Best Essential Oil for Scars: Remove Scars From Your Skin Naturally

There are a lot of skin problems we encounter from time to time. Acne, Rashes, Wounds are some of the significant issues. These skin ailments tend to leave off of the skin in a certain timespan, but the scars they leave can be very daunting when it comes to getting rid. These scars are uninvited guests dwell onto skin, especially on the face. You try many ointments and other over-to-counter products, but the results might not come out as expected. You'll be more likely to face side-effects with those ointments than positive results. In such scenarios, the best essential oils for scars can be your best friend. 

Essential oils are quite simple, completely natural, and effective for scars. Using the best essential oil for scars is easy to use and economical to buy.

Below, we will shed light on all the necessary topics related to essential oils and scars connection. We'll provide you a list, and you can decide which essential oil you'll choose as your best essential oil for scars.

So, let's dive into the text and bring out your lost skin glory and charm.

Reasons for the Appearance of Scars on the Skin

The face is not the only place where scars can appear, but many parts of the body can have them. Scars are the leftovers of many skin issues, which include:

    • Inflammatory Acne: Having swollen, painful, and reddish acne increases the chances of the worst acne scars. This kind of acne dives deeper into the skin and damages sensitive skin tissues. This further leads to long-lasting scars. Furthermore, inflammatory acne can also leave scars if you don't treat it ASAP.
    • Wounds: When the deep, thick layer of the skin is damaged, it is called a "wound." Our bodies naturally produce new collagen fibers. It is a natural protein that mends the wound and causes a scar. The quality, texture, and look of new scar tissue differ from that of the surrounding tissue.
    • Chickenpox: No matter whether you leave chickenpox alone or scratch them, they cause scars. Chickenpox penetrates deeper into the skin and causes spots with a sunken appearance.
    • Fever Blisters: Usually, fever blisters don't cause any scars after they disappear. But excessive scratching of the scab causes scars for sure. Well, whichever the type of scars you have, the best essential oil for scars can help you remove them. For fever blisters part, you can use our Tea Tree oil for cold sores. On the plus side, we also present you with the best essential oils for fever blisters. These essential oils will help remove fever blisters and help overcome other skin issues that fever blisters become the cause of.

How Essential Oils Can Help Remove Scars?

Many essential oils are believed to be useful for scars in many ways. Using essential oils can help regenerate dead skin cells and form new skin tissues. Moreover, some essential oils also give many rejuvenating benefits to the skin. They may help reduce inflammation and redness on scars. As a result, they balance skin tone and reduce the appearance of scars.

You often feel severe itching on scars, and this itching can cause scratch scars. Likewise, some essential oils can lower itching sensation on wounds and scars. Some oils also have the potential to heal wounds at the beginning level. So, your best essential oil for scars may be one of those oils and may heal wounds without letting them turn into scars.

Best Essential Oil for Scars: Best Options Available

What will happen if you google for the best essential oil for scars and find an endless list? Answer: You'll end up without making any choice. We've solved this issue for you and prepared a list of top 11 essential oils. You can choose your best essential oil for scars as per your satisfaction. Each essential oil can stand out from other ones. So, let's get started without wasting time.

1. Carrot Seed Essential Oil

Carrot Seed essential oil comes from steam distilled "wild carrot" seeds. In skincare industry, the oil is added to cosmetics, creams, and lotions for its skin-protection properties. This oil may be your best essential oil for scars for two reasons: it works wonders for your scary skin, and it is safe to use for people with psoriasis or eczema. Moreover, the oil is also used in anti-aging beauty products to hydrate the skin and balance skin tone.

2. Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedarwood essential oil can be extracted from leaves, needles, wood, and berries of cedar trees. This is the only best essential oil for scars that may help reduce acne and heal wounds. With that said, the oil may help stop scar growth by healing wounds faster.

3. Chamomile Essential Oil

The benefits of Chamomile oil for skin make it a favorite of skin glow seekers. Produced from chamomile trees, Chamomile essential oil has traditionally been used in cosmetics and skincare products. Apart from its claimed benefits for ulcers, the oil possesses many skin benefits too. The oil can add wonders to your overall skin beauty, from helping with acne and acne scars to balancing skin tone. When it comes to speed, Chamomile essential oil helps remove acne scars faster than any other essential oils for scars. Additionally, Chamomile essential oil can also help lower irritation and itching on the scars.

4. Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense oil magical properties for skin insisted us to consider it your would-be best essential oil for scars. This essential oil is a substance that is extracted from the resin (gum) of the Boswellia tree. Old civilizations used the oil for several health and skin benefits. The oil may offer smooth, scar-free skin to its users.

5. Rose Geranium Essential Oil

Steam distillation of the leaves of "Pelargonium Roseum" gives the Geranium essential oil. Ancient folklore suggests a large number of Geranium essential oil's benefits for human health. Studies show that Geranium essential oil may help reduce acne breakouts and infection on wounds. Plus, the oil may even skin tone and help reduce irritation on skin scars. Furthermore, the oil may help with aging wrinkles due to its astringent qualities. More importantly, the Geranium essential oil may promote collagen production naturally. An increase in collagen protein is directly proportional to the speed of development of new skin cells.

6. Helichrysum Essential Oil

Native to Southern Europe and the Mediterranean, Helichrysum Splendidum plant gives us Helichrysum essential oil. The oil may fasten the wound healing process and let scars not to appear in turn. Apart from it, Helichrysum essential oil may work well against infectious bacteria. This way, the scars fade in sooner without turning into a long-lasting sore. Also, the oil helps heal deeper scars caused by chickenpox.

7. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender plants, aka Lavandula Angustifolia, give us the versatile Lavender essential oil. This oil should be the best essential oil for scars because it can be used undiluted. Meaning, many people with sensitive skin can start up with Lavender essential oil for their acne and wound scars. Lavender essential oil is considered very useful for removing burn and wound scars. The oil can penetrate deeper into the skin and remove scars quickly. Not only this, but Lavender essential oil may also help reduce wrinkles, lessen acne, and speed up the wound healing process.

8. Neroli Essential Oil

Neroli essential oil comes from the blossoms of bitter orange trees or "Citrus Aurantium var. Amara", botanically. The oil carries potential benefits for your overall skin health. The oil may help reduce the appearance of scars and marks by maintaining the skin moist. Neroli essential oil can also lower the irritation and itchiness of wound scars. Moreover, the oil may support the regeneration of skin cells damaged by wounds and acne. Daily use of Neroli essential oil will help maintain your skin's original condition and add a glowing touch.

9. Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli essential oil is obtained from the leaves of a kind of aromatic herb, "Patchouli." It may help our body produce more collagen. As a result, the wound-healing process fastens, and chances of scar appearance lower. Moreover, The oil's pain-relieving qualities may help lower the pain on sensitive scars.

10. Rose Essential Oil

Rose essential oil comes from petals of many kinds of rose flowering plants. For centuries, Rose essential oil has been the favorite of queens. The oil may not only help fade scars, but it retains moist of the skin too. Pain-relieving properties of Rose essential oil may help reduce pain on half-frown wound scars. Moreover, the oil may significantly help in reducing wrinkles and signs of aging.

11. Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree essential oil, aka Melaleuca oil, is extracted from the leaves of Tea Tree plants. It must be your best essential oil for scars as it takes very little time to get your skin rid of scars. Especially, the oil may help remove scars left by cold sores. Not only this, but Tea Tree essential oil can also benefit other skin conditions like wrinkles, acne, dark spots, and aging marks, etc. Also, don't forget to use Tea Tree oil soap alongside the oil for better and quick results.

DIY Essential Oils Blends for Extraordinary Results

One best essential oil for scars alone can work for unwanted scars. But preparing essential oil blends can bring epic benefits. We're presenting different blends for each kind of scar we mentioned above.

DIY Essential Oils Blend for Acne Scars

    • Frankincense essential oil - 3 drops
    • Geranium essential oil - 3 drops
    • Lavender essential oil - 10 drops
    • Patchouli essential oil - 3 drops
    • Tea Tree essential oil - 5 drops
    • Carrier oil - 5 tablespoons

DIY Essential Oils Blend for Chickenpox or Wound Scars

    • Rosemary essential oil - 5 drops
    • Tea Tree essential oil - 10 drops
    • Jojoba oil - 2 tablespoons

Jojoba oil doesn't only act as a carrier oil, but it also contains skin-friendly properties. Using Jojoba oil for dilution will add an extra layer of versatility to the blend.

Safety Precautions While Using the Best Essential Oil for Scars

Want to remove scars with the help of the best essential oil for scars? Then, you'll have to take a few things into account. Essential oils can cause very little to no side-effects if used correctly and safely. It would be best if you keep in mind the following things.

    • First, never forget to dilute your preferred essential oil for scars before topical application. Undiluted essential oils can cause skin irritation and burns. For dilution and better results, it's better to choose a skin-friendly carrier oil. These include Jojoba oil, Olive oil, and Argan oil.
    • Second, apply a drop or two of the preferred essential oil on your skin and leave it for 24 hours. If the essential oil passes this patch test, it means this is the best essential oil for scars for you. Make use of the oil twice a day – in the morning and evening.
    • Third, don't let any essential oil come in contact with your eyes if you're using it on facial scars. Also, keep children, pregnant women, and pets away from these essential oils.
    • Fourth, store essential oils blends in a dark amber glass bottle and keep them at a cool temperature. Shake well before using these blends.
    • Lastly, you can use your best essential oil for scars by using your fingers only. Dip first two fingers of both hands into the blend/oil and dab it on the scar. This dabbing must be in a patting and circular style.

More Tips to Get Rid of Skin Scars

Want to see the effects of the best essential oil for scars sooner? Use other natural remedies alongside. Let's discuss a few of them in brief.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a blessing for people with many skin conditions. Applying Aloe Vera directly on the scar is the most effective method. You need to remove the Aloe Vera leaf's dark-green layer and gather the light-green substance in a bowl. Rub that substance onto the scars for 30 minutes and wash it over with cool water. Repeat the process twice a day, and the scar will start disappearing within a couple of months.


Sweet and delicious, honey can also remove or fade skin scars efficiently. Just take one teaspoon of honey. Apply and gently massage onto the area. Wash it after 20 minutes. Repeat the process thrice a day and see the results within three months.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is so versatile that you can use it both for dilution and direct application. Heat 2 tablespoon coconut oil, apply it by massaging for 10-15 minutes. Don't wash it right away. Leave it for at least 1 hour for proper absorption. Repeat 2-4 times daily.


Many skin conditions like acne, burns, minor cuts, wounds, and fever blisters tend to vanish, but the ugly scars they leave can be the reason for your sleeplessness. From the list mentioned above, you can use a particular best essential oil for scars as each of them can help you mitigate the scars alone. However, using the blends are just fine as well. Please take notice of the safety measures we described and keep yourself safe from any adverse reactions. Also, we provided you with some other natural ways to get rid of unwanted scars. Now is the time you fulfill your wish of getting rid of acne, wounds, and burns.

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