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Rosehip Oil: Uses, Benefits, and Blends

Rose Essential Oil is Aromatherapy's most treasured gift, but the much cheaper option of the carrier oil made from the hips is often overlooked. Our cold-pressed oil is made from the fruit that follows our beloved flower, and indeed the Rosehip comprises around 70% seeds.

Rosehip Oil Product Details

Sometimes Rosehip Oil can be manufactured using solvent extraction with hexane, but in Chile, where we source our product from, they prefer to make a purer, richer item. The hips are picked, dried, and then stored at temperatures below 800C to prevent spoiling and to encourage them to become brittle. They crack open when pressed, and the rich seeds spill their oil when they are ground, releasing a golden elixir bursting with vitamin C and unsaturated fatty acids.

Rosehip Oil Benefits: For Skin, Face, Hair, and Scars

According to Len Price, Rosehip oil has external uses for skin regeneration, wound healing, burns, eczema, acne, and scars.

Rosehip Oil for Skin

Jennifer Peace Rhind reveals that excellent Rosehip Oil benefits for skin may derive from their substantial unsaturated fatty acid content. Most abundant is linoleic acid, followed by alpha-linoleic acid and then oleic acid.

Linoleic acid, or Vitamin F, moisturizes and plumps the complexion, as well as strengthens and protects the skin’s barrier. It plays a direct role in maintaining the moisture permeability of the dermis. Alpha linoleic acid is often added to treatments to protect the skin from environmental damage and premature aging.

A 2018 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology proved that oils with a higher ratio of linoleic to oleic acid provided enhanced barrier repair potential.

Rosehip Oil Uses for Skin

  • Skin Healing and Pampering
  • Wound Healing, especially after Burns and against Scarring.

Rosehip Oil for Face Treatments

Incredibly, Rosehips contain around 20 times as much vitamin C as oranges and a large portion of this passes through to the oil in cold extraction. Topical vitamin C is often used for its anti-aging and anti-pigmentary potentials.

It is emollient, smoothing and softening the skin, also providing a soothing action.

Using Rosehip Oil for the face is a skilled and delicate action! There is a temptation to lather it all over because it feels like liquid gold, however, with Rosehip Oil, less is more. It is a little rich to use as a massage oil alone, but it blends wonderfully with other oils. Try using sparingly to around 10% of your preparation.

When used as an acne treatment, it is best used simply as a drop on the end of your finger and smoothed in. Just a single drop, that’s all you need. Thus, Rosehip Oil lends itself wonderfully to serums.

In massage, again, use only a small percentage of the blend to add richness and nurturing action to the treatment. In high concentrations, it can block the pores.

Rosehip Oil for Hair

The high concentrations of vitamins A, C, and E mean Rosehip Oil for hair treatments suits any kind of hair and is especially efficacious for smoothing out frizzy and over-treated hairs.

Rosehip Oil for Scars

Efficient wound healing is vital to protect against encroaching infections and in a hospital context is important to speed recovery and free up beds. In 2019, a team of researchers from Wuhan, China published their findings that surgical wounds had much-improved scar formation and healing after being treated with Rosehip Oil.

Jeanne Rose reveals her most efficacious treatment for burns is Rosehip Oil blended with Helichrysum Essential Oil.

Rosehip Oil's benefits predominantly come from its texture, bringing richness to creams and lotions, with a hint of a golden hue. It has very little fragrance so all your aromatic preparations will retain integrity.

Despite its thick, unctuous constituency, it absorbs quickly and efficiently with no greasy residue.

It has a good shelf life of 1-2 years, but because it is advised to use only the smallest amounts of rosehip, please note our supply starts at a very convenient 120ml to avoid expensive wastage.

By contrast, if you are one of our loyal customers who like to save money through our VIP program, of course, we have generous prices when you buy in bulk.

Rosehip Oil Uses: For Wholesale Purposes

Rosehip Uses for Aromatherapists

Rosehip Oil AromatherapyRosehip makes stunning skincare preparations, as well as having hair care and wound healing capabilities.

It lends itself to luxury creams and lotions as well as leave-on hair products to build richness and condition to the hair and scalp.

Rosehip Oil Benefits for Soapmakers

Rosehip Oil SoapmakingRosehip oil has a sap value of 0.135.

Soaps made with Rosehip Oil are especially lovely, particularly if you add romantic floral essential oils. Rosehip Oil is light, non-greasy, and moisturizing. 

Rosehip Oil Blends: DIY Recipes

Massage Oil for Women’s Days

Rose has a superb affinity with women, and there are some days in the month where let’s be honest, we feel less than pleasant! Rose is nurturing and cosseting and is perfect for these days.

A great story is that Rosa Canina may derive its Latin name from how ferociously the thorns of the bush attack like a dog bite. It is said that dog roses are best kept for days when we feel just as vicious!

This blend uses a mix of oils clinically proven by Jane Buckle to be effective against premenstrual pain. The Rosehip is a touch of luxury, softened into an easier-to-use oil with Jojoba and Grapeseed Oils.

Method of use: Massage over the abdomen when needed, but also as a general pick-me-up body massage.

Safety: A moot point, but not suitable for use during pregnancy.

Anti-Wrinkle Nourishing Cream

To prepare: Blend the essential oils into the carrier, then stir into the aqueous cream. Since oils and water don’t naturally mix easily, use a larger container to stir them together well, then decant them into a pretty pot.

Method of use: Apply morning and evening after cleansing and toning the skin.

Safety: Not suitable for use in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy.

Aphrodisiac Massage Oil

Celebrate the lustrous beauty of the golden essences of the roses, in its most exotic way. Let the heady fragrances of Jasmine and Ylang Ylang transport you to a far-off place while Cedarwood chases away intrusive, negative thoughts.

Safety: Not suitable for use during pregnancy. Also please be aware that vegetable oils can compromise the integrity of condoms.

Acne Serum

Method of use: Use two or three drops of the blend daily to heal and nourish the skin.

Safety: Not suitable for use during pregnancy.

Masque for Tired Dry Skin

Method of use: Blend together and smear over freshly cleansed skin. Luxuriate in it for ten minutes before rinsing away and moisturizing.

Safety: Not suitable for use in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy.

Why Choose VINEVIDA?

At VINEVIDA, we love botanicals and the planet they come from. We believe in stocking the best at affordable prices and supplying to the discerning, which is why we are also members of both the Alliance of International Aromatherapists and the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy. In recognition of our excellent standard of product, we are proud to hold a 2021 Certificate of Registration as a Cosmetic Products Establishment with the U.S. Drugs and Food Administration.

Our joy at seeing people make beautiful things means we stock from the smallest amounts to the largest. Our wholesale carrier oil prices begin with our smallest carrier oil of 120ml to our largest of 396lb, meaning any manufacturing company can afford to stock as many or as few oils as their business can accommodate without running the risk of spoilage of some of nature’s most precious commodities. Why not see if you can save money by buying your Rosehip Oil in bulk?

Don’t forget too, we like to look after our customers with reasonable prices and excellent customer service and reward the loyal ones with money-off discounts over the year. 

Flash Point

Above 200 °C


Why not check out if you qualify for our loyalty scheme and start saving today with an environmentally friendly choice of oil for skin, hair, massage oils, and soap making.

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  1. Carrier Oils for Aromatherapy and Massage (4th Edition) Len with Shirley Price.
  2. Aromatherapy for Health Care Professionals edited by Len and Shirley Price 
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Deborah S.
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Great product.

Great product.

United States

I am very pleased with my orders from VineVida

Great carrier oil. This is the most useful carrier oil I have ever bought. They offer reasonable prices, and deliver quickly. What more can I ask for? I am very pleased with my orders from VineVida!

United States United States

Great quality

Great quality

United States United States

I am in love with this oil / Please buy it

It's perfect for my face, body massage after a long day @ work. It also enhance my dry skin. I use it at night to have a calm night sleep. The delivery was so fast compared to other companies. Most of the time December deliveries are slow, but I was surprised to receive my package pretty quick.

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Good quality

Good quality - thank you

Rosehip Oil Rosehip Oil Rosehip Oil Rosehip Oil Rosehip Oil Rosehip Oil

Rosehip Oil




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