Tea Tree Oil for Dogs Ears

Essential oils are such potent liquids that they bring about numerous rejuvenating benefits for you. But essential oils' benefits aren't just confined to humans; but they also give holistic benefits to your beloved dog! Yes, your pup is usually very prone to ears, eyes, nose, and fur related problems, and ear infections are most common among them. We suggest you use Tea Tree oil for dogs ears when the dog comes across ear-infection. The oil possesses the potential to renovate many ear conditions. Yes, once you use it, you'll get to give props for the stability it adds to your dear puppy's bad ear conditions!

Read on to find solid reasons to use Tea Tree oil for dogs ears and how to use the oil to get maximum betterment for your little furry friend. Additionally, you'll also find DIY blends that will help you achieve your desired goals.

What is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea Tree, botanically known as "Melaleuca Alternifolia," provides us with a versatile Tea Tree oil. The oil, aka Melaleuca oil, has another name, "Australian oil," because it originated in Australia's warm and tropical regions. People may confuse tea trees with tea plants, a common herb used for making black tea. But they are not the same species. Fresh leaves for tea trees are gone through the steam distillation process. As a result, we get Tea Tree oil, which offers a transparent color and a woody, fresh, medicinal, and earthy scent.

The oil's culinary benefits have been an integral part of herbal medicines since ancient times. Today, the oil is enjoying sky-high popularity as it offers many rejuvenating benefits to our skin. Furthermore, using Tea Tree oil for beard is an on-going trend as the oil fastens beard growth and maintains its charm. Additionally, you can also use Tea Tree oil for bed bugs, mosquitos, lice, and fleas to repel and kill all these dirty worms. Furthermore, the oil also gets your pets free from many skin conditions as well.

Reasons Why You Should Use Tea Tree Oil for Dogs Ears?

Well, the reasons for using Tea Tree oil for dogs ears are endless. The first and foremost reason is that the oil is so legit that it maintains your dog's apparent beauty and internal-external health.

There are tons of dogs' ears-related issues that might seem impossible to resolve. Here, we'll shed light on some of the major and common ones and elaborate on how Tea Tree oil can aid your dog as soon as possible.

Ear mites

Ear mites are tiny parasites that can make your dog feel extreme itching in or outside the ear. If left untreated, they can lead to long-lasting damage or, in some cases, incurable ear infections. Mites live in the dog's ear canal and cause significant swelling. Choosing Tea Tree oil for dogs ears will kill mites and help reduce swelling in the ear canal. 1,8-Cineole is the only constituent in the oil that makes it potent enough to resolve this issue in dogs' ears.

Ringworm Infections

Don't focus on the literal meaning of "Ringworm" as it is a skin disorder and has nothing to do with any sort of worms. It is a sort of itchy rash having the appearance of a ring/circle. This infection is because of a fungal bacteria that spreads into a dog's ear like wildfire. If taken lightly, ringworm can spread to the dog's entire body, causing hair loss, wounds, and other infections. Tea tree oil doesn't hesitate to kick off this problem of your beloved dog. Tea Tree oil contains p-Cymene, which is primarily beneficial for fungal infections.

Canine Acne

Acne can't only appear on human skin, but it can also dwell on and inside of your dog's ears. We've mentioned above that Tea Tree oil is very effective for acne on the human skin. Similarly, using Tea Tree oil for dogs ears helps remove this dirty fungal substance. Along with other components, Tea Tree oil also comprises "Terpinen-4-ol" which is responsible for cleaning acne from dogs' ears.

Itching, Infection, and Earaches

These three problems are quite interlinked with each other. Your dog feels severe itching, he/she intends to overcome it by using his/her paws, and finally, he/she ends up with scratches on the ear skin. But Tea Tree oil will never let this happen again! Higher amounts of "Gamma-Terpinene" in the oil enable it to kill microorganisms and tiny worms that cause ear itching. Moreover, this component also suppresses the growth of infectious bacteria, so the chances of severe infection on the dog's ears reduce to the lowest levels. Hey, we didn't forget about discussing earache! Earaches are commonly caused by yeast infection or by the wounds built within the ear canal due to extreme itching. Many dog owners rave about Tea Tree oil for dogs ears as an effective pain-relieving agent. The calming and soothing properties of the oil don't let your dog remain in earache anymore.

Ticks and Fleas

Flea and tick infestation on dogs' entire body and especially on ears is a very common issue. You always seek certain methods that could kill worms quickly and efficiently. Now, stop searching for more! Tea Tree oil can throw away all tiny worms, including fleas, crickets, ticks, and lice. "Terpinolene" in the oil holds all the responsibility to perform this task for your dog.

Things to Keep in Mind While Using Tea Tree Oil for Dogs Ears

The gentlest option to introduce and expose your dog to certain essential oils is diffusion. But topical application would be needed if you want to use Tea Tree oil for dogs ears. Below are some of the most convenient ways to use Tea Tree oil for dogs ears. Apart from this, you'll also find some precautionary measures that you must keep in mind while applying the oil on the dog's ears.

    • Don't start using Tea Tree oil on your dog abruptly. Dogs' sense of smell is a hundred times more powerful than that of ours, so give some time to the dog so that he/she could get acquainted with Tea Tree oil.
    • Once the dog gets friendly to the oil's aroma, you can then arrange using Tea Tree oil for dogs ears. But here's another thing you must pay attention to—dilution of the oil. Undiluted Tea Tree oil may disturb your dog both physically and mentally. So, you must dilute the oil with some carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil.
    • Next, take a dropper and mix Tea Tree oil with half a glass of water. Then, take a cotton swab or folded tissue paper and gently rub the oil on the dog's ears' infected parts.
    • Not only this, but you can also take a spray bottle and fill it with the solution as mentioned above. Spray very close to the ear to enter the liquid deeper into the ear.

DIY Recipes of Essential Oils: Tea Tree Oil for Dogs Ears

Tea Tree oil alone is a perfect fit for handling all ear-related problems in dogs. But you may prepare different essential oil blends for above-mentioned ear problems.

Best Acne Removal Blend

The word of caution here is that if you find any pimples along with acne, arrange to remove them first. This blend is not suitable for applying on the open wounds or scratched pimples.

Effective Blend for Ringworms

    • ¾ cups of water
    • Tea Tree Oil - 5 drops
    • Apple cider vinegar - 13 drops

Apple cider vinegar may feel teasing to your dog, so we've included water in this blend. Shake the blend well and use a dropper and a swab for application.

Fleas and Ticks Repelling/killing Blend

Lavender essential oil blends very well with Tea Tree oil and is known for killing and repelling numerous insects. Prepare a perfect Tea Tree oil and Lavender essential oil recipe and say good-bye to fleas living on your dog's ears.

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Tea Tree Oil for Dogs Ears

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Over to You

Dog owners pay much attention to keeping their pet's overall physical and mental health. Likewise, they also take much care of the dog's body's most sensitive parts, including ears, eyes, nose, and fur. Dogs' ears are more likely to be infected by various issues, including infections, itching, bug infestation, and many more. To get rid of all these issues, we suggest you use Tea Tree oil for dogs ears.

Using Tea Tree oil for dogs ears requires certain precautions, which you've already taken a brief overview of. Furthermore, you can make a mixture of Tea Tree oil and some other oils for quicker and extraordinary results. The tea tree oil is 100% original, natural, and pure oil. We're quite confident to hand you over our Tea Tree oil as it will do whatever you're expecting it to do! Nature carries equal benefits for both humans and animals. With any luck, nature will soon stable your little furry friend.

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