Bergamot Metaphysical

The light, bright and sunny oil that is Bergamot is a beautiful oil that can support us with many emotions

On a metaphysical level, if you need some encouragement, add some Bergamot into your diffuser. Bergamot will help find the light within, showing us that there is light, that there is possibility, that there is a way out of whatever is weighing you down. Bergamot will help you let go of all that self-judgement and low self-esteem. She will remind you the more you love and accept yourself, the more enlightened and loved you become. Allow Bergamot to encourage you on your path to all that is good in the world.

Noted aromatherapist and author Robbi Zeck suggests using the blossoming heart affirmation “as my heart opens, love and light enter”. Inhale the light, sunny aroma of Bergamot and repeat the affirmation.

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