Perfect Peace Kit With essential oils

Our ‘essential oils for peace’ are inspired by International Peace Day on 21st of September. Use soothing and relaxing essential oils to promote peace and tranquility, anytime, anywhere. When you have a full day of work and errands, social engagements, kids and home responsibilities, life can get overwhelming. This is where you can harness the wonderful properties of essential oils for peace. It’s simple with soothing and relaxing essential oils to find your center and that inner peaceful haven. Use essential oils like Lavender, Vetiver, Bergamot and Mandarin to help you unwind, let go and fully relax.

Join us as we show you how to make Essential Oils For Peace - Space Sprays, Reed Diffusers, Essential Oils Blend For Peace for Rollerballs & Aroma Pendants, Peaceful Sleep Sprays and Peace Bath Oils.

Benefits of Essential Oils For Peace?

We live in a world where everything seems to be moving faster and everyone seems to want instantaneous results. Some employers are expecting us to do more with less and our families seem to expect us to magic things out of a hat half the time.

It’s no wonder that more of us are experiencing the associated feelings and symptoms of anxiety and stress.

According to the American Psychiatric Association:

‘More than one in four (26%) reported they anticipated experiencing more stress at the start of 2023, up from one in five (20%) last year.

It went on to say that : 

‘At the same time, 29% American adults indicated they’d adopt new year’s resolutions related to their mental health, up three percentage points from last year’.

This shows both the need and desire to prioritize our mental well being more than we have been. Increasingly, we are also looking for more natural ways to do that, rather than pill popping.

After a hard day of work errands and challenging responsibilities you can turn to using essential oils for peace. Some of the more popular relaxing oils include Lavender, Peppermint, Bergamot, Vetiver and Mandarin.

Let us show you some of the best relaxing oils and blends and make a Perfect Peace Kit With Essential Oils and other luscious products with essential oils.

Best Essential Oils For Peace

There are so many wonderful essential oils for peace that you can utilize to bring an air of calm and relaxation to your daily life.

For your Perfect Peace Kit with essential oils, you will want a good range of essential oils for peace. Ones that not only calm you, reduce your anxiety and soothe stress, but also those that uplift, elevate and help you to focus.

Here are some of our favorites at VINEVIDA and the reasons why.

Mandarin Essential Oil

Mandarin essential oil is popular for its fresh citrus scent, despite the zestiness, the oil itself can have a relaxing effect. It's great for reducing stress levels, I love it because it's such a soft and gentle essential oil. It works quickly to relieve stress and reduce anxiety and is one of the gentlest essential oils for peace.

On a metaphysical level, it calms the spirit and quells difficult and challenging emotions like pouring water on a fire. It reassures and strengthens the feelings of safety and security.

Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot essential oil is a good mood enhancer, full of joy and optimism. It reduces aches and pains, especially those related to anxiety and stress. It is used around the world to reduce stress and anxiety. I feel that it raises you and helps to remove you from the challenge of daily life, spirituality at least.  I feel it is one of the most uplifting essential oils for peace.

On a metaphysical level, it uplifts you and elevates you from daily life's challenges. It can also soothe a nervous stomach and would be good to use when nerves need to be calmed. 

Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang ylang essential oil has a very pleasant, almost hypnotic effect, and is widely used for its antidepressant and sedative properties. It contains Linalool, which is a natural terpene alcohol. Studies of Linalool show that it can be effective in reducing anxiety through inhalation. When we can release anxiety it helps us to feel more peaceful. For me, it is the most comforting of the essential oils for peace.

On a metaphysical level, Ylang Ylang brings you back to yourself and reminds you that all is good in the world. It is like wrapping yourself up in your favorite blanket, very comforting and secure

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is used all over the world for its calming and relaxing properties, and studies and research have repeatedly shown it to be effective for this purpose. You do need to be judicious in how much Lavender essential oil that you use. If you use too much, it can simply do the opposite and overstimulate you instead.  It is one of the most deeply soothing, calming and relaxing essential oils for peace.

On a metaphysical level, Lavender is what I call the ‘disinfectant of the soul’, l strongly believe that it can clear lingering and challenging emotions. Often it is these lingering emotions that cause the emotional blocks that feed our anxieties and fears. Allowing the clearing of these makes way for peace. 

Any plant that appears on the violet color ray will help you connect with your wisdom and emotions, which ultimately, helps you make better decisions as well.

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Roman Chamomile essential oil is another of the essential oils for peace used around the world to instill calm and relaxation. It has been researched and approved by scientists to reduce some of our anxiety and promote peace. It is widely used to reduce generalized anxiety disorders

On a metaphysical level, Roman Chamomile is evocative of the mother or grandmother who tends to your illness compassionately and with love. It is profoundly comforting, reassuring and is like a hug from someone you love. This oil can provide urgent soothing to people who are experiencing meltdown. It is one of the quickest acting essential oils for peace

Vetiver Essential Oil

Vetiver essential oil an astounding essential oil and a wonderful addition to your Perfect Peace Kit with essential oils. Deeply sedative but also mildly stimulating. It works by calming the autonomic nervous system and can have a residual effect on soothing feelings of irritability, anger, exhaustion, anxiety and stress. Yet being stimulating enough to help you keep your focus and concentration. It is one of the best essential oils for peace to use at work for this reason. 

On a metaphysical level, it is good for grounding yourself and connecting with reality. This is a great choice of essential oils to use in meditation. I find it most useful for navigating challenging issues at work where you need to be both calm and focused. 

Favorite Recipes With Essential Oils For Peace

I have designed all of these products in this Perfect Peace Kit With Essential Oils to work together and create a multifaceted way of reducing anxiety and stress and helping you to find peace and calm in your life.

It makes for a wonderful gift collection and with a little forward planning you could make several of these at once for gift giving and even gift donations for care packages. 

Let’s not hang about, let's get stuck right in these wonderful recipes. 

Your Perfect Peace Kit Includes:

    • Space Spray
    • Reed Diffuser
    • Rollerballs & Aroma Pendants
    • Peaceful Sleep Spray
    • Bath Oil

The Recipes - Perfect Peace Kit With Essential Oils

Space Spray

Space clearing products are one of the fastest growing markets in the metaphysical world. People really seem to be cottoning on to the benefit of energetically clearing their homes and spaces with herbs, crystals and essential oils. It is much easier to feel at peace in a place that feels energetically calm and relaxed. 

Space Clearing Spray is a great product to use after there has been a spat or a falling out in the home and tensions have run high. I use it if I have had someone ‘pop in’ and offload their drama onto me…and my space.  I also use it after particularly challenging clients, even after a phone call.

If something has ‘disturbed’ your energetic atmosphere, use this to regain some balance and equilibrium and help to restore the peace of the places that are special and safe for you. 

It makes a wonderful purifier for meditation, prayer and sacred spaces. 

You Will Need:

    1. Measuring jug
    2. Stainless steel stirrer or spoon
    3. Funnel
    4. 250ml Spray bottle
    5. Label


    • 50 ml Purified or Distilled Water
    • 150 ml Vodka or Alcohol
    • 50 ml Witch Hazel
    • 1 tbsp Sea Salt (Do not use Table Salt, only use a pure Salt).

Essential Oils:


For those who wish to add a couple of extra layers of energy clearing into the mix, you can include the following:

    • Smoky Quartz crystal tumblestone- Clears negative energy
    • Clear Quartz crystal tumblestone - Magnifies positive energy
    • Sprig of fresh Rosemary herb - Cleansing and protective herb

Note: If you intend to use crystals in your spray you MUST either:

    1. Stick to the recipe precisely using the given ratio of alcohol and salt as they are acting as a preservative and inhibiting the possible growth of bacteria in the nooks and crannies of your crystals, even if you cannot see any! You need at least a 3% salt ratio. 
    2. Alternatively, add 1% antioxidant instead. 


    1. Combine all of the ingredients together in a measuring jug.
    2. Add the essential oils
    3. Using a funnel, decant into the bottle, lid tightly
    4. Prime the pump unless it is for a gift or for sale. 
    5. Label clearly, listing all ingredients for safety reasons.

If you wish to add the crystals and herbs you can do this two ways:

First Way:

Steep the Rosemary and the crystals in the water overnight, strain, retaining the water and use this to make up your recipe.

Second Way:

Add the crystals and the Rosemary directly to the bottle. You need to make sure that the Rosemary does not start to start to mold, the salt helps prevent this though. If it does mold, make a new batch. 

Make sure not to discard the crystals by accident. 


    • Not for topical use
    • Flammable - do not use near a naked flame or heat source.
    • Do not spray onto surfaces that are likely to be used for food preparation or dining
    • Label clearly and store safely, as you would a household cleaner, out of the reach of children and pets.

How to Use:

    1. Make sure you have no candles burning or a heat source nearby as this product is flammable.
    2. Spray your Space Clearing Spray with essential oils for peace around the area you wish to cleanse, clear and balance energy. The effect will be immediate so no waiting needed.
    3. Make sure if there is a hard floor that it is not slippy and wet with spray.
    4. Patch test on soft furnishings and surfaces before using, as essential oils can stain. 

Reed Diffuser

A reed diffuser is a great way of creating a wonderful scentscape in a smaller space. It is something you can place next to you at home or at work to help you feel more relaxed and to find peace and calm.

They are much easier to make than you think and I recommend that you give it a go because once you’ve made your first one there will be no stopping you after. They make a perfect gift and if you buy your supplies in bulk, they are very cost effective to make as well. 

Bamboo Garden fragrance oil is Fragrance Oil of The Week this week.  I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to show you that you can successfully blend both fragrance oils and essential oils together. We can do this and create a powerhouse of a product for your Perfect Peace Kit with essential oils.

Vetiver is a deeper earthy scent and helps ground this fresh, green fragrance. Roman Chamomile is a lighter fragrance, as is the Bergamot that brings in that high Citrus note. However, they are also bringing their amazing active properties and chemical constituents to relax and calm you, relieve your anxiety and stresses and help you find that place of perfect peace. 

You Will Need:

    1. Measuring jug
    2. Stainless steel stirrer or spoon
    3. Funnel
    4. 100ml bottle with lid
    5. Natural reeds
    6. Labels 


Use up to 6 ml of essential oils/fragrance oil blend


    • Not for topical use
    • Flammable - do not use near a naked flame or heat source.
    • Place on a coaster or mat to protect precious surfaces.
    • Label clearly and store safely, out of the reach of children and pets


    1. Measure out the Grapeseed carrier oil and Vodka and mix the carrier oil and the alcohol together. However, take it slowly and spend your time to get them to homogenize together nicely. It is worth taking the time and extra care to do this; otherwise, it can split in the bottle if you are not careful. 
    2. Add in your essential oil/fragrance oil blend and mix it slowly, but very thoroughly.
    3. Using a funnel, decant it into your bottle.
    4. Label accurately and clearly with all ingredients and add your date for safety purposes.
    5. Slide in your natural reeds in and allow them to soak up the scented solution.
    6. Position in a place with good airflow as it helps to allow the scent to permeate the area.

TOP TIP: If you make a bit extra of the base solution when you begin, then take the reeds, and place them onto a plate big enough to hold all of the reeds. Pour over the extra reed diffuser solution and soak the reeds until they look saturated or absorbed. Then pop them into the bottle. It helps to disperse the scent quicker than waiting for the reeds to wick up the solution by themselves. 

How to Use:

    1. Position in a place with good airflow, such as by an open door or window or in a high traffic flow area. This helps to encourage the scent to disperse and permeate the area.
    2. After every week or so, turn the reeds over, wear a protective glove if you have sensitive skin, wash your hands after handling. Do this on a newspaper or sink drainer, to protect precious surfaces. 
    3. Once empty, simply refill, if your reeds appear dusty and gunky, replace with new reeds, but often you can get 2-3 bottles worth out of good quality natural reeds.

Rollerballs & Aroma Pendants

Now, this blend can double as two products in your Perfect Peace Kit With Essential Oils. You can make this one ‘essential oil for peace blend’ and use it in both a rollerball dispenser and in an aroma pendant.

It is a very versatile way to utilize essential oils for peace and get the best out of them for the way that you are living your life day to day. Make them work for you and fit in with your life, rather than trying to fit your life around it.

An aroma pendant can be great when you need something super discreet and something you don’t have to think too much about. 

A roller ball can be used to help you stay calm and find that peace you need throughout the day. It is another discrete way that you can use essential oils for peace at work or socially, without drawing too much attention to yourself. 

You Will Need:

    1. Measuring jug
    2. Stainless steel stirrer or spoon
    3. Funnel
    4. 50 ml dropper bottle
    5. Labels
    6. 20 ml Rollerball dispenser 
    7. Aroma pendant



    • Do not use it in the first 37 weeks of pregnancy.
    • Always carry out a 24-48 hour patch test before using.


    1. Simply combine all of the ingredients together and decant into the 50ml dropper bottle using a funnel. 
    2. Label clearly, listing all ingredients for safety reasons and date.
    3. Lid tightly.
    4. Carry out a 24-48 hour patch test before using.

How to Use:

    1. Fill your rollerball with the essential oils blend, replace the roller cap and lid. 
    2. Label clearly, listing all ingredients for safety reasons and date.
    3. Do a patch test!
    4. Use it at your pulse points as often as needed up to 8 times a day. 
    5. Be cautious not to stain your clothes with the oil.
Aroma Pendant
    1. Get a clean felt or cotton pad for your Aroma Pendant and dispense a few drops from your dropper dispenser.
    2. Replace the felt pad into your Aroma Pendant and make sure there is no excess oil leaking from the pendant.
    3. Wear for up to 45 minutes and then remove for at least 30 minutes before putting it back on again. It helps you not to go ‘nose blind’ - where you cannot smell the essential oils for peace blend anymore, despite them being active.

Peaceful Sleep Spray

I have designed this to be skin safe, so that you can use it as a personal spray and as a room/space spray. That way you can get the most out of this super relaxing and calming essential oil blend. You will be in peaceful Nirvana before you know it.

This is a slight tweak on what I use every night with the addition of Patchouli. I add the Patchouli when I feel I need something a little extra, that extra layer of magic to take me to a state of pure and peaceful bliss and perfect repose

As a chronic pain survivor some days you need an extra boost towards dreamland and this is mine. The addition of the Magnesium helps to encourage deep and peaceful sleep by helping to relax your muscles. 

If you have restless legs, don’t be afraid to add a couple of drops of Marjoram essential oil (Origanum majorana) to the mix of ‘essential oils for peace’ as well. 

You Will Need:

    1. Measuring spoons
    2. Measuring jug
    3. Stainless steel spoon or stirrer
    4. Funnel
    5. 150ml Dark amber glass spray bottle
    6. Label



    • Do not use it in the first 37 weeks of pregnancy. 


    1. Dissolve the magnesium flakes completely into the witch hazel. Stir well. Dependent on the size of your flakes, it can take a little while, so walk away for a bit  and come back to it if necessary. Continue stirring until fully dissolved. If you have any stubborn bits, remove them.
    2. The mixture should develop an almost oily consistency. Try rubbing it between your fingers; this consistency is precisely what you want.
    3. Add in your essential oils to the magnesium solution and stir thoroughly to combine.
    4. Decant into your dark glass bottle using a funnel. 
    5. Lid tightly, and prime your spray. (Unless it is for a gift or sale)
    6. Label clearly with all ingredients listed for safety purposes and date too.
    7. Do a 24-48 hour patch test at your inner elbow or wrist before using.

How to Use:

    1. You can use this to spray yourself (not your face) or the room to create an ambient atmosphere perfect  for relaxation and peaceful sleep. 
    2. Don’t spray it on your face and avoid getting it in your eyes.
    3. If you do happen to get it in your eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean, tepid water. Should irritation persist, seek immediate medical advice taking the clearly labeled container with you.

A Note On Using Magnesium

It is worth noting here that it is not unusual for people in this day and age, to have shockingly  low levels of Magnesium. Those people that are deficient in Magnesium tend to experience a mild tingling or stinging sensation on the skin when using Magnesium for the first few times. It happened to me and it wasn't as awful as it sounds, promise.

Unless your skin breaks out in a rash and is genuinely red raw and sore, keep using it. Eventually, your skin will acclimate to its use, it will sting and tingle much less as your internal magnesium levels rise. Do gauge it sensibly though and stop using it if your skin reacts to it beyond a tingle/sting.

Bath Oil

I always think there is little more decadent than having a wickedly hot bath with the water up to your ears and it being slick with a mix of beautifully fragranced unctious carrier oils.

Often, I think we forget the innate value and nourishing properties of the carrier oils themselves. Sometimes, they seem overlooked in the recipe, but here they are up front and center like the essential oils.

Our Perfect Peace Kit with essential oils is also about allowing time and space for some self love and self care.This can be where it is worth splurging a little and treating yourself to some carrier oils that are bliss for your skin. Yet, they are also perfect mediums to help you absorb all those juicy active properties of the essential oils for peace. 

You Will Need:

    1. Measuring spoons
    2. Measuring jugs x2
    3. Stainless steel spoon or stirrer
    4. Funnel
    5. 200ml bottle (Glass is great …but not a great idea in the bathroom with slippery hands)!
    6. Label


    • Polysorbate 80 - Surfactant to disperse the oils.


    • Do not use it in the first 37 weeks of pregnancy.


    1. Measure out your individual carrier oils.
    2. Pour them into one of the larger mixing jugs.
    3. Measure out your essential oils into a small measuring jug
    4. At this point, if you are not using a surfactant, skip to step 7.
    5. Add the same volume of Polysorbate 80 to the same volume of essential oils (For example: If you have 10ml of essential oil, add 10 ml of Polysorbate 80)
    6. Mix well to combine thoroughly.
    7. Pour this carefully into your carrier oil and stir well to combine.
    8. Decant the oil, using a funnel into your bottle and secure the lid tightly.
    9. Label clearly and accurately with all ingredients and date the bottle.
    10. Store in a cool, dark place with a consistent and ambient temperature.

How to Use:

    1. Pop a non-slip mat in the bath and one on the floor in front of the bath.
    2. Into warm running water pour your desired amount of bath oil. I recommend using between 1-2 tbsp at a time.
    3. Get into the bath, naturally!
    4. Work the gorgeously fragranced Peaceful Bath Oil into your skin and massage well to encourage blood flow and cell renewal. 
    5. It also works to relax your muscles and de-stress you. Helping to feel centered, relaxed, calm and at peace. 
    6. Take care getting in and out of the bath and use a non-slip mat.

Spreading The Peace and Love Around With Essential Oils For Peace

Many of us read these articles with ourselves in mind, but for a moment just cast your thoughts wider. Who else do you know that could benefit from these essential oils for peace? Maybe just write a little list. What products do you think would suit them best and why?

With this little list, believe it or not, you have all you need to consider gifting some of your homemade Perfect Peace Kits With Essential Oils,  or including some of the products in care packages for these people. 

Think about making a few, all at once. You can always buy a little more of everything as it generally works out cheaper in the long run and gets you ahead of the last minute holiday rush too.

I always find these products are always well received, because let’s face it, who doesn’t want to relax and unwind every so often?

If you liked the idea of using items from your Perfect Peace Kit With Essential Oils for care packages, check out this article - Essential Oils: Uplifting Humanitarian Care When It Matters Most.

Final Thoughts

Close your eyes.

How peaceful do you FEEL?

If you sit long enough with your eyes closed, can you relax, can you stop thoughts from intruding? Can you let your muscles let go and just be? 

No? Thought not. Many of us need that extra helping hand to still our minds and TRULY center ourselves in perfect peace.

Harness the amazing properties of essential oils like Mandarin, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Roman Chamomile and Vetiver and make a variety of exciting products to get you well on your way.

Clear the energetic space with your Essential Oils For Peace - Space Spray and lay the foundation to getting you started. Add an Essential Oils For Peace - Reed Diffuser to keep up the ambient atmosphere of the room and for portable emotional support wherever you need it in the home. 

Essential Oils Blend For Peace for Rollerballs & Aroma Pendants is the perfect choice for when you are out and about or at work and need something discreet. It’s great for using for social occasions that you have been dreading and work meetings you’ve not been looking forward to.

Prepare for the perfect nights peaceful and blissful slumber with Essential Oils For Peace - Peaceful Sleep Spray. Truly indulge yourself and practice some true self care with Essential Oils For Peace Bath Oil and beautifully feed and nourish your skin too. 

I am sure whatever your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs you will be able to create the most amazing Perfect Peace Kit with essential oils for yourself, family and friends. Not only that, but you will be able to identify and harness the best essential oils for peace, so what are you waiting for?

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