Top 5 Lemongrass Essential Oil Diffuser Benefits

Diffusing essential oils can potentially offer many different benefits in terms of both mental and physical well-being. While diffusing oils, in general, can help reduce feelings of stress, depression, and anxiety, different oils can evoke different reactions.

Lemongrass essential oil diffuser benefits include its natural ability to repel insects such as mosquitoes, among other possible health benefits. This post will take a closer look at diffusers, how they work, and the benefits of using lemongrass essential oil.

What is a diffuser, and how does it work?

There are many different types of diffusers on the market, so it may feel a bit overwhelming if you’re new to aromatherapy. The role of a diffuser is simply to diffuse essential oils into the air, though each different type works in a slightly different way.

    1. Reed Diffusers: This is a method of diffusion where wooden reeds are placed into a container/bottle that contains essential oil. The oil soaks into the reeds, moving from the bottom to the top. As nothing is propelling the fragrance, reed diffusers are best for smaller spaces where you don’t require the oils to move very far.
    2. Fan Diffuser: Fan diffusers don’t use water. Instead, the oils are either absorbed into a pad or put on a small tray inside the diffuser. A fan then blows across the oil to send the scent outwards and into the room. 
    3. Nebulizer: A nebulizer is one of the more common types of diffusers, and works by breaking down the oil into smaller molecules. The nebulizer then mists these molecules out, diffusing the scent throughout a room.
    4. Water Diffuser: Probably the most common—and most affordable—diffuser is the water diffuser. For this method of diffusing, a few drops of essential oil are added to a basin of water. Ultrasonic waves then diffuse this water and oil mixture throughout the room. The range of this method of diffusion is longer, so they are ideal for larger rooms. Additionally, the water diffuser creates a mist, meaning it doubles as a humidifier.
    5. Heat Diffuser: This method of diffusion works with heat. The oils are put into a small basin, which is then heated up. When the oil warms, the scent diffuses outward. Some heat diffusers work with a candle flame instead of electricity.
    6. Terracotta Diffuser: These diffusers work by the oil absorbing into the clay and the aroma slowly diffusing out and into the room. You can also buy necklaces and bracelets with terracotta stones that you can absorb oils into for everyday use.

Lemongrass Essential Oil Diffuser Benefits

lemongrass essential oil diffuser blends


Lemongrass aromatherapy benefits include its ability to promote relaxation. Aromatherapy can also help relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression, lowering stress levels and evoking a feeling of well-being. 

Headache Relief

In Australia, one of the benefits of using lemongrass essential oil is widely believed to be its ability to treat headaches. Next time you suffer from migraine pain, or headaches due to stress and tension, try this diffuser blend to help get relief:

DIY Air Freshener

Your diffuser isn’t only good for your physical and spiritual health, it also works great as a natural air freshener! Keep your home, office, or car smelling fresh while reaping the benefits of using lemongrass essential oil. Here are a few of our favorite diffuser blends:




Mosquito Repellent

Lemongrass essential oil diffuser benefits also include its ability to help repel mosquitoes and other pesky patio insects. Research indicates that lemongrass is an effective and natural way to repel mosquitoes, therefore reducing the risk of being bitten and catching diseases that they may carry. If you are wary of using commercial insect repellents, such as those with DEET, give lemongrass a try! Diffuse the following blend outside to keep your patio free of unwanted guests:

Air Purification

A small study looking at essential oil vapors indicates that another one of the benefits of using lemongrass essential oil is that it may help reduce surface and air bacteria. Results from the study show us that lemongrass is capable of killing bacteria in the air, including certain types resistant to antibiotics.

Wrapping Up

As you now know, lemongrass essential oil diffuser benefits encompass more than just its exotic fragrance. Diffuse lemongrass to relax, improve mood, repel mosquitoes, fight headaches, and even purify the air. Lemongrass aromatherapy benefits the entire body, which is likely more than you can say for your standard plug-in air freshener! If you’re new to diffusing we hope our list of diffuser methods and blends will help give you an easy place to begin.

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