

Blending Recommendations

Blending Recommendations

NO. 1102 drips with mouth-watering fruit notes and romantic floral and sensuous base notes. It just sings paradise.

You’d be forgiven for thinking NO.1102 is just a scent of summer, but there is so much more to it. It has a simple elegance that can be enjoyed all year through. It’s worth spending some time to give her time to reveal her secrets! 

There’s a sweet, fresh citrus welcome, which is bursting with fruit and floral notes in the top and heart notes, before drying down to a musky, powdery, and woody finish. 

Use NO. 1102 on its own or why not try blending it with other VINEVIDA essential oils and fragrance oils for some stunning results and to create your own bespoke blends? 

How Would I Blend It?

I get asked all the time “Well, how would you blend this”? It is a great question!

When you first begin it can be hard to define Blending Frameworks for yourself, but essentially all you are doing is looking for ‘gaps’ to add in harmonizing oils. Those oils could be fragrance oils or essential oils or a combination of them both. However, once you start to practice it, it becomes easier. 

Blending NO. 1102

As a whole, NO. 1102 has top notes that are full of fruit and flowers, very much like the heart notes. That does not mean there is no room by any means. There is still a little space for some carefully chosen elements. However, the base notes offer us plenty of space to add some dimension and make it deeper or even more romantic than it already is. 

Top Notes

Top Notes

We could add in some light, green notes here, but we need to choose smooth notes rather than sharp ones that would jostle with those soft petals. Bamboo and Aloe are beautifully smooth and are perfect options here. 

Citrus notes are already present and can be added to create uplift, and vibrancy and make it sparkle. Plump for a tiny edge of sharpness with Grapefruit but the smooth, creaminess of Kaffir Lime is a better choice. 

Suggestions for Fragrance Oils

Plump for smooth fresh green notes with NO. 4 - Bamboo Garden.

Suggestions for Essential Oils

Choose zesty citrus notes, like Grapefruit, add a touch more freshness with Mandarin, or even a dash more Tangerine.

Heart Notes

Heart Notes

The heart notes are bursting with sweet, vibrant fruit, but ones that are more on the light side, Raspberry, Lychee and Nectarine, but you could deepen this by adding a dark fruit like Black Cherry or Blackcurrant. Take care with Blueberry though, it could be a step too far! 

Those florals are so heart-achingly romantic that it can be hard to see how you could make it any better. Add to the Peony, Passionflower and Rose by adding in Rose Geranium to compliment the Rose and Lychee notes. You could even broaden the heart notes out with a heady floral like Jasmine or Gardenia, but stick to one, don’t be eager to use both! 

My preference here would be to introduce some spice. You can go two ways, light with Cardamom to compliment the orange notes with a dash of Coriander and Ginger for some warmth. Or you can really spice things up and go for the big hitters of Cinnamon, Star Anise and a pinch of Clove.  The fruity notes of both Pink and Black Pepper are ideal here too. 

Suggestions for Fragrance Oils

Give the heart notes some depth using heady florals try either NO. 44 - Jasmine or NO. 38 - Gardenia.

Suggestions for Essential Oils

Spice things up in the heart with Black Pepper and Ginger.

Base Notes

Base Notes

You have the most room to play with here and it is the space where you can make the biggest difference to NO. 1102.

Those deep spices, mentioned above, would be perfect to add an extra sense of warmth and move it from a daytime ambiance into that of night. Cinnamon brings a sense of comfort while Star Anise offers a sense of the exotic. 

Notch up the sensual aspects of the fragrance by adding rich notes of Vanilla, Caramel or even a dash of Cream.

Introduce smooth notes of Amber, Oud and even a splash of more Sandalwood to bring depth and pull you right down into the fragrance. 

Fragrance Oils Recommendations

To add smooth creamy and caramel notes, NO. 1117 - Salted Caramel has them all. Alternatively, ramp up the idea of a tropical paradise with the smooth cream notes of NO. 27 - Coconut Cream

Essential Oil Recommendations

Use Amyris for those Sandalwood tones and add depth and comfort with Vanilla (Oleoresin)

I hope this gives you some ideas about ‘constructing’ your blends as they offer you a better chance of success.

An Interesting Way To Use Vanilla

An Interesting Way To Use Vanilla

Any smell affects the limbic system of the brain, but Vanilla does it in quite a profound way. Our brain reacts like we are being comforted, and of course, when we feel comfortable, it is easier for us to feel both safe and secure in our surroundings. 

This makes Vanilla an invaluable tool at your disposal to create a comforting and safe space in your home. You can create it for yourself, your children, or even friends who are having a tough time. 

Using a dash of Vanilla is an effective way to help people feel more comfortable, and therefore, safer, in your home. It can be particularly useful after experiencing trauma. 

Two Important Points About VINEVIDA Fragrance Oils

Free From Nasties & Cruelty

VINEVIDA is committed to your skincare, taking it just as seriously as you do. For this reason, none of our fragrance oils contain nasties like Phthalates, Parabens SLES, and SLS. 

Our fragrance oils are never tested on animals and are cruelty-free. 

Two Different Variations of NO. 1102 - Get The Right One!

At VINEVIDA we stock two different versions of NO. 1102 - Inspired By: Bali Mango By Bath & Body Works Fragrance Oil.

    1. Diffuser Fragrance Oil 
    2. Soaps and Candles Fragrance Oil

If you are using a Nebulizing or Cold Air Diffuser, always select NO. 1102 - Diffuser Fragrance Oil, after all, is professionally formulated for this specific purpose. Please use it for this purpose only. 

VINEVIDA Soaps and Candles Fragrance Oil are exceptionally versatile and have a variety of applications. They have been professionally designed and formulated for both professional and home applications. They are purposefully designed for making soaps and candles and formulated to withstand the intense heat and rigorous production processes. 

The Soaps and Candles variation offers resilient and persistent aromas when producing soaps and candles and other home and topical products. 

It is also professionally designed for formulating both home and professional toiletries, skincare, and perfume too. 

It is such an incredible product that offers amazing versatility across numerous applications. But let’s prove that to you and create some exciting diffuser blends to get things started. 

Creative Ways To Use And Blend NO. 1102

How to Make Diffuser Blends With NO. 1102

NO. 1102 is an alluring fragrance oil all on its own, like paradise at noon. Yet, we can add our unique touch as there is plenty of room in the scent profile to play with. If we want to, we can tip the whole gender balance of the fragrance too. 

Please have fun with these amazing fragrances by creating diffuser blends for your home. It can be an exciting place for any beginner to learn about blending fragrances and essential oils. Try them all and build up your confidence and your blending skills.

I’ll show you how to create harmonious accords by using the recommended scent companions. You can build on these accord suggestions and use them to create incredible diffuser blends of your own.

Original Scent Profile Ideal Companions
Top Apple, Peony, Raspberry, Tangerine Lemon, Lime, Kaffir Lime, Pink Grapefruit,
Mandarin, Sweet Orange, Pomegranate, Tangerine, Bamboo, Aloe, Galbanum, White and Green Tea
Heart Lychee, Nectarine, Passionflower, Rose Black Cherry, Coconut, Lychee, Peach, Purple Plum, Black Pepper, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Ginger, Nutmeg, Pink Pepper, Gardenia, Helichrysum, Hibiscus, Jasmine, Palmarosa, Rose Geranium, Violet, Tiare Flower (Monoi), Milk and Sugar notes
Base Musk, Sandalwood Amber, Amyris, Caramel, Clove, Cream, Oud, Sandalwood, Tuberose, Vanilla

Follow This Framework

    1. Into the top notes add smooth green notes and/or sharp uplifting fruit, or fruit with that smooth edge like Kaffir Lime. 
    2. The heart space has room to add strong floral notes, but just choose one, don’t go overly complex here, it would be easy to upset the balance. You can enhance the sensual nature of the fragrance, making it more feminine with one judicious choice like Gardenia. 
    3. Those heady flowers can be balanced with some fruity spices like Pink or Black Pepper and Cardamom.
    4. For masculine heart notes, to tip the gender balance, plump for rich, warm spices like Cinnamon, Ginger or Nutmeg. 
    5. The base notes offer plenty of space to make more radical changes and play with the balance and composition of this fragrance oil. Plump for those smooth and rounded scents like Amber, and Oud. Remember, many of these fragrances provide this overall feeling of powdery smoothness. 
    6. Sandalwood and Amyris offer rich wood notes.
    7. You can elevate the whole profile by adding in Coconut or sweet creamy scents like Caramel and Vanilla. You could even add a dash of Rum scent to round it all off beautifully. 
    8. Learn how to blend patiently by experimenting with one drop at a time. Add a drop and then stop, mix everything thoroughly, and then test it. Give your nose a break after working for about 20 minutes and come back to it. 
    9. Always gauge the scent out of the bowl or bottle. Get yourself some scent strips, they don’t cost a lot and will make a big difference to how to evaluate your blends. If you work in this way, you are far less likely to go wrong. It’s a fairly foolproof method!
    10. Generally, aim to keep the balance of the original scent. Often, it is key to the process, improving your chance of overall success. However, you can go heavy in the base notes with this and tip that balance successfully, the key is knowing where and just how much to tip it! 

Follow this framework and you can achieve incredible, and successful, outcomes for your diffuser blends.  

Working Safely With IFRA

Diffuser Blends come under IFRA Category 12 where NO. 1102  fragrance oil has no safety restrictions in this category. 

POLITE REMINDER: If you have a Cold Air Diffusers, you must always use the DIFFUSER Fragrance Oil variation. The Soaps & Candles variations are too thick for your machines so please DO NOT use them. 

For more information on the differences between the two variations of fragrance oils check out How To Use Vinevida Oils.


    1. Learning to make a Diffuser Blend is a wonderful entry project for experimenting with fragrance oils.
    2. First, read the recipe through.
    3. Measure out all of your fragrance oils and essential oils carefully and combine them in a small measuring jug.
    4. Use a funnel to decant the diffuser blend into your 10ml dropper bottle. Using a funnel helps you keep the bottle oil-free.
    5. Use a good quality silicone spatula and scrape every last precious drop of oil from the jug and funnel into the bottle. 
    6. List all of the ingredients used on a water and oil-proof label. Apply it to your clean and oil-free bottle.
    7. You MUST label your bottle as ‘UNDILUTED’ for obvious safety reasons, please.

Using These Diffuser Blends:

    1. Always consult your manufacturer's instructions and get their specific guidance on your diffusers please.  
    2. Your manufacturer’s guidance may state that you need to dilute your blend in some way. Please follow their instructions. 

NO. 1102  Diffuser Blends

Paradise Found

Paradise Found

This diffuser blend evokes a perfect day in paradise, from the first vitalizing rays of morning sun through to the last embers of sunset in the sky.  Lie back and watch the day go by, unhurried and supremely relaxed. 

We like this for any room in the house, but we particularly like it for living areas and areas where you socialize and let your hair down a bit. You’ll love this, it’s certainly paradise found. 

I’ve added vitalizing Grapefruit to the top notes and filled the heart and base notes with sweet Coconut and Caramel notes. 



    • Not designed for use on the skin.
    • Do not diffuse where cats are present. (Grapefruit and Lime)

The Paradise Club

The Paradise Club

Let's tip the gender balance with this one! You may think it’s too feminine to tip over the edge, but trust me, you ramp up those spice notes and deepen down the base and you can completely flip the whole balance of this, but all the while, maintain the original heart and integrity of this fragrance.

It is ideal for use in the sitting room, but we like it for creating that masculine paradise in the bedroom and even in the bathroom for a sophisticated finish. 



    • Not designed for use on the skin.

Bird Of Paradise Bouquet

Bird Of Paradise Bouquet

This is wonderfully feminine, bursting with exotic flowers and fresh green notes to lift the introduction of the scent before it pulls you into its floral heart and lays you into a bed of alluring, musky, and woody base notes.  

You can use this any time of the day or night to add bright feminine fragrance to your home.  It’s ideal for anywhere in the home, but we love it for bringing its freshness to the busy living areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and sitting and dining areas.  



    • Not designed or formulated for topical use on the skin.

DIY Recipes Using NO. 1102 - Inspired By: Bali Mango By Bath & Body Works Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil

We just get so excited about the potential and sheer versatility of VINEVIDA’s Soaps and candle fragrance oils, it’s our mission to ignite your senses and get you just as excited about them too!

We get inspired by them at every turn and we hope that you will too. 

Their versatility comes to the fore when you realize how well they combine with other base and natural ingredients. Not to mention essential oils, which allow you to get the best of both worlds. Intense, resilient fragrance and all the active benefits and properties of the essential oils. 

Looking For Inspiration

There really are hundreds and hundreds of different ways to use fragrance oils for both topical products and those used throughout the home and garden.

Let us show you how versatile they can be in Unlock The Power Of Aromatherapy: 100 Ways To Use Essential Oils (& Fragrance Oils)

It is packed with over a hundred links to our professionally written tutorials and exciting recipes. It will prove an absolute treasure trove of inspiration for you and a great place to start formulating your own recipes! 

This Week’s Recipe

This week, we have paradise in a bottle with NO. 1102, it just burst with notes of the tropics. Rich in juicy, mouth-watering fruits, blowsy flowers, and that rich underscore of precious Sandalwood.

It is a scent that is perfectly suited to vacation and beach products. We covered After Sun last week, but I want to extend your skills a little more with Sunset Shimmer Lotion. It’s perfect for giving that extra bit of shimmer and making your skin look healthy and like it is glowing! 

Sunset Shimmer Lotion

Sunset Shimmer Lotion

Now you can make life easy on yourself here, or not. If you want an easy life, buy a ready-made unscented lotion base. Alternatively, have a go at this easy recipe.

You can choose to add the essential oils for their skin soothing actions, doubling it up as an After Sun Lotion, as well as delivering an alluring shimmer to your skin.

Getting The Mica Right

The tricky bit is getting the shimmer strength right. I cannot tell you exactly how much to add because cosmetic grade Mica varies as a natural material, as will the colors that you choose for yourself. 

Therefore you will need to gauge the balance yourself. Too little and the effect will disappear, too much and you end up looking like the Tin Man from The Wizard Of Oz. 

Mix the Mica powder with some Vodka (or water) to turn it into a smooth, lump-free slurry paste. It pays to get rid of any lumps before mixing it into your lotion base. Please, add a bit at a time, test it, and adjust if necessary. You can always add more, taking some out though is rather problematic! Just be patient with it. 

What Color Mica Should I Use?

    • Paler skin tone suits the softer gold and rose gold colors, err on the lighter side, so it does not stick out like a sore thumb!
    • Brown skin or a darker olive skin tone could plump for beautiful antique gold tones and bronze.
    • Shimmer can look incredible on very dark brown skin in both gold, copper and bronze tones.
    • Those with very black skin can be much more adventurous and plump for bright silver tones. Notch it up by adding tinges of blue or purple. If you need a reference point, search for - Adut Akech on the cover of British Vogue in February 2022.

This recipe makes 100 ml of Sunset Shimmer Lotion. 

You Will Need: 

    1. Measuring jug 
    2. Mixing bowl
    3. Funnel
    4. Stainless steel spoon 
    5. 100ml bottle
    6. Oil and waterproof label


Optional essential oils for After Sun actions

Optional: Preservative of your choice - follow the manufacturer's guidance. 


    • If using the essential oils - Do not use it in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy.
    • Always shake well before use to distribute the mica powder.


Are you using a preservative? Please consult the manufacturer's instructions, as they can vary from product to product.

    1. Carefully measure out your carrier oils and glycerine into a bowl or measuring jug and combine them together.
    2. Add in your NO. 1102 fragrance oil and the essential oils and mix thoroughly.
    3. Combine the rest of the base ingredients in a mixing bowl.
    4. Prepare your Mica slurry. Take a small amount, about ⅛ tsp, mixing it with a small amount of Vodka or water until it is lump-free.
    5. Add it a small amount at a time, mixing and testing it as you go. 
    6. Take the time now to get the shimmer right before adding any expensive oils. 
    7. If you feel you need more Mica than you mixed, make another batch of slurry and continue until you feel it is perfect for your skin tone. It’s trial and error, due to the varying color tones, skin tones and natural consistency of the Mica itself.
    8. Only once you are completely happy with the shimmer level, add the fragrant oil mix and thoroughly combine until everything is well incorporated.
    9. Using a funnel, decant your Sunset Shimmer Lotion into a 100ml bottle and cap tightly.
    10. List all of the ingredients for obvious safety reasons onto an oil and waterproof label, and add the date too. 

How to Use:

    1. Be sure to carry out a 24- 48 hour patch test before first use. Though you probably did this as you were testing it, especially if you left it on your skin! 
    2. Always shake before use to distribute the Mica through the lotion, as it can settle depending on the viscosity of the lotion base. 
    3. Work the Sunset Shimmer Lotion into your skin liberally.
    4. It helps to pay particular attention to concentrating shimmer along the length of the shins up the thighs and the length of the arms.  You could even make an extra shimmery lotion just for this purpose. I’ve made one in a wax base before now, and popped it in a lip balm tin, that way you can pop it in your purse and refresh as needed through those long summer nights! 
    5. Also, add some shimmer to your décolletage to highlight your facial features.
    6. If you have aimed the shimmer on the very light side, pop some on your face. However,  avoid this if the shimmer is on the heavy side. You’ll look like the Tin Man!  
    7. Use within 3-6 months.

IFRA Safety

NO. 1102  in IFRA Category 5A has maximum safety restrictions of 28.94%. What this actually translates to, is that in 100ml of product, you can use up to 28 ml of NO. 1102 - Inspired By: Bali Mango By Bath & Body Works Soaps and Candles fragrance oil. 

28% is a LOT and honestly, you don’t need anywhere near this much. We would recommend in Body Lotions that you aim to use 3- 5%

You can use the ‘Body Lotion’ option on the VINEVIDA Calculator when working out the correct safety data for your own formulations and recipes.

Why Not Extend The Range?

If you want something much thicker and richer try this - Shimmer Luxe Créme

Did you miss this month's issue of the Oil Of The Month: NO. 61 - Pina Colada Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil? We covered Holiday Halo Hot Oil and our Gorgeous After Sun Lotion.

Radiant Beach Body: Unlock Beauty With Essential Oils Kit has everything you need to be vacation-ready!  Sugar and Salt Exfoliator, Mega Moisture Lotion, Delectable Dry Oil, Refreshing Spritz and a blissful After Sun. Pop on over now to get your body more buffed and gorgeous than it already is! 

Ways To Use NO. 1102 - Inspired By: Bali Mango By Bath & Body Works Fragrance Oil

Ways To Use NO. 1102 - Inspired By: Bali Mango By Bath & Body Works Fragrance Oil

NO. 1102  Fragrance Oil is the captivating fragrance of paradise at noon. Where the warmth and heat of the day has intensified all the amazing aromas of fruit, flowers and rich wood. It’s simply glorious.  

Bright sharp Apple dance with Tangerine, tart Raspberry and sweet Nectarine. The Rose tones of Lychee meet blowsy Peonies and Passionflower before a romantic crescendo of pink Roses. Finally, a warm, sensuous embrace from Musk and precious Sandalwood.

Discover and explore using VINEVIDA fragrance oils with us in Ways To Use Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil.

Here we show you in more detail how to use Soaps and candle fragrance oils in three distinct categories: 

    • Topical Products
    • Scenting The Home
    • Diffusers and Candle Burners

Keep reading for a few specific ideas on how to use NO. 1102. 

Topical Products



For consistent results, you can rely on when making soap, choose VINEVIDA Soaps and candle fragrance oils.

NO. 1102 creates a romantic, paradise-inspired soap that will always prove an uplifting and aspirational choice at handmade and Artisan markets. 

Sell The Idea Of Paradise 

You can really sell the idea of paradise by adding more coconut notes with NO. 27 - Coconut Cream and pair with NO. 1407 - Inspired By: Sunkissed Hibiscus By Nest has so many complimentary notes which marry perfectly together. 


At this time of the year, the stores are full of summer scents especially those that evoke a tropical paradise. You don’t have to look far to see how popular they are.

NO. 1102 is perfect in body lotions and luxe creams aimed at the After Sun market. Yet it has so much more to offer and make mouthwatering toiletries and skincare. 

I think it is absolutely gorgeous in Bath Scrubs and highly recommend trying this delightfully refreshing fragrance in this manner. 



NO. 1102 ’s notes of tropical paradise with mouth watering fruit, blowsy flowers and rich woods are ideal for creating romantic, and even vacation-themed, skincare gift sets.

I love NO. 1102 for light and fresh skincare products. It brings femininity to Cleansers, Face Spritzes and Moisturizers. 

Face Spritz

Beat the heat and use NO. 1102 in a Refreshing Face And Body Spritz.


NO. 1102 can be used in a variety of makeup and cosmetics, unfortunately, you cannot use it in lip products though. It would be the perfect scent for a velvety Skin Primer.

Learn How!

Want to know how you can use VINEVIDA fragrance oils in Eye Shadows, Blush Tints, and Mineral Foundations? Simply check out Essential Beauty: Crafting Homemade Makeup With Oils

Perfume Layering

Layering Perfumes With Essential Oils - The Body Edition shows you how to create a layering effect in your personal perfume by using a variety of fragrances and essential oils to create harmonious accords. 

You can easily do this with NO. 1102. Creating A Signature Scent shows you exactly how to do this. 

Fancy Trying Your Hand At Making Perfume?

Why not use NO. 1102 as a basis for making a refreshing, paradise-themed Eau De Cologne? Go to Craft Your Scent: Cologne With Essential Oils And Fragrance Oil to find out how easy it is, though you do need to be patient as it takes time to ‘cure’. 

Scenting The Home

Scenting The Home

Signature Home Scents With NO. 1102  

Signature Scents don’t have to be restricted to your topical products, you can run it through your home too and save yourself a lot of money! 

Harmonious Accords and Layering Techniques

You can combine the harmonious accords given in the Blending Framework along with the techniques in Layering Perfumes In The Home to layer amazing fragrances through your home. Why not create your own Signature Home Scent while you are there?

Candles and Wax Products

NO. 1102 appeals to aspirational customers wanting a slice of a tropical paradise or to have vacation memories bought alive and embodied in a Candle scent. Don’t forget you can also make matching Wax Melts and Sachets, and Reed Diffusers to expand your choices and give more control in the various areas of your home.

Room Sprays And Linen Sprays

Make your own Room Spray or Linen Spray with NO. 1102 gives you control with ‘on the spot’ refreshment. Room Spray With Fragrance Oils puts the fragrant control right in your hands.

Turn Your Car Into a Tropical Paradise

Fill your car with paradise and its juicy fruits, blowsy florals, and rich hardwoods with NO. 1102.  Take your pick of ideas in How To Make Car Air Freshener With Essential And Fragrance Oils

Cleaning Products for The Home

Don’t forget that you can use those delicious, fresh notes NO. 1102 in cleaning products all around the home, including your laundry care. Try something new and bring paradise inside by making your own Laundry Detergent, Tumble Dryer Sheets, and Scented Solutions for using Wool Dryer Balls, it’s so much fun!  

Protect Surfaces and Furnishings From Fragrance Oil

As oil-based products, fragrance oils may stain polished and painted surfaces, furniture, and furnishings. Please take steps to protect surfaces before use.

It would be wise to carry out patch tests in inconspicuous areas, especially on your more precious surfaces and linens.

Are You New to VINEVIDA Fragrance Oils?

Our blog and website are bursting at the seams with useful information, informative articles and professional recipes and tutorials. 

We guide the way with a series of articles aimed at beginners.

Join The Facebook Group

Come and shine your light and connect with like-minded customers in the VINEVIDA Facebook Group. Dive into the friendly atmosphere and share your creations made with VINEVIDA products. We will see you there!   

The Final Word

The Final Word

It has been an immersion in paradise this week working with the mouthwatering and tropical notes of NO. 1102 - Inspired By: Bali Mango By Bath & Body Works fragrance oil. 

I have loved the way it transports you, warming like the midday sun on ripening fruit, fragrant, juicy, and mouthwateringly delicious. While the fruits urge you to stay with them, you cannot help but sink in the soft, velvety flower petals and be seduced by a rhapsody of pink Roses, Peonies, and Passionflowers. The final musky embrace of precious Sandalwood is heady, comforting, and sophisticated. 

Transport yourself with the vibrant fruity floral notes of NO. 1102. Here at VINEVIDA, we love its blowsy floral heart and mouth-watering fruits. 

Have fun experimenting with NO. 1102 by trying all the diffuser blends. Get noticed for all the right reasons and be the belle of the ball with the Sunset Shimmer Lotion. We know that you will love it as much as we do!


BALI MANGO™ is a trademark of Bath & Body Works LLC. VINEVIDA and its products are not affiliated with, endorsed by, or in any way associated with Bath & Body Works LLC or its trademarks.

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