Blending with Thyme Essential Oil

The desire to use puns when talking about Thyme is hard to resist, but I will try to keep them at bay and focus on blending with Thyme essential oil.

Thyme oil has a strong herbaceous yet slightly medicinal aroma to it and blends well with other herbaceous oil like Rosemary and Oregano. When I blend all the herb oils together it takes me back to mom’s cooking. We loved to eat big Italian feasts, and the aromas of basil, thyme and oregano filled the air. Fresh herbs added to our cooking can transform any meal. Now, we don’t advocate adding essential oils to your cooking, but diffusing some of the herb oils whilst cooking and eating can have the same effect.

As Thyme oil is quite strong, it may take some playing with, to create pleasant smelling blends. As suggested in the Cedarwood Blending blog, start with simple 2 oil combinations.

Thyme and Lime make a lovely combination that can help support you if you are feeling powerless and agitated.

    • To feel composed and dynamic, try Thyme and Mandarin.
    • To feel forgiving and forgiven, try Thyme and Myrtle.
    • To feel light and uplifted, try Thyme and Bergamot.

Now, time to share some diffuser recipes with Thyme essential oil. Or should that be Time to share some Thyme recipes? Sorry, sorry, no more puns.

Opening Up

When my mind is feeling closed off, and I am not speaking up for myself, I diffuse this blend to help open my mind, my heart and use my voice to speak openly. I can also use this diffuser blend when I’m feeling a little run down physically, as it can help to open the airways.

How to Use

Add to your ultrasonic diffuser or oil burner in a well-ventilated area for short periods. It is recommended that you use your diffuser on the intermittent setting, or for 30 minutes on, 30 minutes off.


This blend is created specifically for diffuser use only. Thyme oil can irritate the mucous membrane so short periods of diffusion is best advice. Do not diffuse Eucalyptus oil directly into your face. 


Sometimes we can become bogged down by the seriousness of life. We feel like we have the weight of the world on our shoulders and that things are just too hard.  Give this blend a try to help release those emotions. It will help you to stop being too serious, stop you from feeling sad and miserable, and release you from feelings of guilt and shame. You are doing the best you can with the tools you have, so reward yourself with the aroma of this blend.

How to use

If you’ve noticed yourself feeling bogged down, diffuse this blend intermittently to remind you to release the negativity and feel uplifted. Try diffusing it in a personal diffuser, or adding it to a nasal inhaler. 


This blend is for aromatic diffusion purposes only. Thyme oil can be irritating to some so diffuse for short periods of time only. 


I’ve noticed that many of us are struggling with communication. We’ve spent a lot of time over the past couple of years not being around people, so when we are with people now, we are not being clear in our communication. We know what we want to say, but cannot find the right words to convey the message with the right amount of love, wisdom and acceptance. I too myself have been experiencing this. This has happened with work colleagues and with family members. Perhaps it's stress. Perhaps it's not wanting to offend others. Whatever the underlying cause, I’ve found this blend has really helped me. It helps convey with understanding, it helps with acceptance of self and of others and gives me a renewed sense of compassion.

How to Use

Add to your diffuser to help with clear communication, acceptance and understanding. If you know you have a meeting or catch up with other people, diffuse it to help prepare your mind and body for the event. Alternatively, add to a nasal inhaler so you can smell it on the go, and prepare yourself before communicating with others. I like to say that myself some positive words as I smell it too. I say to myself “I communicate clearly, with understanding, acceptance and compassion”. 


This blend is designed for your diffuser. Thyme and Peppermint can be irritating to some, so be mindful of this when diffusing in open spaces. Do not diffuse in or around the faces of children and infants. 

Focus Me

Let’s be honest, there are literally thousands of blends on the internet on using essential oils to help us focus. This is one I created to help me focus when I needed to tackle the big things on my to-do list. This blend helps me access my inner innate wisdom and opens me up to do the work with creativity and joy. It lightens me up, freeing me to get it done.

How to Use

Whether you work from home or open workspace, diffuse this blend to help keep you focused throughout the day. Be mindful of diffusing it around others, however.


This blend is designed for your diffuser specifically. Thyme oil can be irritating to some, so think about that prior to using it in a shared environment.  Do not diffuse in the face of infants or children.

Take time getting to know Thyme essential oil. Use it mindfully. Whilst it is commonly used in blends for its antiviral and antibacterial abilities, it has so many uses for emotional support as well. Play with it. See what you find it blends well with, and keep notes as you go. We’d love to hear how you’ve been blending with it.

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