Indulge in Love: Essential Oils for a Sensuous Valentine's Day

Delve into the sensuous and romantic world of essential oils for Valentine’s Day to relax and center yourself with essential oils like Rose, Patchouli, Ylang, and Cedarwood. Surrender to the moment and let go of inhibitions. Boost your confidence for a day, and night, to remember. However, there is no need for a partner to enjoy our luscious recipes. Make the Diffuser Blend, Perfume, and Massage Oil recipes, and set aside the night to indulge yourself. Love thyself, as they say, with VINEVIDA’s essential oils for Valentine’s Day.

Why Use Essential Oils For Valentine’s Day

If you get a bit fed up with all the Valentine’s Day palaver, then the article that I wrote last Valentine’s Day is definitely for you - How To Romance Yourself With Essential Oils. Valentine’s Day is a lovely time to treat yourself to something a bit special and maybe indulge a little more than you usually might, irrespective of whether you have a partner or not.

I love using essential oils for Valentine’s Day! They set the scene for love and romance. Whether you plan to spend Valentine’s Day, with a partner, or without, our recipes with essential oils for Valentine’s Day are perfect for you. There is something for everyone here.

Essential oils are chock full of positive benefits and actions and many of them are considered aphrodisiac. Use them to create a sensuous and fragrant ambiance but also to relax you. Help the stress and worries of the day fall away by choosing essential oils that will soothe and calm you.

Use them to support you if you feel a little anxious or nervous or need a little boost of confidence. They can be particularly useful if you need to let go of some inhibitions and need to get out of your head and be more centered on your body instead. 

Best Essential Oils For Valentine’s Day

There are so many wonderful essential oils for Valentine’s Day but we have whittled the list down to our favorites for you. Beautifully sensuous aphrodisiacs, mood uplifters, relaxers, and confidence boosters, they are all here for you.


Roses are synonymous with Valentine’s Day and are the most used flowers for expressions of love and affection across the world. It is rather a pricey essential oil but it is perhaps the most important of the aphrodisiac essential oils for Valentine’s Day.

Rose helps you connect more joyously on personal levels and relax and unwind in the process. It has wonderful uplifting qualities.

It is especially useful for people who are a little nervous or anxious about those kinds of personal connections. It helps connect us with the world in a way that feels safe for us. It is a wonderful choice for those who have experienced trauma.

Liz covers how useful Rose essential oil and Rose Absolute can be for men’s libido in her article Spice Up Your Love Life: Essential Oils That Boost Male Arousal.

A self-massage blend with Rose essential oil is incredible for mind, body, and spirit healing. I’d particularly recommend it if you feel disconnected from yourself if you need to uplift or center yourself, and to foster feelings of safety and security.

Safety: Do not use it in the first 37 weeks of pregnancy. 

Rose Geranium

It would be easy to consider this ‘Poor Man’s Rose’, but you do yourself a disservice if you do. 

I use Rose Geranium when I feel I need uplifting and relaxing. It relieves stress and tension from the shoulders, relaxing you and enabling you to let go easier.

It fosters that sense of safety, that all is well in the world, uplifting, soothing, and calming you. It is rather efficient at helping you to handle emotional trauma better.  It’s a hug in a bottle.

In medical astrology, Rose Geranium essential oil is ruled by Venus. Venus is the Goddess of Love. Rose Geranium enables you to open yourself up to love and reduce your inhibitions. Use it to balance your emotions and center yourself beautifully. It is the perfect essential oil to choose for romance and include in your aphrodisiac essential oils for Valentine’s Day.

Safety: Do not use it in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy. 


This is such a sensuous essential oil, but it does tend to divide people into the love-it or hate-it groups. If you hate it, don’t discount it, try blending it so it plays just a minor hint at the back of the scent profile and you can still benefit from all its wonderful actions that way too. Please do give it a fair chance.

Lovers of Patchouli, like myself, will grab it with both hands for essential oils for Valentine’s Day. 

Capitalize on its deeply relaxing properties, and its ability to help you bring the energy from your mind down into your body. For men it can be the perfect essential oils choice where there is a worry about performance, helping to connect in the moment in your body, rather than think too much about it.

It blends beautifully with essential oils like Sweet Orange and ginger and the heady florals of Rose, Jasmin, ylang-ylang, and Neroli for sensuous and aphrodisiac blends. 

Safety: Do not use it in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy. 

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang is a wonderful balancer, whether that be emotions, blood pressure, or hormones. Therefore, it is a great choice for your essential oils for Valentine’s Day. 

It’s beautifully sensuous and intoxicating, yet serene, and soothing and it can relax you wonderfully. Perhaps, this is why it is so widely utilized as an aphrodisiac.

It is used in its native Madagascar to make floral leis to welcome visitors. The flowers are widely used across the island to decorate beds on wedding nights, a perfect choice to spice up your love life and relieve you of your inhibitions. Those Madasgascans know what they are doing alright!

Use it to foster your inner confidence and give yourself a sensuous boost to get yourself in the mood. Consider using it in a diffuser for some seductive appeal, it is incredibly blended with Sandalwood or Patchouli essential oils.


    • Do not use it in the first 37 weeks of pregnancy. 
    • As Ylang Ylang can lower blood pressure, those who have low blood pressure should be mindful when using this essential oil.


Cedarwood is a lovely choice for essential oils for Valentine’s Day if your mind tends to wander. If you have too much on your mind and need centering, this is the ideal essential oil choice for you.

It relaxes,  encourages you to let go and unwind, and brings you into the present moment with improved clarity and focus. This helps in those moments of passion and romance, to connect with the moment and with your partner more readily.

Cedarwood essential oil embodies the qualities of masculinity and protection with its woody undertones, making it perfect for intimacy and romance.

I find Cedarwood promotes peace of mind. Making it ideal for reducing stress, bringing calming relief, and a boost of confidence just when you need it most.

Safety: Do not use it in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy.  

Honorable Mentions

Jasmine and Neroli are typically heady and narcotic. Gloriously intoxicating and super romantic,  the flowers have been used for centuries in their indigenous communities to promote love and romance. 

Go on! Treat yourself, you know you deserve it!

You could use both of them for Making Your Love Potion With Essential Oils For Valentine's Day.

Recipes With Essential Oils For Valentine’s Day

Now you don’t need a partner to make the most of these recipes with essential oils for Valentine’s Day, they are equally as good for a bit of self-love instead. Set some time aside to treat and indulge yourself in something quite, quite wonderful.

All of these recipes are highly fragrant and we encourage you to thoroughly indulge and engage yourself in the wonderful process of honoring yourself. It’s only one day in the year right?

Diffuser Blend

Use essential oils for Valentine’s Day to set the scene. Fill rooms with this sensuous and intoxicating blend, to encourage you to wind down, relax, and immerse yourself in the moment.

You Will Need:

    • Small measuring jug
    • Stainless steel spoon
    • Funnel
    • 5ml dropper bottle
    • Label



    • Not for topical use.


    1. In a small measuring jug, carefully measure out all the essential oils.
    2. Using a funnel, decant into the 5ml dropper bottle, and cap tightly.
    3. Label, listing all ingredients for safety reasons.
    4. Mark as UNDILUTED.

How To Use:

    1. Follow the manufacturer guidelines for your specific diffuser. 
    2. Dilute if directed to. 


This is a beautiful way to use essential oils for Valentine’s Day. Create your unique aphrodisiac-laden perfume either just for yourself or for a night to remember. 

Since there is not enough time to make a proper alcohol-based perfume before Valentine's Day (because it takes some time to mature) I have done this most simply and quickly as possible, which is a Rollerball blend.

You want a combination of top notes, heart notes and base notes to make up your perfume and here we have a lovely range for a well-rounded and beautifully blended Valentine’s Day scent. 

If you love your Valentine’s blend, then try it out in an alcohol base too, with this tutorial. Please have a look at How To Make Perfume With Essential Oils for making high-end, alcoholic-based perfumes that are good enough to give the designers a run for their money.

You Will Need:

    • Small measuring jug
    • Stainless steel spoon
    • Funnel
    • 20 ml Rollerball
    • Label


Top Notes:

Heart Notes:

Base Notes:


    • Do not use it in the first 37 weeks of pregnancy.


    1. Measure out your Sweet Almond Carrier Oil into a small measuring jug.
    2. Carefully measure out all the essential oils into the carrier oil and combine thoroughly.
    3. Decant into the 20ml dropper bottle, using a funnel for ease, and then cap tightly.
    4. Clearly label, listing all ingredients for safety reasons.

How To Use:

    1. Do a 24-48 hour patch test before first use, please.
    2. Apply at your pulse points for full effect and refresh when needed. 

Massage Oil

One of the best ways you can use your essential oils for Valentine’s Day is to make an indulgent Massage Oil, and I have to confess that I have gone a bit nuts on the indulgence. As I said, if you cannot treat yourself to a bit of self-love on Valentine's Day, when can you?

To offer balance, as I appreciate we also need a more cost-effective version, you will find two versions. Both are wonderfully nourishing for your skin and stuffed full of beautifully fragrant and aphrodisiac essential oils.

You Will Need:

    • Measuring jug
    • Stainless steel spoon
    • Funnel
    • 100ml bottle (Why not find a beautifully decorative antique perfume bottle for this purpose)?
    • Label
    Massage Oils With Essential Oils For Valentine’s Day
    Both recipes will make 100ml of Massage Oil
    The ‘Truly Indulgent’ Massage Oil The ‘Just As Lovely’ Massage Oil
    75 ml of Argan Carrier Oil (Argania Spinosa)
    10 ml of Rosehip Carrier Oil (Rosa Canina)
    10 ml of Wheatgerm Carrier Oil (Triticum Vulgare)
    30 drops of Rose Essential Oil (Rosa damascena)
    15 drops of Patchouli Essential Oil (Pogostemon cablin)
    10 drops of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil (Cananga odorata)
    10 drops of Vanilla Oleoresin (Vanilla planifolia)
    5 drops of Jasmine Absolute (Jasminum grandiflorum)
    85 ml of Sweet Almond Carrier Oil (Prunus dulcis)
    10 ml of Rosehip Carrier Oil (Rosa Canina)
    50 drops of Rose Geranium Essential Oil (Pelargonium asperum var roseum)
    15 drops of Ginger Essential Oil (Zingiber officinale)
    15 drops of Patchouli Essential Oil (Pogostemon cablin)
    Safety: Do not use it in the first 37 weeks of pregnancy. Safety: Do not use it in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy.


    The method is the same for both versions.

      1. Measure out your carrier oils into a measuring jug.
      2. Carefully measure out your essential oils and add them to the carrier oil, mix well.
      3. Using a funnel for convenience, decant into a 100ml bottle or a decorative bottle of your choice and then cap tightly.
      4. Label your bottle, listing all ingredients for safety reasons. You might want a ‘tie on’ label for a decorative bottle instead. 

    How To Use:

      1. Do a 24-48 patch test before using - especially if you are planning a special night, you don’t want to ruin it, so please do not skip it. 
      2. Warm about a teaspoonful in your hand or warm some in a small bowl.
      3. Work into your skin, or your partners, using firm and even strokes. Adding more massage oil when needed, to avoid dragging the skin. 
      4. Paper towel off any excess. 
      5. Please note that Massage Oil can, and will, stain your bedsheets and soft furnishings if you are not careful. Consider using a soft and tactile cover sheet or towel underneath you.

    Final Word On Essential Oils For Valentine’s Day

    I hope that you have managed to find some sensuous and indulgent ideas for your essential oils for Valentine’s Day. Go and grab that bottle of Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, and Cedarwood. Treat yourself to a new bottle of Rose essential oil or Jasmine Absolute, you know you are worth it.

    Use your essential oils for Valentine’s Day, to relax and calm you, set a sensuous and romantic mood, and allay any lack of confidence. Capitalize on their many positive benefits and aphrodisiac properties for a night to remember be it with your partner or spending a blissfully indulgent evening at home on your own. Make it a night to remember for a whole host of personal reasons.

    Use the Diffuser Blend to set the scene and fill your home with its gorgeous aroma. Allow yourself to relax and let go. Pop on your perfume and let the essential oils get to work, tantalize your nose with its sublime scent, and surrender to its charms. Finally, treat yourself, and your partner, if you feel generous, to a sublime massage with our Massage Oil. Choose whichever suits you best, go all out luxury or stick to a realistic budget, because let's face it… Valentine’s Day can be expensive, right? 

    However, you choose to use essential oils for Valentine’s Day, indulge yourself, connect with your center, and enjoy the bliss that awaits you. 

    More Valentine’s Day Ideas: How To Make A Sensuous Valentine’s Day Kit With Essential Oils.

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