Black gothic tulip

NO. 1401 - Inspired By: Black Tulip By Nest Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil Showcase

NO. 1401 - Inspired By: Black Tulip By Nest invites you to the sultry side of the later days of spring, as the days edge ever closer to being hot and steamy as summer takes hold.

As a Chypre style blend, it is characteristically light and bright in those top notes and rich, heady, and glorious in woods and resins through the base notes.

Japanese Violet playfully dances through the top notes with the unusual fruity, brightness of spicy Pink Peppercorn.

The heart notes sing with dark fruits and mouth-watering notes of ripe Plum and juicy, plumptious Black Cherries.

It seduces you with glamor into the base notes. Sink into the blissful headiness of Indonesian Jasmine, the stunning earthiness of rich Patchouli, and finally the smooth, divine tones of Amber.

It is a truly sophisticated, sexy, seductive, and uber-sultry fragrance. Surrender to the glamor, you know you can’t help yourself!  It has certainly seduced us here at VINEVIDA.

Fragrance Notes

    • Top: Violet, Pink Peppercorn
    • Mid: Black Cherry, Jasmine, Plum
    • Bottom: Amber, Patchouli

Here at VINEVIDA we stock two versions of this fragrance oil.

NO. 1401 - Inspired By: Black Tulip By Nest Soaps and Candles Fragrance Oil is designed for just that, Soaps and Candles, but so much more besides!

It will withstand the rigorous processes of making soaps and candles, toiletries, and skin care. We think it is a truly versatile choice, as there are so many different ways you can use it!

Alternatively, we stock a DIFFUSER variation. This is specifically designed for Nebulizing and Cold Air Diffusers. It should only be used for this purpose. NO. 1401 - Inspired By: Black Tulip By Nest Fragrance Oil For Cold Air Diffusers.

Please note: VINEVIDA soaps and candle fragrance oils must not be used in Cold Air Diffusers. It can clog the delicate nozzles as it is thicker in viscosity.

Ways To Use NO. 1401 - Inspired By: Black Tulip By Nest Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil

Don’t just take our word for it, try them for yourselves, but we think VINEVIDA Soaps and Candles Fragrance Oils are incredible. They have been masterfully designed to be ultimately versatile, and the sheer amount of products you can create are mind-boggling. The only limit here is your imagination!

Let’s make life easy and explore them in three specific categories: Topical Products, Scenting The Home, and Diffusers and Candle Burners.

Topical Products

Beautiful dark black tulip

Always choose the Soaps and Candles Fragrance Oil variation when making topical products. Firstly, they are specifically designed for this and secondly, unlike many other fragrance oils on the market they are free of Parabens, Phthalates, SLS, and SLES. Because your skin is as important to us, as it is to you!

VINEVIDA fragrance oils are never tested on animals either.

VINEVIDA Soaps and candle fragrance oils can easily be blended into a variety of different bases, whether they be homemade or commercial offerings. This enables and empowers you to create your own unique, quality skin care products in the comfort of your own home. They work beautifully with natural ingredients like cosmetic butter, candle waxes, and our carrier oils.

VINEVIDA fragrance oils will endure the heat applications and rigorous processes that come with soap and candle making, as they were specifically formulated with this in mind.

They offer high performance and durability making them perfect for adding to products that need their base ingredients melted or heated. Use them for Balms, Salves, and Body Butters


You get consistent results from both Cold Process Soap or Melt and Pour Soap, as VINEVIDA fragrance oils excel in soap-making processes.

NO. 1401 - Inspired By: Black Tulip By Nest, creates an uber glamorous and sexy perfumed soap. Rich in playful floral and spicy notes, juicy, fruity heart notes, and sultry, seductive base notes of rich woods and resins.

Tip it towards the masculine, deepening it down with stronger spices and rich woods. Ramp up the femininity by introducing glorious heady florals, like Rose, Tuberose, or Gardenia. 


NO. 1401’s glamorous scent is ideal for skin care. We think NO. 1401 is ideal for creating sensual-themed gift sets. While it is a versatile fragrance, it is perhaps more suited to the skincare products you might use at night.

We love it in Masques, Moisturizers, and Night Creams. Personally, I think it is most supreme in a Serum laced with rich, nourishing carriers. It feels like something truly special and decadent and the oils help the fragrance linger on your skin just that little bit longer.  


Blend NO. 1401 into Bath Oils, Massage Oils, and Body Butters where the high oil contents help the scent to last longer on the skin.

Considered creating Hand or Foot Care Sets too. However, it is glorious in a more seductive set designed for getting an intimate night of pleasure. Don’t forget that Massage Oil! Pop it in a Monoi De Tahiti carrier oil base and it will be an evening to remember! 


There are many of you out there who don’t realize that you can use fragrance oils to make cosmetics of most kinds. Makeup and cosmetics always seem like this mysterious world of chemistry and magic. Well, when you peel back the curtain, it isn’t that hard to make your own at home.

VINEVIDA fragrance oils are super versatile in cream-based products like Foundations and Blemish Creams. Giving subtle fragrance to your skin all day long. You can also create a range of cosmetics that complement your Signature Scent toiletries.

I like a subtle Rose scent added to my Mineral Foundation and Blush Tint.

ALL fragrance oils, including NO. 1401 - Inspired By: Black Tulip By Nest, are NOT suitable for making lip products. This is where essential oils present the better option. 

Layer Your Perfumes

Have you tried layering scents yet? It is so much fun! So is creating your very own Signature Scent.

Join me and I’ll show you how to layer your face and body products in Layering Perfumes With Essential Oils - The Body Edition. Of course, it works just the same with fragrance oils.

If you have not found them yet, we have all the past Fragrance Oil Of The Week articles on our blog. Pop over and explore them! Every issue is full of handy tips, new recipes, and tutorials. Go to the website and use the search bar, then simply scroll down past all the products and you will find a list of related articles.

Check out the latest release Fragrance Oil Of The Week: NO. 1110 - Inspired By: Downy April Fresh By Bath & Body Works.

Scenting The Home

Aroma reed diffuser, flower vase & candle

VINEVIDA fragrance oils have got you covered from every angle in ways to scent your home. Again, the sheer versatility of these products allows you to use it in so many different ways to bring glorious scents to your home.

If you want to cut down on unnecessary chemicals and toxins in your home,  you can be confident that all of VINEVIDA Fragrance Oils are free from Phthalates, Parabens, SLS, and SLES.

VINEVIDA fragrance oils are never tested on animals. 

Create a Signature Home Scent

I talk a lot about Signature Scents and NO. 1401 makes a wonderful base for creating your own unique Signature Home Scent. Sophisticated, sultry, and uber sexy with its fruity heart and woody, resinous base notes.  There is still a little room in the scent profile to add your own unique twist.

The playful Violet top notes linger with the dancing spicy notes of Pink Peppercorn. Dark luscious and mouth-watering fruits make up the heart notes with a heady dose of exotic Jasmine. Yet, you cannot help but surrender to those woody and resinous base notes, which anchor the whole profile masterfully.

It is suitable for any room in the house,  but we think it is stunning for more intimate areas of the house like bedrooms and snugs.

Creating a Signature Home Scent, enables you to unify your fragrant home. Simply make your own matching products like Room Sprays, Reed Diffusers, and Candles.

I urge you to have fun and experiment!  Don’t be afraid of blending it with other essential oils and fragrance oils. You can have a truly unique and utterly glorious Signature Home Scent all of your own. Forget designer brands, create your OWN!

Signature Home Scents projects are some of my favorites and I simply love formulating them. Pop over to the blog article Layering Perfumes In The Home and find out how you can do it. 

Candles and Wax Products For The Home

NO. 1401 is a considered choice for creating sexy and sophisticated products. It can be hard to find that balance between sophistication and glamor, but NO. 1401 has that balance in spades!

Create highly scented Candles, seductive Wax Melts, enigmatic Reed Diffusers, and sexy Sachets. It is creeping up the bestseller list every week and one that I recommend adding to your collection, because of the lovely balance between sophistication and glamor.

Don’t forget, that you have even more versatility as you can tip the gender balances. For a more masculine scent add strong spices like Cardamom, and deepen the overall profile with Vetiver or Patchouli. Tip it to the feminine with strong florals like Rose and Gardenia, and deepen it down with Ylang-Ylang and a dash of Sandalwood fragrance oil. 

Scented Products For The Home

Once you have done all the fun work to create your Signature Home Scents with NO. 1401, put them to work hard for you. Create your own incredible products like Room Sprays, Linen, and Iron Sprays. Use it in Reed Diffusers, and your room diffusers and get the best of them all around your home.

Don’t forget you can even extend it out of the home and into your car with an air freshener. I show you how to make Car Freshies in Fragrance Oil Of The Week - Our Version Of Juicy Georgia Peach By BBW.

Use your imagination here and have the confidence to be inventive and resourceful. I have real and tangible success with less mainstream products like Deodorizers, especially in shoe cupboards and wardrobes. I use Scented Sachets in my linen drawers and airing cupboard. Give them a go! They are highly effective for adding scent around the home. Use our odor-eliminating fragrance oils to get rid of those nasty niffs too. 

Cleaning Products for The Home

NO. 1401 is a sensual choice for your laundry care products. Create from scratch your own Laundry Detergents, Softeners, and Tumble Dryer Sheets. It is a sophisticated scent for all your household linen. It’s perfect for your bedlinen to scent the scene for an intimate night in. Let the sexy take center stage! 

Diffusers and Candle Burners

Aromatherapy Candle Burners

All types of aromatherapy candle burners can use VINEVIDA  NO. 1401 - Inspired By: Black Tulip By Nest Soaps and Candles fragrance oil.


As I mentioned earlier, do NOT use VINEVIDA Soaps and Candles Fragrance Oil in Cold Air or Nebulizing Diffusers. It can block their delicate nozzles as it is too thick.

For your Nebulizing or Cold Air Diffusers, VINEVIDA has designed NO. 1401 - Inspired By: Black Tulip By Nest DIFFUSER Fragrance Oil instead. Please use this.

There is a lot more information and guidance on which fragrance oils we recommend and the different types of diffusers in How To Use VINEVIDA Oils. We cover these areas extensively.

It is always our first recommendation that you always check your own machine’s manufacturer's instructions for their specific guidance. 

Blending Recommendations

NO. 1401 is a super sexy, glamorous, but quietly sophisticated, fragrance oil. You can still add to this one, there is space in the scent profile for your own personalization. Experiment and gain confidence by blending it with other VINEVIDA Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils.

I like to ramp up the heart notes with heady florals like NO. 38 - Gardenia and NO. 44 - Jasmine and deepen it down with some smooth and luscious base notes like those of NO. 1200 - Inspired By: Ambre By Diptyque.

It is also sublime with crisp white florals like Neroli, earthy essential oils like Patchouli, and rich woody Cedarwood.

Creative Ways To Use And Blend

It has been rather saucy and seductive developing this showcase for NO. 1401 - Inspired By: Black Tulip By Nest Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil. It has this way of seducing you and sinking you into its glamorous depths.

Take a slow, sultry dance through its scent profile. Start with the playful teasing of Japanese Violet and that distinctive fruity, spiciness of Pink Peppercorn. Sink your teeth in the plump juiciness of dark fruits, ripe Plums, and sensuous Black Cherries, while Jasmine embraces you with her exotic headiness. Finally, earthy Patchouli and that sublime smoothness of Amber seduce you down into the enigmatic and mysterious depths of this sophisticated scent profile.

You will love creating these sublime projects for yourself, your family and friends, and your customers. Create these highly fragrant and sensual products that are super sexy, ooze confidence, and sophisticated sass.

As always, I am going to ease you in gently. We are going to create a stunning range of sublime diffuser blends for your home. 

NO. 1401 - Inspired By: Black Tulip By Nest Diffuser Blends

Modern aroma oil diffuser

This is a masterful fragrance oil to start with, but even so, there is still plenty of room to experiment with. Work carefully through all of the notes and add your own special touch.

It takes very little to tip it to a more feminine or masculine scent profile.  Strong florals like Gardenia and Rose, ramp up the scent of a woman. Add strong spices and more earthy notes like Cardamom, Vetiver, and Amber to tip it towards being more gentlemanly.

A dash of Vanilla adds an extra layer of emotion we don’t often consider. Vanilla generally fosters feelings of comfort and safety, so it can be a useful addition to set someone at ease and make them feel safe in your space. 

Let’s refresh our memory on the fragrance notes and I’ll share some recommendations for you. Try them out for yourselves at home.

Original Scent Profile Ideal Companions
Top Japanese Violet, Pink Peppercorn Lavender, Melissa, Violet Leaf, Helichrysum, Blackcurrant, Raspberry
Spearmint (but only the merest dash),
Heart Jasmine, Dark Fruit, Plum, Black Cherry Cardamom, Nutmeg,
Balsam Peru, Frankincense,
Ravensara, Myrtle
Neroli, Gardenia, Ylang Ylang, Rose, Blue Lotus,
Base Patchouli, Amber Anise Star, Amyris, Cedarwood, Palo Santo, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Vetiver.

Follow This Framework

    1. You want to keep the top notes floral and fruity. Avoid green and citrus notes here.  Plump for fruity fragrance oils and lightly floral essential oils. You can add the merest hint of green in the top notes with a dash of Spearmint or Peppermint, but mark my words, go easy! Violet Leaf is the perfect choice between green and floral and underpins that lovely Japanese Violet. 
    2. Keep it heady and floral in the heart space with Rose and Gardenia, even double down on the Jasmine. Add that elusive green note here with Ravnesara or Myrtle. There is room for a more masculine profile by using big spices like Cardamom and resins like Frankincense. Peru Balsam is another nice addition here and won’t overpower the florals. 
    3. Try deepening down the base with earthy, (Patchouli), woody (Cedarwood), and more spicy (Anise Star) notes. Use rare and precious Sandalwood and Palo Santo as fragrance oils instead. It reduces demand for the essential oil and helps preserve dwindling stocks. 
    4. A dash of Vanilla can do things to our limbic system and foster feelings of comfort, safety, and security. Making it perfect for the more intimate diffuser blends.
    5. If you work one drop at a time and then mix and test, you can’t really go wrong! Remember to have fun!

When you work within this framework it helps to maintain the original balance of the scent profile, Therefore, it helps to improve your chances of success. We WANT you to be successful and have amazing outcomes. 

IFRA Safety

Diffuser Blends fall into IFRA Category 12 NO. 1401 - Inspired By: Black Tulip By Nest fragrance oil where there are no safety restrictions in this category. This means you can use as much as you like, within reason. Remember though, more does not mean better, you still need to achieve a happy balance.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are using a Cold Air Diffuser, please use the variation labeled DIFFUSER Fragrance Oil instead. Do NOT use the Soaps & Candles variation, it is not suitable for your machine. 


    1. I love Diffuser Blends because they are so easy to make at home and give you plenty of scope for experimentation. All you need to do is measure out your chosen fragrance oils and essential oils into a small measuring jug.
    2. Stir to mix and blend them together. 
    3. Then use a funnel and decant your mixture into a 10ml dropper bottle. 
    4. Don’t skip the funnel guys, because having a clean, oil-free bottle will help your label stick better. 
    5. Don’t waste any of the oil, especially if you are using precious or expensive oils. Simply use a quality silicone spatula and scrape every last precious morsel of oil out of the jug and funnel. This helps you to minimize any waste, not to mention, get every cent worth into the bottle! It’s good for the soul, your pocket, and the Earth! 
    6. Use an oil-proof label, list all of the ingredients for obvious safety reasons. 
    7. I cannot impress upon you how important it is to label your bottle as ‘UNDILUTED’. Please do it!

How To Use:

    1. Consult your manufacturer's instructions for your own diffuser, please.
    2. If you are instructed to do so, dilute your blend to suit your diffuser.

Sophisticated Sass

Portrait confident & happy woman

Sophisticated, Classy, and just a little bit sassy and totally in control. This is vibrant, uplifting, and perfect for any room in the house, it is particularly suited to rooms where you want to exert your dominance. Why not try it in the boardroom as well as the bedroom? Or give those unruly members of the book club a fragrant ‘something’ to think about!  You’ll have them eating out of your hand with this one. 



    • Not designed or formulated for topical use on the skin.

Sultry Soiree

Friends sharing joyful meal each other

This is full of sultry, sensuous joy. It is just the thing for those dinner parties with your closest friends. Vibrant, sassy, lively, and uplifting, pop it in the diffuser to pep everyone up and give them a bit of sassy spark to take home with them.

Perfect for small dinner parties, larger nighttime parties and gatherings, and for creating sassy, sexy energy.



    • Not designed or formulated for topical use on the skin.

Sensual and Sexy

Silhouette happy couple holding each other

Wind down together with this one after a long day and set the scene for something sensual and just a LOT sexy. Set this going in the sitting room, and in the bedroom for later, to keep the energy up. Oooo lala, it’s sure to be a night to remember. (Why not coordinate your bed linen and a Massage Oil, Double-check your IFRA safety data first though)! 

Use aphrodisiac essential oils rather than comparative fragrance oils in this to get the best results from their active properties. 



    • Not designed or formulated for topical use on the skin.

DIY Recipes Using NO. 1401 - Inspired By: Black Tulip By Nest Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil

It is not hard to be excited about the possibilities of VINEVIDA Soaps and candle fragrance oils.  They are so incredibly versatile and your mind will boggle at the sheer number of projects you can create with them.

Take a look at Unlock The Power Of Aromatherapy: 100 Ways To Use Essential Oils (& Fragrance Oils) if you don’t believe me!

This week, we have the sultry and sophisticated NO. 1401 and we are going to make the most of that sexy edge it has. First, we are going to make a Massage Oil. You can use it after a bath to scent and nourish your skin after a shower or bath. Alternatively, share an intimate night with your partner in fragrant, sensuous bliss.

For our second project, we are using NO. 1401 in a project we don’t normally associate with sexiness, Dry Shampoo. Yet, there is little sexier than flirting with your beau and leaning in and getting the scent of something sexy, sophisticated, and enigmatic from your hair. Draw out the mystery and draw them in! Don’t be afraid to tip the balance towards something that suits your gender more readily.

Whilst we have chosen more intimately themed projects this week, there’s so much more scope for creativity here with NO. 1401, go wild with it! 

Sensuous Massage Oil

Hand massage applying oil on back

This is such a beautifully sensuous Massage Oil, laced with aphrodisiac essential oils and skin-nourishing carrier oils. It will bring a whole new dimension to your intimate encounters. Wrap yourselves in sexy and sophisticated fragrant bliss and abandon yourself! Saucy!

There is a variety of carrier oils in this to enhance the experience of sensuous touch. If your budget cannot reach all of these, simply use Jojoba and Wheatgerm carrier oils instead at a ratio of 7:3 or (70%/30%). Wheatgerm gives a little ‘grip’ to the skin and stops things from getting too slippery. It enhances the skin feel for both the recipient and the massager.

Massage Oil falls into IFRA Category 5A -  NO. 1401 - Inspired By: Black Tulip By Nest Soaps and Candles fragrance oil has a maximum safety dilution recommendation of 6.4%. This means that in 100ml of Massage Oil, don’t use any more than 6.4 ml of fragrance oil. 

You Will Need:

    1. Measuring jug
    2. Funnel
    3. Stainless steel spoon
    4. 100 ml dark amber glass bottle
    5. Oil proof label



    • Do not use it in the first 37 weeks of pregnancy.
    • Do not use it on or near your intimate areas, please. Wash in clean, warm, soapy water if you do. 


    1. Measure out all of your carrier oils into the small measuring jug.
    2. Add in your fragrance and essential oils and stir well to combine.
    3. Decant into the bottle using a funnel to keep the bottle clean and oil-free.
    4. Lid tightly.
    5. Label clearly, listing all ingredients for safety reasons.

How To Use:

    1. Always do a 24-48 hour patch test BEFORE your intimate night to avoid any disappointments!
    2. Gently warm the oil in your hand or a small bowl set in a larger bowl of warm water.
    3. Work in upwards motions, without dragging the skin. If you are dragging the skin, you need more Massage Oil.
    4. Avoid the intimate areas as fragrance and essential oils can react with your mucus membranes. (=Not fun)!

Dry Shampoo

A jar of organic nontoxic chemicals free dry shampoo

It is easy to make your own dry shampoo at home and you can even make it to match your hair color!

The trick when making your own dry shampoo is to use extremely fine and powdered ingredients. Aerosolized versions have super tiny particles and while it is difficult to find that size commercially, we can still make products that give them a run for their money.

The great thing about making your own Dry Shampoo is that you can control your ingredients and cut down on the chemicals and associated toxins that you very often find in commercial offerings. 

Choose to go all natural and be kind to your hair and scalp. 

In IFRA Category 7B -  NO. 1401 - Inspired By: Black Tulip By Nest Soaps and Candles fragrance oil has a maximum safety dilution recommendation of 2.48%. 

There is no option on the VINEVIDA calculator for Dry Shampoo so use the ‘Shampoo’ option, it will work out the correct safety data in the right category for you with those settings. 

You Will Need:

    1. Large Bowl
    2. Protective gloves
    3. Measuring cups
    4. Stainless steel spoon
    5. Pipette
    6. Large Glass jar or a shaker bottle (Like a vintage sugar shaker or a modern powdered sugar shaker).
    7. Label
    8. Optional: Large makeup brush



    • Activated Charcoal - for hair with black and blue tones
    • Cocoa Powder - for hair with brown tones.
    • Bentonite Clay - For hair with gray and silver tones
    • Beet Powder + Cocoa Powder - For hair with red tones. 

Safety Note: Many people with red hair tones suggest using Cinnamon Powder, please do NOT use this directly on your skin. Use Beet and Cocoa instead. 

The amounts you need to add are entirely dependent on the shade and color of your hair. Mix and experiment until you get the desired amount. 

My hair is dark auburn and I use a combined 3/4 cup of Arrowroot and Cornstarch and 1/4 cup of Cocoa Powder with 1-2 tbsp of Beet Powder to get the perfect shade. I store mine in a jar and use a large makeup brush to apply it to my roots. Then work it in with my fingers and then brush it through. 


    • Be cautious about getting this into your eyes, should that happen rinse with clean, warm water. 


    1. Mix the fragrance oil with your chosen carrier oil. Go for something light and fluid like Sweet Almond rather than a heavy Castor Oil. 
    2. In a large bowl, create your perfect shade of dry shampoo, by combining the Arrowroot and Cornstarch with the colored powders. It is trial and error. If you add too much dark color add more of the light colored powders. 
    3. Once you have the right shade, you can add your oil mixture. Using the pipette, drop individual drops of oil across the surface of the powder evenly. Then work with gloved hands, break down any clumps, and work the oil evenly through the mixture.
    4. Cover and allow to steep overnight and then check again in the morning for any clumps, breaking them down. 
    5. Decant into your chosen container. Bear in mind if you have an open container like a sugar shaker, you will need to store it somewhere dry (not in a damp and moist bathroom).
    6. Label your container, listing all ingredients. 

How to Use:

    1. Do a 24 to 48-hour patch test, before using for the first time.
    2. Either shake onto your hair or use a soft makeup brush to apply it.
    3. Work in with your fingers and then brush it through.
    4. Dry Shampoos are not designed to be used every day, using them too much can upset the natural balance of your hair.
    5. Washing your hair every other, or every third day, is better for your hair. I always find by the morning of the third day I need a bit of dry shampoo to get me through the day.

Do You Need Some Help Using VINEVIDA Fragrance Oils?

Don’t panic! We are ALL new to using VINEVIDA fragrance oils at some point in time. We are here to guide and help as much as we can. We have developed a series of articles to help build your skills and expand your knowledge of working with our amazing fragrance oils.

Start with - How To Use VINEVIDA Oils, we have packed it with everything you need to know. You can learn about the basic uses and applications of VINEVIDA fragrance oils. Then you can explore with us how to use them in your diffusers.

You will see that we often talk about IFRA and safety dilutions. We show you how to find it easily in How To Find Safety Information On The VINEVIDA Website. It’s a super quick and simple step-by-step guide. 

If you feel you want a bit more guidance, plump for the comprehensive pictorial tutorial instead in How To Use VINEVIDA Oils.

Whenever you get stuck try the VINEVIDA calculator to help you. It is such a useful tool and I use it all the time to work out all the IFRA safety dilution rates I need.  

Facebook Group

Come and share your experiences on our VINEVIDA Facebook Group. Just like you, our customers love to see what other people use fragrance oils for. Everyone appreciates your best hints and tips posts too. 

Share what you have created with your VINEVIDA products and amaze us!  We always get a real thrill out of seeing you having fun with our products and creating wonderful projects.

Of course, we know just how versatile our products are here at VINEVIDA, but it brings us untold joy to see you discover that for yourselves.  

The Final Word

Black Tulip

It has been a sophisticated and sultry week working with NO. 1401 - Inspired By: Black Tulip By Nest. With its late spring reminder that the hot and steamy days of summer are not far behind. Ooooh la la! 

Be greeted by the light, bright top notes of Japanese Violet playfully dancing with the fruity brightness of spicy Pink Peppercorn. Dark fruits dominate the heart space with notes of ripe Plum and juicy, plumptious Black Cherries. Then dive into the blissful headiness of Indonesian Jasmine, rich Patchouli, and finally the smooth tones of Amber.

It is a beautifully sophisticated, seductive, and uber-sultry fragrance. Naturally, it is becoming a very popular fragrance oil here at VINEVIDA as customers discover its sultry delights. 

Blending Recap With NO. 1401 - Inspired By: Black Tulip By Nest Fragrance Oil

Save $$$ and Make Your Own

Don’t forget it is very simple to blend NO. 1401 - Inspired By: Black Tulip By Nest with a range of VINEVIDA Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils in the comfort of your own home.  Just have a go and you’ll soon build your confidence to create something truly unique for your own home.

Trust me, it will totally surprise you when you realize how your own homemade blends can rival those expensive designer brands. There’s no need to pay out so much money for designer brands! Save money and create your own! 

Follow The Framework

As a beginner, it can be really helpful to follow the blending framework given with the Diffuser Blends recipes. It is a relatively foolproof method, helping you to achieve fantastic results every time. As you progress and your own experience builds you will be able to discern these balanced frameworks for yourself. 

Streamlining Your Signature Home Scent 

Creating your own Signature Home Scent and streamlining them across your home is easier than you think. Once you know how, you can use the Diffuser Blend recipes as inspiration and create matching Scented Candles, Reed Diffusers, and Wax Melts for your home.

Our blog is jam-packed with exciting recipes and tutorials. Many contain comprehensive and professional tutorials, it's never been so easy to make your own projects at home. 

We give you tried and tested recipes that you can trust. Start your fragrant journey today and let us share our years of professional knowledge and expertise to get you started.  

Our recent article Unlock The Power Of Aromatherapy: 100 Ways To Use Essential Oils is literally overflowing with links to exciting recipes and blog articles. You can find projects quickly and easily with this awesome interactive list. 

Thank You For Joining Us For Fragrance Oil Of The Week

It has been a rather sexy and sultry experience developing these recipes this week and I hope it brings a little of that sophisticated sexiness and sass to your home and you! Get a bit of a swagger on with this and swing those hips! 

It is perfect for creating an intimate, sophisticated, and mysterious ambiance in your home. 

NO. 1401 - Inspired By: Black Tulip By Nest is a fragrant delight and we hope you will love it as much as we do here at VINEVIDA, it is certainly gaining popularity with our customers.

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