Essential Oils for Romance

We'll be the first to grimace at the commerciality of Valentine's Day. Still, if nothing else, it does offer couples a reminder to check in with each other and remember those moments of passion they first experienced w in the early days. Making your love potion with essential oils allows you to chase away the troubles and worries that linger in the daylight and ask the mind to enter a quieter, more erotic space.

Scent has been used since immemorial as an aphrodisiac beguiling the mind, enchanting the body, and rekindling the spark in your relationship!

Definition of Love Potion

A specially designed elixir, or as the faeries say, "a philtre," to arouse desire, coax dreams, and ignite passion…

An oil of magickal plants and ingredients, and you'll be pleased to know, not an eye of newt or toe of frog in sight!

In this article, we'll focus on how to make massage oils, bath oils, or diffuser oils. While oils like rose are edible (think Turkish Delight), let's focus on touch and taste. Beautiful ways to transform the day-to-day ordinary into something extraordinary. 

Benefits Of Essential Oils For Romance

Did you realize that the genitals of the flowers are the bees? Coaxed from the air by sweet fragrances and soft aromatic songs. Molecules that say come to me let me make love to you and soothe your soul. Human minds hear the music, pulses quicken, and juices start to flow…

Or our mind responds to chemicals using receptors in the body as if they were locks and keys that turn us on...

Both would be true.

Using essential oil promotes us to happier places.

Our Top Essential Oils for Romance 


Let's begin with the ultimate symbol of love, the rose. Cherished throughout history for romance by most cultures around the world.

Legend has it that Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen renowned for her beauty and ambition, knew what it took to woo Mark Antony of Rome. To seduce him, she styled herself in the guise of the goddess Venus and set sail down the mighty Nile in a decorated barge with sails scented with rose and jasmine oils to meet with Mark Anthony, who had styled himself as Mars.

When they arrived at their destination, Cleopatra had arranged a sumptuous feast where they ate and drank on beds of rose petals laid four feet deep. It was, no doubt, an incredibly romantic gesture marked by opulence. This show of extravagance worked its magic, and the two eventually married in 36 BCE before falling tragically short of their goal – to make Egypt the dominant power over Rome.

There is also a scientific basis for sending someone roses as an apology since it has been discovered that the fragrance has anti-conflict properties (Umezu, 1999). Rose is a beautiful ingredient if you hope to bring about a long-awaited truce to squabbles and coolness.

Rose Magic

The fragrance of rose essential oil provides comfort, allowing users to find beauty in the richness of their emotions while promoting emotional balance and enhancing affectionate feelings. Those struggling with grief may find solace in rose essential oil, knowing it symbolizes strong unions of love beyond their sadness and invoking memories of happier times.

Whether used in aromatherapy diffusers or added to healing massage oil blends, romantic essential oils can help you relax into being open to harmony. For an uplifting romance-inducing experience that brings comfort to your relationship status - be it single or coupled - essential rose oil can see you through many moments of joyous connection on both personal and cosmic levels!


Jasmine essential oil will be your greatest ally if you want to invoke passion. It has a long history of being used for seduction. Often referred to as an 'oil of love,' this fragrant essential oil can evoke a feeling of closeness and intimacy, making it a popular essential oil for romance.

As an aphrodisiac, jasmine essential oil sparks arousal and desire when inhaled and applied topically. The heaviness of the scent gives it a warm and passionate scent, perfect for setting the mood for romantic activities. When used aromatically, jasmine essential oil can also give you a calming sensation and reduce stress levels to enjoy the moment in complete relaxation.

From a therapeutic viewpoint, Jasmine essential oil is fantastic if someone is uptight or inhibited. Perhaps they struggle to leave some trauma or upset behind them, which prevents them from relaxing (emotionally and physically), then jasmine can be helpful. Conditions like vulvodynia, where the pelvis and vagina remain clenched, enjoy the relaxing scent of jasmine.

It's a very grown-up oil. Pure, but not innocent. It's deliberately seductive (the plant needs to seduce moths under the moonlight… which should give you some clues to its creamy secrets.)

Ylang Ylang

Ylang-ylang grows in Madagascar and wields the most intoxicating floral scent. The flowers are traditionally used to make leis to welcome visitors to the island and decorate beds on wedding nights. Its aromas make you dreamy, romantic, and uninhibited, providing the perfect way to spice up your love life. Ylang-ylang essential oil encourages inner confidence while simultaneously creating a romantic atmosphere with its warm and sensuous scent – necessary for getting in the mood! Therefore don't hesitate and use essential oils for romance - Ylang Ylang essential oil will lend seductive appeal when sprinkled in the home fragrance diffuser alongside other essential oils such as sandalwood or patchouli.


Geranium essential oil is a multifaceted essential oil with many uses. For relaxation, the geranium essential oil can lift stress and tension from the shoulders and helps you to handle emotional trauma better. In Medical astrology, Geranium essential oil is ruled by Venus - the goddess of love - making it necessary for romance.

Diffuse Geranium essential oil in your home or massage it into the skin; feel its uplifting properties bring balance and grounding back into our lives for your whole body peace. From this sense of well-being, open yourself up to love in return. Geranium essential oil can help balance one's emotions to live your own truth without inhibitions.


Cedarwood essential oils are widely known for relieving tension and stress while creating a sense of well-being. When used in aromatherapy, these essential oils can help clear away unwanted negative thoughts and allow your mind to focus on the present moment instead. Also, essential oils like cedarwood can be used as part of an evening with your special someone.

Cedarwood essential oil is the essential oil of a strong and dependable tree, with its majestic aroma embodying both masculinity and protection. This essential oil has woody undertones that occur naturally in many essential oils for intimacy and romance, making it an excellent addition to a relaxing evening massage or aromatic spa experience. This essential oil promotes peace of mind and reduces stress, allowing for more clarity when needed most. Truly remarkable in its way, cedarwood essential oil offers calming relief and lots of potential uses - especially if you're looking for something to boost your self-confidence or promote courage in difficult times.


Sandalwood is a potent essential oil that can create an atmosphere of serenity and meditative quiet. This essential oil is beautiful and lovely and has properties that make it perfect for creating intimate moments. Sandalwood essential oils are believed to have aphrodisiac qualities; in Tantric literature, sandalwood essential oils are considered necessary for longevity in sex. Its alluring smell can help set the tone for a night you'll never forget! Combining essential oils like sandalwood with aromatherapy candles, massages, and music can be a great way to enhance the romantic atmosphere, perfect for romantic intercourse.


Nutmeg essential oil is well-known as an aphrodisiac, creating a warming, upbeat feeling of hope and confidence. This essential oil is perfect for those looking to add spiciness and sweetness to their romantic endeavors! Nutmeg essential oil adds a masculine scent to blends that might otherwise be too floral. A few drops in your diffuser will create the perfect romantic ambiance, allowing you to feel hopeful and confident as your partner takes in the sweet scent that lingers.

Sweet Orange

Sweet orange essential oil is popular in love potions because of its uplifting and cheerful effects. It feels happy, upbeat, enthusiastic, and pretty when inhaled. If you're looking for essential oils that can help bring back the romance in your life, look no further than sweet orange essential oil – it might just be exactly what you need to like your relationship with your significant other up again! In addition to increasing positive emotions, a sweet orange essential oil also produces a pleasant smell, promoting a relaxed and cozy atmosphere so you can get closer to the person you care about most.

Neroli Essential Oil

The blossom of the orange tree is a traditional addition to wedding bouquets. It is deliciously romantic and soothing. It feels innocent, flirty, and soft. Beautiful.

Just be aware that it can get lost in blends, so start with one drop of each of your oils and build up carefully. You don't want to bury the treasure.

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What You Need to Make Your Love Potion 

    1. Essential oils for romance 
    2. Carrier oil (Try blending a thicker, luxurious oil like almond or rosehip with grapeseed for a slip if you want to use it for massage. Add essential oils to a teaspoon of the carrier for the bath) 
    3. Glass or ceramic container with lid 
    4. Funnel (optional)  
    5. Lavender rose or other aromatic flower petals (optional). We'll need a preservative if we do this: See note below. 
    6. Label

Steps for Making the Love Potion

    1. Choose essential oils based on the desired effect you are looking for
    2. Measure out essential oils and carrier oil in appropriate proportions according to your needs. Use a maximum of 3% dilution of your essential oils
    3. Pour into your chosen container using a funnel if necessary   
    4. Add aromatic flower petals if desired. If you are adding flowers, you run the risk of introducing bacteria and also water which can develop pathogens. Flowers look pretty in the bottle but ensure they are dried and always add a preservative.
    5. Close the lid securely and gently swirl the ingredients. As with any magical oil, say a little prayer to charge it with the request you are hoping for.   
    6. Label the container with the name of the potion and list of ingredients used. Write the date on it, so you know how old it is.    
    7. Store in a cool dark place until ready to use. Use within 6 months for best results.


Why not add to the romance?

Here's a reminder of how to make candles with essential oils to enchant the dinner table or how to make a room spray to fragrance the boudoir.

Remind the mind what it means to be in love, dreaming, and besotted by your other. Take a magical journey out of the scents of washing up liquid, elevators, and undergrounds. Leave the everyday behind you and go into a garden of romance and ecstasy.

Play with your scents, experiment with different blends and find the combinations that make you feel the most erotic.

A couple of warnings, most of the essential oils for romance tinker with the reproductive cycle, so they would not be suitable for use (topically) during pregnancy.

Next, if you are using condoms, know that carrier oils can mess with the integrity of the latex. Do not get essential oil preparations on the condom.

Suppose you intend to use these to make bath salts fabulous. They will work well. Just remember that salt does not dilute your essential oils, so add your essential oil into a small amount of carrier oil first, then stir them into your salts.

You might enjoy my book Fifty Shades of Fragrance

Remember, the most important thing about using essential oils for romance is to relax and have fun. Here's hoping for a beautiful reconnection. Enjoy making your blends for Valentine's Day.

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