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Cypress Essential Oil: Uses, Benefits, and Blends

Cypress Essential Oil is one of the strongest, yet gentlest essential oils there is. Its beautiful, sharp, pungent fragrance is invigorating and uplifting, but its most powerful effect is on bodily fluids. Read on to learn how to use Cypress Essential Oil for puffy eyes, bedwetting, and menstrual bloating and pain. 

Cypress Essential Oil Product Details

Cypress Essential Oil Benefits: Component Breakdown

  • a-Pinene and B-Pinene: In a scientific study published in Molecules magazine in 2019, Salehi et al. proclaimed a-Pinene and B-Pinene as “A Miracle Gift of Nature”, citing their actions as including antibiotic resistance modulation, anticoagulant, antitumor, antimicrobial, antimalarial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-Leishmania, and analgesic effects. 
  • delta-3-Carene - has a sweet, pungent scent of pine and wood and is believed to improve bone health and aid mental clarity.
  • Cedrol - In vitro studies prove cedrol to have anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antiseptic astringent, diuretic, sedative, insecticidal, antifungal and tonic properties. 
  • a-Terpinyl Acetate - This may contribute to Cardamom’s antioxidant benefits.
  • Terpinolene- Thought to have antifungal and antibacterial effects that often lead to it being added to soaps.
  • (+)- Limonene - appears mainly in essential oils that have been expressed from citrus fruit rinds, but also in some conifer resins. It is very good at cleaning things, able to dissolve oily residues, so is often found in cleaning products. In the same way, it has mild effects on thick conditions in the body, like phlegm, and can sometimes be indicated for bronchitis. Limonene also has a vital part to play in the insecticidal actions of trees.  

What is Cypress Essential Oil Good For?

Historical successes of using Cypress Essential Oil have included:

  • Refreshing
  • Diuretic, so it flushes the system out
  • Menstrual problems, menstrual pain, and, of course, bloating
  • Menopausal symptoms and pain
  • Headaches caused by too much TV, computer, or office static
  • Cypress Essential Oil is astringent, so it is cleansing to oily skin and hair

Emotional and Mental Healing from Cypress Essential Oil

Cypress Essential Oil is extracted from the tree whose name is Sempervirens “Always Living”. The tree played an important part in ancient healing on an emotional and physical level. For a change, we’ll do the physical stuff last, because spiritual medicine helps inform Cypress Essential Oil benefits. 

Cypress Trees and The Ancient Greek God of Medicine

In ancient Greece, the god of Medicine was Aesclepius. Aesclepius was born a mortal but had been schooled by the goddess Artemis in the ways of the herbs and was then sent to be educated by the healing centaur Chiron. Aesclepius was a great scholar, and under Chiron’s tutelage, he learned how to dress wounds, how to make salves and heal broken bones, and how to care for bites and stings. 

Few people had the means to visit the great Chiron for healing, so Aesclepius began to travel all around Greece acting as a physician when some of the greatest of the Greeks went to war. As he journeyed, he discovered more herbs and gained yet more knowledge, until eventually, he became even more knowledgeable than even Chiron. 

His healing abilities came to the attention of the goddess Athena who bestowed him with the gift of wisdom and a fantastical vial of gorgon's blood. The blood from the left-hand vein of a gorgon would kill anything it came in contact with, but this blood from her right-hand side had the power to revive anyone and anything.. 

So, Aesclepius gained the power to resurrect, which enraged Hades, because souls were being snatched from his care in the Underworld. Eventually, he complained about it so much that his brother Zeus was forced to slay Aesclepius with one of the Cyclops’ thunderbolts. Aesclepius, now dead, was placed in the sky in the snake constellation of Ophiuchus. 

Cypress Trees and Dream Incubation

So, of course, that is a myth, but the strange thing is that the Greeks did worship him as a god, and indeed would visit his sanctuaries for healing. They practiced “Dream Incubation” - (under the tutelage of the Melissae priestesses mentioned in the Melissa Essential Oil article) where they would sleep, surrounded by snakes, hoping to be visited by the god Asclepius in their dreams, and snakes would whisper the secrets of how they might hear in their ear. This part is not a myth. This was the actual form medicine took, in ancient Greece. These sanctuaries were surrounded by Cypress trees that were said to protect you as you slept and to deliver the secrets of your healing journey. 

The Latin name Sempervirens not only speaks to the evergreen nature of the tree, but also to the fact that some memories, emotions, and hurts will never die, and they hide in dark places like snakes. 

Of course, the snake is probably the oldest of all the shamanic symbols, with around 300 different interpretations, but naturally, we think of its sexual connotations and its connection to hidden knowledge. We only have to think of how Eve was affected by the snake's presence in The Garden. The snake is the revealer of knowledge. Cypress Essential Oil is deeply connected with snakes. 

Cypress Essential Oil For Bed Wetting

Now, let’s add another layer to this. It also has a direct action on bodily fluids and supports the lymphatic system. In any capacity, where the body is struggling to cope with excess water, Cypress is wonderful. Likewise, Cypress Essential Oil has an affinity with the genitourinary system and on any level, it also cleanses and invigorates. 

Now, let’s put that knowledge together. 

We can see how pelvic problems such as PMT, Stress incontinence or Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome might be helped by Cypress Essential Oils, especially if some kind of stress or trauma might be making them worse. In the same way, Cypress is very good, supported by oils such as Bergamot and Tea Tree for painful cystitis and other genitourinary infections. 

How To Use Cypress Essential Oil For Bedwetting

Many conditions have psychodynamic elements to them, where we can see parts of the personality of the emotions playing out, but we are not entirely sure why. Bedwetting can often be one of these occasions, although, of course, it might not always be the trauma underlying it. Cypress Essential Oil can help, even if it is just a training issue. 

The brain processes so much information at night and bedwetting can often be a sign of release that the child does not know how to achieve in the day. 

Oddly, one of the reasons Cypress Essential Oil is so good at helping them get through the night is because it is invigorating, rather than relaxing. Consider how little you would want to get out of a warm bed when you are smothered in sedative Lavender Essential Oil, but Cypress Essential Oil, they are more willing to do the work. Don’t worry either, they will go to sleep. 

Most blogs will tell you to only use Cypress Essential Oil at bedtime, but better results can be achieved by putting the oil in about three times a day. Cypress Essential Oil is a diuretic, so it will make your child want to go to the toilet. It’s far better for them to experience that new sensation of urgency when their conscious mind is awake, and then it's easier for their subconscious mind to kick in when they are asleep. 

So, because these are tiny people, we only want tiny dilutions of oil too. This recipe blends lovely healing Cypress with calming Roman Chamomile and Melissa Essential Oils, both of which have a super affinity with children and dreams. You could also try Catnip Essential Oil too. 

Dry Nights Bed Time Massage Oil

Method of Use: Massage onto the lower abdomen and back. Long slow soothing strokes. It probably goes without saying but give a good drink about half an hour before bedtime and encourage the child to go to the toilet immediately before turning out the light. 

Safety: Cypress’s diuretic nature would make this inappropriate for use on a child with kidney issues. 

Cypress Essential Oil for Face Treatments

When you think of Cypress Essential Oil for skin, think of dirt! Cypress reaches the grime in your skin other Essential Oils can’t reach - it must be that snake thing again! 

It is powerfully astringent, yet gentle enough to cut through grease and dirt. It is refreshing and invigorating, so makes for a wonderful cleanser, toner, masque, or simply as a steam bath to open the pores and make a deep-down clean. 

There are many Cypress Essential Oil benefits for hair too, especially for greasy or lackluster hair. 

Cypress Essential Oil Uses: For Wholesale Purposes

Cypress Essential Oil Uses for Aromatherapists

Its powerful action on water and bloating acts through the lymphatic system, as such, it is helpful for massage treatments for cellulite. 

Use Cypress Essential Oil for puffiness generally, whether that be for eye treatments (especially with Angelica Root Essential Oil) or for edema and swollen ankles (also Fennel Essential Oil). Cypress Essential Oil is gentle enough to use after 16 weeks of pregnancy (although perhaps drop down to 1% dilution) for lymph drainage massage especially. Such a lovely treat for aching feet. 

Cypress Essential Oil Benefits for Soap Makers

Cypress Essential Oil SoapmakingInvigorating and refreshing, Cypress Essential Oil lends itself well to home treatments for the morning, shower gels, face washes, etc. 

Cypress Essential Oil in Natural Perfumery

Cypress brings a bright green note to fragrances with a lovely fresh masculine element. 

Lovely ones to inspire you are Moulton Brown’s Coastal Cypress where Cypress Essential Oil is matched with delicious amber and labdanum for an early morning mystical feel.

Bois d’Argent by Christian Dior brilliantly combines Cypress Essential Oil, juniper, and iris as bright top notes against a Patchouli and incense heart note, grounded by honey, musk, woods, and Vanilla. Utterly luscious. 

For a classic inspiration what about Fendi? Created in 1985, it became the signature fragrance of a generation. Here, Cypress operates a subtle heart note surrounded by a bouquet of Rose, Jasmine, and Carnation. Citruses and Cardamom float above, then Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Woods, and Amber add a warm and comforting caress. An absolutely genius stroke of blending. Without the Cypress at the heart, this would be a thoroughly sickly blend, but the Cypress Essential Oil is pervasive, cutting through it to give it sharpness and direction.

Cypress Essential Oil Blends: DIY Recipes

Neroli, Carrot, and Cypress Essential Oil Skin Cleanser for Greasy Skin 

Method of preparation: Oils and water do not mix, so this blend relies on the help of alcohol to disperse them through the fluid. Add the essential oils to the vodka, then add the alcohol mix to the water. 

Safety: Not suitable for use in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy. 

Why Choose VINEVIDA?

At VINEVIDA, we love botanicals and the planet they come from. We believe in stocking the best at affordable prices and supplying to the discerning, which is why we are also members of both the Alliance of International Aromatherapists and the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy.  In recognition of our excellent standard of product, we are proud to hold a 2021 Certificate of Registration as a Cosmetic Products Establishment with the U.S. Drugs and Food Administration.

Our joy at seeing people make beautiful things means we stock from the smallest amounts to the largest. Our wholesale carrier oil prices begin with our smallest carrier oil of 120ml to our largest of 396lb, meaning any manufacturing company can afford to stock as many or as few oils as their business can accommodate without running the risk of spoilage of some of nature’s most precious commodities. Why not see if you can save money by buying your Cypress Essential Oil in bulk? 

Don’t forget too, we like to look after our customers with reasonable prices and excellent customer service and reward the loyal ones with money-off discounts over the year. 

Flash Point

41 °C


Why not check out if you qualify for our loyalty scheme and start saving today with an environmentally friendly choice of oil for skin, hair, massage oils, and soap making. Add VINEVIDA Cypress Essential Oil to your cart today.

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Surprisingly soothing

Such an intensity of smell and refreshing at the same time. Again small bottle yet adequate for my needs either in diffuser or another oil topically. Yes will order again, next season.

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It’s great

It’s great

Tiffany E.
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Potent and fantastic!

Potent and fantastic!

Bianca Z.
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It is fresh

I add this to my mountain fresh aroma therapy roller balls for a morning in the forest element. It is fresh and finishes a bit sweet and reminds me of fresh cut grass or morning dew in open fields. I love blending a small amount with pine and fir needle with bergamot or lime for an instant mood booster.

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Very affordable

Smells as expected. Very affordable!

Cypress Essential Oil Cypress Essential Oil Cypress Essential Oil Cypress Essential Oil Cypress Essential Oil Cypress Essential Oil Cypress Essential Oil

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