Feu De Bois

Feu De Bois By Diptyque Fragrance Oil Showcase

VINEVIDA’s version of Feu De Bois By Diptyque Fragrance Oil evokes those comforting, warming wood fires that see us through Fall and Winter. Feu de Bois is French for ‘Wood Fire’.

Crackling and burning bright in the hearth of the home, flames consuming the fragrant woods, releasing their varied, beautiful fragrances with a side of twisting, swirling smoke.

Evocative of a time of changed sunlight and heavier shadows, hailing the oncoming approach of winter.

This is an intoxicating and heavy scent to evoke the many deep aromas of the woodfire, it is not for the faint hearted!

Spicy notes twirl up in the air to greet you first, then you get the unmistakable notes of smoke with those deep fragrant woods rounding off this intense experience of the ubiquitous Winter hearth fire.

This fragrance oil is one for the Fall and Winter fans, those for whom a hearth fire is like being called home. Stop, rest, relax and let go and let yourself linger in the intoxicating embrace of Feu de Bois. 

Fragrance Notes

Feu De Bois By Diptyque is the call of fire lovers everywhere, calling you home to warm your toes by the smoldering embers. To imagine that crackle of licking flames as it devours the fragrant wood in its warm embrace. 

Heady spices, meet unmistakable smoke and those heady woods round off this incredible experience. It is quite unlike any other.

Wrap yourself up in its warming grasp and allow yourself to relax and enjoy the ambience of a hearth fire. It’s one that we absolutely love here at VINEVIDA.

    • Top: Slightly Spicy
    • Mid: Smokey
    • Bottom: Woody

VINEVIDA’S Favorite Ways To Use Feu De Bois By Diptyque Fragrance Oil

Feu De Bois By Diptyque is a masterpiece of a fragrance oil because of the way it evokes the theme of wood fire. 

It is one where you do need to get to know it and let the fragrance itself set a spark and fire up your imagination.

With its Spicy start, Smokey heart and intense Woody finish, it is absolutely perfect for use in more sophisticated and masculine beauty products and toiletries and for cold process soaps.

With such a variety of deeper, more masculine notes, this fragrance oil tends to get a warm reception with our menfolk. Reminding them of the outdoors, if nothing else.

It is interesting for scenting the home to create short term effects. Those more adventurous among us might wish to use it for creating a Signature Home Scent. Find out more about what a Signature Home Scent is in our article Layering Perfumes In The Home

We have no shortage of innovative ideas for this unique fragrance oil. Let the flames of Feu De Bois fire your imagination up and get your creative juices flaming.

Feu De Bois By Diptyque Fragrance Oil is ideal for putting together homemade reed diffusers and for making highly scented candles. It can also be used in all types of candle burners.

I find that Feu De Bois By Diptyque fragrance oil is readily blended with our other essential oils  and fragrance oils for a true scentsation. Its Spicy start, Smokey heart and warm, Woody finish is perfect for more intimate rooms in the house, like the bedroom, den and sitting room.

I like to mix it with lighter, spicier fragrances for a truly incredible scentsation. Try blending it with Cuban Tobacco and Rose 31 By Le Labo but it also blends wonderfully with essential oils like Palo Santo, Cardamom and Ylang Ylang.

We have a version of Feu De Bois By Diptyque Fragrance Oil developed especially for your Cold Air Diffusers too. Find it here.

Creative Ways To Use And Blend Feu De Bois By Diptyque Fragrance Oil

Let’s explore some creative and innovative ideas for using the unique Feu De Bois By Diptyque fragrance oil around home. Your results will be admired by all that bear witness, get ready for the accolades.

Ideas Around the Home

Fireplace Centerpiece or Mantles cape

Feu De Bois By Diptyque Fragrance Oil is perfect for creating an intoxicating atmosphere and engaging all the senses in setting a scene.

This is the perfect choice for those who don’t have the opportunity to have a real wood fire inside your home. Feu De Bois By Diptyque Fragrance Oil allows you to bring the evocative fragrance instead.

It is this time of the year when we move towards decorating for Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and then the Holidays. We can utilize this fragrance oil all through this season by creating innovative and creative fireplace centerpieces or mantles capes.

What's a Fireplace Centerpiece?

Fireplace Centerpiece

Photo courtesy: Pinterest

A Fireplace Centerpiece is a decorative installation designed to sit in, or in front of, your fireplace, on the hearth. They are usually temporary installations for when the fireplace is not being used, say during the daytime. You would remove them when the fireplace is in use. 

What's a Mantles cape?

Mantles cape

A mantles cape is where you create an artistic, creative and decorative installation on or over your mantlepiece. They are most common during the Holiday Season but appropriate at any time of the year. 

They are usually designed to remain in place while the fireplace is lit so attention needs to be paid to conscientious fire safety. 

How Do I Put These Together?

It is quite fashionable now to fill your hearth with a collection of similar looking candles. You could easily make scented candles for this purpose.

Collection of Candles


I do suggest you experiment and explore and try pairing it either with another fragrance oil or essential oils. This way you can innovate something totally unique, that no one else has. Don’t forget they make perfect gifts for the upcoming holiday season too. Pop over to How To Make Scented Candles With Essential Oils for a full candle making tutorial, just swap essential oils for fragrance oil.

Silk and Dried Flower Displays

Flower Displays

Using florist foam and a large wide pot you can create the most stunning seasonal silk or dried flower displays both to sit inside the fireplace or across the mantlepiece. A few great floristry tips can give your professional looking results. Simply add your Feu De Bois By Diptyque Fragrance Oil to these flowers and refresh as needed. 

Large Bowls of Creative Pot Pourri

Large Bowls of Creative Pot Pourri

We looked at creating new and innovative pot pourri in Leaves By BBW - Fragrance Oil Of The Week and how you can use scented pine cones, shells, driftwood and even cut chunks of wood to create long lasting artistic and creative scented arrangements.



Garlands for the mantlepiece are so easy to make, with a few choice supplies and if you make them everlasting you can use them time and again, year after year. Popping scented pockets intermittently through the garland allows you the control to change and refresh the scent quickly and easily. 

Have a read of How To Use Aromatherapy Around The Home for more exciting ideas on how to use VINEVIDA fragrance oils and essential oils around the home.

Our Favorite Recipes With Feu De Bois By Diptyque Fragrance Oil

Dive into some of my more masculine favorite recipes with Feu De Bois By Diptyque Fragrance Oil, because we don’t do recipes for men nearly often enough! 

For our first recipe, a rather luscious and deeply nourishing After Shave Balm, laced with Feu De Bois By Diptyque and some rather gorgeous essential oils to make this more versatile for daily use. 

The second recipe today is one that combines it with another fragrance oil and essential oils to create an altogether more daring experience. One that is designed to be intimate, audacious and just a lot of naughty. Try our Fire It Up Potion, it certainly raises the heat level! 

After Shave Balm

After Shave Balm

This is chock full of deeply nourishing carrier oils. Choice ingredients like Glycerine help to lock in hydration, it is lightweight but feeds the skin and is quickly absorbed. Gorgeous cosmetic butters help to soften the skin and soothe any irritation caused by shaving.

There’s no need to think twice! Slather your precious skin in this rather intoxicating potion! Let it do it’s work and deeply feed and nourish your skin from within.  

Let Feu De Bois By Diptyque wrap you in its sophisticated and evocative embrace.

I think that it is absolutely perfect for a more masculine designed pamper night or a more intimate night at home with your partner. 

As my darling husband just said, “It’s better to smell like a fire pit, rather than an armpit”! 

Feu De Bois By Diptyque Fragrance Oil in IFRA category 5b has a safety dilution ratio of 0.98%.

You will need:

    1. Mixing Bowl
    2. Measuring jug
    3. Stainless steel spoon
    4. Jar funnel
    5. Label
    6. 100ml jar


    • 40 ml of Aqueous Cream
    • 1 tbsp of Shea Butter (softened thoroughly but not melted)
    • 15 ml of Glycerin
    • 15 ml of Rosewater
    • 5 ml of Argan Carrier Oil (Argania Spinosa)
    • 10 ml of Rosehip Carrier Oil (Rosa Canina)

Essential oil Blend - 30 drops in 100 ml = 1.5% safety dilution. 

Optional - Preservative of choice - following manufacturers' guidelines.


    • Do not use it in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy.


Optional: Note when to add your preservative according to the manufacturer's instructions and note when you need to do that, so you do not forget to add it.

    1. Measure out your Aqueous Cream and Shea Butter and mix together until thoroughly incorporated
    2. Measure out the carrier oils and combine together
    3. Add your Feu De Bois By Diptyque fragrance oil and essential oils and mix until thoroughly combined
    4. Add your Glycerin and Rose water and again, combine well.
    5. Decant into a suitable jar using a jar funnel and lid tightly
    6. Clearly label, listing all ingredients and date for safety reasons.
    7. Don’t forget to do a 24 - 48 patch test.

How to Use:

    1. Do your 24 - 48 hour patch test please!
    2. Work the After Shave Balm liberally into the skin of your face, neck and decolletage avoiding your eyes and any sore, irritated or broken skin.

Fire It Up Potion

Maybe I just feel naughty this week and it’s spilling out, but hey go with me here, we all need some fun occasionally.

Fancy spicing things up in the bedroom a little and raises the heat level with a bit of sass and fire? Then look no further than our Fire It Up Potion.

Many years ago I made a delicious potion with blackcurrant leaf and boy ..did it fire people up! 

Combined beautifully with Roses and Vanilla, Baies By Diptyque is the perfect pairing for a saucy soiree. Entwining it with heady, intense and intoxicating notes of Feu de Bois. 

This is heavy of the carrier oils and so designed to be massaged in more thoroughly and it encourages you to linger. (Just not THERE - it is not suitable for your intimate areas).

We are looking at Feu De Bois By Diptyque Fragrance Oil in IFRA category 15a, it has a safety dilution rate of 12.15% and Baies By Diptyque in the same category has a safety dilution rate of 21.81%.

You Will Need:

    1. Measuring Jug
    2. Mixing Bowl
    3. Stainless steel spoon or stirrer.
    4. Hand Whisk
    5. Funnel
    6. 100ml Bottle 
    7. Label


    • 37 ml of Jojoba Carrier Oil (Simmondsia Chinensis)
    • 20 ml of Wheatgerm Carrier Oil (Triticum vulgare)
    • 40 ml of Aqueous Cream

Essential oil Blend - 60 drops in 100 ml = 3% safety dilution. 

Optional - Preservative - follow the manufacturers individual guidance and instructions. Cosmetic grade color of your choice. 


    • Do not use in the first 37 weeks of pregnancy.
    • Avoid using it on the intimate areas of the lower body.


    1. Combine the carrier oils thoroughly.
    2. Add the Feu De Bois and Baies By Diptyque fragrance oils.
    3. Add the essential oils and mix well
    4. Slowly whisk in the Aqueous Cream base
    5. Using a funnel decant into a gorgeous bottle and lid tightly
    6. It is normal for this to split between uses, so always shake well before use.
    7. Clearly, label, listing all the ingredients and date for safety reasons. Add the instruction to “Prone to Splitting - Shake Well Before Use”
    8. Don’t slather yourself in this for a night of passion only to find it does not suit you. Do a 24-48 hour patch test beforehand to ensure a whole night of fun and games.

How To Use:

    1. Do a patch test people! You won’t regret it!
    2. Shake well before use. 
    3. Apply it liberally over the body avoiding the eyes, mouth and intimate areas, massage sensuously into the skin.
    4. Because of the high oil content you may wish to protect your households linens and clothes from staining.

Fancy a bit of further reading? Spice Up Your Love Life: Essential Oils That Boost Male Arousal

Safety Using Feu De Bois By Diptyque Fragrance Oil

It is very important to follow the IFRA safety dilutions recommendations. 

Please be sure to follow these guidelines when you make products, either yourself, friends or family. Especially those that you intend to give away, gift or sell.

We kindly provide you with all the information that you need. Check out the individual fragrance oil webpage and head straight for the link labeled DOCUMENTS. Here you will find the link to the fragrances IFRA STATEMENT and you will find the safety data percentages you need.

I can highly recommend our handy calculator tool, I think it is incredible, helping you to work out precisely the right amount of fragrance oil for your chosen formula. Using this handy tool, you know you are within the safety guidelines, every time. 

The Final Word

I hope this rather audacious showcase on Feu De Bois By Diptyque Fragrance Oil has fired things up a bit, if only your imagination?

Who can resist lingering by a crackling and fragrant wood fire? It is one of my favorite things to do. If you are like me and don’t have a wood stove or  working fireplace, then this is the next best thing to recreate that aroma in the home. 

I hope that it has given you plenty of innovative ideas on how to use this intoxicating fragrance oil. It is such a wonderful fragrance with those Spicy top notes and heart of Smoke, followed by that final flourish of deep fragrant wood. Allow yourself to be embraced by its intoxicating and heady embrace.

I am sure that you will also find your own creative, innovative and exciting ways to use it around your home and in toiletries and beauty products. Remember to mix it with other fragrance oils and essential oils to create unique and dynamic fragrances. Whatever you end up with, I am sure it will be a true scentsation.

Just remember to pay attention to those recommended safety dilutions. It will serve you well and is good standard practice. Don’t forget that you can always use the VINEVIDA calculator to help you.

I do hope that you enjoy the heady, unique and intoxicating scent of Feu De Bois By Diptyque Fragrance Oil as much as we do here at VINEVIDA.