Best Essential Oil for Stuffy Nose: Use these Oils for Congestion Relief

A stuffy nose is one of the most common issues we face from time to time. Those who have suffered from nasal congestion will know how uncomfortable it is to have headaches, a swollen nose, and heavy mucus build-ups. It can be a severe mental discomfort at times. It stops us from managing our daily routine stuff. If you're one of us, your runny nose will make you run for specific treatments. Sometimes, these treatments might not come in handy, and in such a situation, essential oils can play a huge role. Yes, the best essential oil for stuffy nose can be your strong helping hand. We request you to read this post until the end. You are about to find solution in a natural liquid that can help you breathe and perform better.

Causes of Stuffy Nose or Sinus Congestion

Whenever you hear the word "stuffy nose," you may think of the winter season. But nasal congestion is not a seasonal problem. It can involve many factors for its breakdown. Well, whatever causes a stuffy nose, keep in mind that the best essential oil for stuffy nose can help. However, inflamed or irritated nasal tissues can cause nasal congestion. The list of causes may not end, but we are going to discuss some common ones.

    • If you're diagnosed with Acute sinusitis, you must have a stuffy nose. Acute sinusitis is a nasal and sinus infection that needs immediate treatment.
    • In many people, excessive and frequent alcohol consumption also causes a stuffy nose. We suggest you quit drinking. Not only to prevent nasal congestion but for other health issues as well.
    • Common colds and flu won't leave you without causing a long-lasting blocked nose.
    • Many people are allergic to dust, perfume scents, car exhaustion, tobacco smoke, and many other factors. All these things first cause sneezing and then a stuffy nose.
    • Dry air is also a reason for having a stuffy nose.
    • Sometimes, certain spicy or strong-smelling foods can also leave you with sinus congestion.
    • It's true that over-use of some medications also causes a stuffy nose. Medicines for treating high blood pressure, depression, and erectile dysfunction are the most common examples.
    • Some women also experience nasal dysfunction during different phases of pregnancy.
    • To your surprise, stress and sleep disorders also make your nose muggy.

Do Essential Oils Really Work for Stuffy Nose Relief?

The answer is YES. Essential oils are such potent liquids that can make you feel good from head to toe. When it comes to overcoming a stuffy nose, essential oils can do magic. Want some logical explanations? We're eager to provide. Here we go.

    • Essential oils contain many organic chemical components that are also synthetically produced on the industrial levels. Some of these components give some essential oils calming, soothing, and relieving properties. This way, the essential oils may help soothe your nasal tract and make you breathe better. Moreover, it is believed that essential oils' components may affect cognitive functions and feelings. Resultantly, they make us feel better in various mental conditions.
    • Essential oils may help kill bacteria, reduce inflammation, and fight off infections. Consequently, they help clear sinus infections and contagious bacteria during nasal congestion.
    • Also, essential oils may help contact with mucus receptors. As a result, they aid in lowering excessive mucus build-ups and reducing mucus flow.
    • The best of all that particular essential oil for stuffy nose can do is immunity enhancement. Yes, essential oil may promote our immune system and enable us to fight infections. More importantly, essential oils can boost your immunity allowing you to combat nasal conditions in the future.

Best Essential Oil for Stuffy Nose: A List of 9 Oils

Here, the choice is yours. We’re listing out 9 essential oils that may help relieve nasal congestion. Take a thorough look below and find out your own best essential oil for stuffy nose.

1. Clary Sage Essential Oil

Clary Sage essential oil comes from flowers and leaves of a herbaceous perennial "Salvia sclarea" (clary sage). The oil has a long history of medicinal uses. Topical application of the oil may help clear the infection and lessen the timespan of nasal congestion. Moreover, the oil is also believed to be beneficial for reducing the swelling of a stuffy nose. Clary Sage essential oil can also help kill bacteria while fastening relief from nasal congestion.

2. Clove Bud Essential Oil

Clove Bud or simply Clove essential oil is obtained from the buds of clove trees. Leaves and the oil of clove trees were an integral part of ancient traditional medicines. Today, the oil is believed to be an immunity booster. Especially if children are suffering from colds or nasal congestion, the use of Clove Bud essential oil may help enable their immune system to fight the issue faster. Due to its component "Eugenol," the oil may help reduce swelling on the nose. As a consequence, you feel less irritation and pain if you have to touch your nose. Additionally, this oil can fight off infectious bacteria, making it a blessing for your nasal problem.

3. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Leaves of Eucalyptus trees yield Eucalyptus essential oil. If you pay attention to your chest rub's label, you'll find Eucalyptus essential oil as one ingredient. Inhalation of the oil's soothing, minty, and cool scent gives you a quick relieving sensation. The oil works well for blocked noses and helps break down mucus build-ups. Cineole is the main component of the oil that enables it to help with sinus congestion.

4. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil comes from the fresh leaves of lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia). People of ancient Rome, Egypt, and Greece added leaves or essential oil of lavender plants to get rid of colds, coughs, and a stuffy nose. The pleasant scent of Lavender essential oil helps activate mucus receptors and causes the rapid flow of it. This way, you're more likely to have less mucus within your nose and get relief. More importantly, Lavender essential oil may promote good sleep, which heavy mucus makes impossible.

5. Lemon Essential Oil

You might have read about the effectiveness of Lemon essential oil for cleaning, but here's more than that. Lemon essential oil comes from the zest of citrus fruit, "lemon." Its citrusy, calm, and uplifting aroma can add wonder when it comes to getting rid of a stuffy nose. Its components may help ease cold symptoms, including coughs, difficult breathing, and above all, nasal congestion. A stuffy nose can make you feel irritated, stressed, and less alert. In such scenarios, Lemon essential oil can be your ultimate best friend. It may also help perk up your mood and boost up concentration.

6. Oregano Essential Oil

Coming from a perennial herb, "Oregano" (Origanum Vulgare), Oregano essential oil can get you free from sinus congestion. If colds or coughs are causing respiratory problems and a stuffy nose, then Oregano essential oil may provide you comfort. The oil contains a chemical component, "p-Cymene" which is synthetically produced to treat colds and cough. Due to this component's natural existence in the oil, it is believed that Oregano essential oil may contribute to overcoming these two conditions. Additionally, the oil also contains Linalool, which is popular for providing calmness. This way, Oregano essential oil may promote a calming and soothing sensation that is lost during nasal congestion timespan.

7. Peppermint Essential Oil

The spicy yet minty aroma of Peppermint essential oil may make it your best essential oil for stuffy nose. We know that spices can make someone get a runny nose. So, the oil may help you get rid of a stuffy nose by accelerating mucus flow. The oil also contains menthol, which provides a cooling sensation and clears infectious bacteria in your sinuses. Plus, blends of Lavender and Peppermint essential oil can work well for many nasal issues. 

8. Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary essential oil is yielded from an evergreen shrub, "Rosmarinus Officinalis." The herb had a crucial importance in folk medicine due to its health benefits. Since the herb belongs to the mint family, its oil has a soothing, relaxed, and uplifting aroma.

Best Essential Oil for Stuffy Nose

However, Rosemary essential oil doesn't directly work for a stuffy nose but does something unique. It may boost antioxidant levels in the body. Higher levels of antioxidants help the body combat infections. Also, the oil may help stimulate the respiratory system affected by colds and coughs.

9. Tea Tree Essential Oil

Leaves of Tea Trees or "Melaleuca Alternifolia" give Tea Tree essential oil. The plant itself is a small one but gives us a versatile essential oil. Since Tea Tree is a hot essential oil, it helps lower mucus creation and makes it flow smoothly. Consequently, you feel your nose unloaded from unwanted stuff. Also, the oil can help deter infectious bacteria that usually cause a stuffy nose. Not only this, but Tea Tree essential oil is also believed to be a versatile immunity booster. The stronger the immunity, the faster the relief from stuffy nose.

Best DIY Essential Oils Blends for a Stuffy Nose

It's no doubt that you can enjoy the individual benefits of your preferred best essential oil for stuffy nose. But preparing DIY essential oils blends can add a plus to the results. These recipes are super easy to make and use.

Best Diffuser Recipe for Wide-room Relief

    • Eucalyptus essential oil - 4 drops
    • Lemon essential oil - 2 drops
    • Peppermint essential oil - 6 drops
    • Tea Tree essential oil - 6 drops

Perfect Inhaling Blend for Opening Clogged Nose

    • Eucalyptus essential oil - 6 drops
    • Pine essential oil - 8 drops
    • Rosemary essential oil - 6 drops

Best Topical Blend for a Stuffy Nose

    • Lemon essential oil - 4 drops
    • Peppermint essential oil - 6 drops
    • Lavender essential oil - 8 drops
    • Carrier oil - 4 tablespoons

The first two blends are for inhalation purposes only. Store these blends in dark amber glass bottles and keep them in cold areas. More importantly, shake well before use. For this, always make sure that the blend bottle has a lid.

Only Safe and Proper Use Can Generate Desired Results!

Knowing about the best essential oil for stuffy nose is worthless without knowing how to use it. Yes, we're going to assert how you can use the oil for stuffy noses and some safety measures. Let's first look at ways to use it.


Diffusion means spreading the aroma of essential oils around you. For this purpose, you'll have to use an electric diffuser. This device will require its start-up and will provide you a four-walled, long-lasting aroma. You'll have to relax and inhale the aroma and benefit from the best essential oil for stuffy nose.

Tissue Diffusion

As the name suggests, you'll diffuse essential oil by using tissue paper. You can also take a handkerchief or a clean piece of cloth. Put a few drops of your chosen best essential oil and gently wave it around your nose. What next? Inhale the aroma and say thanks to natural liquids.

Topical Use

In this method, you have to apply the essential oil on your nose skin. Take one or two drops of the oil and gently rub it on and around your nose. You can also apply it and leave it alone on the nose skin. You'll not only inhale the aroma, but essential oils will help reduce infection, swelling, and redness.

Must Keep in Mind

    • First, keep your pets away from the area of diffusion.
    • Second, if you experience allergic symptoms, skip to some other best essential oil for stuffy nose.
    • Third, for topical application, always dilute the essential oil with some good carrier oil. For example, diluting Tea Tree oil with Coconut oil will lower the hot sensation of the oil. Take a patch test and leave the oil for a few hours on the skin. If you feel no irritation or change in skin condition, start using it properly.


Having a stuffy nose is very irritating and, sometimes, very exhausting. Although you find some solutions for this condition, you must try the best essential oil for stuffy nose alongside. Essential oils are believed to be beneficial for many conditions, such as colds, coughs, and nasal congestion. Furthermore, making DIY essential oils blends and proper use of them can bring about mind-blowing results. Nature has healing power. If you want to heal, call for help from mother nature.

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