Patchouli Essential Oil Recipes

Patchouli is an herbal plant originated from the bushes of tropical Asia. Now, it's been widespread, and people from South America and Caribbean islands cultivate it. This plant has small green leaves and pink-white flowers. And these are the spots of the plant where the oil essence remains. To your amazement, numerous patchouli essential oil recipes are the proof of the widespread uses of this natural oil. 

Indeed, people like it for its unique scent widely used in perfume, incense, bug repellents, and various herbal teas. Not to surprise, user history of patchouli essential oil went back to ancient times. To back this claim, Ancient Egyptian king Tut was so fond of the scent that he was accompanied with 10 gallons of patchouli essential oil while buried. 

The benefits of the said essential oil are huge, and so are its uses. That is why the lack of medical support couldn't stop the widespread and multiple uses of this oil. Since time immemorial, people have been using the oil raw or diluted with other oils. In this article, we will discuss ten patchouli essential oil recipes that include the mixes efficiently for different purposes, including patchouli essential oil diffuser blends as patchouli essential oil blends well with many other oils. 

10 Popular Patchouli Essential Oil Recipes

We are aware of the uses and benefits of this natural oil. When blended and diluted with other carrier oils or essential oils, it can be pretty effective. Indeed, the earthy and rich aroma of the oil can help the users to enjoy deep meditation, full relaxation, and highest contemplation. Moreover, the tranquillity and serenity associated with patchouli essential oil have allegedly been relieving users from insomnia and anxiety.


But people of different cultures have found it efficient in-home, body, and skincare too. When used as a diffuser, you can enjoy it thoroughly. And patchouli essential oil blends work great with citrus scents that include lemon, orange, and tangerine. To add in the line, it blends well with floral scents like lavender, rose, and ylang-ylang.

Here you go with the ten patchouli oil recipes which may not be ultimate but are superb ideas to get you started.

1. Aftershave Aromatherapy

Yes, aftershave aromatherapy is an oil mix that can replace your traditional aftershave lotion. Moreover, this can soothe your skin irritation on top of creating a calming effect. Free from chemicals, you can prepare it on your own as long as you have ingredients in your kit. And the ingredients and amounts to the mix are: 

Now, take all the ingredients in a tiny bowl and then massage on the shaven surface. Given the amounts of other diluted components, you can name the recipe associated with them like grapefruit essential oil recipe.  

2. Patchouli & Lavender Pulse Point Perfume

We already know that natural Patchouli oil goes pretty well with several oils and Lavender is prominent among them. These two oils, blended with other oils, create a distinctive perfume of extraordinary scent that can wake you up spiritually. On its top, the above-the-average freshness is the factor not to miss in this blend. 

Yes, the recipe title is significant. When you dab the blend on pulse points, the effect can be best. For the best result, mix the said ingredients in a narrow glass jar and store it in an airtight container. 

3. Hidden Cabin Unisex Aroma

Patchouli plant leaves and flowers are fragrant, and so the oil essence extracted from is vital. If you are fond of simple scents, you are going to admire the unisex fragrance of this blend. For sure, this is the perfect fragrance blend fit for both men and women. And you need these ingredients:

The mixing and preservation are identical to the above blend. So, gather all the ingredients in a small glass jar and give them a good jerk. And dabbing on the pulse points will yield max effect. For further uses, store in the airtight container. 

4. Patchouli Heaven Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets play a crucial part while drying clothes and fabrics. Moreover, they work as an effective fabric softener. And when wet with this patchouli blend, it successfully resists stains and lint gathering over clothes to wash. Moreover, this blend keeps the clothes easy-to-iron. You need the following materials to create the blend.

    • Cloth scraps 
    • Patchouli Essential Oil - 25 drops
    • White Vinegar - 1 cup
    • One Large Glass Jar

Not to hesitate, you make the clothes wet with the mix made in a separate bowl. But better not to saturate them fully. For further use, store in a glass jar and use one sheet of cloth for every laundry load. 

5. Holiday Morning Shower Salt

What if you get a revitalizing shower after a tiring week of heavy work? Yes, you can sprinkle a homemade shower salt to make your Sunday morning shower blissful. That can be a huge turn-on for you. As you take a shower, the water will dissolve it, and the air will get filled with an uplifting mood. The ingredients to the mix are:

    • Epsom Salts - 1 tbsp
    • Patchouli Essential Oil - 10 drops
    • Tangerine Essential Oil - 5 drops
    • Lemon Essential Oil - 5 drops

Without delay, mix the ingredients well and spray into the shower corner. Within no time, the essential oil blend will disperse into the air. 

6. Serene & Clean Room Spray

To keep the room air fresh and clean, you need a room spray. For a change, you can use an essential oil recipe instead of traditional sprays with abrasive chemicals. Surprisingly this spray will refresh your room and spread a sweet undertone across the room. And you need just two citrus oils to create that spray. 

Mix the following ingredients.

    • Water - 1 cup
    • Patchouli Essential Oil - 15 drops
    • Lemon Essential Oil - 15 drops

Now, have those in a spray bottle to spray around the target room. Given the same amount of lemon essential oil in the blend, you will not be wrong to call it lemon essential oil recipe either.

7. Field Flower Diffuser Blend

Yes, the sweet scent of oil from flower essence and the refreshing citrus oil can create the flowery sweetness in an open field. And you merely need four very common essential oils to create that atmosphere in your home. Therefore, make your patchouli essential oil recipes for diffuser for pleasant soft scent and sweet floral scent. 

The ingredients include:

To your amazement, you may have your favourite diffuser and mix these elements with that. Isn't it simple? 

8. Patchouli Hydrating Face Mask

What about a face mask blended with essential oil mixture? Yes, the Aragon oil will keep your skin hydrated while the organic patchouli essential oil and raw honey will clean the skin dirt. And you need three elements that include:

    • Aragon Oil - 1 tbsp
    • Raw Honey - 1 tbsp
    • Patchouli Essential Oil - 3 drops

9. Sweet Bliss Massage Oil

This oil recipe can act as pain relief, and you feel bliss very soon. Yes, the dry patches, sore muscles, and scars can get the immediate effect when treated with this oil mixture regularly. Not to astonish, you need these four essential oils at your disposal.

    • Wonder Oil - ¼ cup
    • Patchouli Essential Oil - 10 drops
    • Rosewood Essential Oil - 7 drops
    • Orange Essential Oil - 4 drops

10. Patchouli Beard Oil Recipe

Essential oils in general and particularly patchouli essential oil can strengthen hair. So if you blend avocado oil, coconut oil, and cedarwood essential oil with patchouli essential oil, you can keep your moustache and beard conditioned and healthy. Indeed, regular application of 2-3 drops of this oil blend to your hair will reduce hair fall and make them silky smooth. Here you go with the recipe:

    • Avocado Oil - ½ cup
    • Coconut Oil - 2 tbsp
    • Patchouli Essential Oil - 8 drops
    • Cedarwood Essential Oil - 5 drops

Final Words

These ten recipes are immensely beneficial in varieties of condition. And they are proof of how you can use patchouli essential oil for the care of your body, skin, hair, and living space. Given the endless benefits of this oil, you can create your own DIY patchouli essential oil recipes at home. For that, you need in-depth knowledge of the uses and applications of this natural plant essence. Not to worry, having that knowledge is not that tough now as numerous blogs and books are being published on benefits, uses, and various recipes of natural oil essence.

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