Jasmine Essential Oil

The most erotic and mystical of all the essential oils, jasmine essential oil is evocative, intoxicating, and beguiling. Essentially feminine, lusty, and brave, Jasmine embodies beauty, hormonal balance, and calm. The original aphrodisiac, for Valentine's Day, let's explore Jasmine essential oil uses and benefits.

Jasmine Essential Oil Vs. Jasmine Absolute

The first thing we should get straight is that I am calling it Jasmine essential oil through pure idleness because when people look for information, they search for Jasmine Essential Oil, but there is no such thing. Jasmine oil is an absolute. Its white blossoms are t delicate to endure the rigors of being distilled, so they are either solvent extracted or, more traditionally, the flowers are placed into trays of fat and placed into the sun to surrender their precious molecules into an "enfleurage" So if you are searching for Vinevida Jasmine, you need to look on the absolutes tab on the website.

The Cooling Nature of Jasmine Essential Oil

Aromatherapy initially formed a branch of Ayurvedic Medicine, where plants and foods are used to bring the body into balance. Fragrant oils coax the radiant secret where the mind, body, and spirit are aligned.

Jasmine is used to calming active learning called pitta dosha. Pitta dosha is seen as hot and wet. Acidic. Sore. Volatile, reactive, explosive. People with a dominant pitta dosha tend to have pale, reactive skin susceptible to sun and windburn. Pitta dosha is generally reactive, so emotionally, when we see pitta dosha going out of kilter, we see people becoming overly sensitive and reactive emotionally, having tantrums, having very sharp tongues, and being easily upset. If you sense that someone has become a bit "touchy" lately, Jasmine is a great one to add to the diffuser subtly.

This acidic sharpness necessarily finds its way into the tissues. The urine gets hot and sharp, and we often see cystitis and other urinary infections—intense, stabbing nerve pain and spiteful menstrual cramps.

Diarrhea. Heartburn and indigestion. Colitis and IBS. Arthritis and gout.

Digestion is a big one with pitta dosha: food, food, and more food, and the hotter and spicier, the better. Pitta dosha people have digestive systems of cast iron. Until they don't. Then suddenly, it's like their entire constitution turns on them. Suddenly the slightest hint of spice and they'll be in agony, burping and bent over double.

Jasmine Essential Oils Action Upon Inflammation

A keyword to help you assimilate the teachings of the Jasmine flower is "Inflammation." Use it to reduce inflamed tempers and inflamed skin and to bring harmony back to the spirit.

Research demonstrates Jasmine's enormous number of pathways to reduce inflammatory processes. Without needing to elucidate what each of these does (all inflammatory in different ways), a methanolic extract of Jasmine grandiflorum (not an essential oil in this trial) reduced inflammation in an experiment on colon tissues.

The Jasmine reduced IFNγ, TNFα, IL-6, IL-1, and MPO, all major inflammatory cytokines. (El-Sheik, 2021)

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Tight Junctions

The secret to Jasmine's magical effects on inflammation may lie in its ability to retain tight junctions in the tissues. Tight junctions are integral components of epithelial barrier function. If these are disrupted, it leads to inflammation. Notably, proteins called claudin - 5 and occludin are essential for tight junction formation. Problems with these are frequently implicated in inflammatory diseases. This has been observed through numerous studies uncovering claudin-5's involvement in allergic asthma and tissue scarring conditions such as scleroderma and psoriasis.

Claudin-5 has been detected at significantly higher levels on skin biopsies from patients with psoriasis or those suffering from atopic dermatitis than in healthy control groups. Although current research is only beginning to uncover claudin-5's exact role within strict junction complexes, it will become a crucial focus for investigation, given its apparent and increasingly important roles in inflammatory disease.

The study showed that Jasmine preserved tight junctions in intestinal epithelial cells by counter-regulating claudin -5 and occludin levels. (El-Sheik, 2021)

Claudin- 5 is expressed in other tissues outside of the brain too. Claudin-5 is also found in the endothelial cell layers of the lung (Morita, 1999), liver (Rahner, 2001), kidney (Reyes, 2002), and skin (Morita, 2003) and is expressed in the epithelial cell layer in the stomach. Claudin-5 is expressed in enterocytes in the small and large intestines and pancreatic cells (Rahner, 2001)

Notably, claudin5 is also involved in maintaining the blood-brain barrier.

Claudin-5 is the most enriched tight junction protein at the blood-brain barrier, and its dysfunction has been implicated in neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's disease, neuroinflammatory conditions such as multiple sclerosis, and psychiatric disorders including depression and schizophrenia. By regulating levels of claudin-5, it is possible to abrogate disease symptoms in many of these disorders. (Greene, 2019)

Is that why Jasmine is so beneficial for calming tempers and retaining emotional balance? Interesting to ponder.

Pitta dosha is heat…so emotionally, we should think of its anger and passion too. It's not always wrong; pitta dosha is motivation, drive, and heat in bed.

The smoking heat of makeup sex or when two film stars who can't stand each other look at each other for a moment too long, and you know what's coming next…

That lingering glance… that's the explosive nature of pitta dosha.

Whether we want to turn pitta up or down, we can use Jasmine.

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Make The Most of Jasmine Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Nature's Best Emotional Support

A Sanskrit saying, "Where there is Jasmine, there can be no worries." It calms the nerves and reduces stress and anxiety. Jasmine boosts confidence when you're feeling down or overwhelmed. It's beneficial to soothe arguments and irritation.

Since solvent extraction is costly and you need so many blossoms to make the oil, the absolute is expensive. Consider making a few blends with Jasmine into grapeseed oil, then add that to your diffuser to save yourself some pennies.

Give Your Skin a Treat

The skin delights in Jasmine essential oil...

It's beautiful for sore reactive skin, making it a gorgeous addition to moisturizers for eczema and any sensitive ones. I like to use it in summer when I am prone to getting a little burned. It takes the heat out of my skin... It softens and nourishes the complexion, alleviating dryness or flaky problems.

We've talked about the heat, but remember the wet. Greasy skin, and particularly acne:

    1. Because of how gentle it is.
    2. It is excellent for protecting against scarring.
    3. Because it is a better fragrance fit for lads, in particular, than lavender.

You can also add a few drops of jasmine oil to your favorite face cream for an extra boost of hydration and nourishment.

Lustrous Locks

Jasmine oil can also be beneficial for hair care because it helps promote healthy scalp circulation, leading to more robust, healthier hair growth over time. Look out in Indian supermarkets for their lovely jasmine hair oils for beautiful carriers. Try adding 3-4 drops of jasmine oil into your shampoo or conditioner before applying it to damp hair each day for the best results!

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Bespoke Natural Perfume 

Instead of using store-bought perfumes filled with artificial fragrances, why not make your natural perfume with jasmine essential oil? Mix a few drops of jasmine oil with jojoba or sweet almond oil in a roller bottle and apply it directly onto pulse points (wrists, neck, behind ears) whenever you need extra fragrance throughout the day! 

Float Away

Add a drop of jasmine essential oil into warm bathwater before getting in—the aroma will fill the bathroom while providing you with calming effects that relax both body & mind instantly! Blissfully seductive, fantastic if you are stressed or sore.

Relaxed Back and Limbs

Combine 1/2 cup grapeseed or jojoba carrier oils with 10 drops of jasmine essential oils for an invigorating massage blend that helps ease tension from muscles & joints.

Peaceful Nights

For better sleep quality, add a drop of Jasmine essential oils onto your pillowcase before going to bed at night—the aroma will help relax both body & mind so that you can drift off into sweet dreams more easily!

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Jasmine essential oil is so cooling and soothing. It soothes the skin after sunburn. It settles digestion and eases pain. A uterine tonic relaxes the genito-urinary system, easing painful cramps and cooling urine. There is no doubt that it is an expensive oil, but there are so many ways it can be used, and a little goes a very long way. Pure Heaven, we love Jasmine essential oil. We hope you do too.

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