What Essential Oils Are Good For Manifesting

Once upon a time, an article like this would be found in a grimoire, a spell book woven with plants from the forest and sealed with the magic of power. When did the magic disappear from our lives?

Every time we scour an internet page for it, rather than getting out into nature to discover it for ourselves, we disconnect a little further from it. The tools to bewitch and enchant are all around us, but of course, as a generation, we capture their essence and keep them in bottles.

Today we’ll think about what essential oils are good for manifesting. 

How Manifesting Works: The Science Behind It

We could talk of vibration and resonance and how we align ourselves with the universe's flow. Perhaps we do. We could speak of how essential oils can change our mood and thus our reality, which would also be true. We could even say that the future has not yet been decided, and the vibration of our thoughts and feelings informs our decisions and bring things to be.

It’s almost certain that we have the power to manifest our deepest fears simply by focusing on them and making them self-fulfilling prophecies. Any healer will tell you that energy flows to the point of greatest focus…but how or why that happens? Who can say?

Perhaps the question is better not asked because the moment we attempt to define magic, it ceases to be. It disappears like a glimpse out of the corner of our eye and slips through our fingers like sand.

Explanation and rationality belong to the left brain, the place of science, logic, and classification. It speaks of mathematical proofs, reason, and things that can be explained. The left brain is analytical, logical, and objective.

Magic cannot be explained in those terms. It does not live in that realm.

Did you know that the left-hand side governs and moves the right side of your body? Nerves travel up the spine and cross to the other side. The human brain is essentially a symmetrical organ divided down the middle. The right cerebral hemisphere receives sensory input from the left side of the body and likewise directs movement on the left to it.

Conversely, the left hemisphere does the same for the right.

The ancients seemed to know this, which can be found in the Latin words Dexterous which means right-handed. That is not so illuminating to find that the name Dexter has an opposite word. Just as we have light and shade, day and night, we have sinister and dexter - left-handed and right-handed.

The sinister, left-hand path is also sometimes called the distaff path. A distaff again has many meanings - a spinning tool that leads down the thread to be spun, or if you go to a wedding, the distaff side is the bride’s side. Distaff means “of the women.” The distaff path is the left-hand path that leads away from science, away from that which can be explained, into a place where the impossible becomes possible, and the invisible becomes manifest.

Chinese medicine considers male energy to be yang. Yang's energy is masculine, active, and ordered. Magic and manifestation belong to the feminine. Passive flow through a receptive vessel, open, creative, and waiting.

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How Do Essential Oils Aid in Manifestation?

If the grimoire has been disposed of in favor of internet pages, then oil bottles have replaced the wand. Flow directors help us feel the emotions connected to where we want to go. How does it feel to be sensual and seductive…it’s a jasmine or ylang ylang state of mind. The lightness and positivity of having money in the bank feel like an orange space. Lavender, of course, is a place of calm.

In some ways, it is helpful to contemplate what the word manifestation means. It’s a term with many interrelated meanings. 

The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as 

an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something abstract or theoretical.

It is not necessarily a term denoting change, merely that you become the concrete example. In human terms, that means acting a certain way or embodying it. Manifesting courage, for example, doesn’t necessarily mean that one suddenly becomes less terrified but simply acts in a way that shows the rest of the world that you can act despite it. The manifestation that one is capable of faith in the direst circumstances. That’s very much a spikenard reality. 

This helps us to understand its alternate version: 

a version or incarnation of something or someone.

A more courageous, affluent, seductive, or loving version. 

Not a different person or situation, merely your best version in a given circumstance.

If you read anything about the Law of Attraction, they’ll tell you how manifestation depends on you living as if your desire has already happened. Fake it till you make it, if you will, except this is not surface-level behavior; it is about feeling in your tissues that something is already so.

Essential oils help us do this, perhaps by tricking our minds, but who knows?

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What Essential Oils Are Beneficial for Manifestation?

Much of the ancient wisdom around how plant medicine moves us was lost when the Pagan sanctuaries were closed in the 4th century to make way for the Roman Catholic Church. Those that remained, who continued to use plants to alter realities, heal illness, and use them as ways to access divinity, were branded witches.

Consequently, many of the old ways are lost.

To some extent, finding one's way around essential oils for manifesting requires experimentation and personal quest, but what follows are some of the easiest ones to understand and use.

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For Love Manifesting

1. Orange Essential Oil

Everything about the orange taps into vibrational healing. When we say its name, it conjures a bright, positive, and happy color. It emits a joyous, hopeful vibration to lift us from the shadow realms into the light.

Orange energy is infectious, bright, and airy, and something about it makes you feel prettier and more magnetic.

Esther Perel is a psychoanalyst whose specialist area of interest is eroticism. Her studies focus on couples who have managed to keep desire and sexuality alive in their long-term relationships. She describes how the one thing guaranteed to turn a partner on is seeing their loved one’s magnetism and radiance when doing the thing they feel most confident doing. The flow and light are almost electrical, so people sizzle and come alight. Orange essential oil engenders this to a T.

2. Clary Sage Essential Oil

Where orange is sunshine, clary sage is the moon. Where solar energy is direct, organized, and conscious, the moon is the vessel through which our emotions flow.

Orange is laughter, clary sage is soft spiritual union, a meeting of two hearts. Moon medicine is the mysterious part of us that no one can ever truly see. Clary sage is a mystery, vulnerability, and wonder.

As a plant with blue flowers (exquisitely pretty flowers, incidentally), clary sage also comes under mercurial medicine, which is all about how we think and communicate.

Oils with mercury as their ruler help us think more clearly and speak our minds directly and with honeyed words. Clary sage is a great choice to open a space of openness, honesty, and vulnerability.

3. Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli may be one of humankind's oldest medicines. Historically it has always been associated with mystery and moving energy down into the body. Patchouli is the courtesan in the harem, the beguiling one, the exotic dancer who, one by one, removes the veils.

In Ayurveda, Patchouli's tantric. Its energy is slow, seductive, and deliberate. Also associated with snakes, it’s like the cobra hypnotized by the charmer's pipe, mesmerizing, impossible to take your eyes away from.

This plant’s aroma tugs the energy from the head into the body. Creeping across glistening skin, the attention will always be pelvic, warm, and erotic.

4. Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang-ylang is lazy, seductive, and beguiling. Where patchouli speaks of illicit encounters, ylang-ylang speaks of marriage. The morning light on the crumpled honeymoon sheets is harmonious, passionate, and passive. Ylang Ylang oozes promise, sweet embrace, and dissolving boundaries between the two.

Where patchouli is dark, masculine, and almost clandestine, ylang-ylang is gushing, open, and heart-centered.

The fragrance is sickly sweet, like two new lovers who fail to be able to keep their hands off each other.

5. Myrrh Essential Oil

In the eighteenth century, the philosopher René Descartes proposed that the mind and the body were separate. From this point onwards, physical wellness and spiritual wellness were ripped apart. It’s only very recently that they have started to come back together. Ancient medicines speak of spirituality and wellness as one, and it is perhaps pertinent that no other plant is mentioned more times in the Bible than Myrrh.

Myrrh has a deep aphrodisiac richness. Song of Solomon 1:13 perhaps describes it best. 

My beloved is a sachet of myrrh resting between my breasts.

Loving, intimate, warm, and sleepy. It speaks of long-term love, the kind where communication comes from lying together silently in the darkness, made whole by one another. No longer lonely, at peace, and wrapped in quiet companionship together.

We might think of how Myrrh also speaks of the Bride of Christ and the deep faith that engenders. Loyal, pervasive, and never-ending.

6. Vetiver Essential Oil

Vetiver is trust, where none lived before. It is quiet in moments of fear. Like a heavy blanket, its molecules tranquilize and quieten the mind.

A profoundly masculine fragrance, vetiver is strong and quietly persistent. Physically, this is an oil for reassurance for sexual dysfunction when perhaps the body is being controlled by the mind.

Vetiver is tranquility in a world of madness, the silent place of the heart. A temple of sanctuary in terror and an embrace after the long journey home.

For Manifesting Abundance, Money & Success

1. Wild Orange Essential Oil

We’ve come full circle, haven’t we? 

Any kind of meditation for success focus on the color orange. It is the color of attraction, dynamism, and wealth.

Again, we’re putting out positivity and ease, the look of someone who carries success well. This is the vibration of achieving, and it’s the kind of resonance everyone wants a piece of. We all recognize if someone seems to be flying, we’d like to hold onto their shirt tail too. 

2. Rose Essential Oil

The ancient goddess Venus ruled love, fertility, and wealth. The manifestation of Venus, the rose, lifts your frequency to beauty and affluence flows- which is a good job because it’s so expensive! Geranium does the same thing.

3. Sweet Basil Essential Oil

The Latin name for sweet Basil is Ocimum basilicum - Basilik means King. Traditional wisdom says to place fresh basil leaves into your wallet or purse for wealth to flow to you.

How helpful that is, who can tell, but there is something very commanding about the fragrance of basil. It demands you get out of your head, quit worrying, and stride out confidently. Sweet Basil is like an expensive suit; people assume you reek of money.

4. Frankincense Essential Oil

This is for the other abundance, the feeling of being filled with spiritual wealth, connection, and deep reverence of spirit.

Frankincense slows your breath and brings you into a deep sense of calm.

Benefits of Manifestation

In a world of uncertainty, there is nothing more frustrating or frightening than feeling adrift at the command of the Fates. The focused intention with essential oils helps frame your life purpose and concentrates your attention on where you’d like things to be going.

Inhaling essential oils has so many benefits in terms of how they make you feel and the chemical changes they bring about in your body; they help to bring you into a new technicolor reality.

Dorothy has landed in Oz.

And, of course, the fragrant odyssey with essential oils probably does bring us to the same conclusion as viewing the Great and Powerful Oz; we already had everything we ever needed to make our dreams reality; we just needed a little support and a nudge in the right direction.

Whether we want to be more motivated, braver, or calmer, or to love deeper and encourage someone else to feel as we do….fragrance can speak to the mind and a heart in a way that words just cannot do. They move us into new realities of confidence, sensuality, and growth.

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How to Manifest Using Essential Oils

The key to using essential oils for manifesting is to remember they are an ingredient, nothing more than a tool. You are the vessel. It is your power that creates the magic. If you doubt your ability to do such a thing, perhaps consider that you have created the reality you now find yourself living.

Reality is nothing more than a collection of thoughts and responses to things happening around you. You are the creatrix of the dream. Everything around you were dreamed into manifestation by you and can just as easily also be changed by your thoughts. Essential oils for manifesting help you steady your mental flow, so your mind behaves as if the new reality were.

If you doubt that luck is something you create, you might enjoy a program by UK Magician Derren Brown, where he investigates people's perceptions of whether they consider themselves lucky.

Set aside fifteen minutes a day to simply be in your new reality.

Today I am going to sit with orange essential oil and the feeling of being surrounded by wealth to put out the color of attraction into the world and radiate with the energy everyone wants to be associated with.

This evening, I embody ylang-ylang, seductive and full of promise. My mind is calm, but my body is open to adventure.

You might want to merge the old ways with the new and put a drop of Sweet Basil essential oil on your $100 note, asking it to multiply simply to bring a wealth of treasure.

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Manifesting Oil Recipes for Setting Intentions, Manifesting Love, Money, Abundance & Success

What’s Holding Me Back From Making Money Meditation Oil 

Method of Use; Place on your forehead and massage your neck with the oil. Sit quietly, and breathe deeply, bringing awareness to your breath. 

Take time to contemplate what you feel having money would mean to you. What are your attitudes about people who have money, and what situations do you associate with them?

Ask yourself, what would that look like for me if I had money, and what would I want to do with it? Explore what sort of attitudes might be holding you back from attracting money.

When you have done that, continue to use the blend daily for a month, telling yourself that you are a money magnet and that money flows easily. See money as nothing more than energy flowing through you and allowing you to create the best version of yourself for the benefit of others as you use this energy for good.

Bath to Attract Sweetness, Love, and Harmony into your life

Water magic is powerful, if only because it sets out a time of personal space each day. Traditionally, love spells are done on a Friday because that was Aphrodite’s special day in Greece. In France, their word for that day of the week, Vendredi, still invokes Venus.

Venus is always associated with pink so it can be helpful to light a pink candle too. It should be said that it helps if you already have a connection with the person you are thinking of when you use essential oils to manifest love.

Method of Use: Close your eyes and repeat the person’s name over and over as you bathe. Think about the sweetness between you and how you’d like that to grow more together. Remember to act as if the dream is always a reality, so it can help to say to yourself, 

“I love it when we…”, “It feels so sweet when we….”

Safety: Not suitable for use during the first 37 weeks of pregnancy. (Jasmine) 

Final Thoughts on Manifestation Using Essential Oils

Using essential oils for manifesting is no different from using them to say a prayer. Asking the powers to help you achieve your heart’s desires, meet your life’s contracts, and be the best version of you that you can be. The experiment in using different oils, setting aside time to focus on your dream, and knowing that this is no different from setting time to revise for an exam.

Just as you see yourself comfortable and confident with your subject matter, using essential oils for manifesting is the same. Conditioning your mind, training, and practicing to be a new version of yourself, one who feels happier, healthier, and who knows…maybe sexier and wealthier too.

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