Lemongrass Essential Oil Blends

To begin with Lemongrass Essential Oil Blends, we require knowledge on Lemongrass. Lemongrass Essential Oil derives from the lemongrass plant through the steam-distillation process. Generally, every essential oil is full of beneficial features for our health and beauty. The grassy herb Lemongrass is widely known for its therapeutic and aromatic uses. Particularly it grows on tropical climates and has fan-out all over the world. Thanks to Global Village theory that has made everything available far and wide even though it is grass or essential oil.

Lemongrass Essential Oil Blends – History and Evolution

Cympobogan, Popularly known as Lemongrass, has a long history of medical and aromatic use since the Egyptian era. In that case, the naming of Lemongrass is fascinating depending on different ethnicities. Meanwhile, Lemongrass is also known as Barbed Wire Grass, Cochin Grass, Malabar Grass, or Fever Grass.

Especially the tropical climate allows the cultivation of lemongrass. Besides Asia, Africa and Australia are the native regions of Lemongrass. It belongs to the grass family. The scientific name is Cymbopogon Citratus. Furthermore, it is familiar with Ayurvedic and culinary use. At present time, we find it prevalent in the aroma and perfumery market. That feature might attract more people sooner or later. Likewise, lemongrass essential oil roller is also gaining popularity on the market.

Lemongrass Essential Oil Blends have the citrusy, earthy, and grassy flavor including strong scent. For this reason, it gains the best score as Lemongrass Essential Oil for Diffuser Blends. However, the diffuser blend comes with a relaxation feature. For instance, it contains a convincing effect on relieving stress and pain. Moreover, you will have Lemongrass Essential Oil for cats that are safer than air fresheners and synthetic fragrance oils.

Uses and Benefits of Lemongrass Essential Oil Blends

In general, most of the essential oils are effective in aromatherapy. Since we are representing Lemongrass Essential Oil in this blog post, we are a bit more concerned about it than other essential oils. So, what are its uses? What are its benefits?

The reply might be as an illustration of your various day to day use. Conversely, for your serene and calm feeling, reducing anxiety, lemongrass comes with a distinctive therapeutic effect. In the same fashion, we might have pragmatic outcomes on our hair care including the alleviation of scalp irritation as well as removing dandruff.

Skincare coupled with relieving headache or easing muscle pain are the corresponding benefits of Lemongrass essential oil blends. It also works on soothing digestion and reducing fevers.  

Now let’s go through the best Lemongrass Essential Oil Blends below.

The Top Lemongrass Essential Oil Blends

Lemongrass is congenial with the citrus, mint, wood, or herbaceous families together with Lavender, Cedarwood, Helichrysum, Jojoba, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and Lemon. We may categorize the Lemongrass Essential oil blends to describe in detail.

    1. Blends for Diffuser
    2. Haircare
    3. Skincare
    4. Insect repellent

Lemongrass Essential Oil Blends for Diffuser

Blend for Refreshment

While you are feeling dizzy as a result of a heavy workload, you can have a blend of lemongrass so that you find some relaxation time. 

Ingredients you need:

Blend for Relieving Headache

Headache might be very troublesome in every way. We need a relaxed atmosphere and sound sleep to get rid of a bad headache. To create that atmosphere, you can have a lemongrass diffuser blend.

Ingredients you need:

Easy Breathing Diffuser

Whenever Breathing heavier, get yourself some room.  Then make a lemongrass blend. It might truly ease your breathing. 

Ingredients you need:

Lemongrass Essential Oil Blends for Hair Care

Hair Oil Blends

Who does not want shining hair with strong hair follicles? Lemongrass is a widespread essential oil for hair care. Moreover, it will present your blends for relieving scalp irritation. Thus, you can have shiny hair.

Ingredients you need:

First, pick up a small bowl. Then mix the ingredients well, and shake slowly. After that, apply on your hair covering with a warm towel. Leave it for 15 minutes.

The Homemade Shampoo or Conditioner

Lemongrass Essential Oil lets you make your own homemade shampoo or conditioner on your own. 

Ingredients you need:

In this case, collect a bottle and mix all the ingredients. Then, shake it slowly.

Best Options for Skincare

Lemongrass essential oil blends have competitive features. Usually, it helps to reinvigorate your skin. In fact, it is very useful for removing acne. But, you should be careful if you have any allergic irritation.

Lemongrass Essential Oil for Skincare – Acne

Ingredients you need:

Mix all the ingredients well in an airtight jar by shaking it slowly. When mixed well, use your fingertips to apply on your face.

Lemongrass Essential Oil for Face Scrub

Ingredients you need:

Firstly mix your essential oils and other ingredients. Secondly, shake the jar slowly and then rinse it after 20 minutes.

Lemongrass Essential Oil as an Insect Repellent

Lemongrass is a widely known repellent as a blend. Specifically, it is very effective against mosquitoes and fleas.

Lemongrass Essential Oil for Mosquitoes

Ingredients you need:

Mix the ingredients well in a spray bottle. After that, spray it to the clothing and corners of your room.

Final Words

Lemongrass comes with a perfumery aromatic feature. If you like these blends, you might find the Lemongrass and Lavender Essential Oil Blends useful too.

Ultimately Lemongrass Essential Oil Blends have tons of uses and benefits. It would be a long story to describe more details. Here we have mentioned the top-notch uses and benefits. To sum up, we can say, Lemongrass Essential Oil Blends will make your life much easier than before with its therapeutic uses and benefits.

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