Blossom tree

Dive into a world of burgeoning buds, bursting blossoms, and freshly shooting grass with Diffuser Blends For Early Spring. A time of warming sun and refreshing rain to be evoked in our fragrant homes. Take delicate florals like Violet Leaf and Rose, and intertwine them with citrus oils like Yuzu, and Bergamot for clean fresh finishes. Weave grasses like Palmarosa and Lemongrass through green herbs like Melissa and Spearmint. Finally, see off the last of the Winter with vibrant Lemon Eucalyptus, Dwarf Pine, and Sweet Birch. Meld these with VINEVIDA fragrance oils. Go fresh and green with NO. 4, Bamboo Garden, and NO. 1110, Downy April Fresh. Flirt with florals like NO. 1108, Cherry Blossom, and NO. 49, Lilac Blossom.

Perhaps you want something a bit more sophisticated? We have it all, try NO. 14, Black Tulip. Black Tulips are steeped in history synonymous with secrecy and shrouded in mystery. 

The Delight Of The First Spring Flowers


I don’t know anyone who does not feel a thrill of delight at the sight of the first spring flowers.

I know after a long, dark, dank winter, those bright purple violets and pure white snowdrops gladden my heart and lift my Spirit.

Witch hazel fireworks, bright purple violets, pure as-snow snowdrops, bright cheery narcissus, fragrant daphne, and dainty viburnum blossoms, are the first blooms to herald the onset of Spring and wave goodbye to the long, cold Winter.

Those gorgeous heralds are then followed by vibrant crocuses, super fragrant hyacinths, bubblegum pink bergenias, daffodils of all shapes and sizes, and the jaunty color-changing pulmonaria.

Then tree and fruit blossoms begin their magnificent show until petal confetti falls from the sky on the Spring breeze. Magnolias, take center stage in gardens everywhere, looking like branches filled with angels. While tulips and bluebells festoon the grass underneath them.

Spring flower scents are some of the most ethereal and they can be hard to capture. Making them some of the most sought-after, expensive, and exclusive essential oils and absolutes in the world. Let us dip a toe into this world, but also keep our dreamy feet firmly on the ground.

Join me for the sensational and sublime Diffuser Blends For Early Spring

Why Make Your Own Diffuser Blends For Early Spring

With so many wonderful fragrance oils and essential oil blends on the market, it would be easy to question, “Why make my own”?

There are plenty of great reasons to make your own Diffuser Blends For Early Spring.

Control The Mood

Part of creating, designing, and producing your Diffuser Blends For Early Spring is about controlling and dictating the mood you want to purvey.

You can use the properties of essential oils to calm, soothe, and relax, or even uplift, energize, and enliven. With just a handful of essential oils, you can create a variety of different ambiances all around your home.

While fragrance oils do not have the same properties, actions, and benefits as essential oils, their scents can still influence your mood. 

Control The Cost

When it comes to making your own Diffuser Blends For Early Spring, feeling in control of the process is an empowering feeling to have.

Exercise control from the very first spark of concept right through to its final production,  which is key if you are keen on making more eco-conscious and natural-based choices.

Some essential oils and absolutes stretch even deep pockets and they will be unattainable for many of us. Thankfully, we will also be looking at much more affordable essential oils for designing your Diffuser Blends For Early Spring.

The beauty of learning how to make your own diffuser blends is it gives you much more scope and control. 

Best Essential Oils For Diffuser Blends For Early Spring

Sun streams through bluebell woods

A Chance For Something Extraordinary and Glorious

Spring flowers are some of the most elusive and ethereal fragrances to capture in essential oils and absolutes. It is a testament to decades of dedication and hard work of the producers and distillers that we have available to us today.

Absolutes are an indulgent treat usually reserved for religious ceremonies and special occasions like weddings. They command a much higher price than most essential oils because of the huge number of flowers needed and the short number of weeks the flowers are available.  But if you are looking for something truly evocative of spring or for a rare and special treat, you might consider one or two of these most precious oils. They would be perfect for  Easter and Spring celebrations as well as bringing sublime, ethereal fragrance to yourself and your home. 

Jonquil Absolute or French Narcissus (Narcissus jonquilla)

Jonquil Absolute is extracted from the French Narcissus jonquilla, gorgeous yellow flowers that nod their jaunty heads throughout the Gallic countryside.

It is highly sought after in the perfume industry for its rich, pervading fragrance. Yet, it has that ethereal edge too, so just when you think you have it, it’s gone, despite its initial tenacity.

Jonquille Absolute is best used in small amounts, to uplift and lend its floral/green fragrance to the overall scent profile of the blend. It is beloved in the soapmaking making and perfume industry as it proves an excellent fixative, adding its own rich, sweet note.

Jonquil Absolute Oil also has medicinal actions that can be useful in supporting the body in pain. Aromatherapists use its anti-inflammatory actions to relieve muscle spasms. It also has constituents with antibacterial properties and balancing sebum production. Ideal for reducing skin breakouts and soothing skin.

Emotionally it uplifts, soothes, and wraps us in a shroud of security. Jonquil makes us feel like things are going to get better.

Soothing, cooling, and mildly sedative, Jonquil Absolute is perfect for relaxation, meditation, and finding bliss.

Saffron Oleoresin (Crocus sativa)

Saffron Oleoresin is extracted from the tiny stigmas of Crocus sativa flowers. This tiny little lilac Spring flower is harvested for its thread-like bounty and is the most valuable ‘Queen of the Spice World’.

Saffron Oleoresin is often considered the very definition of luxury because it is extracted from this incredibly valuable spice.

Saffron oleoresin is a base note that clings to the skin ages. It is a bright,  vivacious, deep glorious orange color, like a liquid sunset. Its scent notes are powerful, rich, warming, and intense.  Despite its cost, it is extremely popular in the perfume industry because even the tiniest amounts bring richness and intensity to a scent profile.

It gives off Leather notes and even a slight saltiness of the ocean. However, you’ll need to get it out of the bottle and expose it to the air, to experience its full aromatic beauty. In the bottle, it just smells sweet and light.

There is little else that can replicate its sensuous fragrance, and it has a certain chemical effect on the skin which seems to make it ‘bloom’ and given our own natural skin compositions, it could act and smell differently for each one of us. 

Narcissus Absolute Oil (Narcissus poeticus L)

Jonquil and Narcissus Absolutes are both solvents extracted from flowers in the Narcissus family but from different species.

    • Jonquil Absolute or French Narcissus Oil is from (Narcissus jonquilla)
    • Narcissus Absolute Oil comes from (Narcissus poeticus L)

Narcissus is widely used in perfumery. It has a stunning sweet herbaceous fragrance that is laced with intense floral undertones. It has centuries of perfume tradition and has been used across the ancient and modern world. Roman perfumers made 'narcissum', divine and complex perfumes that would have been used in temple offerings to the goddess Proserpina, who was snatched away to the underworld when she went to pluck a narcissus.

In India, Narcissus oil is used to adorn the body before praying in the temple.

The Arabians recommend narcissus oil as an aphrodisiac, as well as a cure for baldness, but that claim still requires research.

Its narcotic effects have profound actions on our nervous system. It can be wonderfully soothing and so can aid in getting a decent night's sleep, but do go easy with how much you use. If you err on the side of too much, you might just find its aphrodisiac effects kicking in! 

Intoxicating and heady, it can give you a headache if you use it too much, so be delicate using this one.

Hyacinth Absolute Oil (Hyacinthus orientalis)

Most Hyacinth Absolutes tend to come from Italy and it is usually solvent extracted from the fresh flowers, as it is another one of those ethereal notes to capture.

I just LOVE the aroma of Hyacinth Absolute, with the initially sweet, green aroma followed by soft, powdery, floral undertones. It falls into being a middle or heart note so can be very versatile to blend with.

Hyacinth Absolute Oil is widely used in the luxury perfume business, most often for creating oriental and floral-based perfumes, because of its exotic and heady fragrance.

When used in aromatherapy, it refreshes and invigorates tired minds. Lovely for stress-related conditions,  according to Lawless (1992) it promotes creativity, especially in the right-hand side of the brain.

More Cost-Effective Essential Oils For Diffuser Blends For Early Spring

However, those gorgeous Spring flower absolutes are beyond the pocket of most people and you and I live in the real world so let’s look at how we can use more cost-effective essential oils to create a similar ambiance in our Diffuser Blends For Early Spring

Moving Away From Spice

Winter spices cinnamon anise cardamom clove

We are bombarded by spice oils and fragrances through the winter. Cinnamon and Clove dominate the fragrant landscape. Now,  we move away from warming, comforting aromas to fresh, green,  delicate florals in our Diffuser Blends For Early Spring.

What do you love about Spring? New growth, hope, the signs of the world coming back to life, new life, and new beginnings. What essential oils speak of that to you?


violet on spring forest

Diffuser Blends For Early Spring need to be either wonderfully delicate or intoxicating and heady. One of the first flowers to poke her gorgeous little purple head up in my garden is my Wild Violet, and Violet Leaf Absolute has all the wonderful fresh green scent to evoke her presence.

Rose Geranium and Rose can be used to create that floral delicacy or come in swinging and use Ylang-Ylang for something much more intoxicating and heady. 


Citrus fruits

By the time it rolls around, we want a huge burst of freshness from our Diffuser Blends For Early Spring. Citrus oils are ideal for creating bright, uplifting, clean, fresh aromas.

Stick to the clean fresh Orange fragrances of Bergamot, Mandarin, Petitgrain, Sweet Orange, and Tangerine. They uplift you beautifully and bring their happy, cherry energies to your blends.

Don’t be afraid to step out of the ‘Orange Zone’ and get all zesty and mouthwatering with essential oils like Grapefruit, Lemon, and Lime. If you want to try something a bit different, plump for the fresh, joyful experience of Yuzu or Kaffir Lime


lemon grass tree

Grasses lend that gorgeous aroma of fresh green to you Diffuser Blends For Early Spring.

You need that green aspect for the overall scent profile to feel fresh, vibrant, and welcoming. 

Citronella and Lemongrass have that wonderful citrus edge to their aromas, adding yet another layer of freshness.

Yet, oils like Palmarosa have a more floral, almost rose-like aroma, adding to that delicate floral aspect that fits so perfectly in your Diffuser Blends For Early Spring.



Capitalize on the glory of fresh green herbs to make incredible Diffuser Blends For Early Spring.

Melissa (ka  Lemon Balm) is one of the first perennial herbs to appear in my garden in the Spring. Soon after the Violets and before the Snowdrops you can see her pushing through the soft rich soil and leaf mold. She is expensive but offers an incredible fragrance that nothing else can replicate.

Basil and Clary Sage are wonderfully fragrant green notes. As does Spearmint’s ice-cold gorgeousness. 

Trees and Shrubs

Eucalyptus tree

When it comes to Tree and Shrub essential oils for your Diffuser Blends For Early Spring, I could be here all day. They are some of my favorites.

Remember, we are thinking clean and green and trying to stay away from the rich warm woods that we have been using all winter.

Plump for the divine gray-green coolness of Eucalyptus, and if you fancy it with a citrus twist maybe it is the perfect time to use your Lemon Eucalyptus, even a Lemon Tea Tree would not go amiss here either.  Sticking with the citrus theme, there is little more uplifting and joyful than Litsea Cubeba to raise your spirits and welcome the arrival of Spring.

One of my favorite things about being out and about in Spring is that you can see the Silver Birch's bare twigs and branches turn almost a hue of browny purple. I always like to think it is because it is the time that the sap rises too. Whether it is or not remains to be seen.

If you have never tried Sweet Birch essential oil, then now the time is ripe. You do need to be a little mindful in blending because it can have almost a medicinal aroma. If you blend it with a delicate floral top note and deep earthy note like Patchouli it is something sublime. In my twenties, this was my favorite essential oil in the world.  

Don’t forget about the amazingly sweet, fresh green, and resinous aroma of Dwarf Pine. That can add a beautiful undertone to your Diffuser Blends For Early Spring

Best Fragrance Oils For Diffuser Blends For Early Spring

VineVida diffuser fragrance oil

We have so many fragrance oils that are just perfect for making your own Diffuser Blends For Early Spring. Have a good look through our inventory and see what appeals to you.

Remember, you are aiming for those lighter, more delicate florals, paired with fresh greens and vibrant, clean citrus scents.

These are some of our favorites and best recommendations.

1. NO.4 - Bamboo Garden

Scent Profile

Imagine, walking through a copse of Bamboo canes. How the leaves crunch underfoot and the breeze sounds blowing through them and making them dance and sway. Breathe in the fresh green aroma of Bamboo, heavenly Jasmine, and fresh, vibrant Lemon and green Aloe. All beautifully held up on the undercurrent of alluring Musk and earthy, sensuous Patchouli. 

Fragrance Notes

    • Top: Bamboo, Aloe
    • Mid: Jasmine
    • Bottom: Musk

2. NO.14, Inspired by Black Tulip by Nest

Scent Profile

Tulips are evocative of Spring and there is much history about the elusive and coveted first true Black Tulip. Indulge and embrace the history of it by allowing yourself to be seduced by this incredible Chypre.

It masterfully weaves the gentle and naive sensuality of Japanese violet with heady and intoxicating Jasmine. It then plunges you into a deliciously dark and fruity heart space of plumptious Black Cherries and sweet red Plums.  Finally, you are embraced by the richness of sultry Patchouli and the vibrant intensity of warm and spicy Pink Peppercorn. 

Fragrance Notes

    • Top: Violet
    • Mid: Jasmine, Plum, Black Cherry
    • Bottom: Patchouli, Pink Peppercorn

3. NO. 1108, Inspired by: Cherry Blossom by Bath & Body Works

Scent Profile

Spring on a breeze, dotted and confetti-ed by tiny round petals of fragrant Cherry Blossom.

Romantic picnics under blossom-laden trees where the fragrance is carried on a warm, gentle breeze. First, you are greeted with the bright, fresh, and vivacious notes of Orange & Lemon. Then delicate Peony meets heady Jasmine, before being wrapped in comforting Vanilla, and precious Sandalwood. 

Fragrance Notes

    • Top: Citrus
    • Mid: Peony, Jasmine
    • Bottom: Vanilla, Sandalwood

4. NO. 1110, Inspired by: Downy April Fresh by Bath & Body Works

Scent Profile

The scent of Springtime bursts in the garden. Listen to the bees zipping in and out of the Rose, Jasmine, and Musk, the birds singing in the Cedarwood and Sandalwood trees, and the citrus Lemon cake on the table.

Fragrance Notes

    • Top: Citruses
    • Mid: Rose, Jasmine
    • Bottom: Musk, Cedarwood, Sandalwood

5. NO. 1112, Inspired by: Eucalyptus Spearmint by Bath & Body Works

Scent Profile

A fresh, exhilarating, and vibrant boost of Eucalyptus & Spearmint oils with hints of citrus back notes and grounded with the more masculine tones of Musk and Amber.

Fragrance Notes

    • Top: Citrus
    • Mid: Eucalyptus & spearmint
    • Bottom: Musk, Amber

6. NO. 49 - Lilac Blossom

Scent Profile

A Springtime triumph of dreamy Lilac petals, intertwined with Lilies, and blowsy Tulips. Lifted by bright green notes and the citrus twist of Bergamot. All embraced in a hug of Cedar Leaf and Vetiver.

Fragrance Notes

    • Top: Greenery, Lily, Bergamot
    • Mid: Lilac petals, Tulips
    • Bottom: Cedar leaf, Vetiver

Which VINEVIDA Fragrance Oil Should I Use?

Here at VINEVIDA, we carry two different types of fragrance oils.

    • DIFFUSER fragrance oil has been specifically designed for Cold Air or Nebulizing Diffusers. Therefore, we recommend that you only use it for this purpose.
    • SOAPS & CANDLES fragrance oils are designed for the cosmetics and skincare industry and specifically to withstand the high heat processes of the candle and soap-making processes. They are ideal for making skin care and toiletries. You can also use them in other types of diffusers. However, NEVER use them in a Cold Air or Nebulizing Diffuser, the fluid will be too thick and could clog the nozzles on the Diffuser.

For more detailed information check out - How To Use VINEVIDA Oils.

Are You Still Not Sure What To Buy For Your Diffuser Blends For Early Spring?

If you are using a Cold Air or Nebulizing Diffuser, buy our VINEVIDA Diffuser fragrance oils.

If you are using other types of Diffusers, first, we suggest that you first check with your own individual manufacturer's guidelines. This is especially important to do before buying and using the Soaps and Candles variation.

Unfortunately, VINEVIDA cannot take responsibility for all of your different machines. Therefore, please be a responsible consumer and double-check the manufacturer's operating instructions for your machines. 

Diffuser Blends For Early Spring

First spring gentle leaves buds branches

OK! Let’s get down to making some sublime and sensational Diffuser Blends For Early Spring. They are super simple to make and you need very little equipment to get some fantastic results.  

You Will Need:

    • Small measuring jug
    • Silicone spatula
    • Funnel
    • Stainless steel spoon
    • Oil Proof label
    • 5ml glass bottle with dropper


    1. Simply measure out your fragrance and essential oils by adding them into the measuring jug and combining well. 
    2. To decant, use the funnel by placing it into your 5ml dropper bottle. 
    3. Pour in your Diffuser Blends For Early Spring. 
    4. Using a good quality silicone spatula can help you get every last drop out of the measuring jug and funnel, it into the bottle, so you don’t waste a drop. This is important when you are using very precious and expensive essential oils. 
    5. Label, clearly listing all of your ingredients and date of production. 
    6. You must annotate your label as ‘UNDILUTED’ oils for safety.
    7. Make sure that you thoroughly wash and dry your equipment between making Diffuser Blends.

The First Floral Heralds of Spring

This is the first Diffuser Blends For Early Spring and it is designed to evoke those very first delicate flowers that brave frozen ground, snow, and ice to greet us with a merry wave amongst the grasses.

Safety - It is not designed for topical use on the skin.

The First Flush of Fresh Green

This is the Diffuser Blends For Early Spring that evokes the moment Spring appears. Where the grass starts to grow a vivid shade of Chartreuse, echoed in Weeping Willows as their buds start to appear. The Silver Birches have a hint of purple as the sap starts to rise, birds seem chattery and busy and life starts to wake up and there is a definite sense of movement and momentum.


    • It is not designed for topical use on the skin.
    • Dwarf Pine specific - Do not diffuse in a home with cats present.  

Spring Hope

Our third Diffuser Blends For Early Spring is evocative of those first opening buds that speak of hope. Heralding a time for more sun, the warming of the Earth, encouraging plants to spring forth, grow, and bloom. Fresh, green, and with the scent of delicate Spring flowers.

Safety - It is not designed for topical use on the skin.

Bursting Buds and Blossoms

I just love this one of our Diffuser Blends For Early Spring. For me, I simply adore the early fragrant  Daphne blossoms,  I recently bought a small tree and I have such an affection and affinity for it already.

There is no show quite as glorious as the nut and fruit blossoms of Spring, all underplanted with Spring bulbs. Sugar pink Cherry blossoms, delicate, fragrant Almond blossoms, and of course Apple, Plum, and Pear blossoms float in blossoming clouds above Hyacinths, Narcissus, Bluebells, and Anemones. 

This is unashamedly blowsy, full of glorious blossoms and florals, and frankly, wonderful for it!

Safety - It is not designed for topical use.

Sunshine and Rain

Not all Spring days are full of sunshine and joy, they can be blustery, rainy, and REAL! We want our Diffuser Blends For Early Spring to reflect that. As much as we like to escape sometimes, some of us are just keeping it real too.

However, there is little more refreshing than the scent of freshly shooted grass after a Spring shower of cleansing and refreshing rain. The Sun comes back out to warm everything back up, releasing all those delicious and refreshing fragrances. 

TOP TIP: Make sure you add that warming dash of spice in here, so it does not feel too cold and like being back in Winter!


    • It is not designed for topical use.
    • Sweet Orange is specific - Do not diffuse in a home with cats present.  

Sophisticated Spring Ball

What Spring would be complete without a Spring Ball?

No? I've never been to one either! But I am nothing if not a dreamer, especially when it comes to swishing dresses and sparkly headgear! Come with me and dream of swirling silk taffeta, huge floral centerpieces, and crystal chandeliers. 

Our last Diffuser Blends For Early Spring is designed to utterly seduce you and have you in raptures. Enjoy!

Safety - It is not designed for topical use.

How To Use Diffuser Blends For Early Spring

You’ve made your Diffuser Blends For Early Spring, so all you need to think about now is how to use them.

However, it is difficult to advise you all individually because you all have so many different types, brands, and varieties of Diffusers. Sadly, VINEVIDA cannot take responsibility for all of your machines. Therefore, we ask you to please double-check the manufacturer's operating instructions for your machines.

You can also use the chart in the section called ‘So Many Different Diffusers’ in How To Use VINEVIDA Oils to guide you. It will tell you which fragrance oil variation we generally recommend for those types of diffusers. You may just find your answer to your burning question right there.

Now, a portion of you may have to dilute your Diffuser Blends For Early Spring and some of you will not.  

Some of you will have to dilute your blends in carrier oil and some of you will have to dilute them in water. Please check your diffuser guidance. 

Just to remind you, these Diffuser Blends For Early Spring recipes are not designed for topical use on the skin. 

Final Words

I have had a delightful tiptoe through the Tulips to bring you Diffuser Blends For Early Spring. I hope that you have enjoyed it too.

Indulge Yourself

If your budget allows, indulge in the innate beauty of the Spring flower oils for your Diffuser Blends For Early Spring. Narcissus, Jonquil, and Hyacinth are simply sublime. Saffron Oleoresin brings something stunningly rich and opulent to that Spring scent profile, which is more than welcome at this time of the year.

Keeping It Real

Err on the fresh side with florals plumping for Rose, Rose Geranium, and of course that beautiful fresh green smell of Violet Leaf absolute.

Citruses like Bergamot, Sweet Orange, and Grapefruit can uplift the whole profile and create that new, clean, fresh, and Spring-like ambiance.

Plump for fresh green herbs and grasses, floral Palmarosa and vibrant Eucalyptus, and icy cool and refreshing Spearmint.

Make the most of tree and shrub essential oils with the gorgeous citrussy Litsea Cubeba. Choose that gray-green gloriousness of Lemon Eucalyptus and even plump for Lemon Tea Tree.

Spring Fragrance Oils

You can use VINEVIDA fragrance oils to create that gorgeous ‘Spring that has just sprung’ ambiance throughout your home in your Diffuser Blends For Early Spring.

Try those fresh green fragrance oils like NO.4, Bamboo Garden, NO. 1110, Inspired by: Downy April Fresh by Bath & Body Works and NO. 1112, Inspired by: Eucalyptus Spearmint by Bath & Body Works.

Go all out floral and blossoming with NO. 49 - Lilac Blossom and NO. 1108, Inspired by: Cherry Blossom by Bath & Body Works.

For something a little more mysterious and steeped in history choose the sophisticated elegance that is NO.14, Inspired by Black Tulip by Nest.

However, you choose to blend your Diffuser Blends For Early Spring, have oodles of fun with it, and choose your oils to suit your own budget and preferences.