Our Version Of Fleur D'Oranger By Diptyque Fragrance Oil Of The Week

Our Version Of Fleur D'Oranger By Diptyque Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil Showcase

Our Version Of Fleur D'Oranger By Diptyque is an invigorating, refreshing, and evocative Fragrance Oil. It transports you to those wonderful Orange groves of the Mediterranean at the height of their blossoming. The air filled with the fragrance of Orange blossoms. The deeper and alluring notes of Sandalwood and Musk encourage you to linger among the fragrant trees.  

Fragrance Notes

Our Version Of Fleur D'Oranger By Diptyque evokes the fragrance of Mediterranean Orange groves in full bloom, basking in the sunshine, as the insects buzz around busily for their bounty and harvest.  

Notes of Bergamot, Citrus, and those heady white florals and blossoms open the dance. Then the deeper citrus and blossom combination of Neroli entwines with Cinnamon to have you in a twirl. Yet, it is the complex footwork of the base notes that leaves you breathless. Smooth Vanilla, and divine Amber both meld with Sandalwood before alluring Musk and mysterious Tonka finish this elaborate and sophisticated dance through the Orange grove.

Linger and lay back in the wildflowers and meadowgrass of the Orange groves and allow the beauty of Our Version Of Fleur D'Oranger By Diptyque Fragrance Oil to transport you. It feels refreshing, and invigorating, yet sophisticated and elaborate. Let it enchant you with its dance.

It’s a Fragrance Oil that we think is incredibly refreshing here at VINEVIDA.

    • Top: Bergamot, Citrus, White Florals
    • Mid: Cinnamon, Neroli
    • Bottom: Vanilla, Amber, Sandalwood, Musk, Tonka

    Do You Need Some Help Using VINEVIDA Fragrance Oils?

    Do You Need Some Help Using VINEVIDA Fragrance Oils?

    We take our business seriously here at VINEVIDA. Therefore, it is important to us that we help you, our valued customers, get the best from the products that we sell.

    Often, there can be customer confusion about which oil to use for what purpose. Especially, for those who are just beginning on their fragrant journey with us.

    In light of this, we have written this informative article How To Use Vinevida Oils to help clarify and answer some of your questions and queries. 

    The article answers commonly asked questions like “Can I use this in my diffuser” and “How to use VINEVIDA oils for diffusers''.

    We look at our two different types of VINEVIDA Fragrance Oils in depth and define the best applications of each one. Whether that be using it in your diffuser to making fragrant soaps or candles.

    Then, we explore our Essential and Carrier oils and help you understand the differences between them and define their best applications.

    This article will show you how to get the very best from any of the oils you purchase from VINEVIDA. Be one of the first to read it and get in the know!

    We also help you unravel the mystery of how each type of diffuser works and which VINEVIDA Fragrance Oil is the best choice for you and your diffuser.

    VINEVIDA’S Favorite Ways To Use Our Version Of Fleur D'Oranger By Diptyque Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil

    VINEVIDA’S Favorite Ways To Use Our Version Of Fleur D'Oranger By Diptyque Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil

    Our Version Of Fleur D'Oranger By Diptyque is an elaborate and refreshing Fragrance Oil that greets you with fresh, bright citrus and blossom notes. Woven with just a hint of spice, deep woods, and smooth Vanilla and Tonka, it is wonderfully sophisticated and elegant.

    Toiletries and Skincare 

    Our Version Of Fleur D'Oranger By Diptyque Fragrance Oil creates wonderful shower gels. While we think they are best designed to wake you up and get you ready for the day, they are sophisticated enough for use in the evening too.

    Fragrance Oil with elaborate and complex notes like this tends to make exquisite body oils and butter.

    We would highly recommend this for those wishing to have a go at making their perfumes for the first time. Simply because it has been masterfully blended to start with!  

    Scenting The Home 

    Its refreshing, evocative, and sophisticated scent profile makes it the perfect choice for scenting

    the home. It is suitable for any room in the house and can be used right across the home.

    You could use it as the base for creating a Signature Home Scent. Discover more about Signature Home Scents, in our article Layering Perfumes In The Home.

    Wax and Scented Products

    Our Version Of Fleur D'Oranger By Diptyque Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil is a perfect choice for those of you wishing to make wax-based products.

    It is an ideal choice for creating more upmarket candles, wax melts, and sachets. You can also use it in all types of aromatherapy candle burners. Given it is so lovely, why not have a go at making your own Reed Diffuser too?


    We find that Our Version Of Fleur D'Oranger By Diptyque Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil is super versatile and that it easily blends with some of our other Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils.

    I like mixing it with more strong citrus notes and heady white floral heart notes. It will take intoxicating florals and rich woody and spicy fragrances for an incredible sensation. Try blending it with Mahogany TeakwoodCitrus Odor Eliminator, Gardenia, and Jasmine but it also blends wonderfully with citrus and intoxicating white flower Essential Oils like Neroli, JasmineYlang-Ylang, and Bergamot enriching the whole scent profile.

    Cold Air Diffusers

    We have a version of Our Version Of Fleur D'Oranger By Diptyque Diffuser Fragrance Oil developed especially for your Cold Air Diffusers too Find it here.

    Be mindful not to use the Soaps and Candles version in your Cold Air or Nebulizing Diffuser. It has a thicker viscosity, and it is not designed for this purpose. 

    Creative Ways To Use And Blend Our Version Of Fleur D'Oranger By Diptyque Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil

    It has been so easy to come up with ideas, recipes, and tutorials for using Our Version Of Fleur D'Oranger By Diptyque Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil for you this week because it is so masterfully blended in the first place! 

    It's an evocative and sophisticated Fragrance Oil for use around the home and in skincare and toiletries. I’m going to show you how you make products that appear high-end and luxurious but on a budget with this versatile fragrance oil. The key will be in how you package and present your final products.

    For those of you running small businesses, it is key to focus on how to achieve these more luxurious products, in cost-effective ways. Choose good quality base ingredients and design your packaging carefully and you can’t go wrong. 

    Dry Body Oil

    Dry Body Oil

    When you have such a masterfully blended, sophisticated, and evocative fragrance oil like Our Version Of Fleur D'Oranger By Diptyque, you need to do very little to make incredible products. 

    Simplicity is sometimes the order of the day.

    As I said above, fragrance oils like this make luxurious scented body products I used it

    recently to make a Scented Dry Body Oil and I just thought it was sublime. I also managed to do it very cost-effectively.

    I covered making your own Dry Body Oil in this blog article - Gleaming Skin Secrets: Dry Body Oil Magic, so pop on over if you want a bit more information and guidance.

    In IFRA Category 5a Our Version Of Fleur D'Oranger By Diptyque Fragrance Oil has a maximum safety dilution rate of 7.24%

      1. In 100 ml of carrier oils, I suggest a mixture of 40% Grapeseed, 30% Argan, 20% Avocado, and 10% Rosehip. 
      2. You can add up to 7ml of Our Version Of Fleur D'Oranger By Diptyque Soaps and Candles Fragrance Oil, I suggest starting at 2ml (2%) and working up from there until you reach the desired intensity of fragrance. 
      3. Mix them and then decant them into a suitable bottle using a funnel to help. 
      4. Label clearly and list all the ingredients.
      5. Do a 24-48 hour patch test before using it for the first time. 
      6. Simply add a few drops, to warm, your hand and massage into your skin well. Pay particular attention to areas prone to dryness such as the elbows, knees, and ankles. 

      Our Favorite Recipes

      VINEVIDA Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oils are incredible when it comes to designing, creating, and making creative projects. We get very excited about the possibilities of our fragrance oils here at VINEVIDA and love coming up with new ideas and cost-effective projects for you all.

      This week, we have the sophisticated and elegant Version Of Fleur D'Oranger By Diptyque Fragrance Oil and we are keeping it simple. However, it is a product I doubt you have ever thought of making before! Hair Perfume.

      For our second recipe, we will continue with the perfume theme and show you how to make a super simple but Sophisticated Solid Perfume with Our Version Of Fleur D'Oranger By Diptyque Fragrance Oil.  They are great for when you are on the go and just need a little fragrant refresh throughout the day. Just pop one in your purse, office desk, or gym bag and you are good to go!

      Hair Perfume 

      Hair Perfume

      Yes, you did read that right. Hair perfume! 

      Our hair is a bit like a magnet for absorbing the fragrances and odors that surround us every day. It will hold the aroma of last night’s campfire or takeaway. It will even absorb the scent of the air and city after your morning jog. My grandson’s hair usually smells of his mother’s perfume or his Dad’s deodorant!

      It is not the best idea to use your normal perfume on your hair as it contains a lot of alcohol that can prove very drying to your precious locks. This is an ideal alternative for refreshing your hair and maintaining its hydration.

      Our Version Of Fleur D'Oranger By Diptyque Fragrance Oil offers us another chance to keep things simple and cost-effective, yet, really decadent and luxurious at the same time. 

      In IFRA Category 7b Our Version Of Fleur D'Oranger By Diptyque fragrance oil has a maximum safety dilution rate of 4.66%.

      TOP TIP: Don’t skip the surfactant element, you need the Fragrance Oil to dilute into the base. If you have not got access to a commercial brand use an equal proportion of Castile Soap to fragrance oil. In this recipe, you would use 2ml of both ingredients, if you feel it needs more soap to disperse the oils, add another 1ml. 

      You Will Need:

        • Small Measuring Jug
        • Small Bowl
        • Stainless Steel Spoon
        • Funnel
        • 100ml Spray Bottle
        • Waterproof Label


          1. 70ml Rosewater or a Hydrosol of your choice.
          2. 25ml Witch Hazel.
          3. Surfactants, like Polysorbate 80 - amount depends on individual manufacturer guidelines.
          4. 2ml of Our Version Of Fleur D'Oranger By Diptyque Soap and Candles Fragrance Oil.


            • Do a 24-48 hour patch test before using. 
            • Avoid spraying in the face and eyes, if this occurs, rinse with plenty of clean, warm water. If irritation persists, seek immediate medical advice, taking the clearly labeled container with you.


            1. Read and follow the manufacturer's guidelines and instructions for your surfactant and note when to add it and how much to add.
            2. In a small measuring jug, measure out the Rosewater and Witch Hazel and combine well together. 
            3. If you are using Castile Soap as a surfactant, in a small bowl, measure out your fragrance oil and then your Castile Soap and mix well together. If you feel it needs a bit more soap to distribute/dissolve the Fragrance Oil, add another 1ml, but don’t go mad. You don’t want this to bubble on your hair! 
            4. Now add this mix into your Rosewater and Witch Hazel in the measuring jug and stir well to combine.
            5. Using a funnel decant into your spray bottle, cap immediately and prime the pump.
            6. Label and date, listing all ingredients clearly for safety reasons. Add the instruction to the label to ‘Shake Well Before Use’.

            How to Use:

              1. Do a 24-48 patch test before using.
              2. Shake well before use.
              3. It is up to you to use this before or after styling. I would normally use it as a final spritz to my finished ‘do’. 
              4. Alternatively, brush your hair well and give a quick, light spritz over the length of the hair. 
              5. You don’t want your hair to be wet, but it will be ever so slightly damp with the fine mist.

              Sophisticated Solid Perfume

              Sophisticated Solid Perfume

              It is the masterful blending of Our Version Of Fleur D'Oranger By Diptyque Soap and Candles Fragrance Oil that makes this perfect for these quick and easy projects. The Fragrance Oil itself is enough and you need little else to elevate it.

              I whipped one of these up in just a few minutes last week and I have been dipping into this fragrant delight every day since. It is just sublime.

              Now, consider taking the time to present this beautifully. Design and create a beautiful label for your perfect little tin of deliciousness. It is something we often neglect to do for ourselves but it helps to add to that feeling of it being something luxurious, and decadent and make it feel like the perfect little treat.

              This recipe makes approximately 20 ml of Solid Perfume with Our Version Of Fleur D'Oranger By Diptyque Soap and Candles Fragrance Oil. In IFRA category 5a, it has maximum safety dilution restrictions of 7.24%.

              You Will Need:

                • Small microwave-proof measuring Jug
                • Stainless Steel Spoon
                • Small Silicone Spatula
                • Clean Cotton Cloth
                • 20 ml Balm Tin 
                • Label


                  1. 10g Beeswax.
                  2. 10ml Sweet Almond Carrier Oil (Prunus Dulcis). 
                  3. 20 drops of Our Version Of Fleur D'Oranger By Diptyque Soap and Candles Fragrance Oil.


                    • Preservative of your choice, follow your individual manufacturer's guidelines.


                    • Do a 24-48 hour patch test before using. 


                      1. If using a preservative, note when to add it and how much and adjust the recipe accordingly.
                      2. Measure out your beeswax and place it in a small microwave-proof measuring jug and heat in 30-second intervals until the wax is melted (Yes, my regular readers would know I would usually balk at this way of doing it, but 5g is not worth getting your double boiler out of the cupboard. If you want to use a double boiler, please do, but make a bigger batch to make it worth it).
                      3. Once fully melted, measure out your Sweet Almond carrier oil and mix in thoroughly scraping down the jug with a silicone spatula.
                      4. Working quickly but carefully, add in your 20 drops of fragrance oil and mix well.
                      5. Pour into your balm tin and cover with a clean cloth until fully set.  (This helps stop the potential formation of mold)
                      6. Pop your lid on and label listing all ingredients and dates.  

                      How to Use:

                        • Carry out a 24-48 hour patch test before using.
                        • Simply apply a small amount to your pulse points with your fingertips.

                      If you fancy having a go at crafting your perfume, take a look at this blog article - How To Make Perfume With Essential Oils. Our Version Of Fleur D'Oranger By Diptyque Soap and Candles Fragrance Oil is the ideal fragrance oil to try this technique with.

                      Safety Aspects

                      Always be sure to follow the IFRA safety dilution recommendations, they are designed to keep you and your family safe.

                      It’s vitally important you stay within the recommended guidelines. No more so, when you create products that you intend to give away or sell to customers. They are then out of your control, but you are still ultimately responsible for the original formulation.

                      It is a priority to us here at VINEVIDA,  to show you how to use our products creatively, sustainably, and most importantly, safely. You can find all the safety information on our website

                      that you are likely to need. 

                      You can find them on individual web pages for the fragrance oils that you are using. Simply follow the safety guidelines provided to you there.

                      It is very simple to find. Click over to the individual Fragrance Oils webpage and locate the link labeled DOCUMENTS. Then search for the file that says: IFRA STATEMENT, and click on that.

                      It is here, where you will find all the safety data you need. It can help you to work out how much fragrance oil to use in your chosen projects.

                      Don’t forget if you get stuck, you can use our VINEVIDA calculator tool. It is easy to find on our main navigation bar and super simple to use. It honestly makes working out an absolute doddle for you. Simply enter all the relevant details that it requires and it will work out the exact amount of Fragrance or Essential Oil for your formulation.

                      I find that I am using it all the time. It will help to give you the confidence and assurance that you are within the recommended safety guidelines, every single time that you use it.

                      The Final Word

                      The Final Word

                      Our Version Of Fleur D'Oranger By Diptyque Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil is a refreshing, sophisticated, and elegant way to scent your body care products. 

                      It is so versatile for use all around the home that it barely needs our suggestions. Perfect for use to create scented candles, wax melts, and reed diffusers.

                      We have shown you what luxurious and decadent products you can create by keeping it super simple in this Fragrance Oil Of The Week. You are starting with a masterfully designed and balanced fragrance oil anyway, but don’t let that stop you from blending it with other Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils.

                      Uplifting and enlivening Essential Oils like Bergamot, Sweet Orange, Mandarin, and Neroli are perfect companions for this fragrance oil. Maybe try them in a mood-boosting rollerball?

                      Our Version Of Fleur D'Oranger By Diptyque starts with those gloriously refreshing notes of Bergamot and Citrus before dancing with heady white florals, Neroli, and spicy Cinnamon. Yet, it is the base of Smooth Vanilla, divine Amber, precious Sandalwood, alluring Musk, and mysterious Tonka that finishes this elaborate and sophisticated scent.

                      Hopefully, this showcase has given you Cost-effective, quick, and easy, but super simple ideas to make uber-elevated products for yourself, friends and family, or even your business. 

                      Facebook Group 

                      Facebook Group

                      We always love to see what you create with VINEVIDA products. Why not consider sharing your hints and tips on our VINEVIDA Facebook Group

                      We delight in seeing photos of your creations, we are always bowled over with your ingenuity and talent. 

                      Our Version Of Fleur D'Oranger By Diptyque Fragrance Oil is a sophisticated and elegant choice to blend with other Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils. It has a fresh citrus start and white floral and spicy heart, and a deep woody and mysterious base. 

                      Try blending it with other fragrances that appeal to you, and why not come up with your ingenious fragrances to scent your home?  I am sure whatever you create, will be an absolute sensation.

                      Remember to stay within the recommended IFRA safety dilutions and you will be fine. If you get a bit stuck or confused just remember that you can use the VINEVIDA calculator to get some clarity on the matter. 

                      It has been a fragrant joy, working with Our Version Of Fleur D'Oranger By Diptyque Fragrance Oil. With that refreshing Citrus start, floral heart, and deeply elaborate base, it is a true scent-sation. I hope that you will love it just as much as we do here at VINEVIDA.

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