Cowboy Boots Hat Feet

NO.39, Genuine Leather Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil Showcase

NO.39, Genuine Leather evokes those rugged, stubbly, and dusty Cowboys, hot from the battle at the OK Corral. Leather boots, chaps, hats, and gloves, all warmed in the glaring sun. It is that scent of sun-warm leather meeting deep earthy and woody notes. With a final exotic twist of spicy Calamus. It is, unmistakably, the scent of a man on a purpose.

It’s a fragrance oil that we love here at VINEVIDA.

Fragrance Notes

    • Top: Leather
    • Mid: Earth
    • Bottom: Woody Notes, Calamus

Do You Need Some Help Using VINEVIDA Fragrance Oils?

Here at VINEVIDA we are committed to educating and supporting our valued customers. It is important that we help you understand your products and that you can get the best from the products that we sell to you.

Occasionally, there is some confusion about which oil to use and for what purpose. Especially so, when people are just starting on their fragrant journeys with us. We created this handy guide packed with answers to the most common queries. How To Use VINEVIDA Oils.

Firstly, discover our carrier and essential oils, explore the differences, and how to use them both.

We are often asked “Can I use this in my diffuser” and “How to use VINEVIDA oils for diffusers''.

We help you to unravel the mystery around each type of diffuser and explain how they work. 

We stock two different types of VINEVIDA fragrance oils, we explain the differences between them and show you the most ideal applications for each one.

When you want to learn how to get the very best from VINEVIDA’s oils, simply check out - How To Use VINEVIDA Oils.

VINEVIDA’S Favorite Ways To Use NO.39, Genuine Leather Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil

cowboy hat and shoes

NO.39, Genuine Leather is a rugged masculine fragrance, evocative of hot, dusty swaggering cowboys that have been warmed under the sun. Earthy, Woody, and with a final spicy note of Calamus, to finish it masterfully. 

Toiletries and Skincare 

NO.39, Genuine Leather Fragrance Oil Is ideal for more masculine cold process soaps and shower gels, but used in a lesser proportion it can create an evocative base note for heady florals like Jasmine and Gardenia for a fully rounded, but more feminine fragrance.

Fragrance oil with deep base notes like this works well in richly perfumed products where you want the base notes of the scent to linger on the skin. Making Genuine Lather ideal for an Aftershave Balm or Lotion.

Scenting The Home

It has a rugged profile, with deep earthy notes. These deeper notes make it the perfect choice for scenting the rooms in the home where you want to create a real sense of presence. It can be used right across the home but we think it is perfect for intimate living spaces like the sitting room and den.

It is ideal to use as the base for creating a Signature Home Scent. Discover more about Signature Home Scents, in our article Layering Perfumes In The Home.

Wax and Scented Products

NO.39, Genuine Leather Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil is a great choice when looking for more earthy and woody scents for making a variety of wax-based products. 

We think it’s brilliant for creating candles, wax melts, and sachets aimed at men. 

Reed Diffusers work well with this fragrance oil and it seems to have good lasting ability. 

You can also use it in all types of aromatherapy candle burners.


NO.39, Genuine Leather Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil is versatile. We think that it easily blends with some of VINEVIDA’s other Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils.

I like mixing it with strong floral notes, try blending it with Gardenia Fragrance Oil, and it is wonderful with intoxicating floral Essential Oils like Neroli, Jasmine, and Ylang-Ylang. They will add brightness and freshness and broaden out the whole scent profile.

Cold Air Diffusers

We have a version of NO.39, Genuine Leather DIFFUSER Fragrance Oil developed especially for your Cold Air Diffusers too.

We do not recommend that you use the Soaps and Candles version in your Cold Air or Nebulizing Diffuser, it is not designed for this purpose. The formulation of the Soap and Candles version has a thicker viscosity. This thicker consistency means that it could block the fine nozzles on these expensive machines. 

Creative Ways To Use And Blend NO.39, Genuine Leather Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil

I had fun trialing recipes and developing ideas and tutorials for NO.39, Genuine Leather Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil. I hope that you will have as much fun recreating them for you, your friends and family, and your customers.

It's a manly, rugged, and earthy fragrance oil for use around the home and in skincare and toiletries. Given Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it could make the perfect gift for the man in your life.

But first, let's have a look at a handful of versatile Diffuser Blends 

NO.39, Genuine Leather Diffuser Blends

I want to show you how you take, what on the surface appears to be, a rugged, earthy, woody, and masculine fragrance oil, and blend it with a variety of other fragrance oils and essential oils to create different kinds of diffuser blends.

I want to show you how to balance it with super feminine florals. Pair it with super vibrant Citrus notes and then make it into a rich and complex scent profile, perfect for an intimate space in the home.

Diffuser Blends fall into IFRA Category 12 where NO.39, Genuine Leather fragrance oil has no safety restrictions.


    1. Simply blend your fragrance oil and essential oils in a small measuring jug and then decant into a 10ml dropper bottle. Use a funnel to help. 
    2. Label clearly, with an oil-proof label, and list all the ingredients used. 
    3. Mark it as ‘UNDILUTED’.

How To Use:

    1. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for your specific diffuser. Dilute if guided to do so.

NOTE: If you have a Cold Air Diffuser, use the variation labeled Diffuser Fragrance Oil.

Floral and Flirty

Lighten things up a little and pair them with beautiful flowers for a floral, flirty dance of joy.

    • Not designed or formulated for topical use.

Citrus Uplift

Liven things up a little with gorgeous Citrus oils and warm it all up with a little Ginger, plump for the dried version of Ginger essential oil if you have it to hand.  

    • Not designed or formulated for topical use.

Rich and Complex

Now this is one for when you want to curl up with something rather decadent. It is not for the faint-hearted because it has such a variety of deeply delicious complex notes.

Don’t use this one for more than a couple of hours at a time though. It’s pretty heady. 

    • Not designed or formulated for topical use.

Melt and Pour Hard Working Hands Soap

NO.39, Genuine Leather Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil is just incredible for making soap. You can follow the lead we went with for the Diffuser Blends and balance it with more feminine fragrances, lighten off with Citrus or green herbs. Be brave and go deep, rich and complex, and create something truly unique. It is exceptionally versatile in this area.

Consider adding in exfoliants like Oatmeal, Crushed Nut Shells (avoid if you have nut allergies), or Pumice. Personally, I love adding Oatmeal and very finely crushed Apricot kernels.  They are gentle enough on the skin but tough enough to remove stubborn and ingrained dirt. 

It is super easy to make in your microwave at home or on your stovetop. You can be confident that VINEVIDA Soaps and candle fragrance oils will stand up to the kind of heat treatment that soap-making takes. This also means it is very forgiving, if you make a mistake, it will withstand another blast of heat, so you can put it right.

There is a full soapmaking tutorial in this article - Pink Sugar - Fragrance Oil Of The Week. You will find it super easy and it gives you great results, FAST! Perfect if you need that last-minute Valentine’s treat.

For Soaps In IFRA Category 9 NO.39, Genuine Leather fragrance oil has a maximum safety dilution rate of 4.72%, so don’t use any more than that, please. 

TOP TIP: Just remember to wrap them tightly in Saran Wrap or Vac Seal once you have made them. This helps to stop any air contact from degrading your soap. Melt and Pour is usually made with Glycerin, which is a humectant, which means it pulls moisture from the air - into your soap. So get it covered up well. 

Our Favorite Recipes

VINEVIDA Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oils are custom-designed for making a range of products. They are formulated to withstand the high temperatures of the cold process soap making and candle-making processes, but they are also designed to withstand the dilution needed for toiletries and skincare and still hold their fragrance strength. 

Here at VINEVIDA, we always get very excited about the possibilities of our fragrance oils and love coming up with new ideas, recipes, and tutorials for you.

This week, we have the rugged and sultry NO.39, Genuine Leather fragrance oil and we are going to make a versatile deodorant. I will show you how you make it into either a Roll On Deodorant or use it as a spray. 

Start your day as you mean to go on and make these fresh, vibrant, and enlivening Shower Steamers. NO.39, Genuine Leather fragrance oil gives it beautifully rich undertones and anchors the fresh scents beautifully into a wonderfully refreshing scent profile. 



If you have never made your own deodorant, then this is a great place to start and you don’t need a great deal of ingredients either. You will probably be really surprised at how you can make such an effective deodorant with so little.  


Magnesium Chloride Flakes

The key is in Magnesium. Alongside Witch Hazel, minerals like Magnesium help to constrict the pores to stop sweat in its tracks. Add in some of those fabulous bacteria and microbe-fighting essential oils and you have yourself something pretty effective. 

However, before we begin, let's just have a chat about Magnesium.

Due to the modern lifestyle, many people experience low levels of Magnesium. When those who are deficient in Magnesium apply it to their skin, they tend to experience a mild tingling or stinging sensation. It happened to me; I can attest that it wasn't awful. Please EXPECT this as your skin gets used to it and your Magnesium levels rise. Adding Magnesium flakes to my bath helped me overcome this quickly, as did Magnesium supplements. 

Gradually, over time, your skin will acclimate to its use and sting less as magnesium levels rise. 

Therefore, keep using it, unless your skin breaks out in a rash and is genuinely sore and red raw. Do be sensible though and stop using it if your skin reacts to it beyond a tingle/sting.

For a Deodorant Spray, you can use less Magnesium because you want a nice light fluid to pass through the spray nozzle of your bottle. Roll On Deodorants have a thicker, more viscous consistency and you can get this by adding more Magnesium. You only want to graduate to a Roll On, if and when your skin can tolerate the higher levels of Magnesium. 

You could also use a little Cornstarch or Arrowroot Powder to make it thicker but this will affect its shelf life considerably.

Eventually, you can get the perfect Roll-on consistency using up to 4 tbsp of Magnesium Flakes in 120ml of Witch Hazel. 

More Information and Alternatives

There is more information here and alternatives to magnesium in this article - How To Make Essential Oil Body Spray.

In IFRA Category 2 NO.39, Genuine Leather fragrance oil has a maximum safety dilution rate of 2.28%.

This will make one 120ml (4fl oz) Spray bottle.

You Will Need:

    1. Measuring jug
    2. Stainless steel spoon or stirrer.
    3. Funnel
    4. 120 ml Spray bottle or Roll On Dispenser
    5. Label



    • Preservative of your choice - follow the manufacturer's guidance on how much to add and when. 


    • Do not use this in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy.


    1. First, dissolve the Magnesium Flakes into the Witch Hazel. Take your time because depending on the size of your flakes, it can take a little while. If necessary, leave it for a bit and come back to it, and just keep periodically stirring it until it is all dissolved. Should you find you have some stubborn bits, strain them out and remove them.
    2. You know you have the right consistency when it develops an almost oily consistency when it is rubbed between your fingers; this is exactly what you want it to be like.
    3. When it gets to that point, add in your fragrance oil and essential oils and stir well to combine it all.
    4. For ease, use a funnel and decant into your bottle and lid tightly. (For roll-ons, make sure it does not leak when you tip up upside down, if it does you need to make it thicker). 
    5. When you are ready to use it, prime your spray. 
    6. Label it clearly with an oil and waterproof label, listing all ingredients for safety reasons.

How to Use:

    1. Do a 24-hour patch test at your inner elbow or wrist before using.
    2. Apply to your underarms in your chosen delivery method up to 3 or 4 times a day.
    3. Remember it will tingle and sting a bit at first if you are magnesium deficient. It should not burn or make you sore and redraw. If this happens, discontinue use. 
    4. If you cannot stand the tingling, raise your magnesium levels and try again in a month or so. 

Shower Steamers

Shower Steamers

Start the day as you mean to go on with these fresh, energizing, but rich Shower Steamers. Combined with essential oils for that perfect wake-up call and laced with NO.39, Genuine Leather Soap and Candles Fragrance Oil for richness and depth.

I highly recommend that you go and read the full tutorial How To Make Shower Steamers With Essential Oils. It contains important hints and tips because this project can go from perfection to ruination with just a drop too much of liquid. Trust me on this, and take the time to read it through.

How many Shower Steamers this recipe makes is entirely dependent on the size of your molds, but it equates overall to about 750ml of product.

While Shower Steamers are not designed for topical use, there is a chance that you may stand in the product as it comes into contact with your feet. Therefore, in this instance, with both the essential oils and NO.39, Genuine Leather Soap and Candles Fragrance Oil follow the guidelines in IFRA category 9. (Use the ‘Shampoo’ option on the VINEVIDA calculator).

NO.39, Genuine Leather Soap and Candles Fragrance Oil has maximum safety dilution restrictions in IFRA Category 9 of 4.72%.

You Will Need:

    1. Protective gloves
    2. Mixing bowls
    3. Measuring jugs, cups, and spoons
    4. Sieve or sifter
    5. Stainless steel spoon
    6. Small spray bottle.
    7. A small to medium-sized mold of your choice, (larger than a golf ball, no bigger than a hockey puck).
    8. Labels
    9. Appropriate packaging, if needed.



    • The colorant of your choice
    • Preservative of your choice, follow your individual manufacturer's guidelines. 


    • This does not have a topical application but be aware of placing it in line with the plug hole of the shower cubicle so the product washes cleanly down the drain. But not close enough for it to fall down the drain halfway through!


Dry Ingredients

    1. Before you start, measure 2 cups of Baking Soda and run it through a sifter. It tends to clump and for this project, it needs to be finely powdered 
    2. Once sifted, pop it into a mixing bowl.
    3. Then measure out 1 cup of Citric Acid, adding it to the Baking Soda in the mixing bowl.
    4. Then you need to measure out 2 tbsp of Cornstarch; again if it looks lumpy, give it a quick sift.
    5. Give it all a good stir and combine all of the dry ingredients in the mixing bowl, including any powdered color, if you are using it.

The Time For Caution

    1. Carefully, measure out and add your fragrance oil and essential oil blend and stir quickly and immediately to reduce any fizz.
    2. If you are adding liquid color, this is the point to add it. Go easy, drop by drop.
    3. VERY carefully and slowly, spritz the dry mixture with some Witch Hazel. This is the point that it can go from perfection to ruination with the addition of too much water, so be patient and take your time. 
    4. You are aiming for the mixture to look like damp sand. You want it to be able to hold together when you squeeze it in your hand.
    5. Keep gently and slowly spraying and mixing until it holds together well.
    6. If your mix is too dry, it will just crumble in the mold; if your mix is too wet, it will start to disintegrate, so please proceed with mindful caution at this point.


    1. When you are happy with the consistency and holding ability of your mixture, it is time to mold it.
    2. Simply scoop the mixture into the molds. Be sure to push it down firmly into the mold, so that it compacts well. Again, don’t rush this stage, take your time and compact it well. The better the compaction the longer it will last in your shower. Get the compaction right and you might even get 2-3 showers from one steamer.
    3. This is the time to clean around the edges of the mold and tidy it up because it is easier to do now than later.
    4. Once your molds are filled and tidied, leave them in a cool DRY place overnight to set.

Demolding, Packing, and Storing

    1. Carefully and very gently de-mold your Shower Steamers and set them on a wire rack.
    2.  You need to leave them to dry for about 24-48 hours in a DRY environment. 
    3. You can speed up the process a bit by popping them into a very low dry oven with the door open or into a dehydrator, to dry them fully.
    4. You need to package Shower Steamers carefully - They will degrade with moisture. 
    5. If you are packaging your Shower Steamers in plastic packaging, make doubly sure they are fully dry all the way through before sealing. If you don’t, you run the risk of them condensing in the packet and degrading.
    6. This is the time to list all the ingredients and label them meticulously - especially if you intend to give them away.
    7. You must make sure that your recipient knows NOT to put it in the bath, as they would expect to do with a bath bomb. However, if they did, it is not the end of the world, because out of caution, we used IFRA category 9 as a guideline, and it would be skin-safe for most adults. 

How to Use:

    1. Simply place one Shower Steamer in line with the plug hole of the shower cubicle so the product washes cleanly down the drain. Just don’t place it too close to the drain, you don’t want to lose it halfway through! 
    2. If you have some left after your blissful shower, place it in a dry, airy place to dry out and use in the next shower.
    3. Now storing your Shower Steamers in a bathroom is not a great idea. Given that it is mostly a damp and steamy environment with excess moisture and condensation. This is everything that will degrade your shower steamer over time. 
    4. If you insist on keeping them in the bathroom, store them in a vacuum, airtight tub. You could use moisture absorbers like silica gel packets too, to soak up any excess moisture. 
    5. Use within 12 months of production.

Want to explore more? How To Make Shower Steamers With Essential Oils or do you prefer Bath Bombs? How To Make Bath Bombs With Essential Oils. The ingredients and processes are very similar, so why not have a go at making both?

Safety Aspects

When creating any project, you must stay within the recommended IFRA guidelines. This is especially important if you create products that you intend to give away or sell to customers. Once they pass from your hands they are out of your control. It is worth remembering that you are still ultimately responsible for the original formulation.

Here at VINEVIDA, it is important to us that we show our customers how to use our products safely, creatively, and sustainably. We provide you with all the safety information you need. It is your responsibility to consult it and put it into practice. 

How To Find Our Safety Documents

The safety documents are very simple to find. 

    1. Open up the individual web page for your chosen Fragrance Oil or Essential Oil.
    2. Just under the main image, there is a navigation bar. Locate the link labeled DOCUMENTS and click on that. It will open up anything from a couple to several different files. 
    3. You want the file called: IFRA STATEMENT. You simply need to click on that to open it up.
    4. It is in this file that you will find all the safety data you could need for completing your own projects at home. It will tell you the maximum amount of fragrance oil you can use safely in your preparation. It is NOT a recipe recommendation. 

VINEVIDA Calculator

If you need clarification or are a bit stuck, there are a couple of things you can do. 

Firstly, try using our VINEVIDA calculator tool. It is designed to be easy to use and find on our main navigation bar. All you need to do is enter all the relevant details it asks for and it will work out the exact amount of Fragrance or Essential Oil that you need for your formulation.

It is something that I use all the time. I used it for this article! Let it give you the confidence and assurance that you need, that you are working within the recommended safety guidelines, every time you use it.

IFRA Guidance

If you are confused about what IFRA category something fits into, let’s face it it is not immediately obvious which category Shower Steamers should be in. After all, they are not for topical use, but you may get some on your skin. Always plump on the side of caution. To help me decide, I consulted Guidance For The Use Of IFRA Standards

Facebook Group

We get so excited to see what you create with VINEVIDA products. Did you ever think about sharing your best hints and tips with other customers on our VINEVIDA Facebook Group?

The Final Word

cowboy black hat

We have loved working with NO.39, Genuine Leather this week. We thoroughly enjoyed that evocative fragrance of sundrenched rugged, stubbly, and dusty Cowboys. Clad in sun-warmed leather, it meets deep earthy and woody notes. Then, of course, there is that final exotic twist of spicy Calamus. We think it is the scent of a man with a purpose, a man on a mission.

NO.39, Genuine Leather Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil is an earthy and deeply rich way to scent your body care products. I have shown you how to blend it to make it incredibly versatile, both for your skincare and toiletries,  but also for your home. 

It is ideal for blending around the home, especially in those more intimate areas like the sitting room, and den. Consider using some of the Diffuser Blend recipes as bases to develop coordinating Scented Candles, Wax Melts, and Reed Diffusers to scent these spaces in your home.

A Master of Illusion?

NO.39, Genuine Leather portrays masculinity and presence, so much so, that it could give the illusion of the presence of a man in the house. This could be useful if you live alone and have to invite tradespeople or certain guests into your home and it makes you a little unnerved. It is amazing how people pick up on subliminal messaging and we can control this to our advantage with this scent. Perhaps, it is worth giving it a go? I’d certainly be interested to hear any results.

I hope this week’s showcase has given you a range of ideas, recipes, and tutorials to have a go at. Why not start and have a go at blending NO.39, Genuine Leather Fragrance Oil with other VINEVIDA Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils? Create something truly unique for your home.

The most important thing to remember is to stay within the recommended IFRA safety dilutions. The VINEVIDA calculator and all the safety documentation are there to assist if you get stuck or confused. 

I have been thrilled to work with NO.39, Genuine Leather Fragrance Oil this week, earthy, woody, and gritty. It gave me something to get my teeth into.  I hope that you will love it just as much as we do here at VINEVIDA.