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Stress Saver Synergy Blend Contains Orange (Sweet) Oil, Bergamot Oil, Patchouli (Dark) Oil, Grapefruit (Pink) Oil, and Ylang Oil. Uplift your spirit with citruses, oranges, grapefruit, and bergamot, while patchouli and ylang-ylang ground and harmonize you.

What Is Synergy?

This is a blend of pure essential oils, brought together to enhance and improve each other's effects. Importantly, these are not contained in carrier oil.


They are fantastic for use in diffusers and for making your own products for home and everyday use.

Celebrating Limonene in the Stress Saver Synergy Blend 

Do you have a friend who always knows the right thing to say? Who feels like sunshine when they walk in the room? Who is light and airy, with just the right sense of humor to make you smile, rather than laugh?

Limonene is just like that. It’s hopeful and exciting, like meeting your favorite actress in the street and having exactly the right words to say. Limonene makes you feel comfortable, capable, and with it.

Biologically this can be explained by how it interacts with neurotransmission. Rodent trials demonstrate that it interacts with both the GABA and serotonin receptors to calm the HPA Axis, the pathway that triggers stress. (Zhou, 2009)

HPA …Hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenals…. When we perceive something as stressful, our hypothalamus sends messages to the pituitary and then the adrenals to secrete stress hormones to help us respond in panic. These are the sensations we experience when we feel anxious.

Limonene interacts with the body’s main calming neurotransmitter to prevent this from happening. (Zhou, 2009)

Thus, when we blend three oils bursting with limonene, we feel like one of these people who doesn’t even seem to feel pressure.

The Grounding Prowess of Patchouli

Now, all that limonene could make you feel a bit like the little old man from “UP” floating his whole house with helium balloons. It could make you feel a little spacey, or even sound sometimes like you are “Off your head.”

So, Patchouli is the prince of the reality check. It pulls the energy down in a dreamt way, sedative, claiming, and balancing. Constituents in patchouli interact with the dopamine receptors involved with motivation and drive. (Astuti, 2022) This lovely grounding effect makes you pragmatic, steady, and able to keep going.

Ylang Ylang, A Relaxing Flower

The “Flower of Flowers” grows in Madagascar, and is often given to visitors as they reach the beach in their boats, as leis around their necks. Its fragrance is heady and woozy, chasing away any stress and helping you to relax.

A quick note about ylang ylang though, is that part of its medicine is to let cares just drift away. To do that, you have to stop concentrating and forget. (Moss, 2008)

This is a wonderful blend to help you relax, but it’s not the right concoction to use before an exam.. (Use Head Harmony instead)

The Best Ways to Use Stress Saver Synergy Blend

By far the best way to use Stress Saver Synergy Blend is to inhale it.

Using Stress Saver Synergy Blend in a Diffuser


Add three drops of Stress Saver Synergy Blend to your diffuser. You may find you like it best in the early evening. It is beautiful to help you unwind and let go, but all those citruses mean you won’t really get sleepy from it.

This is a super mix to use if family stuff has been suffering a bit because you have been too busy or stressed. Citruses are upbeat and chatty, so expect some great conversations when you have this in your diffuser. 

Using Stress Saver Synergy Blend in an Inhaler

This is absolutely the best way to use Stress Saver Synergy Blend, especially if you do feel a little tense.

These synergy blends are great for sniffy sticks because you can just put the cotton wick into your bottle, let it suck up enough oils, and then pop it into your inhaler. No measuring is required. 

Keep it with you, wherever you go. Take five minutes to inhale it, every time you need it.

Pop a Roller Ball of Stress Saver Synergy Blend into Your Pocket

It’s also a great idea to add 20 drops of the blend into a roller ball bottle. Fill the rest up with a thin carrier oil like jojoba or grapeseed carrier oil.

It works really well to apply the oil to the insides of your wrist, onto the pulse points, where there is good access to blood supply and speedy access into the body. Another great way is to rub some into the back of the neck and shoulders. This is a very fast supply to the spinal column and into the brain. 

Stress Saver Synergy Blend In The Bath

Limonene can be a bit sharp in the bath, so it is vital you dilute your Stress Saver Synergy Blend into carrier oil before you add it to the water. Use three drops of your Stress Saver Synergy Blend into a teaspoon of carrier oil.

Stress Saver Synergy Blend in Massage Oil

Add three drops of Stress Saver Synergy Blend to a teaspoon of carrier oil for a fabulous treat.

Patchouli and ylang-ylang soothe and relax both mind and body, whereas citrus oils encourage us to be positive, enthusiastic, and bright.

Precautions of Using Stress Saver Synergy Blend

Limonene oxidizes quite quickly because it is a very small molecule. 

When limonene oxidizes it can cause skin sensitization. 

Do not use Stress Saver Synergy Blend on the skin if it is older than six months old. However, it will be absolutely fine to use as an inhalant or in your diffuser.

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Stress Saver Synergy Blend Stress Saver Synergy Blend Stress Saver Synergy Blend Stress Saver Synergy Blend Stress Saver Synergy Blend Stress Saver Synergy Blend Stress Saver Synergy Blend

Stress Saver Synergy Blend




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