Ocean Rain

Ocean Rain Fragrance Oil Showcase

VINEVIDA’s Ocean Rain Fragrance Oil is a truly dreamy blend of those wonderfully crisp and clean notes that we associate with the sea and the shore.

The first notes to hit you on that fresh breeze is the unmistakable scent of Sea Salt.

The soft, luscious scent of Orange brightens the scent profile and gives it a clean, crisp edge alongside that Sea Salt. Reminding you of the freshness that comes after the summer rain.

Yet, you are pulled deeper down a floral laced edge and Rose rises up on the swell to meet you. 

This Fragrance Oil is one that brings its bright, clean fresh edge to any home. It will help you move your mind away from the stress of the office or screaming kids. Take yourself to a happy place of distant seagull cries and waves lapping against the shore.

Fragrance Notes

Ocean Rain Fragrance Oil is a truly dreamy blend of wonderfully crisp and clean notes. The first note to hit you on that summer breeze is the unmistakable scent of Sea Salt. Orange cleans and freshens the whole scent profile. Rose lends that floral depth and swirls a final flourish. You only have to close your eyes and you can feel the sand between your toes and sea spray on your face. It’s one that we absolutely love here at VINEVIDA.

    • Top: Crisp Notes, Sea Salt
    • Mid: Orange
    • Bottom: Rose

      VINEVIDA’S Favorite Ways To Use Ocean Rain Fragrance Oil

      With such a versatile Fragrance Oil, its uses are veritably endless and the only limit here is your imagination.

      With its refreshing, crisp and salty start and citrus heart and floral finish, it is absolutely perfect for cold process soaps and for use in toiletries and beauty products.

      Citrus based scents always tend to evoke images of freshness but also of childhood, transporting us back to a simpler time in our lives where things seemed less complicated.

      Ocean Fragrances are wonderful for making products that are designed to transport us away from ourselves and allow ourselves to relax and unwind.

      It is a popular choice for scenting the home and makes a good starting point for creating a Signature Home Scent. You can read more about what a Signature Home Scent is and  Layering Perfumes In The Home in our article. There is also a plethora of ideas and recipes to get the creative juices flowing too.

      Ocean Rain Fragrance Oil lends itself beautifully to making scented candles and reed diffusers and can be blended easily with other Fragrance Oils for a scent sensation. Its intense freshness and clean finish is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. Not to mention, areas of the house where you might welcome people into your home, such as porches and entrance halls.

      Personally, I like to mix it with other fresh and clean Fragrance Oils, like Skyfall By Atlantis Hotel (Our Version Of) Fragrance Oil and Hawaiian Sunrise but it also blends wonderfully with Essential Oils like Sweet Orange, Clary Sage and Black Pepper.

      We have a version of Ocean Rain Fragrance Oil developed especially for your cold air diffusers too. Find it here.

      Creative Ways to Use and Blend Ocean Rain Fragrance Oil

      Let’s step out of the box and look beyond using the Fragrance Oil in a diffuser. Let’s look at some creative ways that you can use Ocean Rain Fragrance Oil to set you apart from the crowd and put you ahead of the curve.

      Beauty Ideas With Ocean Rain Fragrance Oil 

      Make Your Own Ocean Salt Shower Gel

      Ocean Rain Fragrance Oil is absolutely perfect for bath and shower products, with a clean, fresh and crisp scent. It is well suited to products that are used in the morning, designed to refresh you, awaken you and get you moving.

      Have a go at this super simple Ocean Salt Shower Gel.

      Note: IFRA category 9 and has a safety dilution recommendation of 8.64%

      Mix ¼ cup of Orange Flower Water and ¼ cup of Aloe Vera Gel  with ¼ cup of liquid Castile Soap. Add a teaspoon of Argan carrier oil and a tsp of Fine Ground Sea Salt and 1 tsp of Ocean Rain Fragrance Oil (Approx 2.5% Safety Dilution Rate). Mix well together and pop into a suitable container. Label clearly with all the ingredients and don’t forget to do a 24 hour patch test before using. 

      Ideas For Around The Home

      There are so many ways that you can use Ocean Rain Fragrance Oil around the home that I am having to rein myself in. Get your own imagination fired up!

      Ocean Rain Clothes Washing Liquid

      I watched this video when I was interested in making my own clothes washing liquid for my very sensitive skin. I was gobsmacked at how easy it actually is and the effective results that you can get. Watch video here:

      Rather than adding in the infused water in the video, add in your Ocean Rain Fragrance Oil.

      Given it will be rinsed off your clothes you may think there would be no restrictions in terms of how much you can use. But you would be wrong! It falls under IFRA category 10a and has a safety dilution recommendation of 8.64%.

      If you made one liter of clothes washing liquid you could safely add up to 86.4mls of Ocean Rain Fragrance Oil.

      Find more ideas on How To Use Aromatherapy Around The Home. It is also packed with lots of other wonderful suggestions and ideas on how to use Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils around the home.  

      Our Favorite Recipe With Ocean Rain Fragrance Oil

      This is where I will share my favorite recipes with Ocean Rain Fragrance Oil with you, some may be new to you, others more familiar.  

      Ocean Rain Solid Air Freshener

      This is a brand new recipe just for you all today. I wanted to give you something that is really easy to achieve for yourself at home but is highly effective. This recipe allows you to explore homemade options vs store bought ones.

      Ocean Rain Fragrance Oil is absolutely perfect for making a solid air freshener for your home.

      It is a relatively simple project and an easy concept to follow. You will make one and wonder why you’ve never done it before. You certainly will not go back to store bought solid air fresheners after this!

      You simply mix unflavored gelatin, Ocean Rain Fragrance Oil, salt, and water, to create a solid air freshener which is very comparable to commercial and store bought air freshening gels.

      This recipe makes about two cups of solid air freshener. How many jars it makes is totally dependent on the size of your jars. You then place them in strategic areas around your home, or even in your car for long lasting fragrance. 


        1. You will not be applying this to your skin so it does not come under the purview of the IFRA maximum safety dilution rate.

      You will need:

        1. Medium Saucepan
        2. Small Glass Jars
        3. Labels


          1. Spring or Distilled Water
          2. 4 oz Unflavored Gelatin
          3. 1 tbsp Ocean Rain Fragrance Oil
          4. 1 ½ tsp Salt
          5. Food coloring (optional)


            1. Over a medium heat in a saucepan, bring one cup of spring or distilled water to a boil.
            2. Add  4oz of unflavored gelatin to the boiling water. 
            3. Working immediately, stir until the gelatin is completely dissolved.
            4. Remove the pan from heat.
            5. Add one cup spring or distilled water to the gelatin mixture. Make sure the water is room temperature for a better set.
            6. Stir well to combine.
            7. Add 1 tbsp of Ocean Rain Fragrance Oil.
            8. If so desired, add in 2-3 drops of food coloring.
            9. Stir well until the Ocean Rain Fragrance Oil and color are well mixed with the gelatin. 
            10. This is the time to adjust either the scent or color. Add more Ocean Rain Fragrance Oil if you would like a stronger scent. Add more coloring if you would like a deeper and more intense color. I often find paler, more pastel coloured air fresheners look more becoming. However, in this case, a deep Turquoise color can look attractive and match the Ocean Rain scent profile.
            11. Add 1½ teaspoons of salt to the mixture, and stir well. Make sure it is thoroughly mixed in before moving on. This helps to stop it going moldy so don’t be tempted to skip this step.
            12. Carefully, pour the air freshener into suitable small glass jars or appropriate containers.
            13. Then place the jars in the refrigerator until set, it does not take long, about a couple of hours. 
            14. Remove the jars from the fridge.

            How to use:

              1. Place them strategically around the home for the best impact. Good airflow is essential for the most effective use of your Ocean Rain solid air freshener. 


              1. Always label these products clearly, listing all ingredients for safety reasons.
              2. Do not ingest the Ocean Rain solid air freshener. Although it is made from gelatin, the oils you add render it inedible if consumed.
              3. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

              Hot Oil Hair Treatment With Ocean Rain Fragrance Oil 

              This is a really lovely way to give your hair some VIP treatment and to add a Fragrance Oil that is beautifully crisp, fresh, for some beautifully conditioned and luscious locks.


              1. The IFRA maximum safety dilution rate for Ocean Rain Fragrance Oil in category 7A is 2.85%.

              You will need:

                1. Measuring Jug
                2. Stainless Steel Spoon or Stirrer
                3. Funnel
                4. 200ml Dark Amber Glass Bottle
                5. Label


                  1. 100 ml Argan Carrier Oil
                  2. 100 ml Jojoba Carrier Oil
                  3. 4ml Ocean Rain Fragrance Oil (2% safety dilution)


                  1. Measure out your carrier oils into the measuring jug.
                  2. Add you Ocean Rain Fragrance Oil and mix thoroughly.
                  3. Using a funnel decant into your bottle and cap tightly.
                  4. Label clearly with a list of all ingredients, for safety reasons.
                  5. Carry out a 24-48 hour patch test.

                  How to use:

                    1. Warm your oil, you can do this by placing a small bowl into a larger bowl of freshly boiled water and pouring the amount of oil you need into the small bowl and allowing it to warm through. 
                    2. Take care removing the bowl and use a towel to help.
                    3. Check the heat of the oil by dabbing a bit on your inner elbow. 
                    4. Section your hair into four large sections, front and back, either side.
                    5. Work the oil into the roots of the hair and your scalp and draw the oil down the length of the hair.
                    6. Work through all four sections of hair from root to tip.
                    7. Cover your hair either in a hot towel or a shower cap. A hot towel gets a better result.
                    8. To remove the oil, shampoo your hair twice and condition as normal
                    9. Use once to twice a month for beautifully conditioned tresses. 


                      • Always do a 24 hour patch test.
                      • Take care getting in and out of a bath or shower where you have used this product. Use safety rails and non slip bath mats where available. 

                      Safety Using Ocean Rain Fragrance Oil 

                      You must remember that you need to follow the IFRA safety dilutions recommendations when making products for yourself and any that you intend to give away, gift or sell.

                      You can find all the information that you need on the individual fragrance oil page under DOCUMENTS and then IFRA STATEMENT.

                      You can also use our handy calculator tool to help you work out just the right amount of fragrance oil for your preparation.

                      The Final Word

                      I hope this showcase on Ocean Rain Fragrance Oil has whet your appetite and given you plenty of new and creative ideas on how to use this Luscious Fragrance Oil. It is such a versatile fragrance with those intensely crisp and fresh notes of the Ocean in the warm summer rain. Followed by those delicious citrus notes of Orange and then deepening into a sensuous floral finish with delectable Rose.

                      Have fun with it and have a go at creating your own beauty formulations and preparations and find new and exciting ways to use it around your home. However you decide to use it, I am sure it will be an absolute scent sensation.

                      Don’t forget that you can blend Ocean Rain Fragrance Oil with both other Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils. Just make sure you are mindful of your safety dilutions and you will be good to go.

                      We hope that you enjoy the fresh, crisp wave of scent from Ocean Rain Fragrance Oil as much as we do here at VINEVIDA.