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Are you noticing awkward activity with your pet lately? Is your pet scratching or itching or biting his or her skin too often these days? Is his or her skin getting reddish or losing a lot of furs? If your answer to all these questions is “Yes,” we’re going to alert you! Your pet is becoming a house of some dangerous creatures. These are fleas or insects that will suck your pet’s blood and keep him/her restless for months. But don’t worry! We’re here to guide you on how to deal with fleas. We’ll go from basic to advanced on this guidance session and recommend the best essential oils for fleas. Each topic below carries weight, so don’t miss anything.

Read this article till the end if you don’t want fleas to make your pet’s body their permanent house. So, stay focused and save your pets.

What Are the Reasons behind Fleas Dwelling in Your Pet’s Body?

There are specific reasons for your pet to fall prey to the fleas’ attack, and you can demonstrate it by their behavior, e.g., biting, itching and scratching, etc. Some of the common reasons for the fleas to dwell in your pet’s body are the following:

    • Humidity: Fleas love to live in moist, humid, and shady areas. You’ll often find them in tall grass and woodpiles. So, be sure to clean the yard with a yard spray and the surroundings of your pet’s house. It will be even better if you do this with specific chemical sprays designed to kill ticks and fleas.
    • Wild Animal: Your pet can also get fleas from other animals, including deer, rabbits, and other wild critters, if it’s the only domestic animal in your home. These fleas come in search of blood to drink and survive.
    • Human Transportation: You and your human visitors can also be the unwitting carriers of fleas. These fleas are canny, and they can easily stick to your pants, socks, and shoes without any notice. These parasites are very well-adapted at finding ways to attach to potential hosts to find their next blood meal.
    • Kennel or Groomer: Kennels are the shelters made up for pets where the groomers help pets develop good habits. The flea attack upon your pet can dwell by that same doggie/cat daycare where you take your pet for vaccination and other checkup sessions.

Therefore, there are specific ways your dog can get flea infestation. And you might need the best essential oils for fleas to save your pet so that your family and your pet remain safe and healthy.

How to protect your pet from fleas?

The following are some precautionary measures which will help you prevent these unwanted guests from coming and living on your pet’s body:

    • Treat for fleas year-round: Many veterinarians usually suggest yearly preventive strategies for pet protection. There are various products you can use —consult your vet to choose the best one suitable for your pet.
    • Do not use old preventive products: Old products can lose effectiveness, and the new brands in the market are often better in potency and efficiency. That’s why, instead of sticking to the same previous products, you must go for the new options.
    • Cleaning and sanitization: The only way to save your pet’s health is to clean the yard and the dog/cat house regularly. This will help your house look better, along with making it clean and flea-free. Use the sprays and vacuum cleaning technique in your yard every month.
    • Use suitable products: Few flea control drugs are for dogs that contain ingredients that are not suitable for cats. That’s why you need to choose the product carefully by reading the labels showing the particularity for the specific species.
    • Best essential oil for fleas: If you want to keep it natural and straightforward, you can do it by only using a mixture of suitable essential oils’ and applying directly to your pet. Cedarwood essential oil, Cedar oil, and Clove essential oil are the best choices for protecting the whole home along with your pet. Be careful and do not apply the clove oil directly on the skin, either place it on a dog’s collar or in his bedding.

Why Using the Best Essential Oil for Fleas Proved to Be a Good Option?

There are various ways to get rid of the flea infestations, out of which some are mentioned above. It is a prevalent practice to take your pet to the vet and have a basket full of medicines and clinical products, which will help your dog stay flea-free. No doubt, it is beneficial in specific ways. But, if you go natural and look for the best essential oils for fleas, it will be a much better option for your pet’s overall health.

The following are the benefits of using the best essential oils for fleas on your pet:

    • Essential oils not only repel fleas, but they also help your dog get relief from a severe kind of itching or scratching that the dog faces due to flea bites. This gives your pet a sense of being safe and cured.
    • Essential oils can reduce infection and increase the process of healing wounds that your pet gets as a result of flea bites and itching/scratching. These natural antiseptics will keep your pet free from fleas and relieve the pain they get from flea bites.
    • Aromatherapy is the main deal of essential oils, and it does not have relaxing effects on humans only, but also pets. Yes, this is the true phenomenon approved by many field workers, and they suggest pet owners reach out for the essential oils instead of using harsh chemicals and pharmaceuticals, as it keeps their pets stress-free.
    • Essential oils prove themselves to have much better results in dealing with flea and tick infestations than other clinical products. Most of the essential oils are used in diluted form to get better results.

What Are the Best Essential Oils for Fleas?

You know the reasons why your pets become the victim of fleas. You also know how you can protect them from fleas and why using essential oils is the best option. No doubt, there are hundreds of essential oils available out there. You will have to struggle to find the most suitable and useful essential oil for your pets. As long as we are with you, you have no worries. We are going to create a list of the best essential oils for fleas for your ease!

This list contains some best essential oils for fleas. We did extensive research on dozens of essential oils and then made an in-depth comparison and contrast among those. As a result, we shortlisted eight best essential oils for fleas!

Moreover, it doesn’t end here. In fact, we will be dividing these oils into two categories. The first category consists of essential oils that can both repel and kill fleas. And the second category will signify the essential oils that can only repel this tiny dangerous creature. The bottom line here is that you can easily choose any oil as per your need!

Best essential oils for fleas include:

    1. Basil Essential Oil
    2. Cedarwood Essential Oil
    3. Clove Essential Oil
    4. Lavender Essential Oil
    5. Lemongrass Essential Oil
    6. Peppermint  Essential Oil
    7. Rosemary Essential Oil
    8. Rose Geranium Essential Oil

Best Essential Oils That Repel Fleas

Below is the list of best essential oils for fleas that you can use as a flea repellent.

1. Basil Essential Oil

Basil comes first to the list when it’s all about the best essential oils for fleas. Basil essential oil is extracted from the leaves and buds of the Basil plant. This plant is generally cultivated in Africa, Asia, and North and South America. Generally, many people use Basil essential oil to relieve cold, cough, and flue. You can also use it to relax your body if you feel exhaustion.

When it comes to using Basil essential oil for fleas, it gives incredible benefits. This oil functions as a good insect repellent. Not only this, but this oil also works as a healing medicine if your pet has insect bites. You must dilute it with some career oil or with water before using it for your pet. Take a spray bottle, add a few drops of Basil essential oil into half a glass of water, and spray on the furs of your little buddy.

2. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender plant which is native to Africa, Asia, and Europe gives us this magical essential oil. People throughout the world use this oil to solve skin problems such as acne, wrinkles, and pimples. This oil also helps in reducing stress and anxiety and keeps you calm and stress-free as a result.

If you’re going to use Lavender oil for fleas, then you’re on the right track. You can use this oil on your pet’s skin once you dilute it. Add a few drops to the wet handkerchief and gently rub it on his/her skin. Furthermore, Lavender essential oil doubles its performance when you blend it with Cedar Oil and Thyme Oil.

3. Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass essential oil is the product of a grass that is taller than typical grass in size. This grass originates in southeastern regions of Asia, such as China and India. Local people use the lemongrass as tea or herb when it is dried. Moreover, modern people use this oil for aromatherapy to address many mental and physical health conditions. Using it before sleep can enhance the quality of sleep.

You can use Lemongrass essential oil for your pets because it is a strong flea repellent. Modern people are also taking some extra advantage of this oil. Do you know what that is? They use Lemongrass oil for mosquitos. Yes! Mosquitos do not only tease you, but they can also make your pet feel irritated. So, use it for you and your pet! Remember, dilute it first and then spray it on the body instead of directly applying it.

4. Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint herb mainly grows in Europe and North America. Many foods and beverage companies use this oil as a flavoring. It is also evident that peppermint essential oil helps with indigestion and nausea.

Peppermint essential oil is one of the best essential oils for fleas that can repel fleas. You can spray it on pets’ bodies, especially on dog’s skin, once you dilute it. Blending Peppermint essential oil with Lavender and Eucalyptus essential oils increases its effectiveness.

5. Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary essential oil is the extract of an herb that originates in the Mediterranean region. Many people use this oil to address problems like hair loss, bad immune system, and weak memory. Many meditators prefer this oil for mental and physical clarity and calmness.

Rosemary oil is worth to be in the list of best essential oils for fleas because dog owners mostly prefer it. They prefer it only for one reason: it works best on dogs as compared to other pets.

To take much advantage of Rosemary essential oil’s properties:

    • Dilute and use it at the time of giving a bath to the dog
    • Blend it with Thyme and Peppermint essential oil

6. Rose Geranium Essential Oil

Manufacturers obtain Rose Geranium essential oil from the Rose Geranium plant. Many food and beverage and cosmetic companies use this oil as flavoring and fragrance. Perfume making companies also use it due to its strong and nice aroma. Moreover, many people use this oil to address depression.

Rose Geranium essential oil comes at the last in the best essential oils for fleas list as a flea repellent. Like the previous one, this oil is also very useful, especially for dogs. You can topically use it on the dog’s skin or mix it with water to spray it on the dog.

Best Essential Oils for Fleas That Can Both Kill And Repel Fleas

Only a few oils fall in the category of best essential oils for fleas that kill and repel fleas. No matter whether they’re small or large in number, we will add them to the list. Let’s discuss them one by one.

7. Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedarwood essential oil comes from the leaves, needles, and bark of the Cedar plant. Older and latest research claims that this essential oil is useful for many health conditions. People with hair loss problems, acne, insomnia, and anxiety are using this oil for relief.

For killing and repelling fleas, this oil is considered the best essential oil for fleas. Many people use Cedarwood oil for dogs to get rid of fleas problem. You can add diluted Cedarwood oil into shampoo and use it while giving a bath to him/her. The spray bottle is also another good option. Whichever way you choose, this oil will act as an effective and strong flea repellent. Besides, you can buy any flea repellent product without hesitation if it contains Cedarwood oil. We assure you that you’ll not be wasting your money.

8. Clove Essential Oil

Clove essential oil is a product of Clove tree that is native to southeastern Asia. The oil comes from the dried buds of the plant. Many people nowadays use this oil for problems like cold, asthma, muscle pain, and digestive upset.

A significant thing about this oil is that it kills bacteria. Meaning, this oil does not only kill and repel fleas, but it can also kill other harmful bacteria on or around your beloved pet. This oil is only suitable for dogs, not for cats. Remember another important thing – don’t apply it on the dog’s skin. You can add a few drops on the collar or in the corner of the dog’s bedding.

Risks in Using Above Mentioned Essential Oils for Pets And How to Use these Oils to Make Your Pets Risk-Free

No doubt that you use the best essential oils for fleas to keep fleas away from your pets. But, they can be harmful to pets as much as beneficial they are for them. You’ll always have to research your preferred oil before using it. Well, we’ve done much of your legwork here! We’re going to make two categories of risks associated with using essential oils for pets.

Risks related to topical application:

Several oils carry risks when you use them topically on the pet’s skin. These oils can cause skin burn, skin irritation, permanent skin allergy, and hair loss.

Cedarwood essential oil, for example, can cause all the problems as mentioned above. To avail of the real benefits of oils, you must dilute them by using some good career oil. Also, make sure that the career oil is suitable for pets.

Dangers related to digestion:

There is no oil in the list of best essential oils for fleas that your pet can digest. Digestion of any essential oil can create severe stomach problems. This stomach issue can last for long periods. So, make sure your pet doesn’t digest any essential oil. Additionally, don’t even try to add any essential oil in pets’ drinking water.

To Sum Up

Certain factors become the cause of why fleas come to your pet’s body. Humidity, wild animals, and other animals that already have fleas on their bodies, and human transportation are the major ones. You need to protect your pets from fleas then. You can give a regular checkup, daily bath, proper and authentic products, and other necessary treatments. Also, we explained why choosing the best essential oils for fleas is a better option. Then, we also described a brief but comprehensive list of the best essential oils for fleas. Some only kill fleas, and some of them do both kill and repel fleas. Finally, you read some of the side effects of using the essential oils for dogs and how to use them safely. We hope that you find this post helpful for you. Let us know what you think about our list of best essential oil for fleas in the comment section or write us to We’d love to hear from you. 

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