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Oregano Essential Oil: Uses, Benefits, and Blends

VINEVIDA’s Oregano Essential oil comes directly from Morocco, where the hot, rocky climate is perfect for growing premium-quality plants. Though the herb is most well-known as a cooking spice, its essential oil contains many potential benefits. Keep reading to discover what makes oregano oil both an antioxidant and an antibacterial agent, and how best to use it!

Oregano Essential Oil Product Details

For centuries, people have been using oregano as a flavoring additive in foods and beverages. Though popular in the Mediterranean for thousands of years, oregano made it to America much later. During the war, Americans who spent time in Italy came back raving about the herb. This led to an increase in oregano’s popularity, particularly for its use in Italian foods. Additionally, history shows the Ancient Greeks using oregano essential oil to treat wounds, poisonings, and even bites from venomous creatures like snakes and scorpions.

Where Does Oregano Essential Oil Come From?

Oregano oil is extracted from the perennial herb oregano. This flowering plant is a member of the mint family, Lamiaceae, as well as being in the same genus as the similar herb, marjoram. In fact, you will occasionally hear the term “wild marjoram” instead of oregano, whereas marjoram, on the other hand, often goes by “sweet marjoram”. The name oregano comes from the Latin word orīganum, which is derived from Classic Greek. The original Greek word for oregano translates to “brightness of the mountain”. Oregano is native to the Mediterranean region, as well as the western and southwestern areas of Eurasia. At VINEVIDA, we source premium quality Oregano Essential Oil from Morocco, coming from the botanical species Origanum Compactum Benth.

Oregano Essential Oil Benefits: Component Breakdown

  • Carvacrol: Carvacrol is a naturally occurring phenolic monoterpenoid common in the oils of oregano, thyme, and other plants. Multiple studies show carvacrol to contain antimicrobial, anticancer, and antioxidant properties. Unfortunately, there is a lack of human trials to provide more concrete evidence. This creates a barrier to making conclusions on carvacrol and its potential health benefits. However, preliminary evidence is promising, and we can expect further research in terms of what medicinal roles carvacrol may play in the future. Carvacrol is also a huge contributor to the warm, spicy aroma of oregano Essential Oil. Also, it makes sure of most of the oregano essential oil benefits.
  • p-Cymene: p-Cymene is an aromatic monoterpene, which occurs naturally in plants. It is colorless and has a mild, sweet aroma. Research suggests p-Cymene may be an effective anti-inflammatory agent. 
  • Gamma-terpinene: Gamma-terpinene is a monoterpene that can be isolated from a number of essential oils including oregano oil. Studies show it to have an antioxidant effect, which means it is able to eliminate free radicals from the body. 
  • Thymol: Thymol is a monoterpene and a natural derivative of cymene. It appears in high concentrations in thyme oil, as well as in lower concentrations in oregano. Historically it has a range of uses, including as an antiseptic, an antifungal, and even as a vermifuge (to treat intestinal parasites). Many oregano essential oil benefits are acquired with the help of this chemical component.
  • Linalool: Common uses of the plant metabolite linalool include its role as both an antimicrobial agent and a fragrance additive.

Oregano Essential Oil Uses: For Wholesale Purposes

One important thing to note is that there is a significant difference between oil of oregano and oregano essential oil. Oil of oregano often comes in gel capsules or liquid droppers and is specifically meant to be taken internally. Oregano essential oil, on the other hand, is an extremely concentrated and very potent form of oil. You should never ingest it, or apply it topically without the use of a carrier oil. For the purpose of this article, we are referring to the essential oil version of oregano.

Antibacterial Agent

The antibacterial use comes first on the list of oregano essential oil uses. Many infectious diseases are re-emerging due to the inability of current antibiotics to defend against bacteria. Bacteria are becoming resistant, which means it is necessary to come up with other effective means to combat them. In addition to the problems with antibiotics, many synthetic antibacterial agents are bad for the environment and can result in toxicological side-effects. Research indicates oregano oil to be an effective antimicrobial agent due to the constituents it contains.

Use oregano oil as a key ingredient in natural cleaning supplies to make the best use of its antibacterial properties.


Aromatherapy is another significant one in the oregano essential oil uses list. Studies indicate that oregano essential oil is a highly effective antioxidant. This is particularly true with oil coming from the plant’s flowers and leaves, such as that from VINEVIDA.

One common way to achieve aromatherapy is to apply essential oils topically. Again, you should never apply essential oils directly to the skin. If you wish to use oregano essential oil for aromatherapy, you will need to dilute it first. You can use a carrier oil, or there is also the option to add the oil to your favorite products. Great options include lotions, shampoos, and conditioners. Regular use may help supply your body with the antioxidants it needs to fight free radicals in the body. Other potential benefits of oregano oil aromatherapy include relaxation, stress reduction, and improved sleep quality, among others. 

How to Use Oregano Essential Oil:

Anecdotal evidence indicates that oregano oil may be effective in reducing symptoms of coughs and colds, and other respiratory ailments. For the best effect, you can use the oil in either passive or active diffusers, steam baths, or add it to products to achieve aromatherapy. 

Room Sprays

Taking into consideration its potential antioxidant and antibacterial properties, oregano essential oil makes a great addition to room sprays. Many commercial air fresheners contain harmful toxins and irritants. A common example is phthalates, which can interfere with the body’s hormonal systems. Many of these ingredients hide behind nondescript labels such as “fragrance” and “scent”. Using essential oils is an easy way to achieve a pleasant aroma safe and natural. Keep reading for another DIY way to freshen the house using oregano oil!

Soap Making 

Oregano Essential Oil Soapmaking

The fragrant scent of oregano can add a tingling warmth to natural soaps. The main component in oregano, carvacrol, contains antimicrobial and antibacterial properties which makes it great for hand soaps. Try one of the following combinations and create your own custom oregano soap!

What Blends Well with Oregano Essential Oil?

Oregano’s fresh, spicy scent blends well with many different oils. Try combining oregano with Peppermint, Thyme, Basil, or Rosemary, for an aromatic, herbaceous aroma. For a more floral scent try Lavender, Bergamot, or Rose Geranium Oil

DIY Project 

Looking for a safe, natural way to freshen up your house? Then VINEVIDA’s got you covered. The best part? All you need are cotton balls, essential oil, and a vacuum cleaner. 

Drop a little bit of oil onto the cotton balls and put them into the vacuum bag or canister. All of a sudden you have an easy way to diffuse the spicy warmth of oregano through your house—just don’t be surprised when your friends and family start sniffing around the kitchen!


Earlier we brought up the difference between oregano oil and the essential oil of oregano. This article on oregano oil highlights the importance of being certain about what you are purchasing. Many commercial oregano oils are actually not oregano oil at all. A clear indication of this is if the number one ingredient is thymol, as authentic oregano oil should always be highest in carvacrol. Additionally, authentic wild oregano only grows in certain parts of the world, such as the Mediterranean. At VINEVIDA we source our oregano oil from Morocco, which is well-known for being of superior quality.

Furthermore, here at VINEVIDA, we offer verified third-party lab results to ensure our customers are getting nothing but pure and natural oregano oil. 

Is Oregano Essential Oil Safe For Kids?

As you now know, there are important differences between oregano oil and its essential oil. Oregano essential oil is a hot oil. Like any other essential oil, you should never ingest it or apply it directly to the skin, regardless of age. However, due to its warming properties extra care should be taken. Do not use oregano oil topically on small children, and when diluting with carrier oils and products start with a minimal amount first. Do a test patch, then wait 24 hours to gauge the effect. 

Flash Point

63° C


Oregano is famous all over the world for its use in Italian cooking, but its essential oil extends the range of uses for this spicy herb. This oil’s antibacterial properties make it a great addition to cleaning products, while its sweet, aromatic aroma offers a burst of freshness to aromatherapy. At VINEVIDA we provide third-party lab certification with all orders so you can sleep easy knowing your oregano oil is authentic. 

Call us if you have any questions or concerns, or wish to know more about ordering bulk oregano essential oil! VINEVIDA also offers a money-back guarantee on all products within 30 days of purchasing.

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Lovely smelling oil

This oil smells incredible. I love the smell of oregano, so this is a special treat. Smells fresh, spicy, and like Italian food. Excellent.

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Nice smell

Nice strong oregano taste and smell

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I am in love with the quality of your products

Oregano is a little pricey everywhere but I am in love with the quality of your products and the care for your customers.

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First time using this product. I am happy with the purchase.

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I plan to use my oil in medicinal ways

I plan to use my oil in medicinal ways

Oregano Essential Oil Oregano Essential Oil Oregano Essential Oil Oregano Essential Oil Oregano Essential Oil Oregano Essential Oil Oregano Essential Oil

Oregano Essential Oil




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