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All About Carrot Seed Essential Oil: Uses, Benefits, and Popular Blends

Carrot seed essential oil comes from the steam-distilled extraction of the Daucus carota seed. The oil exudes a warm, earthy fragrance and is reputed to offer many benefits in regards to health and skincare. This is where VINEVIDA stands out, as we ensure all the original properties of the Daucus carota are retained in our steam-distilled carrot seed essential oil.

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Though VINEVIDA oils are 100% natural, it is important to note carrot seed essential oil is for external use only. Before we delve further into the benefits of carrot seed essential oil, let's begin by taking a closer look at the plant's history.

Historical Background of Carrot Seed Essential Oil

Carrot essential oil comes from the seeds of carrot plants, known botanically as Daucus Carota. You may be picturing the seeds of common grocery carrots, but these oil-producing seeds actually belong to a wild species. First introduced by Ancient Greece, these carrots are now grown in other areas around the world including India, France, and the Netherlands. Here at VINEVIDA we take the seeds of a Daucus carota and put them through a steam-distillation process in order for you to receive the full benefits of carrot seed essential oil. This oil has a sweet, earthy aroma and its color is a beautiful golden-yellow.

Ancient Uses of Carrot Seed Essential Oil

Ancient Greek literature suggests carrot seed essential oil was often a part of herbal skincare and other beauty products. It was believed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fade dark spots related to aging, and enhance skin glow. In addition—during a time of no toothpaste, mouthwash, or shampoo—carrot seed essential oil was often used to treat tooth, gum, and hair-related issues.

Modern Uses of Carrot Seed Essential Oil

Over the last two decades, the use of carrot seed essential oil has been rapidly increasing. One of the reasons for this is further research showcasing its holistic and rejuvenating benefits. Let's take a look at how we can derive all the benefits of carrot seed essential oil by using it in a number of different ways!

Facial Treatment

When looking at carrot seed essential oil in terms of how it can benefit the skin, there are many methods of use. However, the most common is its addition to facial moisturizers. Many people suffer from sensitive skin and using all-natural products can help avoid this. To use as a moisturizer simply add a few drops of carrot seed oil to your favorite products. Note that carrot seed oil is not a replacement for sunscreen, so it is important to use proper preventative measures.

Apply to Joints and Stress Points

Carrot seed essential oil may also aid in the reduction of inflammation in muscles and joints. 

Begin with mixing a small amount of the oil with one of the common carrier oils. Next, massage this mixture onto sore joints and pressure points. It is more effective to massage on by hand versus using a cotton ball or handkerchief.

Diffuse for Scent

Diffusing essential oils can offer many positive benefits, and carrot seed essential oil is no exception. Though aromatherapy has been in use for many years, more research is needed to gauge just how far its benefits can go. Despite the lack of research, anecdotal evidence shows diffusing essential oils can help to reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. Carrot seed oil offers a woodsy, earthy scent, which can appeal to users who wish to avoid stronger, more intense scents like lavender or citrus. Alternatively, you may also choose to add a few drops of oil to a hot bath. 

Carrot Seed Essential Oil Benefits

Carrot seed essential oil diluted with carrier oils may prove to be highly beneficial for more than just your skin. Recent studies show carrot seed oil may contain several components believed to have positive effects on the body.

1. Fights Bacterial Build-up

Like other potent essential oils, carrot seed essential oil can be very efficient in fighting active bacteria. It contains a high concentration of certain chemical compounds, which researchers believe may act as antibacterial agents.

2. Antifungal Agent

Another component in carrot seed essential oil is carotol. This particular compound shows the potential to be effective against certain strains of yeast.

3. Eliminates Oxidants

One of the known causes of cancer is the presence of oxidants in the body. A more common name for these oxidants is free radicals. Carrot seed essential oil contains antioxidant properties, meaning it works to reduce the number of free radicals present in the body. 

4. Helps Retain Youth

Carrot seed essential oil is famous in the skincare world. This is because it has the potential to help rejuvenate aging skin. Applying products that contain carrot seed oil on your face at regular intervals may help the skin retain moisture, giving it a healthy glow. This is one reason why cosmetic and toiletry producers use carrot seeds and oil in their products.

5. Ease Inflammation

Studies have shown cautious promise in regards to the anti-inflammatory properties of carrot seed oil, by methods of both topical application and aromatherapy.

Above we covered some health benefits found in carrot seed essential oil. Now, it's time we look further into the properties that make up this wild plant and how they each contribute.

The Properties of Carrot Seed Essential Oil

The chemical properties of carrot seed essential oil are what make it such a successful stress reliever and skin toner. Let's take a look at a few of these components and their functions. If we do a breakdown of VINEVIDA’s steam-distilled carrot seed essential oil, we will find it consists of the following: 

    • Vitamin A – Vitamin A is best known for its role in improving vision, and found in abundance in carrot seed oil. 
    • Carotol – Almost 60% of the oil's composition consists of carotol, an organic component that can not only help to reduce acne, wrinkles, and dark spots, but also works to promote smooth, glowing skin.
    • a-Pinene – a-Pinene has been reputed to improve and maintain cognitive abilities as well as aiding in the reduction of physical and mental stress and anxiety.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil in Soapmaking 

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Due to its potential ability to induce cell regeneration, carrot seed essential oil is a great choice when considering which oil to choose for soap. The best part about using essential oils for soap is that only a minimal amount of them is required. Take your favorite soap recipe and simply add a few drops of carrot seed essential oil to enjoy all the benefits it has to offer. 

Best Blending Partners

When mixed with other essential oils, carrot seed essential oil can provide an earthy tone to your aromatic blends. Recommended oils include Spice and Citrus oils, Lavender, Cedarwood, Geranium, Juniper berry, and Bergamot.

Disclaimer: These statements (and all statements herein) have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Essential Oils sold by VINEVIDA are to be used for cosmetic purposes only. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure, or prevent a disease or ailment. Research citations are added merely to support the claims to a certain extent. VINEVIDA makes no representation to the comprehensiveness or accuracy of the published information. Read our DISCLAIMER for further details.

Caution: Beware of excessive use as it may lead to nausea and headaches. For topical use, always dilute the oil with a carrier oil. We do not suggest the internal use of any essential oils. Keep it out of children’s reach. It is not recommended for a pregnant woman without a proper prescription by a specialist.

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