Eucalyptus Essential Oil (Globulus)

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Volume: 10 mL

Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Uses, Benefits, and Blends

At VINEVIDA, we source our Eucalyptus globulus from its native Australia, where it grows both naturally and abundantly. If you’re feeling under the weather, run yourself a hot bath and add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil. Inhale the steam, and feel instant relief from congestion and other symptoms of cold and flu. Our eucalyptus is full and aromatic with that signature minty spice, meaning it also contributes fabulously to natural soaps and candles. 

Eucalyptus Essential Oil Product Details

Also known as blue gum, the Eucalyptus globulus tree is native to Australia. The trees grow to an average height of 45m, and the leaves are steam-distilled to create eucalyptus essential oil. Eucalyptus globulus essential oil contains high amounts of cineole (eucalyptol). Eucalyptol is famous for helping relieve symptoms of congestion, cough, and colds, but it also has many other uses. Eucalyptus essential oil is a common replacement for commercial insect repellents that contain DEET, as these days many people prefer to use natural products. You will also find eucalyptol present in many types of mouthwash and toothpaste, due to both its flavor and antibacterial properties. In this article we are going to look further into eucalyptus essential oil benefits and uses, and how best to use it!

Eucalyptus Essential Oil Benefits: Component Breakdown

  • Cineole: As you now know, cineole is another word for eucalyptol. Eucalyptol is a monoterpenoid that gives eucalyptus essential oil its trademark aroma and flavor. You will frequently find it in cosmetics and perfumes, and it is also a common flavoring agent. Additionally, traditional healers commonly use eucalyptus to help treat chest congestion and chronic cough. 
  • a-Pinene: One of the most common terpenes, alpha-pinene also contributes to the fresh aroma of Eucalyptus globulus essential oil. A-pinene is an anti-inflammatory and is of interest to many scientists due to its bioavailability. It also acts on certain receptors in the body, indicating it may be effective in reducing feelings of depression and anxiety. 
  • Limonene: Another common terpene, limonene is one of the most common additives in the perfume industry. It is extremely aromatic and contributes to the scents of many plants, particularly those in the citrus family. It is a natural biopesticide, and you will also find it in many household cleaning and hygiene products.
  • Globulol: Globulol is another name for epiglobulol, which is a natural sesquiterpene. 
  • (E)-Pinocarveol: Pinocarveol naturally occurs in plants, and plays a role as both a plant metabolite and as a CNS (GABA) modulator.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil Uses: For Wholesale Purposes

You are likely familiar with the smell of eucalyptus but may not know all of the benefits it has to offer. Now, we’ll take a look at the most common uses of eucalyptus essential oil, and how to get the most benefit from it. 

Eucalyptus Essential Oil for Congestion

Eucalyptus is perhaps most famous for its ability to quickly relieve symptoms of congestion and colds. For hundreds of years, traditional healers have used eucalyptus to treat sinus congestion, allergies, and respiratory ailments. It is important to note that while the physical leaves of the tree can be put into tea, eucalyptus is toxic if ingested. The best way to benefit from eucalyptus oil’s sinus-relieving properties is to either inhale it or dilute it and use it topically. For quick relief of congestion, add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil to a hot tub of water. Place a towel over your head to keep in the steam, and gently breathe it in. You can also dilute eucalyptus essential oil with a carrier oil, or add it to a base lotion to create a topical solution that you can rub into your chest or temples. 

Using Eucalyptus Essential Oil as an Insect Repellent 

Due to the high concentration of eucalyptol this oil contains, it is an effective natural repellent for insects and mosquitos. Studies indicate that eucalyptus essential oil can help protect against mosquito bites for up to eight hours. 

Eucalyptus Essential Oil Diffuser Benefits

In addition to helping clear sinus congestion, you can also diffuse eucalyptus essential oil for aromatherapy purposes. Anecdotal evidence tells us that many people find eucalyptus particularly efficient at lowering symptoms of stress and anxiety. While there is some limit to the amount of research out there, there are small studies that back this up. One particular study even took note of a drop in blood pressure and pain complaints in post-surgery patients. 

Eucalyptus Essential Oil for Soap Making

Eucalyptus Essential Oil Soap Making

Eucalyptus essential oil is a great choice when it comes to making natural soaps. This is because it is strong and aromatic, resulting in a long-lasting fragrance that won’t fade as fast as other oils. Not just an antibacterial and antifungal agent, eucalyptus oil can also help to soothe dry, chapped skin, and other minor irritations. As an added bonus, the scent of eucalyptus is not overly feminine, so it works great for men as well!

Eucalyptus Essential Oil Blends

Another reason why eucalyptus oil is a must-have for any aromatherapy fan is that it blends well with almost everything! For green cleaning, try combining with lemon, lime, or grapefruit oil. For the patio, consider citronella, or vetiver. For aromatherapy purposes, try a blend of eucalyptus, lavender, and cedarwood


Eucalyptus essential oil is extremely toxic when ingested. Keep well out of the way of curious pets (or children), and pregnant women should avoid use. There are occasions when eucalyptus can cause skin sensitivity in some people, so it is best to do a patch test before using it in large quantities. Simply place a small amount of diluted oil onto your skin, and leave for twenty-four hours. If no sign of irritation occurs, continue with use. 


Eucalyptus can be an excellent way to naturally relieve congestion and other respiratory symptoms. Whether you are under the weather with a cold, or simply suffer from allergies, try a hot bath or steam bowl with a few drops of eucalyptus. This oil is also great for making DIY soaps and candles, as well as for adding to shampoos and conditioners. Eucalyptus essential oil is both antibacterial and antifungal and can help with dandruff as well as keeping your scalp hydrated.

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United States

Smells Amazing

Eucalyptus is one of those scents that immediately relaxes and calms you. A few drops in the diffuser fills the room instantly. I use this at bedtime to have a much better sleep! Thank you for taking the time to read my review and photos of this product. I hope it has been helpful in providing you with more information.

The O.
United States

Good quality essential Oil

My son has really gotten into using essential oils lately, so I’ve been trying to get lots of different scents for him to try out, so he can make his own blends. I’ve found that there’s a huge variation in the quality of essential oils found on Amazon. Some say they’re “100% pure and undiluted”, but the potency of the scent and the longevity just aren’t there. Once you’ve smelled a top-of-the-line essential oil you’ll be able to immediately smell the difference and I could with this essential oil. It’s definitely a higher quality eucalyptus oil. Not only does it have a pure, strong scent, but the lasting power is amazing. This eucalyptus oil is 100% pure and undiluted, just like it claims to be. I’ve never used eucalyptus oil before, so I was pleasantly surprised with the scent. My son uses it in his diffuser, and I’ve been using it on bug bites. I was surprised that it immediately took the itchiness away. This is also packaged in a glass amber bottle to help keep the oil fresh for longer. I’d highly recommend this brand and I’ll be coming back for more and to try out other scents.

Lori V.
United States

Good quality

This is a good product as far as I can tell. It feels and smells like the real deal. I've used it to make my own vapor rub and it helps my sinuses just like eucalyptus should. I will definitely get this again once i run out.

United States

Smells great /Variety of uses

I have the Lavender and Eucalyptus scent. I use the Lavender in my bath water and it helps me relax. The scent is perfect, not too strong and smells exactly how lavender should. I had no idea what a Eucalyptus plant smells like but I wanted to try it. If I had to describe the scent I would say it smells like the brown classic cough drops. I use the Eucalyptus in my DIY cleaning solutions. I'm happy with both scents.

Nanci A.
United States

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Ordered this Eucalyptus Essential Oil. It arrived within 24 hours of ordering and it's easy to dispense.

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