What is Sweet Orange Essential Oil Good for

While all essential oils come from plants, each one of them has its benefits and uses. We’ve been getting a lot of readers wondering what the benefits of sweet orange essential oil might be. You are likely familiar with oranges as fruit, or even as a morning beverage! However, research indicates orange oil may be able to improve mood and reduce inflammation, among other uses. In this article, we answer the question “what is sweet orange essential oil good for”, along with covering the necessary precautions to take when using it.

So, What is Sweet Orange Essential Oil Good For?

What is Sweet Orange Essential Oil Good For

There are many potential sweet orange essential oil benefits, but today we are going to cover what we believe to be the top six. 

1. Reducing Feelings of Anxiety 

First on our list of the benefits of sweet orange essential oil is that it may help reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety. Several small studies indicate orange oil may be able to help lower blood pressure, as well as reducing mental stress. While scientific evidence may be minimal, there is no doubt that a burst of cheerful orange is a definite mood-booster.

2. It is an Effective Antimicrobial

Another one of the sweet orange essential oil benefits is that it works as an effective antimicrobial agent. This is becoming increasingly more important, as many bacteria are beginning to come antibiotic-resistant through exposure and incorrect use. Research indicates that sweet orange oil may be effective against staph bacteria, as well as some species of fungi. Other studies show orange oil to have a promising effect on the treatment of acne, which is an inflammatory skin condition. As it is also full of antioxidants, this leads to the hope that orange oil can play an important role in the future of skincare products. Keep in mind that essential oils are very strong, and you need to dilute them with a carrier oil or base product if you intend to use them topically. 

3. Getting Rid of Constipation

Preliminary study shows that the use of essential oils may be an effective way to help with constipation. Using sweet orange essential oil benefits both the skin and the senses, as the best method is through topical use. Add 6-10 drops of orange oil to a carrier or massage oil, then rub into the abdomen. Repeat the process twice a day to get the best results. 

4. Fighting Depression

Depression can take a large toll on a person, both physically and mentally. Depression can affect the way you think, feel, and live your daily life. Getting help as soon as possible can help reduce other potential side effects that arise from depression. Many people don’t like the idea of turning to chemical solutions, which is why essential oils offer a bright alternative. One of the benefits of sweet orange essential oil is that it may be able to help reduce symptoms of depression, balancing mood, and increasing overall feelings of well-being. The most efficient way to use sweet orange oil to fight depression is through aromatherapy, but we also suggest incorporating it into massage therapy.

5. Helping to Fight Symptoms of Cold & Flu

Symptoms of cold and flu can include a runny nose, sore throat, fever, cough, and congestion. Thankfully, there are certain essential oils—such as orange oil—which can help with these! Oranges are full of antioxidants, which means their oil is as well. While research in this area is limited, next time you have a cold or flu try diffusing sweet orange essential oil and enjoy its fresh, rejuvenating aroma. Oils with more scientific research backing them in fighting colds include oregano, tea tree, eucalyptus, and rosemary oil.

6. Increasing Energy Levels

A small study with athletes as the participants shows us that sweet orange essential oil benefits may include a reduction in fatigue levels. Runners in the study had lower running times and better lung function than the control group. This study was small, meaning more scientific research is necessary to form concrete evidence. However, anecdotal evidence also offers us an indication of the effectiveness of orange oil in increasing energy levels. 

When answering the question “what is sweet orange essential oil used for”, many people answer that they use orange oil for a burst of mental alertness during the working day. This tells us that there are many people out there who find the scent of sweet orange invigorating, meaning it may be able to help boost both mental and physical energy. 


You now know more about the benefits of sweet orange essential oil, but it is important to ensure that you are also aware of certain precautions. Orange oil is slightly phototoxic, meaning it can react with the sun. If you do apply sweet orange oil topically, make sure you are wearing proper sun protection. You should also never apply orange oil directly to your skin without diluting it first, and keep it well away from children and pets. Anyone with underlying conditions should also consult a medical professional before adding essential oils to their routine.

So, What is Sweet Orange Essential Oil Good For?

The benefits of sweet orange essential oil spread out over many different areas of health and well-being. We firmly believe that this versatile oil brings a juicy burst of cheer wherever it goes. If you’re familiar with any other sweet orange essential oil benefits feel free to leave a comment letting us know!

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