Best Essential Oils for Candles

You may need essential oils for candle making or to have the target fragrance in your candle. In either case, you need to go after the best essential oils for candles. There are too many essential oils in the industry that can confuse you to reach the right options. So, proper knowledge of the properties and the essential oils' benefits is the only way out of this confusion. That is where this article may prove to be highly effective and can come to your rescue.

We will not only share the core benefits essential oil candles may offer you but also single out ten such oils that can significantly help you make fragrant candles or give your candles the specific fragrance you want.

Moreover, we will detail how to find the right oils for candle making and use them in the best ways without side effects.

Why is Opting for Best Essential Oils for Candles Making Worth It?

Yes, essential oils offer enormous benefits for physical comfort, reviving your mood, revitalizing your skin, calming your tension and anxiety, and aromatherapy. The benefits you can derive or uses you can go for are coming from the proper ways of application. One of the methods you can benefit from essential oils is aromatherapy. As a form of therapy, you can use an inhaler, mix oils in a diffuser, and use candle smoke.

There you go for the benefits you reap from candles made of essential oils. There are many, but we are mentioning only the root benefits.

Relaxation & Sleep

Nice and sweet smells offered by some essential oils can calm and relax you from anxiety, balance your blood pressure, and improve the heart rate. Just aroma inhaled via any measure known can affect the person suffering from the issues. Therefore, if you feel a bit over the edge, then scents discharged from candles smoke can come to your rescue.

Improved Focus

Citrusy scents are highly refreshing to stimulate senses. If you lose your focus, the refreshing citrusy and pungent scents can reproduce it. That is how you can work with more vigor when your candles are discharging the essential oil aroma across the room.

Better Breathing

Mint is the preferable option for inhalers, diffusers, and candles as it can improve breathing when having difficulty with breathing. Therefore, the best essential oils for candles are the oils that belong to the mint family. They are very popular for their capacity to improve lung capacity, energize your feeling, and balance your heart rate.

10 Best Essential Oils for Candles – Uses and Benefits

Here you will have ten essential oils covered with the detail of how they can come to your aid when used to make candles. We will mention ten such oils, but there are more. As such, you can keep ten or more essential oils for candles in your collection. As for candles, you can make your custom candle to have the aroma you need and want. Aromatherapy can benefit both animals and men, but you have to be careful about oil selection. It is because several essential oils are harmful to pets – especially the highly sensitive pups.

1. Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary, known as Rosmarinus Officinalis, is an evergreen shrub, and it has needle-like leaves and earthy woody aroma. Rosemary essential oil is best known for its food seasoning and medicinal properties. But it has a strong aromatic presence and so can be the fit essential oil for candles. When scented and inhaled via burning candles, it may:

  • Contribute to improving brain function, concentration, and memories
  • Help relieve and reduce ache and pain
  • Repel most of the bugs, blood-sucking insects, and mosquitoes
  • Ease and relive stress borne of overworking and mental pressure
  • Contribute to increasing blood circulation by warming numb fingers

2. Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli, otherwise known as Pogostemon Cablin, is an herbal plant and a member of that labiate family. Patchouli essential oil is the distilled oil essence extracted from the stems and leaves of the plant. Like the leaves, the oil extraction offers musky, deep, and earthy fragrance. You can have it inhaled via diffuser and burning candles. So, when burning candles made of patchouli oil essence, the benefits to offer include:

  • Improves nervous system from the aromatherapeutic aroma of patchouli
  • Reduce tension, anxiety, insomnia, and uplift mood
  • Help repel pesky insects
  • Weaken sharp edges of acute scent

3. Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Orange essential oil is the oil extraction from the sweet orange rind known as Citrus Sinensis. Unlike other essential oils, this oil is extracted by cold pressing by using pressure for squeezing the rind to pour oil. Not to limit here, the citrus rind is the part that goes through the squeezing process for oils. The citrus oils are the most popular ones for the cleansing house, reducing inflammation, treating skin issues, and more. And orange essential oil is highly effective for aromatherapy. So when you inhale it through blends, diffusers, and candle burning, it can:

  • Uplift your mood
  • Reduce stress while going through a long stretch of work
  • Pervades your room with a pleasant scent to offer you sound sleep
  • Keep anxiety, depression, and tension at their low

4. Marjoram Essential Oil

Marjoram is famous mainly for health benefits and spicing up dishes in the Mediterranean regions. It is also popular for its aromatic properties that offer sweet and spicy scent. This is why the Marjoram herb is so famous in aromatherapy in areas including North Africa, Western Asia, and the Mediterranean.

You can use a candle with Marjoram essential oil as a crucial ingredient to pervade a freshening scent across the house. Therefore, if you plan to make essential oil candles, this oil can prove to be a very efficient component.

5. Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit essential oil is one of the most popular essential oils widely used for aromatherapy. Like patchouli essential oil, this one is also the extracted oil essence through cold-pressing. And the spot where the oil rests is the glands in Grapefruit peel. On top of aromatherapy, Grapefruit oil finds it frequently used for its health benefits. But it is a fond ingredient for those who want to make aromatic candles. And the benefits you get from candles smoke made of grapefruit oil essence are:

  • Help uplift or balance mood
  • Help decrease stress and reduce blood pressure
  • Can help pets live in mood and anxiety-free

6. Cinnamon Essential Oil

Cinnamon essential oil is the distilled extraction of the leaves and barks of Cinnamomum Cassia and Cinnamomum Verum trees. The former plant is which the most common cinnamon oil is extracted from. And the latter also has another familiar name called Ceylon Cinnamon.

Whatever plant variety is the source of the oil, it features a spicy and sweet scent. People love the oil most for its lush fragrance. The fragrance is the cause; candle users across the world go for this crucial candle ingredient. You can go for cinnamon essential oil candles or cinnamon essential oil for making candles for the following benefits.

  • To be a mood enhancer while used for aromatherapy treatment.
  • Can keep the bugs away and the mosquitoes out of the room
  • Calm your anxiety to give sound sleep

7. Clary Sage Essential Oil

Clary sage, otherwise called Salvia Sclarea, is a flowering plant that grows mainly and well in the Mediterranean Basin. The oil comes out primarily from the leaves and buds of the flowers. Moreover, the oil has a sharp, refreshing scent and so very popular in inhaler blends and aromatherapy treatment. It offers almost all the benefits you can derive from aroma either by inhaling from the diluted oil or an aroma candle made of it. Here you go with them:

  • To calm the stressed mind and remove the feeling of anxiety
  • A natural depression killer both for humans and pets
  • Helpful for women in the menopausal stage when inhaled

8. Lavender Essential Oil

Now, it is another essential oil that is highly popular with aromatherapy. Lavender essential oil is the distilled oil essence extracted from the herb Lavandula Angustifolia. Indeed, Lavender oil is one of the multi-purpose oils that offer numerous benefits. And the few of the benefits to name are promoting relaxation, treating anxiety, recovering fungal infection, and more. But we will limit our focus here only to the aromatherapy uses. When the aroma is smelled or inhaled either by inhaler or candle, the following are benefits to derive.

  • Help reduce depression, insomnia, and nausea
  • Provide with anxiety-reducing effects
  • Smoke from the candle keeps mosquitoes away.

9. Cedarwood Essential Oil

This is another steam distilled essential oil that has many things to do with fragrant candle making. Yes, the Cedar tree provides fragrant wood, and you can extract oil from the wood. Cedarwood is of several species and so used for many different reasons. When treated as aromatherapy, this oil can help you deodorize the indoor environment. Moreover, if you burn candles in which cedarwood has its due share as an ingredient, you may have the following benefits as the aromatic smoke pervades your room or house with the scent.

  • Actively repel insects like bugs and mosquitoes
  • Prevent developing mildew
  • Improving cerebral activity
  • Improve concentration
  • Ease tension and harmful stress
  • Clear the mind and inspire sound sleep

10. Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense oil is extracted from the Boswellia tree resin. And the tree grows well in the dry areas of Africa, the Middle East, and India. Frankincense welcomes you with a woody and spicy smell that you can have via inhalers or burning candles made with Frankincense essential oil. If you buy or make candles using the said oil, you have the following benefits as per popular belief goes.

  • Decreasing anxiety, stress, and depression
  • Promotes heart health and extremely helpful for heart patients
  • An active bug repellent to go for
  • May help reduce the blood sugar level of diabetic patients
  • Mood uplifter and help you remain high in parties

How to Reach the Best Essential Oils for Candles?

There are numerous essential oils in the scene that may make your selection overwhelming. The novices can feel intimidated by the myriads of options around you. But you can learn about the crucial factors you need in the oil that can be the best fit for candles. Here are the basic to remember when you are in search of the best essential oils for candles.

How & Where Manufactured

We know that essential oils are either steam--distilled or cold-pressed extractions from the natural herbs. Either process is not that easy to accomplish, if not too tough to do. The mentioned processes of extractions essential oils from the herbal plants require expert individuals and proper instruments.

And there is a more accessible and comparatively cheaper way out. That is to follow the chemical distillation process. And oils extracted this way will be contaminated or diluted with unwanted ingredients. Therefore, whether contaminated or diluted, you cannot enjoy the particular benefits of a specific oil. Instead, they can cause mild to serious health issues.

Thus, it would be best if you look for the way the target oils are manufactured. By now, you have understood that the best essential oils for candles are procured in the right way.


Even quality extraction of oil may go in vain if not marketed with proper packaging. On its top, essential oils being highly potent, can lose its efficacy, scent, and root properties if not put in the right container.

The dark amber glass bottles are said to be effective in preserving their quality. So, before buying, make sure that the target oil comes rightly packaged. This is how you will not run the risk of using contaminated or low-quality oil.


Yes, pure essential oils are the best essential oils for candles. As for end-users, we cannot understand whether it is pure or diluted. Only the certification from the concerned authority in the label can tell us about it. So, go for the oils merely acknowledged by the certified authority to pure.

Pre-production Precautions to Abide by

Even pure essential oils that are rightly packaged and manufactured can go wrong if you are not aware of using them. That's why you must have some tips to enjoy the full potential of the best essential oils for candles.

  • Take notice of the flashpoints before putting the oil into the melted wax. Otherwise, you may lose some of the properties as the oils evaporate below the flash point temperature.
  • Avoid paraffin wax for added fragrance as it may prove to be harmful. Instead, use the soy and beeswax to be on the safe side. They may not discharge that high aroma, but they are eco-friendly, sustainable, and known for harmless emissions.
  • Have full knowledge of different oil properties to produce the candles that can give you the desired aroma. And on its top, learn about which oils are in fine tune with which one. In this way, you can avoid overdoing the combinations of the essential oils meant for candle making. 

Wrapping Up

Having said everything in-depth, we have left a few things to cover on. For further clarification, we have mentioned so many oils to provide you with more options. But the oils in the article can prove to be the best essential oils for candles only when you can use them knowledgeably. To learn about the benefits every oil offers you. And only then, you may have what you need and want.

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