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NO. 1304 Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil Showcase

Vinevida NO. 1304 is inspired by Inspired By: Santal 33 By Le Labo

SANTAL 33™ is a trademark of Estée Lauder Companies Inc. VINEVIDA and its products are not affiliated with, endorsed by, or in any way associated with Estée Lauder Companies Inc or its trademarks.

It is a fragrance oil that speaks of huge vistas, big skies, and a campfire under a billion stars. It uplifts you by connecting you to the idea of wild nature and freedom.

Cucumber and Mint burst forth with their fresh green welcome. Their initial simplicity belies the deeper complexity of the profile. Spicy Cardamom meets mysterious notes of Iris, and the distinctive sweet notes of Violet. 

Rich Australian Sandalwood and Cedarwood are entangled with warm comforting spices. They then give way to masculine notes of Leather, alluring Musk, and a final sprinkling of rich spices. 

NO. 1304 is one of our most popular fragrance oils here at VINEVIDA. It regularly features in our top 3 bestsellers list.

Fragrance Notes

  • Top: Cucumber, Mint, Iris 
  • Mid: Violet, Cardamom, Spices
  • Bottom: Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Leather, Musk

Ways To Use NO. 1304 Fragrance Oil

Female face freckled skin
We stock two different versions of this fragrance oil at VINEVIDA.
VINEVIDA Diffuser Fragrance Oils are specifically designed for Nebulizing and Cold Air Diffusers. They should only be used for this purpose. If you have this type of diffuser, then purchase this version NO. 1304 - For Cold Air Diffusers.
VINEVIDA Soaps and Candles (S&C) Fragrance Oil is a bit of a modern marvel. It has been formulated and designed to specifically withstand the rigorous heat and processes of making candles and soaps. Making them perfectly suited to all your toiletries, and skin care needs and the processes they demand.
We take your skincare seriously here at VINEVIDA. Therefore, our fragrance oils contain NO Parabens, Phthalates, SLS, and SLES.
VINEVIDA fragrance oils are never tested on animals, because we care about them too.
Join me, as we explore using fragrance oils. We will look at them in three distinct categories: Topical Products, Scenting The Home, and Diffusers and Candle Burners.

Topical Products

It’s easy to design and create your own quality skin care products with VINEVIDA S&C fragrance oils. You would be amazed at how much you can achieve in the comfort of your own home.
VINEVIDA stocks two types of NO. 1304 Fragrance Oil. Always choose the Soaps and Candles Fragrance Oil option when making products that will be used on the skin.
Designed by industry professionals, fragrance oils are developed to work wonderfully with a range of natural ingredients. They will readily blend into various types of bases. We urge you to experiment and explore and try blending them with cosmetic butter, carrier oils, and candle waxes.
VINEVIDA S&C fragrance oils are excellent for making skin care. Fragrance oils are carefully designed to retain both their fragrance and integrity, especially when the base ingredients need to be heated. This makes them perfect choices for creating Skin Salves, Beauty Balms, and Body Butters.


VINEVIDA S&C fragrance oils are designed to withstand the heat and rigors of these soap-making processes. You will get dependable results when making both Melt and Pour Soap and Cold Process Soaps. 
Use NO. 1304 to create a sophisticated and complex soap, perfect for any time of the day and anywhere in the home. It is also a genderless fragrance, so can be used by everyone in the home. 
If you want to up its femininity, do so by adding robust florals, like Rose and Neroli.
NO. 1304 can tip towards the masculine quite easily. Deepen down the fragrance with dominant base notes like Oakmoss, Patchouli and by adding a dash more Leather notes.


NO. 1304 is such a complex and well-structured scent that you will want it to linger on your skin. Try blending into products with a high oil content. It enables the scent to last longer on the skin. It is sublime in Bath Oils and Body Butters. 


We love NO. 1304 for creating sophisticated and luxurious products.  The complex scent profile adds mystery, depth, and a little ‘je ne sais quoi’.
We think it is ideal for creating high-end gift sets of targeted skin care products. It’s particularly suited to heavier skin care products like Face Serums, Night Creams, and Face Masks.
It is an extremely versatile fragrance and can be used at any time of the day or night by men and women alike. 


Did you realize yet, that you can use VINEVIDA S&C fragrance oils to create incredible makeup?
It seems like the cosmetics world likes you to think that it is shrouded in chemical sorcery and secrecy. In reality, it’s not difficult to create your amazing cosmetics.
I’ve used VINEVIDA S&C fragrance oil to add scent to  Mineral Foundation, Eye Shadows, and Blush Tints.
Important note: When it comes to making lip products, NONE of our fragrance oils are suitable. Explore using essential oils as an alternative. 

Layer Your Perfumes

If you have not done so already, try creating your own unique Signature Scent. Combine our fragrance oils and essential oils with NO. 1304 to design something truly original and bespoke, individual to you. 
In a previous article Layering Perfumes With Essential Oils - The Body Edition  I guide you on how to combine the fragrances of your face and body products to create a harmonious layer of beautiful scent around you. You can use the same principles with fragrance oils too. 

Scenting The Home

Candle burning on wooden space
The very nature and sheer versatility of our fragrance oils allow you to use them in hundreds of varying ways. This makes them ideal choices when it comes to scenting your home. However, everywhere you look it seems that  there are so many ways to bring scents to your home. It makes the mind boggle with endless variety. 

Create a Signature Home Scent

As soon as you have designed your Signature Scent you can get on with the exciting task of designing and creating those matching scented products. Honestly, it is easier than you think to unify the fragrance of your home by making your own matching Candles, Wax Melts, Room Sprays, and Reed Diffusers.
Take the original mysterious, complex, and glorious fragrance of NO. 1304, with its cool and fresh top notes, mysterious floral and spicy heart notes, and deep woody and richly musky base notes, and simply add your unique touch. There is room in the scent profile to add your own little touch.
NO. 1304 is suitable for any room in the house and can be used all around the home. This is where you can easily kick expensive designer brands to the curb and create something incredible blending it with other essential oils and fragrance oils.
Please have the confidence to experiment and design your own unique Signature Home Scent.
Layering Perfumes In The Home, gives you a wonderful starting point, as will the Blending Framework below. 

Candles and Wax Products For The Home

NO. 1304 is an inspired choice for creating sophisticated products to appeal to a wide range of customers. Create sophisticated and complex Candles, mysterious Wax Melts, sublime Reed Diffusers, and Wax Sachets.

You can tip it towards more femininity with robust florals like Rose and Neroli. To achieve a more masculine finish, add a dash more Leather, or a hefty glug of Patchouli, balanced with a splash of Oakmoss. It will deepen the profile majestically and give it that more masculine twist. 

Scented Products For The Home

Once you have created your Signature Home Scent with NO. 1304, you want to put it to work and get it working hard for you!  Use it to make your own easy home sprays, and try out Soft Furnishing, Linen, Room, and Iron Sprays. They are easy entry-level projects to start with.
Use its complex sophistication to refresh your rooms by bringing the outside in and evoking nature. Try it in your room diffusers and make layering products like Scented Candles, Wax Melts, and Reed Diffusers.
Pop your Signature Scent into your car with an air freshener! We show you the way How To Make a Car Air Freshener With Essential And Fragrance Oils.
Use NO.1304 in combination with VINEVIDA odor-eliminating fragrance oils to easily get rid of those nasty niffs too! They have their own great scents and deodorizing capability, making them ideal to use on their own or in conjunction with other fragrance oils. Both the Citrus and the Vanilla variations would blend well with NO. 1304. 

Cleaning Products for The Home

NO. 1304 has a fragrance that evokes nature, the call of the wild, and being free. However, it is also sophisticated and complex at the same time. Use NO. 1304 to create your own surface cleansers, disinfectants, and loo bombs to keep the whole house smelling incredible! 

Diffusers and Candle Burners

Aroma diffuser moisturizing air

Aromatherapy Candle Burners

VINEVIDA  NO. 1304 S&C fragrance oil is suitable for use in all types of aromatherapy candle burners. 


NEVER use VINEVIDA Soaps and Candles Fragrance Oil in your Nebulizing or Cold Air Diffusers, because the fluid is too thick and viscous. This means that it can block the delicate nozzles on these types of diffusers. 

If you have a Nebulizing or Cold Air diffuser, VINEVIDA offers NO. 1304 DIFFUSER Fragrance Oil for these machines. 

With all the different types of diffusers, it can be confusing to know which fragrance oil to choose. You can find comprehensive guidance on which fragrance oils we recommend for a variety of applications in How To Use VINEVIDA Oils.

Please bear in mind though, that when it comes to all of your individual diffusers, it is always our first recommendation to consult the manufacturer's instructions. Please get their specific guidance on your machine first. 

Blending Recommendations

NO. 1304 is a deeply evocative and complex scent. It evokes scenic vistas, big skies, and campfires under a billion stars, it is mysterious, sophisticated, and fresh. 

You can make it your own by adding a little flourish with VINEVIDA Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils. They make perfect blending companions and we cannot recommend experimenting and trying new blends highly enough. 

I like to ramp up the heart notes with robust florals like NO. 33 - Fresh Cut Roses. Add a dash of deep, rich, evocative notes with NO. 39 - Genuine Leather.

Add to the front end of the fragrance with fresh green essential oils like Pink Grapefruit, and Tarragon and add more depth with a good splash of earthy Patchouli, or the merest hint of sweetly smooth Vanilla Oleoresin.

Creative Ways To Use And Blend NO. 1304

Happy joyful young woman smiling sun

It has been glorious developing this showcase for NO. 1304 Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil. It has this way of uplifting you by evoking that sense of wild nature, freedom, and being able to breath, relax, and let go! 

With the beautiful fresh green embrace, floral and spicy mysterious heart notes, and all of those deeply complex base notes, it’s truly sublime. You are going to have so much fun creating these vibrant blends and projects for yourself, your family & friends, and your customers.

NO. 1304 Diffuser Blends

Let’s jump right in and create a stunning selection of vibrant diffuser blends for your home

This is a masterful and fully-rounded fragrance on its own. However, because this scent is pretty complex, you will need to know the exact places where you can add your own little flourish. There is not as much room in the scent profile as there is with some of our past fragrance oils covered in FOTW.  This is why you may find a little less choice than usual. 

It can still be easily tipped to one gender or another, with some considered choices. 

Let’s refresh ourselves on those stunning fragrance notes and I’ll share some of my best recommendations. Don’t be daunted by the complexity of this one, have the confidence to try them out and enjoy experimenting.

Original Scent Profile Ideal Companions
Top Cucumber, Mint, Iris Bergamot, Lime, Grapefruit, Yuzu, Peppermint, Spearmint, Eucalyptus, Camphor (dash of), Ozone.
Heart Violet, Cardamom, Spices Cardamom, Ginger, Nutmeg
Ravensara, Hyssop, Tarragon, Rosemary, Thyme, Marjoram
Neroli, Rose, Rose Geranium, Lavender
Base Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Leather, Musk Balsam Copaiba, Clove, Amyris, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Vanilla, Oakmoss, Musk, Leather

Follow This Framework

  1. Keep the top notes super fresh, tart, and green. Opt for those oils that have that cold menthol effect on the nose, it helps to evoke that idea of being out in the wild. 
  2. Keep it mysterious in the heart space with robust florals like Rose, Rose Geranium, Neroli, or Lavender. 
  3. Underpinning green herbaceous notes here could be useful. Opt for herbs like Tarragon or Rosemary.  
  4. For a more masculine profile use big spices like Cinnamon or Clove, alongside those strong green herbs.
  5. Try deepening down the base with Patchouli or Oakmoss. A dash more Leather can really deepen the profile too. Or even Castoreum for a more animalistic effect. 
  6. Adding a dash of Vanilla affects our limbic system. It can help to foster feelings of safety, comfort, and security. It's a wonderful addition to any blend to help you, or one of your family or friends, feel safer in your space. 
  7. Simply work one drop at a time, stop to mix and test, and you’ll find that can’t go wrong, helping you build confidence, as well as your blending skills. 
Maintaining the balance of the overall scent improves your chances of success. When you use this framework it will help you to maintain that balance in the original scent profile. 
Remember! We want you to have these successful outcomes, which is why we give you this easy-to-follow framework to work with. 

IFRA Safety

Diffuser Blends come under IFRA Category 12.  NO. 1304 Fragrance oil has no safety restrictions in this category. What this means is that within reason, you can use as much as you want. However, can we be responsible and sensible here, please? Try to understand that more does not necessarily mean better, there is still a need to find that happy balance.
PLEASE NOTE: If you have a Cold Air Diffuser use the variation labeled DIFFUSER Fragrance Oil, please. DO NOT use the Soaps & Candles variation! You will find it too thick and viscous and it is not suitable for your machine.


  1. Our Diffuser Blends are super easy to make yourself at home.
  2. Simply measure out the recipes' fragrance oils and essential oils into a small measuring jug.
  3. Grab a spoon and mix them all together to blend them.
  4. Use a funnel to help decant the oils into a 10ml dropper bottle. When you use a funnel, it keeps the bottle clean and stops the bottle from getting oily. Having clean and dry bottles helps your label to adhere better. 
  5. Use a quality silicone spatula to help you scrape out every last precious morsel of oil from the jug and funnel. This way you minimize any waste and get all your money’s worth. This is especially important when using expensive essential oils and absolutes.  You will find it is good for your soul, your pocket, and the Earth! 
  6. Use an oil-proof label, remembering to list all of the ingredients for safety. 
  7. You MUST label your bottle as ‘UNDILUTED’. Please don’t neglect this for obvious safety reasons. 

How To Use:

  1. Please consult your manufacturer's instructions for specific guidance, as you all have different diffusers.
  2. You may be instructed to dilute your blend to suit your individual diffuser.

Big Skies

Tourist stand on top of big mountains
Embrace those scenic vistas and big skies. Take in a deep breath of fresh air and feel your soul lift.  Embrace the sense of freedom and the call of the wild.
We’ve added in more of those cool green notes to evoke that breath of air and just a dash of Leather to deepen the profile even further. Keeping it fresh and bright, but mysterious and complex too. 



  • Not designed for use on the skin.
  • Do not diffuse where cats are present. 

A Billion Stars

Morocco Sahara desert starry night sky
Big skies and huge vistas make for perfect star gazing. Head for the wilds where there is no light pollution, so you can lie under a billion stars and marvel at the miracle of the Universe. 
Adding in more narcotic fragrances from robust florals and the earthy notes of Patchouli, it emulates lying on the earth at night time. Adding just a nip of that freshness that comes when the dew starts to rise.  



  • Not designed for use on the skin.
  • Do not diffuse where cats are present. 

Savannah Sunset

Acacia tree, sunset, giraffes, silhouette Africa
Transport yourself to the heart of the African Savannah at sunset, surrounded by the sounds of exotic birds and wild animals. Embrace the comforting warmth and beauty of this stunning fragrance, smoothed and mellowed with dried Ginger. Sink into the balsamic notes of Copaiba and mouth-watering Madagascan Vanilla.
Sit back and enjoy the glowing sunset with this wonderfully relaxing and mellow blend. 



  • Not designed or formulated for topical use on the skin.
  • Do not diffuse where cats are present.

DIY Recipes Using NO. 1304 Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil

VINEVIDA’s Soaps and Candles fragrance oils never fail to excite us. We get passionate about their possibilities and enthusiastic about their versatility. Once you start to delve in and discover them you will be amazed at the sheer variety of projects you can create with them.
If you need a starting point, go here! Unlock The Power Of Aromatherapy: 100 Ways To Use Essential Oils (& Fragrance Oils) offers you a whole article of links to exciting projects and comprehensive tutorials. 
This week, we have the sophisticated yet mysterious NO. 1304. It evokes a sense of freedom, embracing nature in wild places. Take in big skies with shimmering sunsets and a billion stars as it fades from the day. 
First, we are going to make a super simple Hair Detangling Lotion. Your hair can hold fragrance extremely well and we can capitalize on that here. It’s a wonderful way to layer this fragrance on the hair and body. 
For our second project, we have a sumptuous and nourishing Aftershave Serum. Deeply hydrating and full of skin-friendly ingredients for a smooth, chiseled look. 

Hair Detangling Lotion

Happy woman applying hairspray
Super simple to make and with easy ingredients, this is a wonderful way to not only dentangle but also to fragrance, your luscious locks. 
NO. 1304 in IFRA category 9 has maximum safety restrictions of 3.4%. This means in 100ml of Hair Detangling Lotion, you cannot use any more than 3.4 ml. 3% is going to give you a strong enough scent, so don’t fear! 
There is no option on the VINEVIDA calculator for Hair Detangling Lotion, so use the ‘Hair Conditioner’ option, it will work out the correct safety data in the right category for you with those settings. 

You Will Need:

  1. Mixing bowl
  2. Measuring cups
  3. Stainless steel spoon
  4. Funnel
  5. 8 oz Spray Bottle
  6. Label


  • ¼ cup of pre-made unscented Conditioning Base
  • ¾ cup of Distilled Water
  • 6 ml of NO. 1304 Soaps and Candles Fragrance Oil
  • 1% Preservative of your choice - follow your individual manufacturer's guidance.


  • Avoid getting it into your eyes, if you do, rinse immediately in clean warm water. If irritation persists, seek medical advice taking the clearly labeled bottle with you.  


  1. Measure out a ¼ cup of Conditioning Base and mix in ¾ cup of Distilled Water, you can warm it to get a good even mix if you wish. 
  2. Once fully combined, add 6 ml of NO. 1304 Soaps and Candles Fragrance Oil and the preservative.
  3. Decant into your spray bottle using a funnel. 
  4. Add a water and oil-proof label, listing all of the ingredients for safety. Add the instruction to ‘Shake Well Before Use’.

How To Use:

  1. Please carry out a 24 - 48 hour patch test before use.
  2. Shake well before use.
  3. Spray onto wet hair, paying particular attention to the ends and combing down the whole length of the hair.
  4. Rinse lightly in clean water and comb through the hair gently before drying and styling. 

Aftershave Serum

Always looks good smells great
NO. 1304 is such a sophisticated fragrance making it an ideal choice for rich and deeply nourishing products like this. The inclusion of oils helps the fragrance to linger on the skin longer, giving it a longer-lasting effect. 
This is one you want when your skin feels hot, dry, and a bit irritated from too much shaving. Soothe your skin with all the nourishing carrier oils and help to lock moisture in. Use it after moisturizing or on its own for a wonderful smooth, velvety finish. 

IFRA Safety and Guidelines

In IFRA Category 4D -  NO. 1304 Soaps and Candles fragrance oil has a maximum safety dilution recommendation of 14.22%. This means you cannot use more than 14.22 ml of NO. 1304 in 100 ml of Aftershave Serum
There is no option on the VINEVIDA calculator for Aftershave Serum and there is no similar option, so you will need to work this one out by hand if you alter the recipe! 

You Will Need:

  1. Mixing bowl
  2. Silicone spatula
  3. Stainless steel spoon
  4. Jar funnel
  5. 100ml serum dispenser
  6. Label


Optional:  Preservative - follow your individual manufacturer's guidance.


  • Do not use it in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy.


  1. Note when and how much of your preservative to add. Follow the individual manufacturer's guidance as they can vary. 
  2. Carefully measure and combine all of the ingredients together in a measuring jug.
  3. Stir to mix thoroughly, add your fragrance and essential oils, and mix well.
  4. Decant into a serum dispenser using a funnel and apply the cap and lid.
  5. Add an oil-proof label, listing all ingredients for safety reasons.

How to Use:

  1. Carry out a 24- 48 hour patch test before using it on your face, please.
  2. Prime your pump and dispense just a couple of drops into the palm of your hand. 
  3. Warm the oils in your hand a little and apply them with your fingertips to your face and work well into the skin. Add a little more if necessary, but less is more here! 
  4. Work in upward circular motions to work the serum into your face.
  5. Remove any excess with a paper towel. 
  6. Use no more than 3-4 times a week. 

Do You Need Some Help Using VINEVIDA Fragrance Oils?

Helping hand
We have carefully designed and structured a series of great articles, to help you to expand your knowledge of working with VINEVIDA fragrance oils.
We remember what it feels like to be new to something and to be a bit unsure.  Don’t panic! We are here to guide you through the process and hold your hand!  These articles will also help you to build a variety of functional skills whilst working with our versatile fragrance oils.
If you need to know the basics, How To Use VINEVIDA Oils is filled with everything you need to know, and is probably the best place to start. You can explore the basic uses and applications of VINEVIDA fragrance oils. 
Naturally,  the most popular question on social media is ‘How to use fragrance oils in my diffusers’. We help to unravel the mystery and point you in the right direction. 
You may notice that in the Fragrance Oil Of The Week articles, we refer to something called ‘maximum safety dilutions’ and IFRA standards. There is no need to panic and freak out! We show you how to source this information easily in How To Find Safety Information On The VINEVIDA Website. It’s a super simple step-by-step guide that will get you on track quickly and of course, relatively painlessly.
Fear not, if you still feel you need a bit more guidance, there is a comprehensive pictorial tutorial with large visuals that make it super easy to follow and understand in How To Use VINEVIDA Oils.
If you get stuck, check out our VINEVIDA calculator. It is there to help you work out all the IFRA safety dilution rates for your recipes.  

Learning More With VINEVIDA

Our brilliant blog has all the past Fragrance Oil Of The Week and Oil Of The Month articles. Each one is full of useful tips, easy and exciting recipes, and professional tutorials that you can trust.
To find them, simply pop over to the website and enter Fragrance Oil Of The Week into the search bar. Scroll down, go past all the products, and there at the bottom, you will find a list of related articles.
It seems every hobby mom on Social Media is putting out their own recipes, so many have no idea about how to use them safely. Use our blog to source recipes that you can trust. 
When you choose to use and follow one of our recipes, you can be confident that with our years of professional knowledge and expertise, we have worked out all the safety aspects; so you don’t have to.
As professional educators, we give you space and support to learn the skills to make your versions too and we often show you how you can adapt, alter, and design your creations. Using our safe and trusted recipes means it's never been easier to make your projects at home with complete confidence.
Unlock The Power Of Aromatherapy: 100 Ways To Use Essential Oils (& Fragrance Oils) is overflowing with links to great recipes and comprehensive blog articles packed with step-by-step tutorials. This will help you to source the projects that interest you quickly with this interactive list.  So jump in and join us! Start your fragrant journey with VINEVIDA today, we’ve got you! 

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Facebook Group

Join our community on our VINEVIDA Facebook Group. Explore what others are making and connect with other customers just like you to share your experiences. Other customers always love to see how fragrance oil is being used.  If you post your experiences and your best hints and tips they are well received by the community.
We never tire of seeing the fun you have with VINEVIDA products so please, don’t be shy, show us what you have created. We always get a real thrill seeing what you come up with and you inspire us no end. 

The Final Word

Camping fire under amazing blue starry sky
It has been a week of longing for wide open space and big skies full of stars this week working with NO. 1304 Fragrance oil. It has been a joy to work with. With its sophisticated and complex profile, it’s one to try, if you haven’t already. 
Let the wonder of nature burst forth from the Cucumber and Mint embrace. Fresh, cool, and vividly green.
Green notes meld into the floral and mysterious notes of Iris and the sweet distinctive notes of Violet.  The warmth and floral spice of Cardamom meet the richness of Australian Sandalwood and Cedarwood.
The last lingering notes have a decidedly masculine aspect to this unisex fragrance. The depth of Leather dances with alluring Musk and of course, there is that final flourish and sprinkling of rich warm spice. 
NO. 1304 is one of our most popular fragrance oils here at VINEVIDA, regularly featured in our top 3 bestsellers list and it’s not hard to see why. Sophisticated, complex, and mysterious with distinct notes of both warmth and freshness. It’s a bit of an enigma. 

Blending Recap With NO. 1304 Fragrance Oil

Save $$$ and Make Your Own
Don’t discount how easy it is to design cost-effective blends and products that are truly unique. When you make your own homemade blends you save so much money. They easily rival those expensive designer brands with just a little know-how. Create your own incredible blends and save yourself a whole stack of dollars!
Follow The Framework
The Diffuser Blends blending framework can help you to achieve fantastic results every time. It’s relatively foolproof and can help you learn these blending skills, build your knowledge, and progress.  With experience, you will soon be able to define these balanced frameworks for yourself. 
Streamlining Your Signature Home Scent
Fill your home with fragrance by streamlining your Signature Home Scent. Design and make your own matching Scented Candles, Wax Melts, and Reed Diffusers with your own unique Signature Home Scent.
Continue that layering process by adding it to your Linen Sprays, Laundry Detergents, and Tumble Dryer sheets too. 

Thank You For Joining Us For Fragrance Oil Of The Week

It has been a sophisticated and rather mysterious experience formulating these recipes this week. It has been interesting to experiment with such a complex profile and find the balance to create a variety of stunning blends.
It is perfect for evoking a sense of space, freedom, and being out in the wild. Diffuse it through your home and fill it with that breath of fresh air. To get more of that sensation, add those menthol greens to your blends.
It’s beautifully genderless and fluid but you can easily tip this towards a gender should you wish to. 
Enjoy the sense of majestic space, sunset skies, and a billion stars to lie under. NO. 1304 is a sophisticated invitation to connect with the beauty of Earth, with yourself, and to find your center. It speaks of wildness, freedom, and Earth energy. Here at VINEVIDA, it’s one of the most popular fragrance oils that we stock.  
VINEVIDA No. 1304 is an imitation of SANTAL 33™ which is a trademark of Estée Lauder Companies Inc. VINEVIDA and its products are not affiliated with, endorsed by, or in any way associated with Estée Lauder Companies Inc. or its trademarks.