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Immunity Infuser Synergy Blend contains Orange (Sweet) Oil, Lemon Oil, Eucalyptus (Globulus) Oil, Rosemary (Cineole) Oil, Tea Tree (AAA) Oil, Frankincense (Carterii) Oil.

Support a healthy immune response with Vinevida Immunity  Infuser Synergy Blend of Sweet orange, lemon, eucalyptus, rosemary, tea tree, and frankincense.

What Is Synergy?

This is a blend of pure essential oils, brought together to enhance and improve each other's effects. They are fantastic for use in diffusers and for making your own products for home and everyday use. Importantly, these are not contained in carrier oil.


The Chemistry of Immunity Infuser Synergy Blend

This is a fantastic blend of oils brought together for their capabilities to support healthy immunity. The main synergistic effects of this blend are with limonene found in orange and lemon essential oils and 1,8 cineole, abundant in eucalyptus and also in the species of rosemary we have chosen. There are also small amounts of it in tea tree essential oil, although the main magic of that plant comes from Terpinen-4-ol. These are bound together by one of the most important essential oils for the respiratory system and nervous system. Frankincense slows the breath, relaxes, and restores.

Tea Tree’s Role in the Immunity Infuser Synergy Blend

Legend has it that when Captain Cook landed in Australia, he found First Nations people drinking tea made from a local tree’s leaves, which is then named the Tea Tree. Tea tree is used in First Nations indigenous medicines for coughs and colds and as an antiviral agent. It was gargled for sore throats and used to bathe and sterilize cuts and grazes. The Bundjalung People of New South Wales speak of healing lagoons, where leaves of the trees have fallen into the water to create healing baths for people.

Over time, distillation was introduced, and tea tree essential oil became considered to be so important that producers remained on their plantations during the Second World War to ensure troops had a continuous supply to support their health. They used tea tree essential oil for coughs and colds, to treat digestive and genito-urinary infections, to clean cuts and grazes, to guard against athlete’s foot and trench foot, and as a general support for immunity. 

Contemporary data clearly show that the broad-spectrum activity of TTO includes antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties (Carson. 2006)

Limonene Love in The Immunity Infuser Synergy Blend

Both orange and lemon essential oils are rich in limonene. Limonene has strong antiviral abilities and potently protects the respiratory system against inflammation (Santana, 2020). Limonene is also active against the Herpes Simplex Virus I which causes cold sores. (Miniami, 2003)

Citrus oils uplift the mood and fortify the spirit.

What Does 1,8 Cineole Do for the Immunity Infuser Synergy Blend?

Eucalyptus contains a powerful constituent called 1,8 cineole.  The species of rosemary chosen for the blend is also high in 1,8 cineole which supports healthy breathing in cases like asthma, COPD, or bronchitis. (Seol, 2016) (Juergens, 2020)

1,8 Cineole is also a proven virucidal and antiviral agent against the coronavirus Sars-Cov-2 (better known as COVID-19) (Mieres-Castro, 2021) (Elsebai, 2022) amongst other pathogens. Antiviral agents slow down (and in some cases stop) the spread of the virus through the body.

What Does Frankincense Bring to The Immunity Infuser Synergy Blend

Frankincense also contains limonene as well as a large amount of alpha-pinene. Recent research demonstrates that alpha-pinene has immune-enhancing properties. Exposure to alpha-pinene increases T-cell activity and decreases stress hormone levels. (Li, 2009), (Li, 2010)

Ways To Use Your Immunity Infuser Synergy Blend

A great way to “Top up” essential oils in the body is to apply them to your wrist. This way they can get into the bloodstream easily and start their work on supporting healthy immunity. 

Massage Oil

Add 3 drops of the Immunity Infuser Synergy Blend to 1 teaspoon of carrier oil. Apply a fingerful five times a day if you are feeling ill.

Roller Ball 

Great for carrying in your pocket for emergencies.

Add Immunity Infuser Synergy Blend To Cleaning Products

Limonene and 1,8 cineole also have virucidal abilities which means it can stop you from catching the virus. Virucides are also known as disinfectants so this is a fantastic blend to use for cleaning products in high-traffic areas when someone has a bug. 

It should be noted that for a sanitizing product, Immunity Infuser Synergy Blend would need to be added to a base carrier of alcohol.

Immunity Infuser Synergy Blend in a Diffuser

Use three drops of Immunity Infuser Synergy Blend in a diffuser to despatch cleansing ingredients into the atmosphere, to protect your loved ones when germs are lurking nearby.

Immunity Infuser Synergy Blend in a Sniffy Stick Inhaler 

Have you ever seen the pictures of the plague doctors with their big beaked headdresses stuffed full of herbs?

plague doctors

This is the 21st-century equivalent. Inhale the Immunity Infuser Synergy Blend of essential oils for immune support when you feel like germs might be near. 

These synergy blends are great for sniffy sticks because you can just put the cotton wick into your bottle, let it suck up enough oils, and then pop it into your inhaler. No measuring is required. 

Keep it with you, wherever you go. Take five mins to inhale it, every time you need it.

Can You Use It in the Bath? 

The lemon essential oil can be a bit spiteful on the skin, so we do not recommend using Immunity Infuser Synergy Blend in the bath.

Can You Use It on Children

Importantly, if you want to use this blend of essential oils on a child be very careful.

This could be a great blend of essential oils for ear infections, provided you use a small enough dilution. This is a very strong blend and it is advised to use essential oils containing 1,8 cineole and menthol on children with extreme care.

Earlier we suggested using one drop in a teaspoon of carrier oil. For children, dilute one drop of the Immunity Infuser Synergy Blend into a TABLESPOON of carrier oil.

Menthol and  1,8 cineole and slow respiration which can be very dangerous for small children so it should be kept away from their noses. Apply on their backs only. 


Is It Safe During Pregnancy?

It is safe to use Immunity Infuser Synergy Blend after the first 16 weeks of pregnancy.

Please Diffuse It With Care Around Cats 

Cats lack a certain enzyme in their livers that prevents them from metabolizing essential oils in the same way we do.  Diffusers send volatiles into the air which are dangerous for cats if they lick themselves when these molecules fall on their fur. Citrus oils cause them difficulties and can cause poisoning. Immunity Infuser Synergy Blend contains orange and lemon essential oils.

Always ensure the door is open when diffusing Immunity Infuser Synergy Blend so they can leave if they want to, and leave plenty of water for them to drink.

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Immunity Infuser Synergy Blend Immunity Infuser Synergy Blend Immunity Infuser Synergy Blend Immunity Infuser Synergy Blend Immunity Infuser Synergy Blend Immunity Infuser Synergy Blend Immunity Infuser Synergy Blend

Immunity Infuser Synergy Blend




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