Lavender Essential Oil Blends – Top Recipes to Focus On

Are you ready to have powerful and versatile essential oil blends? To help you with that, we present different blends for various purposes with the most used essential oil, Lavender Essential Oil. Lavender essential oil blends well with many other oils. It shows the efficacy when it comes to relieving body aches and discomforts. The eminent lavender essential oil blends have proven efficacy, starting from hair care to skincare.

We extract the lavender essential oil through the steam distillation process of flowering top of the Lavender herb. The floral scent is pretty familiar for its perfumery use and a requirement for diffuser blends. So to be a fan of the Lavender essential oil blends, the floral mint flavor might be sufficient. But the Lavender opens up with plenty of rewarding blends that impact our body functions as well.

Story of Lavender herb to Lavender Essential Oil Blends

Lavandula, commonly introduced as Lavender, comes with more than forty different species available. The common herb Lavandula Augustifolia has been carried from the Egyptian era to the present times. Though it is popular in aromatherapy, the sedative feature helps us improve our focus and help our body function.  

If you follow the mint family, you might find the floral aroma, whether Lavender or any other herb. Even the beautiful Lavender flower would be part of your home décor. Most of the Lavender species usually love the temperate climates, although it is available through Europe, Africa, Mediterranian regions, and South-East Asia.

As can be seen, the shapes of the leaves are diverse, comparing different species. But most of the species are short-lived perennial herbs share the same type of leaves and flowers. On the contrary, some species have leaves with pinnately toothed and covered with hairy spikelets. Moreover, the charming flowers represent the herb with magnificent color types. We may decorate our home and garden with blue, lilac, or violet flowers rather than occasional blackish purple or yellowish ones.

However, Lavandula Augustifolia is the most cultivated species, whether some of the highland species are also available. Other than that, there are some ornamental species like L. Stoechas, L. dentate, and L. multifida that are cultivated in different regions. Because of numerous pleasant features, the Lavender herb is also commercialized as an organic essential oil.

Different Lavender Essential Oil Blends

The synergy of a blend is always highly effective than a single purpose essential oil. This is why we are writing in detail of the Lavender Essential Oil Blends. As a massage oil or a diffuser, the aftermath will benefit our body aches or dizziness.

So, let’s categorize the lavender essential oil blends depending on the benefits.

The Diffuser Blends

The aromatic fragrance of Lavender Essential Oil Blends is nifty on relieving headaches as well as mental stress. It can play a role as a decongestant that works on removing nasal discomfort and helps breathe easily. As a deodorant, it tranquilizes the room with a calming minty flavor. The soothing sedative feature works as an aid relieving mental stress and anxiety. So what are you waiting for? Prepare the diffuser recipe for your home spray.

The blend for a sound sleep

Required Ingredients:

Lavender, including Chamomile Essential oil, has a floral scent aroma that makes the diffuser soothing. Chamomile is common to reduce stress and improve your moods. After combining with Lavender, the synergistic effects provide perfect sedative features. As a result, you may have a sound sleep with sweet dreams.

Let’s have a look at the preparation process. First, combine all the essential oils in a glass jar. After that, follow the dilution process adding your favorite carrier oil. Then shake your bottle slowly—massage on your chest and shoulder for a calming and soothing sleep.

Improve your focus enhancing confidence

Are you feeling too tired after a hectic day? No worries! Prepare a diffuser blend and use it at a specific time. Let’s check the recipe

Required Ingredients:

Firstly, combine all the ingredients in a jar and, after that, shake the jar slowly. 

Lavender essential Oil Blends – Alleviate Stress and Pain

Even though you have severe pain on the back or a muscle cramp, Lavender Essential Oil Blend corresponding to some other essential oil recipe, provides a revitalizing effect on discomfort. Besides, Lavender Essential Oil Blends can reduce bloating, backaches, and sprains.

While anyone massages this blend, Lavender oil can prompt the intestinal system that causes proper digestion. The minty aroma, including earthy flavor, might help you relieve stress and pain. Lavender oil also relieves the pain connected with depression that ensures mental relaxation.

The massage Blend Recipe

Required Ingredients:

To begin with, pick up a glass jar first. Secondly, dilute the blend with your favorite carrier oil.

Lavender Essential Oil Blends alleviate Muscle Cramp

The simplest recipe that might be useful while you are back from a jogging or yoga class with some muscle discomfort. Use this simple massage blend and alleviate your muscle discomfort.

Required Ingredients:

Firstly, pick up a glass jar and add both of the essential oils. After that, fill the rest of the jar with the carrier oil for dilution.

Bathing Supplement for Easing Stress

The diffuser blend providing fragrance might be an ideal option to reduce several discomforts. The fragrant part assists in easy breathing, removing the nasal obstacle. Adding to that, Lavender essential oil blends fight to kill the contaminants. Consequently, we might get relief from the inflammation that may be the reason for severe headaches.

Bathing blend for pain relief

Required Ingredients:

The mint flavor associated with the earthy aroma works as a supportive diffuser for our respiratory system. To prepare the blend, mix all the ingredients at first. Then, be ready for a warm bath and stir all the essential oils. Preserve the rest of the blend in a dry, cool place.

Bathing Salt Diffused Fragrance Works on Aches and Breathing

Prepare this salt and place it into a corner of the washroom. As you start taking your bath, the salt gets melted down slowly. As soon as it melts, we have the aromatic fragrance take into effect. It helps to stimulate our nervous system and reduce body aches.

Required Ingredients:

    • Lavender Essential Oil – 20 drops
    • Epsom Salt – 1 cup
    • Baking Soda – ½ cup
    • Lavender Buds – 1 cup
    • String/Yarn
    • Cheesecloth

First, place the Lavender Buds in the middle of the cloth. Then mix all the ingredients. Tie the cloth altogether and place it around the bathtub.

Cosmetic Use of the Lavender Essential Oil Blends

Here come the most popular uses of the lavender oil blends. Rather than buying a cream, lotion, you might choose to prepare your recipe for a facial steam. This blend discovers the brighter skin, restores the tone, and treats acne. Due to having moisture to your skin, the cicatrizing feature of Lavender Oil opens the scope of soothing skin.

The Facial Steam Blend

Required Ingredients:

First, boil the distilled water and then add the essential oils in a bowl. After that, pick a towel and make a tent-like cover around your head and shoulder. Place the bowl at a steady pace. Breathe deeply for 10 minutes. Be sure to keep your face 15-18 inches away so that you can avoid burning heat.

The conditioner and homemade shampoo

Like most other essential oils, Lavender essential oil contains a feature to condition your hair preventing hair fall. The same feature happens to cool your head and ease your stress alleviating anxiety and depression.

Required Ingredients:

    1. Shampoo base – 100ml
    2. Lavender Essential Oil – 6 drops
    3. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil – 4 drops
    4. Sandalwood Essential Oil – 10 drops

Firstly, pick a clean container and add all the ingredients. After that, shake it slowly until it mixes well. Dab to your hair smoothly and rinse a few minutes later.


Before using any essential oil in your body parts, make sure it is properly diluted.

Final Words

Who does not want silky hair, anti-aging lotion, or deodorant? Everyone around us loves to have deodorant with a minty floral aroma. People like to be young with brighter skin without any scar on the face. Lavender Essential Oil Blends feature to ensure all those benefits.

The blend you like to alleviate your stress, anxiety, Lavender Essential Oil blends are available. The stimulating, sedative feature of Lavender Essential Oil Blends, including mint flavor, has made this a requirement for our daily life.

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