Best carrier oils for skin firming

It is a privilege to grow old. A life well lived is full of laughter, sadness, and adventures in the snow or sunshine. Unfortunately, these things make our skin wrinkle and dry out and sag. But when you look in the mirror, the reflection seems different than Madonna's. We recommend blending essential oils with carriers to give you skin.

Use oils like coconut, almond, and jojoba oils to rebuild elastin, replenish collagen and hydrate your complexion. Achieve unrivaled tautness by improving the external condition of your skin and its underlying structures and creating the mechanisms to maintain it for years to come.

With so many carrier oils on the market, how do you choose the best ones for skin firming?

There are so many aspects to choosing the best carrier oils for skin firming, so before we go any further, let’s break down the different sections. Then, you can jump to the bits that help most...

    • Understanding why the best skin firming carrier oils work
    • Learning how carrier oils help guard against skin deterioration. 
    • The anatomy of the skin and how carrier oils for firming skin help each part
    • A deep dive into our five best carrier oils for skin firming 
    • Some of our experts’ best carrier oils for skin-firming recipes

You Need The Best Carrier Oils for Skin Firming Because—

Carrier oils are derived from plants and used as base ingredients to dilute essential oils safely on the skin. They form important parts of any product or treatment containing essential oils that are too potent to be used topically. Carrier oils make essential oils safe. They burst nutrients to help “Oil” the building blocks of the skin, preventing flakiness and breaking as well as smoothing and refining the skin surface.

The skin loses firmness for several reasons. Age is the most obvious, of course, but stress, illness, and hormones also play a part.  Frowning and scowling are terrible news for the complexion; they affect skin firmness and, over time, wrinkles develop like crags carved into stone. The best carrier oils for skin firming improve elasticity and build back collagen, creating a sound structure under your skin once again.

The body needs as many nutrients and hydration as we get from food, so it snatches it away from the skin when we are ill. As a result, skin cells receive the very last remaining nutrients. If you’re sick, then the skin needs extra care and attention. To swell skin cells with nutrients, vitamins, and fatty acids, use skin firming carrier oils as soon as you can return nutrients to your skin.

Combat Hormonal Change With The Best Carrier Oils for Skin Firming

We always need to think about hormones when we discuss the need for carrier oils for skin firming. Specifically, how they trigger responses in the body that outwardly affect the structure and condition of our skin. For instance, menopause or perimenopause reduces levels of estrogen and progesterone in your body.

These hormonal shortfalls reduce the levels of collagen and elastin in skin cells. As a result, the skin starts to sag, especially around the neck and jawline.

How Do Carrier Oils Work For Skin Firming?

Human Skin Layers

The skin is our largest organ. A great sheet that covers our entire body, it comprises two main layers: the thin outer layer (Epidermis) and the thick under layer (Dermis).

The epidermis, the top layer of skin, is the one the world sees. But, unfortunately, it's wrinkled and lost its elasticity. Its function is to the dermis below and reproduces skin cells. To repair and reverse the damage done to this layer of skin, you can use carrier oils for skin firming.

The dermis contains muscles, nerve endings, blood supply, sweat, and sebaceous (sebum) glands. It is denser, comprising three layers much thicker than the epidermis sections...

The best carrier oils for skin firming nourish below the skin’s surface. Pick the right ones to permeate through to the dermis gorging it with sumptuous goodness. This nourishment maintains the strength of the underlying structures making the skin look fresher, more pliable, and younger.

Unlike essential oils, carrier oils burst with nutritional content. Boosting both layers' intake of vitamins and minerals increases the levels of elastin and collagen we need to appear as if we sup the fountain of youth.

Our best carrier oils for skin firming are all listed below. Each has its own superior set of skills too, plump, feed, and increase elasticity.

Get greedy and blend them, pamper your beautiful skin with Earth’s bounty.

The Best Carrier Oils For Skin Firming

1. Coconut MCT Oil

Manufacturing this oil leaves some of the skin-loving triglycerides removed in the manufacture of fractionated coconut oil. Coconut is one of the best carrier oils for skin firming because triglycerides make the skin tauter, providing an excellent base for massage oils and cosmetics.  

Coconut MCT oil is easily absorbed and penetrates deeply into the skin, leaving it hydrated, stronger, and nourished. In addition, coconut MCT oil is non-comedogenic, which means it won’t block your pores, making it a “go-to” base for facial skin treatments. Coconut MCT oil absorbs fast and is excellent for more mature complexions or any loose skin that needs that extra bit of tightening.

Safety: Unfortunately, if you are allergic to nuts, this carrier oil isn't for you!

2. Grapeseed Oil

This wonder carrier oil for skin firming is a by-product of wine manufacturing. In contrast, the oil is usually extracted by solvents; here at VINEVIDA, we source our Grapeseed oil from experts who have mastered the complex process of cold pressing, leaving us with an inconceivably pure product.

Grapeseed oil is a wonderfully thin carrier oil; it is slippery and easily absorbed. Chock full of vitamin E and Omega chain acids is one of the best carrier oils for skin firming up because it penetrates the top layer so quickly, then pours in luscious goodness to the underneath layers. Boosting the effects of essential oils - this workhorse gets down into the skin's structures to improve your skin.

3. Almond Oil

If you want to make luscious and thick massage oil, one of the best carrier oils for firming skin is Sweet Almond oil. It’s so thick and conditioned; it’s just the thing for any skins that need extra TLC.

Sweet Almond oil is a little thick but blends well with other carrier oils (such as grapeseed) for massage or facial treatments for firming skin.

Sweet Almond oil is emollient and fantastic for hydrating and toning dry skin areas. Think of the workers' places; knees, elbows, feet, and hands. And as good as it is for softening and firming hard-working skin, it’s so comforting. As it’s so thick and lovely, products such as face masks, creams, and even soaps and bath products will be best sellers if you include this oil.

In addition, its superb noncomedogenic properties won’t block your pores and strengthen the elasticity in your skin cells; what is not to love! This oil is better suited for drier complexions, though, because of its ability to keep in moisture - you don’t want extra oil if you are already oily!  

Safety: Unfortunately, if you are allergic to nuts, this carrier oil isn't for you! 

4. Argan Oil

Argan oil is one of our best carrier oils for skin firming, even better than it is at moisturizing. Thanks to its composition (80% no less) of fatty acids omega 6 and 9. Argan oil is a hydrating and nourishing carrier that can easily blend with essential oils. It’s absorbed into the skin, leaving a thin layer of residual oil and a faint, oily smell.

Linoleic acid is a powerhouse component of this oil (as well as the fatty omega acids 6 and 9), which is known to strengthen the skin barrier and promote cell turnover, making the skin soft, plump, and firm.

This is one of the best carrier oils for more mature or dehydrated skin and needs a little more love than expected. That being said, all skins love argan oil - it’s a very middle-of-the-road oil, and it helps everyone!

Safety: Not everyone loves nuts; if you have an allergy to them, I’m afraid Argan oil isn’t for you.

5. Tamanu Oil

Unlike the other oils mentioned in this article, Tamanu oil is solid at room temperature and must be warmed before use. Tamanu oil is cultivated from the Tamanu tree, which is native to East Africa.

Tamanu oil is used as a carrier oil specifically for its ability to support the body's natural immune responses to conditions affecting the skin, such as eczema and psoriasis, not to mention sun damage, loose skin, and aging.

In addition, this oil contains anti-inflammatory properties. Finally, it’s a helpful carrier oil used in treatments to promote the formation of scar tissue (Cicatrisant) or to heal and tighten the skin, for example, after illness, surgery, or substantial weight loss.

This skin-firming oil is quickly absorbed into the skin, pilling its plumping, toning's, and firming goodness into the skin. As a bonus, after massage or treatments with this oil, you are left with a lingering rich, light, spicy wood fragrance—a gloriously rich oil, great for skin that needs a little extra pizazz.   

Safety: Unfortunately, if you are allergic to nuts, this carrier oil isn't for you!

6. Avocado Oil

Just like the fruit is good for your insides, the avocado oil is just as excellent for your outward appearance. It’s a thick-ish glossy, easily absorbed oil, making it a fantastic base for creams and lotions because of its emollient nature.

When used in skin firming treatments, this carrier oil is so thick and luscious that if you use it on a large area of the skin. However, it can become sticky or tacky, so if the intended use is a massage, you will do well to blend it with another of our skin-firming carrier oils to get a double dose of tautness.

The properties of avocado oil make it a real “workhorse” oil. It absorbs quickly and contains many “good stuff,” specifically for dry and aged skin, as it increases collagen production and reduces inflammation.

7. Jojoba Oil

Dry skin and some skin-related ailments sometimes don’t allow us to produce enough sebum to regulate our supply of sebum. So guess what a grand job of mimicking it does?

Superb, excellent Jojoba oil.

Jojoba oil is chemically closer to wax than oil. Its composition makes it one of the most beautiful carrier oils for skin firming. It has Vitamin B, E, Zinc, Copper, and all skin-loving fats benefitting the skin, leaving it nourished, hydrated, and unyielding.

As jojoba oil is more of a waxy substance, it has a similar consistency as naturally occurring sebum which protects our skin.    

8. Castor Oil

Castor oil has a rich, thick, honey-like texture - wherever it is placed (if not blended), it will stick. Its properties, when used topically, are mainly emollient and will nourish, moisturize and cool the skin. BUT, if you warm it up and leave it to seep into the skin, it deeply penetrates different layers of skin, and the effects are even better.

This is one of our best carrier oils for skin firming when it’s warm. It dives deep down into the dermis and scatters its triglycerides among the cells - pumping them up with its hard-working fatty acids making the cells firmer and smoother.

Castor oil has long been considered one of the best oils for skin care. It’s a rich, thick oil that is actually a triglyceride (a fatty acid) and is mainly composed of ricinoleic acid. Ricinoleic acid stimulates and supports elastin and collagen production when absorbed by the skin, resulting in... 

Firm, beautiful skin.  

9. Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil is made from the fruit after the flower has gone, bursting with Vitamins C and F. Vitamin C makes it fantastic for more mature skin. This carrier oils skin firming ability counts on this vitamin C to hydrate skin cells and increase collagen production. Then the Vitamin F contained in the oil plumps and moisturizes the skin with its unctuous ways.

Both do this by tunneling deep into the skin, spreading their skin, and firming goodness into all layers to make an excellent supportive, healthy skin structure. It’s a thick oil but absorbs into the skin like liquid gold (the carotenes from the color of the hips). Less is more when using this oil.

There isn’t a strong smell associated with Rosehip oil, so when mixed with essential oils, the fragrance of the essentials isn’t compromised or masked.

How to Use Skin Firming Carrier Oils For Massage


  • Rub the oil between your hands to warm it, and put the palms of your hand on either side of your jaw, fingers pointing up towards the top of your ears. Next, pull the palms of your hands along your jawline back towards your ear and upwards - pulling your skin taut. Release, do this five more times.
  • Bring the first two fingers of each hand on either side of your nose on the bones of your cheekbones - pull them firmly but gently under your eyes, following the cheekbone pulling the skin up towards your temples, being careful of the delicate skin around your eyes. Release and repeat these five-time.
  • Move up to your forehead with your fingertips splayed to cover your whole forehead, and using your eyebrows as a starting point, push your skin up using your fingertips towards your hairline, release your fingers when you get to your hairline and repeat five times.


      • Warm your selection of carrier oil for skin firming between both hands. Starting at the stomach, just above the belly button, with very light fingertips, rub an inch around your belly button in a circular motion, do this in a clockwise motion five times.
      • Then take your right hand and rub just underneath your belly button gliding your hand up the left-hand side of your stomach towards your rib cage; release, and do the same with your left hand on your right side, alternating these movements for 5 movements on each side.
      • Start on your left hip, with both hands (oiled) above the other and palms flat against your skin. Gently pinch the skin on your abdomen together between your thumb and fingers pinching your skin together in fluid movements working across the whole of your abdomen towards the right hip.
      • Move your hands back to the stomach area and start with a flat palm and closed fingers. Then, using a firm circular rubbing motion, massage upwards towards the ribs; when you get to the ribs, release, then repeat five times.
      • Finish the massage routine with five more circular motions around your belly button with your fingertips.

      Skin Firming Oil Recipes

      Skin Firming Facial Massage Blend for Mature Skin

      The hydration of Coconut MCT oil is blended with luscious enrichment of rosehip and jojoba oils. Both the MCT and jojoba have non-comedogenic properties so that they won’t block your pores; the rosehip penetrates deep into the basal layers, plumping and moisturizing the skin.

      Soft carrot and chamomile essential oils ease the muscular structure, relaxing tension and soothing stress. At the same time, Jasmine, the Queen of Heaven, takes heady, sultry, and blissful moisturizing care of their complexions.

        Safety: The Jasmine essential oil would make this blend inappropriate for use on pregnant ladies. Avoid using it on people with nut allergies.

        Skin Firming Facial Balm

          Method: Mix all ingredients in a bowl, and use daily as a regular moisturizer.

          Safety: Not safe for use during the first 37 weeks of pregnancy (myrrh), and almond oil would not be a suitable choice for sufferers of nut allergies.

          Skin Firming Massage Oil

            Method: This lovely blend works well as a facial or body massage. Apply in a circular upward clockwork motion (go with your circulation, not against it). Apply as needed - this excellent nourishing oil will keep your skin soft and supple. 

            Safety: Moot point, but not suitable for use during the first 16 weeks of pregnancy.

            Skin Firming Anti Wrinkle Cream

              Method: Blend the essential oils into the carrier, then stir into the aqueous cream. Since oils and water don’t naturally mix easily, use a larger container to stir them together well, then decant into a pretty pot. Apply morning and evening after cleansing and toning the skin.

              Safety: Not suitable for use in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy.

              Final Thought

              Our best carrier oils for skin firming are lovely, and you would do well to pick any or all of them! Each oil has different qualities, but they all can tighten up your skin. They boost the underlying structures supporting what you choose to show the world. Please let us know if you try any of our expert’s best carrier oils for skin-firming recipes! We love to hear from you.