How to Use Frankincense Oil on the Face

The question of “How to use frankincense oil on the face” has gained traction over the last few years due to growing evidence of its benefits in skincare. Frankincense is considered “liquid gold” and has been used in skincare routines for over 2000 years. In addition, it has been a staple of Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries.

Frankincense can be linked to the Bible as one of the “three gifts for the Magi” and Cleopatra’s beauty routine. The components in Frankincense oil are known for their antiseptic, astringent, and anti-inflammatory properties.

You can find various ready-made skincare products containing Frankincense oil, but the oil also works well in DIY recipes.

History of Frankincense Oil

Frankincense essential oil is derived from the Frankincense tree or, more specifically, the milky white sap secreted by it. In many cultures, such as Indian or Arabian, frankincense oil is believed to bring good health and cleansing of the body and home.

In Ayurvedic medicine, Frankincense is referred to as “dhoop.” It is used for such things as healing wounds, relieving anti-inflammatory issues - like arthritis, as well as to purify the air in your home.

In ancient times, the value of the resin surpassed gold and was used in North Africa, the Middle East, and Egypt as far back as 3000 BCE. It’s believed that Hippocrates had numerous uses for frankincense resin, including toothaches, healing wounds, and indigestion.

Frankincense resin should not be mistaken for frankincense oil, but it is interesting to note that some of its components are known to assist with these same things today.

Can Frankincense Oil Improve The Look Of Skin?

Frankincense oil contains components that promote cell regeneration and keep your cells and tissues healthy. With the help of these components, applying frankincense oil to your face can help prevent wrinkles and lift and tighten skin.

The components also contain astringent properties, which help reduce acne blemishes and the appearance of pores. The combined antibacterial, antiseptic, and antioxidant qualities included in the components of frankincense oil work together to protect the skin by helping it heal from damage and reducing inflammation.

Frankincense oil can benefit people with eczema, burns, bites, and rashes thanks to its anti-inflammatory components. (The Secret Healer, 2014)

You can make a simple facial spritz with frankincense oil by combining the oil with a teaspoon of vodka and water in a glass bottle. Be sure to use proper dilution, 3% oil, and shake the bottle before each use. The facial spritz may help your face feel tighter and provide a pleasant aroma.

Adding patchouli and frankincense oil to your moisturizer will create a light blend that blends easily into the skin. Massage into your skin in circular motions moving outward.  

Can Frankincense Oil Be Added To Your Skincare Products?

It’s easy to add frankincense oil to your skincare products; just be mindful of diluting properly. The components in frankincense oil make it an excellent choice for mature skin, prematurely aging skin, dry skin, and injured skin. In addition, frankincense oil is beneficial for healthy, glowing skin and has a spicy, earthy smell that is inviting to many.

It is sometimes easier to apply a drop of oil to whatever skincare product you are using and then apply it to your face rather than adding it to the whole bottle. However, there is no reason to add more than one drop, as a little goes a long when using essential oils.

If you choose to purchase skincare products with frankincense already included, a few that top the list, such as Juice Beauty Blemish Cleansing Serum and Absolute Anti-Aging Rose Honey Cleanser.

Historically, aromatherapists have used frankincense oil to lower stress levels, decrease anxiety, and promote sleep, making using skincare products with frankincense an excellent addition to your nighttime skin routine.

Can Frankincense Oil Be Helpful For Problematic Skin?

Aromatherapists have historically used frankincense essential oil for various skin conditions, including dry skin. The components of frankincense contain both anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties, which can also be beneficial in treating problematic skin, such as dry skin and acne. In addition, frankincense oil is often added to treatments for dermatological diseases – from eczema to psoriasis and remedies for other skin rashes.

Additionally, the anti-inflammatory properties of its components are known to heal injured skin and reduce scarring, which is ideal in treating the after-effects of any type of scarring.  Frankincense oil also soothes skin and balances the production of sebum.

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Can You Apply Frankincense Oil Directly To The Skin?

Frankincense, like other essential oils, is very powerful. Diluting frankincense properly with a carrier oil before applying it to your skin is critical. It’s always a good idea to do a skin patch test to ensure you don’t have an adverse reaction to the oil.

All essential oils are different, but a good rule of thumb is to dilute 3% for adults and 2% for someone in a weakened state, such as someone older or ill. Another benefit of frankincense oil is its use for all skin types.

Safety for Frankincense Oil

Pregnant women in their first sixteen weeks should not use frankincense oil. In addition, you should be mindful not to use it around your eyes as it can irritate the eyes and the area around them.

You should always do a patch test before applying any essential oil to your skin to ensure you do not react. And no matter how gentle essential oils are, they are still potent extracts and must not be used on the skin undiluted.

DIY Recipes with Frankincense Oil

DIY Recipes with Frankincense Oil

Energize Diffuser Blend

Safety: Not for topical use

Beautifying Body Butter

Method of use:

    1. Heat a large pot of water on the stove.
    2. Place the glass container in the warm water until the coconut oil melts into a liquid.
    3. Add in the frankincense and mix well.
    4. Allow to cool in the same container you will be storing your blend

Safety: Do not use it during the first 16 weeks of pregnancy.


Frankincense oil in skincare products has increased over the last few years. As a result, it is easy to find multiple skincare products, including frankincense oil, and equally easy to include in your DIY recipes.

However, as with essential oils, be mindful of diluting correctly and testing for irritations before using consistently. Also, be cautious near your eyes, and your eyes may become irritated.

Frankincense has an earthy, sometimes woodsy, and somewhat spicy aroma pleasing many people. The components that make-up frankincense oil is known to have various benefits in skincare and other areas.

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